A Calendar of Tales comes to a close

By Adam Zeis on 7 Jun 2013 01:52 pm EDT

Back in February, Neil Gaiman teamed up with BlackBerry as part of the Keep Moving Projects. His goal was to create a series of short stories, one for each calendar month. Along the way he solicited fans for ideas and artwork to help along the journey of writing each short story. The end result is the amazing series of stories entitled A Calendar of Tales.

On February 4th 2013 Neil Gaiman embarked on a fantastic art project in partnership with BlackBerry and millions of his fans. He tweeted twelve questions to the world, one for each month of the year. From the tens of thousands of responses he received, Neil picked his favourite answers and wrote twelve short stories inspired by them. Releasing these back to the world, Neil asked people to contribute art to illustrate the stories.

The project has now come to a close and, if you haven't already, you can read all of the stories yourself. Or if you prefer, you can listen to the audio version of each read by Mr. Gaiman himself. 

I've been over the entire series a few times now and it really is amazing work. BlackBerry fans all over deserve credit for their contributions that made A Calendar of Tales what it is. 

Head over to the link below to check out the final product - you won't regret it (but you may lose an hour or two of productivity today).

Read or listen to A Calendar of Tales

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A Calendar of Tales comes to a close


Really? I viewed it just fine on my Z10... do you have flash on? Are you using the browser in desktop mode? (I didn't use it so if you are, try without it.)

Posted via CB10 on my Z10 & loving it!

I got it to work...i shouldn't had been so quick to b*tch...Thanks Adam thanks CrackBerry community u guys are the best! #teamblackberry #Z10 #LongLiveBlackBerry

Posted via CB10

Very nice ,and I'm sure, very expensive to produce,how much did that chateau cost to rent? I would have bussed them all over to his gazebo for coctails instead, Welcome to my home friends!!! Great job!!! I loved all his episodes.

It seems I have some catching up to do. I just read January and listened to it. My mind is blown. Best Keep Moving Project by a large margin.

The digital interactive book on the website works with my Z10 but not the PlayBook browser. For the latter it just freezes when trying to open digital book.

Posted via CB10

I sat down and over an evening listened to them all... twice. amazing stories and really neat how he posts the message that inspired him for each one.

Posted via CB10

Very great project here, actually my very favourite one from all those "Keep Moving" projects started by Blackberry. While I enjoyed reading the stories, listening to the audio versions was even better. Thanks you very much, Neil Gaiman, the fans who contributed the ideas and of course Blackberry.

Posted via the awesome Blackberry Q10

Great idea. Have really enjoyed this. Thanks Neil and BlackBerry.

@dunaway - Posted with TMO Q10 via CB10