Schedule blocking unwanted conversations with Call Blockr for BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 29 Dec 2013 06:02 am EST

If you ever have those times when you just don't want to (or can't) talk on the phone then you'll want to take a look at Call Blockr for BlackBerry 10. The native application does exactly what the name suggests, but with a simple (yet attractive UI) and some sweet timing features built in. 

With the app open you'll automatically see an on/off toggle for blocking phone calls. With this turned off your status will be displayed in green above the toggle showing 'Allowing Incoming Calls'. But switch that toggle to on and the status message will change to red in color showing you that it is 'Blocking Incoming Calls'. 

I think my favorite feature of the app is Scheduled Blocking. Here you can choose between two times that you want the application to be active and you even get a 'Calls Blocked' counter at the base of the display - with an easy one touch option to reset it. 

Due to restrictions from BlackBerry themselves there isn't yet the ability to block just certain numbers, but fingers crossed that will come in time. One last bonus is the Active Frame. If you have Call Blockr running you'll be kept up to date with any calls as the Active Frame tells you your status and if any call have been blocked - a nice touch. 

A sweet little application which will serve both consumers and business users well in my opinion. You can pick up Call Blockr for all BlackBerry 10 smartphones and the app is priced at £1.50/$1.99. 

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Schedule blocking unwanted conversations with Call Blockr for BlackBerry 10


Thanks. It should get a lot nicer as more features are added, and more of the phone's functions become available.
Developer of Call Blockr

Headless support is coming soon. I will look into calendar integration, thanks for the suggestion.
Developer of Call Blockr

Integrate at minimum:

*Blacklist + Whitelist
*possibility to Block specific Numbers
*Headless Support
*Option to send a customized Message to all or only specified Blocked Numbers

and I will give it a try.

Posted via CB10 App / Z10-STL100-2@

I agree those things are important but as James pointed out in the article, BlackBerry have not provided us developers with the ability to identify calls by their phone numbers, so it’s not possible to block specific calls at this time.

However it will be added as soon as that functionality becomes available.
Developer of Call Blockr

Yes I know that. I am talking about those API's with the Techies every time I am in the BlackBerry Customer Forum or from time to time on Twitter with Michael Clewley or Tim Neil - still hoping we get that Stuff ASAP.

Like I said: When a(ny) App will have at least these Options, I will give it a try. Keep your "promise" when those API's are available and I will put your App on my Watch list :)


Posted via CB10 App / Z10-STL100-2@

Useless as long as it lacks the ability to block specific numbers or to set up black / whitelists. If I don't want any calls at all I turn on flight mode and enable wifi if data is needed.

Posted via CB10

I agree. If you can't block specific numbers the app isn't worth purchasing. If at a certain time of the day (staff meeting etc) I out it on silent / airplane mode.

Posted via CB10

Blacklist on android is better. You can select who can be in. In blackberry application you don't have this option. You don't have a white list (people who can join you @anytime, family members or close collaborates) not interesting. I don't now why BlackBerry suggested to it's users ?!

Posted via CB10

Blackberry your have to be sure what you suggest as applications is equal or better than android ones. Otherwise you are only causing damaged to what is still of your image. Better not suggest anything rather than suggest stupid applications (sorry for the word)

Posted via CB10

Please buy the application and try it before giving comments otherwise you don't know what your talking about. Once you pay for it your comments will be pragmatic. I advice users not to buy this application I bought there is 15 minutes I want my money back!

Posted via CB10

Please read the article or the app description before buying, it clearly states the current limitations (which should hopefully be lifted before long).

I don't want anyone to be unhappy with their purchase.
Developer of Call Blockr

BlackBerry needs to release the new Phone SDK so developers and users have access to incoming phone call numbers which would allow real call blocking with individual or group blacklists and whitelists, then an app like this would be really useful, as it is no, not even if it were free, which this app should be until they add some useful features. There are better and/or similar apps with more features for less or even free in BBAppWorld already. Pass on this one even if it were free now, but NOT at 2 bucks for darn sure!

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App on a 2nd gen Nexus 7 32gb tablet when I'm not on my BlackBerry Z30!

That would be great headless and built in with blackberries. No more phone ringing in church. Lol

Posted via CB10 via Q10

BlackBerry phones already have the ability to block all incoming calls in the phone settings... we need ability to blacklist certain numbers, it's been almost a year since bb10 has been on the market and still they have not allowed developers the ability to do so.

Posted via CB10

+1000!!! I've said it before about this app, it's pretty much useless since this basic functionality is already built into the OS. I can't fathom why BB would not allow the most basic ability of phone number access for blocking individual calls. In this day and age of incessant telemarketing it's an absolute necessity! Get on the ball, BlackBerry!

Just curious how you use the call blocking feature that is built in. It asks me for a call blocking password... tried device password but that is a no go....

Posted via CB10

I had the same problem trying to use the built-in one. No idea what the password is as I didn't set it and it's not my device password either.

The Password is normally your PIN2. If there is no PIN2 in the Papers you got with your SIM Card: Ask Your Carrier they can tell your PIN2.

Try something like 0000 / 1111 or 9999

Posted via CB10 App / Z10-STL100-2@

I can only repeat what has been stated in previous posts. I wasted my time installing this app. I expected much more after I read the review.

Posted via CB10

Why is CB suggesting this app? Its useless and the OS has all the features built in, as stated by many many many people. I understand supporting developers, but only if they offer app that have useful tools that cannot be found elsewhere. CB is stupid most of the time being biased and quite honestly, childish in their 'recommendations and reviews'. I don't know why I have an account here anymore. I get fed up with useless headlines about recommendations about useless apps.

Overall, don't purchase this app, heck even if it's free it's useless.

swipe down from top>change notification type (silent, vibrate, low, etc) or as others put it, airplane mode. Should i charge. 99cents for this?

Posted via CB10

Perhaps they are compensated for endorsements which would make sense. After all it is a business. Failing that, I also don't know why they would present this as a useful app.

Posted via my BlackBerry Zeadache

I'm the developer of Call Blockr and for the record, neither James nor CrackBerry were compensated by me for this review.

In fact I've just noticed it was posted, hence the late replies to the comments.

Ouch, don't hold back, let us know how you really feel! ;)

But seriously though, not all the features available in Call Blockr are built-in the OS.

Sure. The scheduling feature is exclusive to Call Blockr. This allows call blocking to be automatically turned on and off at a set time. Also the built-in call blocker seems to be carrier dependent, so not everyone is able to turn it on.

And of course more features will be added to Call Blockr over time.

Schedule call blocker? Why not just manually do it? Since you have to run the app in background. I'm sorry, until it can block specific calls, it is a useless app. Quit charging $1.99 for it, make it free. This isn't a hard app to create, not saying no effort was put in, but not enough to charge people for its labour and/or features.

Posted via CB10

First and foremost we should all be encouraging this and any developer that is putting out apps for BlackBerry. They truly don't have to.
Saying mean things about the app just because the app isn't right for you is not encouragement for any developer to make apps or continue to improve there app.
This is the same type of problem BlackBerry is facing, you have many people saying bad things about BlackBerry just because.
Constructive criticism is what should be happening and not bad mouthing the app.

To the developer of this app, try ignoring these people who clearly don't know how to give constructive criticism and keep doing the best you can. I am sure once all the limitation that BlackBerry have are removed you will work quickly to apply those requested important.

Posted via CB10

I should create an app that generates you random 'constructive criticism'.......will you pls support and purchase?

Posted via CB10

Well written and I agree with you.
Common courtesy is becoming more and more a thing of the past to some.

Thanks to the developer for adding another app to the BlackBerry platform. And for promising enhancements as the codes are made available.

Posted via CB10

Thanks for all the supportive comments. You can't please everybody but as long as there are enough people that find it useful now and in the future, it will be worth the time and effort to continue developing it.

U can block all calls without any app. Why should i go for this? If you can't block specific calls it is useless

Posted via CB10

Settings>Network and Connections>Mobile Network>Off and leave Data Services set to On, or assuming you just want to silence the ringer, but still get notices of missed calls you could go to Settings>Notifications>Mode>Silent or All Alerts Off and this would not affect your use of data. I think turning down the Sound volume all the way or "Off" in Notifications will do the same thing as Silent mode. You can also control whether you get LED notifications, etc. Sorry if I misunderstood your question.