Bypass the waiting list for BBM on Android and iOS

By Bla1ze on 21 Oct 2013 06:19 pm EDT

With BBM for Android and iOS now out there, folks who pre-registered to be alerted of its arrival are the first ones to gain access to use it and anyone who didn't pre-register has been placed on a waiting list. Although that list was created by BlackBerry to ensure a smooth roll out of BBM, a lot of folks have already found a loop hole in the system and are getting access quicker. While your results may vary on Android and iOS, here's how you can maybe, possibly skip ahead:

  • Download BBM for either Android or iOS
  • Run the app, fill in your email address as per normal, click next
  • Once your email is registered, force close the app. On iOS, this can be done by tapping your home button twice and swiping the app away. On Android, you can go to Settings, Apps, BBM and stop the app from running.
  • After the app has been closed, go ahead and reopen it. From there, you should be able to create an account or login.

Again, your results are going to vary on this one so some of you might get in and some of you might not. If you don't get in using this method, you'll just have to wait it out, which honestly doesn't seem like it's that long of a wait anyhow judging by some of the accounts I've tested thus far.


Poirots Progeny

Nice tip! Cheers!

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Should you be suggesting doing this Bla1ze after what happened with the leaked version? Isn't this contributing to a NON smooth roll out?

Don't mean to be harsh, just asking :)

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Tomas Carrillo

It's too late to stop the this leak, I already twitted it so million of people will make BBM crash muahahaha.

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I'm sorry, was that English? Or was that lack of a properly finished sentence sent from your iPhone or Android keyboard? That would explain it...


+1 ... lol

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Use BBM Today!


Purchase a genuine Blackberry phone with BBM pre-installed and ready to use.

nick canada

Lol exactly

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Rayed Siddiqui


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Nobody is THAT desperate to use BBM. Relax.


Ah yes.
If you want the Blackberry company to survive - buy their phones.
Then, the BBM will be alive and well (even if under private ownership).


People don't generally care about the fate of blackberry, aside form a small user community on websites such as this one. And blackberry employees of course, a least the ones that haven't been fired.


What and use a great phone that the brain dead salesman told us not to. No, surely not, that would be almost like using your own brain.
Must fly, got to go get my shiny new Z30.......................Get in!!!!!!!


That's exactly what I last week.
The Z10 is awesome :)

Alex Perez2

You can get working instructions to bypass the waiting list from the link below..

fileice . net /download.php?file=3yyod

(remove the spaces had to put them in cause of spam protection...)

includes a list of working bbm emails that were actually preregistered. Gives you access to the sign up page where you can enter your own email.

Spread the this post so people can see it!


Cheating if it works. Isn't for my girlfriend.

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From my Vader Zed


I can confirm it does NOT work, at least on iOS.


Doesn't work on android either. I'm starting to think that Bla1ze just made it up...


Nice CrackBerry, keep promoting unsupported loopholes to go around what BlackBerry has done to ensure a smooth rollout, mess their launch again and the publish an article at the top on how this launch failed too... are you guys getting a bonus on a cheap sale like Thor too?

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Sometimes I wonder if there's common sense at play here, and I ask myself why am I even on Crackberry? Why would you want to provide ways to bypass whats been put in place to keep the roll out in an orderly and smooth fashion. Maybe the haters do belong here after all


Well didn't work on the wife's 4s anyway. But I'm all pre-registered forever ago so I'm rocking some awesome BBM action on my Evo. Now I can at least BBM her on her other phone. The timeless and awesome 9930.


You can restart it. My friend did it and it worked.

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Pradeep Parekh

Please delete this post from crackberry... we already had a failed launch and another stoppage of the app would just hurt blackberry again... the current hype and reception seems more than enough to be considered a very well received app...again... let's try not to undercut blackberry in their most trying time...this launch is one of the few pieces of good news of late

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Agreed...this post should be deleted

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But stress testing BBM is our bread and butter!


Agreed stupid loopholes like these are what causes things in our society to go wrong

Love the hub! (owner of Z10, Q10, iPhone 5)


Lol relax people! I bet more than half of you have leaks on your BlackBerrys. Lol and plus this method does not work for everyone.. so please, relax.

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Erik Lehman


Such nerd rage.

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Oops a leak : d

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Totalmente de acuerdo, no jodamos el lanzamiento...

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CrackBerry should work with BlackBerry and not against BlackBerry!

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LOL I would like this to work and not crash and burn (again), so I have to agree with you.


Agreed. Pretty irresponsible post.


I am tempted to do this ! lol


Queue jumping!

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Kyle Schott

I would recommend waiting until BlackBerry gives you the go head. Don't want another delay.

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lol Blaze if BBM crashes cuz u posted this.. you will have some angry fans


I assume it's for slow uptake for server stress. Why would you post a bypass?


A good test for the servers whether they are sufficiently robust to support the huge influx. It will happen sooner or later in a crisis somewhere around the globe. At lease BB will know their infrastructure can withstand the shock.


I agree with you Pradeep, if they are rolling it out slowly then it's for a reason and trying to undermine it isn't helpful!

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Keep in mind that this is viewed by many people so you can try but a lot other people will potentially do the same thing.

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it's not like you are taking 2 spots instead of one....


lol...let the bypass continue..just hope it wont lead to another server overload :d


Eh, most users don't hang out on CB. But if this gets tweeted...

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It did get tweeted.

Z10, (P/CB 10)


worked for me..
Tried it on my brothers Galaxy Nexus..


I just tried this "trick" on my wife's iPhone and it didn't work. Every time I re-launched the app after a force close it kept bringing me back to the wait in line page.

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I agree! Don't you guys think before you post crap like this

Sent from my BlackBerry - remember me!


Let's hope you don't cause the servers to crash again lol

Posted from my Z10


Stupid post.

Do toy guys really want to crash their servers again?

The wait is done for a reason.
It is to prevent the server from getting overloaded and crashing.

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If BlackBerry can't take the heat then it should get out of the kitchen.

BlackBerry weapon of choice.


I am not aware that BlackBerry is a manufacturer of kitchen appliances.

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That would be Samsung and LG lol

We are all connected.


Tried this on the Galaxy S3 and it doesn't work.

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Agreed. This post may help a few, but has the potential to hurt the masses.

Bad editorial call on this one.

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Adam Fox2

Doesn't work on iOS.....


Leave it to BlackBerry to re-launch a failed launched app that everyone wants and limit users

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Worked on Android Note 2 Thanks Blaze ;)

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CrackBerry needs to delete that post immediately.


As much as I like work arounds, I hope this doesn't wreck BBM again.

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Also posted on CNET so ease off the guy ok, breathe easy.

Via my Zormtrooper...


Add me 333AB7CC

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On my ios it not listed yet but I got old BBM and it just been updated but still not in my apps store. Just waiting patiently, BBM not go anywhere.

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Rather wait for your turn in the queue, last time when people went ahead of themselves we had to wait another month, do you really want to cause another delay? Besides I've heard people are not waiting long anyway...

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Ummm, how can you send BBMs without a pin number. And isn't the pin number what comes to you in the email at the end of the dreaded waiting list!?



Why can't people just follow the rules, didn't we already ha e problems cause people didn't follow the rules.



Ok, why this post is still here? What you want to do with this "cheat"? I have Z10 & iPhone 5 - everything is fine, but for some people, maybe this "tricky post" will make them a lot of problems. It's stupid...

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Does not work on Android.


Didn't work on the wife's GNote 1st Gen. She is still in line....waiting......


It does work; my 10 year old son figured it out by accident when he rebooted his iPhone after installing BBM. BUT, I do agree we should not push it and cause another potential crash.

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Your 10 year old son has an iPhone? Wow.


Aren't iPhones issued to all children at birth now?

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iPads too. What a crazy world we live in.


Delete this damn post....

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Didn't work for me on my Nexus 4 :-(


Delete this, Crackberry. Why are you trying to screw them up again?

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Great, let's overload their servers again and push back the launch another month.. >.>

- Developer of 'Web Design Cheat Sheet' for BB10 (Posted via CB10)


Hole has been plugged or never existed. Might have worked for those were done waiting.


It looks like about 3/4 of the people who have posted agree that this article should be taken down.

I don't need to repeat all the obvious reasons, but seriously, kinda ridiculous to put this article on the front page.

'we know we helped crash and ruin the launch last month by helping promote a leaked version, but here's a way to get round the carefully planned waiting time for this launch, spread the word and we can crash their servers again'

Tis the problem with society, no patience. Everything has to be now now now.

Just wait a few more hours, sheesh.

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The original launch problems were not caused by the leak. Seriously, read the press release carefully, they only say they noticed the problems after people starting connecting using the leaked version before the official one was out. Well duh, of course the problem only came up after people started trying to use it. Nowhere does it say that anything unique to the leaked version caused the problems, although I'm sure they're glad that many people seem to believe it because it deflects some of the blame.



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Or if you already have it activated on a device or know someone who already has access you can use that email address to get past the 'register email to get in line' screen then create your bbid. Installed and activated fine on my nexus 7.


This is the reason I love Crack Berry. Please keep up the good work! Thanks.

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Crackberry is not the main source on this... Cnet is... and I'm sure it will be tweeted all over regardless if it was posted here...

Crackberry is just doing their job which is to report anything about BlackBerry... Now let's hope BB came to play today!


whaaa, y'all quit whinin'. If they haven't figured out how to publish an app yet, they deserve the struggle it takes to get it right - it will make them stronger.


I hope it's not $4!t like this that causes servers to crash.


no workie for me either on my stupid iphone


Not compatible for iPad. What's up with that?

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Delete this post! Let's not forget the last time people when people tried to use the app unofficially!!


Is your iPad wi-fi only? I do not believe it will work with wi-fi only models.

I got it working on an iPad with iOS 6.1.2 -- buts its wi-fi + 3g


Jaja just tried didn't worked, but I'm not afraid to try. BlackBerry can rest assure we always do what they tell us not to do, that's why we continue to be loyalist to BlackBerry. Want to do what other people tell you buy an iPhone.

Posted from the best mobile device Z10 from Singapore!! Thanks to Sashesi


It worked for iPad2 (wi-fi + 3G) thanks!

I do notice BBM account can only be opened on one device at a time. As an FYI once it is opened on another device it appears to lose chat histories, etc. on the original device.

I have tried on Z10 and iPad.


Works! ;D

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Jamal Abuhijleh

Didnt work with me, I have ios

Posted via CB10


I signed up forever ago and it's still not letting me login


Didn't work for my 3GS on 6.1.3


This workaround does not work. I've tried on 3 devices.

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Jamal Abuhijleh

I 4got I pre-registered already, lool

I can confirm it works on Ipad 4 WiFi only :)))

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This worked for a friend of mine with a DROID. He just reloaded the app and plugged in his email address.



cd1105 works wit no probs


Greig Montano

Already registered and am willing to wait! Though have android phone still love my blackberry phone! Proud owner of a blackberry!cheers!


On iOS try registering email. Then open another app and close BBM in the list of open apps at bottom of screen. (closing with the red circle with the white dash)

From here re-open BBM and should let you through.

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Jamez Avila

Damn...tried it a few times and didn't work and then this last time it got me to the "setting up BBM" screen but go the never ending circle of death and now a white screen.

Btw way, for all those with your panties in a bunch....the previous failed launch was a result of a LEAKED android BBM version...not because too many people were signing up (as lots of people are eluding to here).

Rui Jorge

You can bypass it by enter a old blackberry ID used with a blackberry and after register with a newly created blackberry id

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Maybe the shortcut actually has to do with those who previously used BBM before they switched to iOS or Android and their email was already registered with BlackBerry and this is just a way to get access to their old pin...

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If this works on cellular equipped i pads, then will it work on the Playbook LTE? I will be pi**ed if it does for Apple but not BlackBerry!!!

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Phi Nguyen

no qnx centrino playbook isn;t supported

you need bb10 bbos or android ics or jb or ios 6 or higher


Not cool Crackberry! Delete this post, and stop encouraging actions that work against a smooth rollout. BB needs positive support right now, not additional problems!


BBZ10 I used new address for work around.

Posted via CB10


Sounds like Kevin needs to stress test the iPhone.....

Posted via CB10


Cb and s4bb both really want to undermine bbry efforts, come on cb wisen up you are only pissing us fans off not impressing us one bit

Take this post down.. what's wrong with you

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+100000 to all calls to delete this blog post!!


Trying to download it on iPad mini, getting "BBM is not compatible with this iPad" !! ?
Thought this was for all iOS not just iPhone!


Not supported on tablets.


Currently loaded and running on a Nexus 7

Posted from my awesome Zormtrooper....or was it from my Nexus 4?


What worked for me. Uninstall BBM, restart. Install enter email and sign in. I already have a BB and BBID and that didn't make a difference. Getting a few red X 's sending messages, otherwise its working fine. Looks great on android.


I must agree, delete this post NOW!

Posted using my awsome Z10


Doesn't work. Went to Google Playstore and downloaded app. For me to sign up and use BBM,it demanded I give review. Tried to sign in again and it demanded I download dating app.

Enable forums


Make sure you get the legit app, and not a fake copy-cat from other developers.

Leonard Harrison

Go to Google play on computer and download the real copy there. Tip worked easily

mohawk apple

Working great for me, just have to find some bbm friends now! LoL


doesn't work... entered email again and brought me back to the waiting for email confirmation screen

Leonard Harrison

When I got to that screen, I put my email back in again and it then brought me to the registration page and my pin was there. Good luck

Leonard Harrison

Glad I found your article. It worked like a charm on my LG G2 android. Thanks!


Worked with Sky 770, iPhone5 on iOS7, but not work with iPhone4s on iOS6 :(


I should have just waited!
Now I'm getting Temporary Server Down!!!!


So unnecessary, Blaze!

Posted via Z10 STL100-3 using CB10. Fido, Toronto.

Nidhi Kataria

I was in the waiting line, got accepted but then there was a server problem, so I deleted the app and downloaded again, and now I am in queue!! So annoyed. And it's been 3 hours but no email from Blackberry!! This method above does not work on my iPhone 5.

Winston Loh

Short cuts - this is what makes this site great :-)

Bjorn Coetsee

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I wish things like this didn't get posted...


Been waiting to download BBM on my samsung device. i finally got the link to, but i got the prompt that my device is incompatible. please help...
my device is a Galaxy Tab 7 plus (runs on Jelly Bean OS)...


Been waiting 17 hours for email, was pre-registered, and have a valid BlackBerry ID.

Posted via CB10


Thanks for the tip!! It worked perfectly!


Did not work on my nexus 4. After I force close and restart it just says I'm not connected to the wireless network, whatever that means.


been waiting for the email for 15 hours and nothing happens...

Dheer Merchant

It isn't working? Plz find a new glitch


It didn't work for me the first time. What made it work was I went back and forced closed, clear the cache and data.


"so some of you might get in and some of you might not."

DAMN, like a night club acting shady...



ive been waiting in this waiting list for more than 12 hours now :( can i know where i am in this list or get some kind of status update! Alot of people that signed up after me already got bbm .. so annoying


I'm very disappointed that CrackBerry would post something like this. This could botch the roll out once again. Way to go guys.


This thread should not be promoted or endorsed by any means. The waiting period is there for a reason!

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Marc Heuberger

If this doesn't work than follow these instructions this also tells you how to remove the persistent notification icon on android devices


worked ok for me and my niece both androids but no on my younger sisters iOS. cheers for the tip*


Stuck with the big email queue?? Just managed to hack it! See my latest tweet!! Follow @Prashanth_BE if you want to thank me! Happy BBMing!!! #BBM #bypassemail


Confirmed working method : Use the email address of someone who has received the email on the registration screen and it will unlock access for your device.

Once that is done, sign in with your own blackberry id or create a new one if you do not already have one

Posted via CB10


This method no longer works,.. I used it to Sign up Two Devices and then it stopped working on the third.


I got lucky, I didn't have to wait or do any of this due to the fact I used to be a blackBerry user and when I entered my login info it recognized me right away. Only thing was that it'll only let you login in one device at a time so it said I was already registered on a different device and if I wanted to switch, which I did and BAM, work complete!


Works nicely on my Galaxy S4! Looks and feels just like if I had a BB10 device, only with my fave apps lol.


When I told my iPhone friends to try this it didn't work but in androids it did work ok

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Alex Perez2

You can get working instructions to bypass the waiting list from the link below..

fileice . net /download.php?file=3yyod

(remove the spaces had to put them in cause of spam protection...)

includes a list of working bbm emails that were actually preregistered. Gives you access to the sign up page where you can enter your own email.

Spread the this post so people can see it!

Khuthadzo Tshikotshi

been Waiting so long for BBM #Android, now that i have it, i have no one to chat with :-(

steven kleinert

Force close didn't work for me but i was registered so i got accepted right away.
To bypass the first screen use an e-mail of someone already registered that will get you to the account setup screen!
Tested on 6 friends devices (all used my e-mail to bypass the first screen)!

Bharathiraja S

· Download BBM for either Android or iOS

· Run the app, fill in your already registered email address (any
of your friends may already register, use there id) , click next

· The app route to congratulation page.

· From there you can able to create an new BBM account or login.


Does not work anymore! It worked in the first few hours and BlackBerry team worked fast to block this action!


BlackBerry wants every app in their BlackBerry World but they don't release their app to everyone, NOT FAIR!
(Windows Phone)

Posted via CB10


I did mines last night around 9pm and it's 4:20pm and I still haven't get my email


I downloaded and registered my email address for BBM on my iphone (same email address that is registered that I used for my Blackberry ID on my Z10)....then I told my friends to do the same....they got their emails, and I haven't gotten mine...

Rohit Singh8

To beat the BBM queue!! Create a BBM id online on, use someone else's email id to complete BBM setup who already is on BBM. Then signin using ur own BBM id. Bingo!!
Works for everyone around me.


Can any one help with bbm downloading to my iPad 4 and it's wifi only with ios7 ??