Retain your data connection with Call Blocker for BlackBerry 10

Call Blocker
By James Richardson on 13 Nov 2013 05:04 am EST

It's pretty clear from the title what this BlackBerry 10 app does. From the same developer as SayIt, Call Blocker is one of the most simple, yet effective applications for your BlackBerry. If you are ever in the situation where you don't want incoming phone calls, or you are avoiding someone - then with a quick tap of the on/off icon you can prevent all phone calls to your BlackBerry while still maintaining a data connection. 

The alternative is either putting your BlackBerry into airplane mode, where you lose data as well, or switching your device off altogether. I'm pretty sure that Call Blocker will come in handy for many and with its simplistic user interface you can't go wrong with it. 

Due to the current BlackBerry API's, Call Blocker must remain open as an Active Frame in order to work, but in the future this should be updated when BlackBerry give the go-ahead. 

Priced at £1.50/$1.99 Call Blocker won't break the bank is available for all BlackBerry 10 devices - just how we like it. 

Features include: 

  • Block all incoming calls
  • No need any registration from your Service Provider
  • No monthly fee for call blocking from the Service Provider
  • You can block incoming calls while you can make out going calls, surf the internet, check email
  • No need to turn off the Cellular Service
  • Easy to use, you need to run the app in the thumbnail mode (Active Frame). The app will do all the works for you.
  • All the blocked calls are counted and easily to view within the app interface

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Reader comments

Retain your data connection with Call Blocker for BlackBerry 10


Yep, without that function, I won't be buying it. I want to be able to block all "Unknown Caller" calls, 800 number calls and a few, ahem... of the LADIES, if you follow... ahhhh yaa. Anyhoo, add that functionality and I'm in.

Yes, the ability to block specific out of area codes is the feature I'm looking for. Annoying telemarketers have become a big pain in the @ss. If a number comes thru as "unknown", I want those blocked too.

Was just about to ask of it can block certain numbers as this would be really handy but you have already answered my question :)

Posted via CB10

Wait a minute....can't we just go to settings, turn off mobile network and leave data services on?

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You can do that in the phone app settings under the Forward options with the Forward all.

Also this app it's prices 1.79€, kinda odd given the pricing for UKK and US.

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Actually you can do the same thing in the phone settings under call blocking. You can choose to block all incoming or block all while roaming. You can also block the outgoing calls in the same manner, plus block all outgoing international calls.

Unless I am missing something, this app is a waste of money.

Posted via CB10

The editors of cb should know this, yet they feature the app on the front page. BlackBerry needs quality apps, not just things that swindle people out of their money. Moving on

Posted via CB10

It's actually carrier-specific. I personally wouldn't buy the app, but just letting you know that the option isn't available to everyone (it isn't to me on Verizon).

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After turning flight mode on you can then turn wifi back on that will give you data access without cellular reception

Almost got excited until I saw the very first comment and realized that that's the whole point of me wanting a call block app. Having it open as an active frame in order for it to work sux too so this app is a #fail

Posted via CB10

Interesting app. But I have to agree about why it is so difficult to block specific numbers only. Or incoming calls without numbers and such. If the display can show who is calling, why can the OS not tell the app who is?

Posted via CB10

Still one more to the app count anyway. Here in Canada I get all those features through my network and it's free.

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Tried to enable Call Blocking on my Z10 as one poster suggested but this is password protected (and not a password I set or default, so probably carrier generated).

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My thumb has these same "features" but also allows for the selective screening of calls so that important calls aren't missed. Best of all, my thumb is free AND doesn't require an active frame.

This app sounds like something the dev stumbled upon while working on a useful app, and decided to throw it out there to see if it would stick. Just my opinion, but perhaps the dev should focus on the release of further improvements to the Sayit app - increased word count for text to speech (which I still don't see), and a merge of the Sayit and drive safe apps. The above app appears to be a worthless piece of trash. But I could be wrong.

Wow. Verizon needs to hurry and release 10.2. This wait is making me a little pissy.

As much as I consider Crackberry to be such a gift, I think they should be more careful about what they endorse. If they get paid for that endorsement, I understand BUT nonetheless, some scrutiny is in order.

Posted by Dr. Emmett Brown from my GoogleBerry Cranial Implant

There needs to be an app that provides total outgoing minutes and total incoming minutes for a bill period to make sure you don't exceed the free outgoing minutes your service provider gives you per month. Had that on my 9900 before. It worked wonders!

Posted via CB10

The phone app allows you to Count total minutes (does not itemize incoming/out going), and can be reset as you please.
From the phone app, swipe down for settings, and choose call summary. It does breakout BBM video call minutes.

If you could block individual numbers UT would be worth $0.99 but since you can already block all calls within the phone itself this is pretty pointless...

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I'd love if it would block ALL calls except those which are from a priority contact. Don't want to miss a sick parent's call...

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BlackBerry 10 can already do this. Go into the phone screen, swipe down from the top bezel, press settings, the 7th item down the list is "Call Blocking" which will block all calls, calls while roaming, etc. As someone posted earlier, it will be great if bit can block individual calls which is a much needed app. BlackBerry 10 does not have any call blocking app as in legacy devises.

Posted via CB10 on my Z10 running 10.2 on AT&T

Actually I'm on 10.2 leak on Verizon, and I don't have the call block option in settings! Not that I need it, just saying. (Z10STL100-4/

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Obvious questions not addressed by the review: 1) How are calls "blocked"? Does the called get a ditch message, a busy signal, voicemail??? Is it a standard system message or will the caller know this app is actively blocking calls? Can a custom message/indicator be put in place? 2) Does "blocked" qualify as a received call? Presumably, if you're abroad and you "block" a call you'll still be charged for the roaming call minutes as the call gets connected to the phone before the app can take over the "blocking", but it'd be interesting to know for certain how this mechanism works.

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Let's hope that SRS Call Blocker is geared for the 10 system soon. It worked flawlessly on my 9900.

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My BlackBerry 10 already allows something similar. It's called forward all calls. My data is still available and I can still make outgoing calls. This app will only be of value if I can block numbers I want to block.

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