Why I'm switching to the BlackBerry Z30 until the BlackBerry Passport arrives

By James Richardson on 7 Aug 2014 01:10 pm EDT

For regular CrackBerry readers you'll have more than likely noticed that I've been using the BlackBerry Q10 as my primary device for quite some time. Sure, I switched over to the Z30 when it was released but I soon missed my physical keyboard, so I went back the Q10 and I then just used the Z30 as my second device - mainly for app and game reviews.

Considering the BlackBerry Passport has a hardware keyboard as well, you may think I've lost my plot in going back to the Z30 but there is method in my madness. It's not a size thing and it has nothing to do with using the best internal hardware that BlackBerry currently has to offer.

"there is method in my madness"

For me it's all about keyboard gestures. One of the new and most exciting features of the BlackBerry Passport is the fact that its physical QWERTY keyboard has magical powers and allows for gestures. So, although I'm a huge hardware keyboard fan I decided that my Q10 will take a back seat for a while and I must switch back to the Z30 so I can once again become an expert at the word prediction gestures. As you will see in the following video I'm not exactly there yet!

"the Passport looks to be one of the most revolutionary pieces of mobile hardware I've seen in a long time"

Clearly once I get my hands on the BlackBerry Passport, there's still going to be a learning curve getting acquainted with the new three row (instead of the traditional four) hardware keyboard. But change is good and the Passport looks to be one of the most revolutionary pieces of mobile hardware I've seen in a long time. And this way, by the time I get the new device in my hands my gesture swiping skills will be back to what they were when I was rocking the Z10 for those first few months when BlackBerry 10 was born.

One important thing to note here is that because the BlackBerry Passport has a physical keyboard, the predicted words will still be shown at the base of the screen, much the same as on the Q10 & Q5, however seeing the one you wish to use should still be quicker to swipe into place because of how the keyboard actually works. It's broken into three 'sections' and each word suggestion can be swiped into place by sliding your thumb up on the corresponding section, whereas on QWERTY BlackBerry 10 devices previous, you actually have to reach out and tap the selection if you're making use of the same word prediction. I suspect many folks don't actually use this prediction on the Q5 or Q10 but rather use the auto-correct with spacebar option instead.

Exciting times lay ahead for us on Team BlackBerry and I wouldn't at all be shocked to see iOS and Android users make a return to our family. And to think, the Passport is only one of two devices we're all waiting for. We still have the long awaited BlackBerry Classic, where I could be doing this whole process of switching devices again. Are you doing anything different to prepare yourself for the BlackBerry Passport? Changing BlackBerry devices? Buying accessories ahead of time? If so, let us know in the comments!

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Why I'm switching to the BlackBerry Z30 until the BlackBerry Passport arrives


Z30 specs are top shelf. The beauty of BlackBerry 10 is how efficient the OS is. Think of it as a well tuned 4 cylinder that out runs a V8. Do not be fooled by iOS and Android pushing out crazy specs as this speaks to how inefficient their OS are.

Posted via BlackBerry Z30

But how much better would the experience be with a V6 or V8 with right BB10 gasoline.

Don Diego endorses the Zed.

Well and Miracast and USB OTG and Qi charging, as well as bigger battery! Oh and a slight bump in specs like more CPU speed and more than 16 GB of space (or allow apps to exist on the SD card).

Posted via CB10

Yeah....Z50 but I kind of want to go classic for a bit....so hard to choose. I hope the camera's get an improvement. Video is superb on Z30 and Q10 but hope new devices get a spec bump up on photo capture.

Swiped via CB10 with my T-Mobile USA (Only T-Mo rep still pushing  ) new  BlackBerry Z30 (STA100-5), son! The Thor's Hammer of phones! Member of "Club Z30 "..... the most exclusive club in mobile. Once you go BlackBerry, everything else is wack-berry! #longestsignatureeverthatishortenedabit

I like the Z30 but I also like the passport, I was looking through my desk and found an expired passport and pretend. I'm leaning towards a full touch maybe the z30 successor, maybe with the Octacore


Why would you like to see an octa-core, and not a quad-core, chipset in it? Genuinely asking...

Via CB10 on Z10 | T-Mo |

The only reason you would want an octocore is for power efficiency.

Currently, octocore smartphones don't use all 8 cores simultaneously.

4 cores are power hungry "high performance" cores.

The other 4 are less powerful, low energy cores.

When doing simple stuff (like writing an email or text, playing music, Facebook, etc...), the low power cores are used. When doing more complex tasks (like games, video editing, running 8 non-IDLE apps simultaneously, etc..), the more powerful cores are used.

In summary: Octocore is used to balance power efficiency and performance while always providing responsive multitasking.

Posted via CB10

Thanks for that! I think I had read that somewhere a while back but had completely forgotten about it. Now, the question is if BB plans to take their OS in a direction where it would actually be good to have octa-core processors. If so, then having it is better as it'll hold up better into 2017. If not, then it will be adding to the unnecessary cost of manufacturing.

Yeah, I already see my thumbs falling off the phone, trying to hit the space bar. Wooops!

Posted via CB10

I actually use the word suggestion feature on the Q10.
Being able to swipe up instead of having to reach up and tap is gonna be so much faster....

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

I do as well...I think many of us "Physicalientes" use the word predictions in this way, because you can go sometimes for multiple, multiple words without hitting any keys---just your next word choice.

This being said...swiping for the word within the 3 partitions is going to be "real" nice & REAL fast.

Murray Squire Marr

Personally I'm dying to have a comparison. Can upgrade to Z30 now or wait 2 months for the passport (from a z10)...
Really struggling over decision... haha

Posted via CB10

I think 5 suggested words and 5 rows would be better for swiping on the passport.

I'm just waiting for tmobile supported model

Posted via CB10

Good luck getting tmo to get it... Not gonna happen after their little tif with BlackBerry!

Posted using the best phone ever, the Z30!

Maybe he means the model supporting all T-Mobile bands. At least I hope he means that because I doubt T-Mobile is going to be supporting it or even the Classic anytime soon.

Via CB10 on Z10 | T-Mo |

The problem with adding more word suggestions is that the user has to pay much closer attention to where he's swiping...

Posted from CB10 running on my awesome Z30 2B6927F7

If I can try the Passport with T-Mobile it might be worth it.
Time for blackberry to give t- mobile another chance.
Their network is so much better.

Posted via CB10

T-Mobile is the one who is anti-BlackBerry. They only want to sell Androids and iPhones. I am planning to get the Passport from Amazon to use on T-Mobile. I am not buying any phones at TMo due to their anti-BlackBerry promotions.

I'm doing something different, I saving money for it. Can't wait for my passport

C00121953 channel for car freaks!!

My Z30 is awesome. The super AMOLED display blows the competition away, even at 720p and the battery life is the best out there.

This is the one thing that I am a bit hesitant on...because I love the Super AMOLED screen on my Q10.

But the screen size, the SCREEN SIZE...that's more than likely to win this "Physicaliente" over in the end.

Murray Squire Marr

Seriously, I just scant wait to get hold of that device, the BlackBerry Passport. I've used hundreds of it's picture as my dp on BBM, Twitter, Whatsapp and mos def, Facebook

Posted via CB10

Message for James...

When you get your passport. Feel free to send me your Z30, I will take great care of it. My Z10 would like it's bigger brother to come over for a permanent visit.



I wonder if the blind, baseless and misguided optimism of people like the OP and the commentators on this site will eventually work and get BlackBerry out of the grave that is currently in.

As to why the optimism is misguided, BlackBerry is the FOURTH OS, and to put that in perspective, most of the media and consumers don't even know or care about the THIRD OS, Windows Phone, so I ask, how exactly is BB gonna conquer the world? When not even the OS above it can garner a rat's ass of market share? Does the OP actually feel that BlackBerry is gonna take market away from the iPhone 6 with the Passport? or the Note 4? or hell, even whatever Lumia MS releases on Q4?

Lol, I'm from Venezuela, probably the last country on earth (apart from maybe Canada) that actually has a lot of BlackBerrys on the wild.

I don't think he's ignorant, and as much as I'm not a fan of Americans I wouldn't assume someone is American because I don't like what they say.
There's tons of Canadians that laugh at BlackBerry.
I agree with what he's saying, just not how he says it. I'm a huge BlackBerry fan and am saving every dollar for my passport. I will continue to cheerlead because I love my devices. But I hope BlackBerry can become relevant again. Too many people give me a jackass smirk when I say I use BlackBerry. I hope we can claw our way up starting with windows phone....

Posted via CB10

Yeah I'm actually not American, well, not North-American, I'm from Venezuela, so I'm South-American. My words might have been harsh and I'm sorry if I actually offended anybody, I'm just genuinely intrigued at the rampant optimism around these parts, when on a place like WPCentral, even with the small gains WP has had, you see mostly doom, gloom and complaints on the comments.

Regardless as to whether or not you rubbed the person who "ASSummed" (assuming makes an ass out of those who do it) you were American, you made some good points. It will be interesting to see how well (or not so well) the Passport does, financially, for BlackBerry.

Posted via CB10

Devices are not going to bring BlackBerry back into the consumer market. But their enterprise device management business, untouchable security, and QNX in general (especially with Internet of things gaining momentum) gives them more future opportunity than anything currently underway at Apple or Android.

dont dog all americans, i love my blackberrys. ive been useing blackberrys since the storm and have been hooked ever since, there are plenty of blackberry lovers down here, give us some credit ok buddy

Stop assuming every dumb ass statement about BlackBerry comes from the USA. I've seen this too many times in this Newsgroup. Geez.

Posted via CB10

Seriously, how the hell did this turn into some anti-American crap anyway? WTF is wrong with you people? So if BB doesn't sell well in a country that means they are stupid and arrogant?? Seriously, do you know how stupid you guys sound saying that? And honestly, you "people" are so focused on the USA for some reason, strange obsession? It's like any opportunity you have to try to turn everything into an anti-USA bash. As if the country you live in is so perfect. My family immigrated here from another country, we appreciate what the USA offers us. And I'm sure you guys love where you live too, but unless you've lived here and are not just making your dumb opinions from what you see on tv or what you read from biased news sources, it's better you keep your uninformed opinions to yourselves. Thanks. :-)

It's funny when people say that the people in America are stupid, they are kind of talking about themselves, because most likely a lot of the people here are from their country. I don't even need to know which country, pretty much people from every country come here to the USA. If it's such a terrible place, I wonder why that's the case... Let me go ask my family why they fled the "ultimate utopia that is a communist nation" to come to this terrible capitalist place...

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10

I thing you responded to the wrong person. I was telling the offending party where he could stick it.

Posted via my QNX Z30

I was agreeing with you. The rest was addressed to the people involved. Since it was multiple posts by multiple people, it's easier to just stick to the one person who's saying roughly what I am wanting to say. I was just elaborating on top of your comment basically...

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10

Uh I think there was one anti-American post, and then a pile of people ripping that guy a new a-hole.

I hope we can stick together. The original comment was questioning or even stating that BlackBerry will not make it, at least in the device world because third place Microsoft isn't even making it.

I think that's where our focus should be.

And to that guy, I say he's wrong. Microsoft will gain more traction due to size and tie in to their other products.

BlackBerry doesn't need lots of market share to stay in the device arena and I think it will make it. Then it could try to reach into the consumer market again.

Posted via CB10

You must be reading a different string of comments than the rest of us... It was one comment that had nothing to do with country. Then an anti-USA reply, then a side-stepping reply that was more focused on making it clear that he was not from the USA. Followed by another anti-USA comment. Then OP replies to make sure everyone knows he's not from the USA (as if it's something to be ashamed of). Then the next reply was ripping that guy a "new one" not for making an anti-USA comment, but for assuming that OP was American (again, treating it like an insult). Then a neutral comment not making any statement about country of residence. Then a reply stating that "not all" of USA are bad and arrogant, I guess just most...

So yah, the only person to step in and actually address the person's anti-USA comment was jupiter8. The rest were either with the same sentiment, neutral, or simply stating "I'm an exception to the rule, not everyone here is like that" which is just not direct enough in my opinion....

Wow... you have to be one of the most ignorant leathernecks in Alberta. Speaking as an American, specifically from California, per the 2013 IMF and BEA our state GDP ranked us 9th in the world. Meaning if California was its own country we would be the 9th wealthiest.

Alberta doesn't even register, but your entire country (i.e.: Canada) does... barely ranked 13. In addition, all the oil you guys are ripping out of the ground in Norther Alberta, of which close to 80% is sold to the United States... you know the country you seemingly seems to be racist towards.

Thats a fact - one state in the U.S. is more relevant on the world stage then the entire country of Canada.

Is that an arrogant statement in your ignorant mind? Shouldn't be as it isa fact. So why don't you tone it down and go back to work on whatever rig you came off of.

ps: my comment isn't towards Canada or fellow Canadians but rather the Northern Alberta genius here who thinks, because someone posted a comment he didn't agree with or like, is a lesser person in his mind and thus an "American."


I'm glad you added that ps. I think it's so utterly stupid for people to talk so much crap about everyone in an entire country because of their own ignorant opinions. But at the same time it'll be just as dumb for us to clump all of Canada with the likes of this... person. I have a lot of friends from Canada, and most of them are more level-headed and do not have some weird hatred for everyone from any country, much less the USA, which, I thought were good friends of Canada. I might make the occasional jab at Canada, but it's always in good fun. I consider Canada to be the USA's closest ally...

Agreed... I live and work in both the U.S. and in Canada and most all of my Canadian friends are from AB. Which is why I found this guys statement utterly offensive and ignorant.

Again it was more of a slap at the poster and not at are friends to the North at all.

More on point - the OP did have some valid points in his posting but I think people keep missing that the Passport is not being aimed at the consumer market.

Lol you need ios and android with their stupid spyware installed in them in order to make BlackBerry stands out stupid!

More ios and android user means more BlackBerry fans in future

Posted via CB10

Yo soy Americano. Soy de California y también uso BB10 Devices. No se porque no los gustan (la gente en America) porque son los favoritos mios de teléfonos desde siempre y para siempre. Not all Americans are ignorant and making generalizations such as yours above, only shows intolerance and ignorance on your part. 分かりますか ? Canadian/Euro trash. LOL

Fair statement, just don't see how it's relevant to this particular article being posted too.

I'll say one thing, as long as BlackBerry holds true in maintaining their focus within enterprise. Eventually the consumer side will (should) gain some additional traction. Nobody I know wants to carry two phones, so if you're using a BlackBerry in your everyday job functions, chances are you'll adopt a BlackBerry as your go 2 device for Personal use as well.

I've used nothing but BlackBerry over the years (all work provided). I'm completely satisfied and have absolutely no desire to try any other platform despite BlackBerry's known limitations e.g. lack of native apps, hardware advancements etc. All that doesn't apply to my needs for communicating effectively and with BB10 most my my new requirement like apps has been met.

I'm a happy camper! Now I just need to wait for the Passport so I can see it up close and personal and then decide, Passport or use a Z30 interm.

**Look! It's Zedzilla!**

"Exciting times lay ahead for us on Team BlackBerry and I wouldn't at all be shocked to see iOS and Android users make a return to our family." That was the sentence that made me post my comment, and why I feel it was relevant to the article. Such unbridled optimism on a, lets be honest, weird-looking device that will compete against perhaps the most expected iPhone ever, the regular barrage of Androids, and any noteworthy Lumia that may get released.

It's mostly professionals who might want to buy this and have been waiting for a wide-screen phone for reading manuals / various paperwork on the phone, combined with a keyboard (we're not even talking about the innovative swipe enabled gestures this phone allows).

The target market is not huge, but these people have the dough to buy something that serves their needs.

It does not have to become a mainstream hit, but will sure help get BlackBerry back on track financially and out into the public limelight.

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

Do you have crystal ball or are you privy to some secret information that we don't. You are only guessing or speculating as much as the OP was. So don't be so full of yourself. Eventually, time will tell whether the OP or you is right or wrong.

Posted via CB10


Ask yourself how many current iPhone and Android users used to sport BlackBerry devices?
Now ask yourself what it would take for them to go back.
Being one of those folks, I would need the same level of use ability and security that my old curve or Bold featured, plus, I would want to 'take the top down' on the weekends and after hours with current apps and games.
All this, wrapped in a smooth and efficient OS.

The new BlackBerry devices are that.

So, what is holding people back then?
Answer = Lack of knowledge of what the new BlackBerry devices can do. If you have a Z30, everything I said makes perfect sense. If not, you are one of the ignorant folks I am referring to, and you need to try one for a Month and see for yourself. If money is a concern, then at least go for a Z3 for 80% of the experience.

I think you're totally right. BB knows they no longer really have a shot in taking "consumer" market share. As such they are still the domain, and relevant, player in the enterprise field. Granted they are loosing some shares here and there but they are still the company to beat in that segment.

I would not say that.

BlackBerry can't afford to ride the consumer me-too roller coaster with competitors and their deep pockets.
BlackBerry is securing what they do best to blunt attacks from the competition in the corporate space, while, no doubt, working on future consumer lines.

I think the line is blurred more at this point where exactly the 'Prosumer' device strategy ends and the 'Consumer' strategy starts.
That will be the sweet spot that Chen et. Al needs to find.

The Passport has actually been getting a lot of mainstream press--not all positive--but press none the less.

I think it's possible it can take marketshare from iOS and Android, but not in any big way.

For BlackBerry, if they can just get even a small percentage of legacy BlackBerry users to come back, then they can be successful. They don't need to "beat" iOS or Android to take some (even a relatively tiny bit) of their (iOS/Android) marketshare and be successful. The smartphone market is gargantuan.

Posted via CB10

Personally the only thing in any of this that offends me us the American bashing. Just because there are a bunch of criminals running our government, along with the criminals in many other governments, Venezuela included, doesn't mean we are all bad. I've said this before and I'll repeat it. If I judged every person based on the activities of the government, I'd hate just about everyone on earth. There are stupid people everywhere on this planet. So with that said, ignorance breeds the comments like the offensive ones in response to this post.

Posted via CB10

Unfortunately, the stereotype of the "ugly American" leads to all of us being painted with the same broad brush.

The day the Passport drops on Rogers in Canada, I'm all over it! Z10 to Z30 (great phone) to Passport!

http:// twitter.com/ForrestBivens

The real question is how do we get this guy to come off of Bob Barker's email address?

Posted via CB10

Z30 for screen size for sure. The only thing missing from the Q10. Hopefully in Sept the Passport will be available and problem solved! Lol

Posted via CB10

Had this conversation with my brother yesterday as he traded his Z10 in for a 30 and I am going back to a keyboard.

BTW, I test drove my wife's Q10 for a bit and wow.. I lost my typing ability. I am nearly as slow on it as the Z10 now.

The Zombie Apocalypse is upon us. Run while you still can

I switched over to the Z3 while waiting for the Passport myself.

BlackBerry is making head ways regardless of whether it is the 3rd or 4th in the rankings. As long as the security remains and the app library continue to increase, sooner or later people will realise the advantage of this OS.

Seriously though, a lot has been in the news regarding iOS and Android but Windows been awfully quiet. Most people I meet has either the former two OS' but very seldom the latter, is Windows phone actually still a serious contender?

Demobigen (Powered by Blackberry® Z3)

Lol that's what I've done. Except I bought the Q5 and now I run two lines. I felt like I had to practice with the physical keyboard before I buy the Passport. I still have my Z30 though so that I have the best of both worlds!

Posted via CB10

Don't believe it. A publication by Sir.James about something other than the "app of the day "

Why would you pick an ugly brick over the z30. Pick the z30 and wait till the true next gen q10 or z50

Because that "ugly brick" will let you read PDF manuals like no other.

Depends on what you make your money with, I get PAID for reading, so I better do it quick.

Watch videos much? Getting any$ing out of it?

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

Right! Even "pleasure reading" of websites, or purposeful surfing, should be very efficient on a big wide screen, with no rotation needed.

Posted via CB10

I wouldn't be so quick to dismiss it as an ugly box. From the looks of it, the Passport is made of premium materials which will ultimately give that rich feel in hand. Also, if you don't use your phone a lot for 16:9 / 2.35:1 video viewing, I think this device will suit you well. Anything else, browsing, reading, communicating, music, 4:3 video, etc, and this should be a winner over the Z30 or any traditional 16:9 phone on the market.

I hate to say it, and I'm a BlackBerry fanboy of note, but there is nowhere near as much buzz here in SA about the forthcoming devices (Passport and Classic) as there was for the first OS10 devices. From where we were as a major market for BlackBerry to where we are now, I feel as if the high end of the market has largely been lost to the iOS and Android offerings. BlackBerry is still popular amongst hardcore communication junkies such as myself, and BIS is still a great offering on the legacy devices, but the vast majority of my friends and colleagues who once sported top of the line BlackBerry devices have switched and are not even considering switching back. I am not sure who BlackBerry is going to be marketing the Passport to, but I feel no buzz at all about it here.

I guess my summary, and this is all just my opinion, is that the Classic may very well get good traction in the enterprise world and the business world as a whole, but without the BIS data benefit, BlackBerry is not providing a current generation option likely to be taken on by the lower and middle part of the market. For many of the people in the high end of the market, they view their phones as:

a) An entertainment device. I do not feel that BlackBerry is (or should be) competitive on that level.


b) A status symbol. With the widespread perception, right or wrong, that BlackBerry is fighting for it's corporate survival, BlackBerry devices are seen as an unique or even archaic choice when compared to the Sony, Samsung, HTC and Apple offerings.

The data plans on BIS coupled with BBM's platform exclusivity drove the sales of earlier generations. People bought their family members phones simply to allow them to use BBM without incurring data charges. BBM was epic. I have no idea at all why it was made available on other platforms.

Between the lack of BIS on OS10, and the ending of platform exclusivity on BBM, what argument does BlackBerry make to a consumer looking for a smartphone as opposed to a consumer addicted to the business communication machine that a BlackBerry is? I don't have a single game on my phone, but that puts me in a very small minority of smartphone users.

I hope that I'm wrong, but unless BlackBerry can capture enough of the corporate market to make a living that way, I just don't see where they are going.

I've said for years that I'll be the last stubborn SOB at my office with a phone with a physical keyboard but that day is rushing closer faster than expected.

- Proudly written on my Q10 but still missing my 9900's trackpad.

Posted via CB10

Well summarized sir. That indeed was the head scratcher of the transition from BBOS to BB10. Loss of recurring revenue stream from consumers BIS fees, + loss of value proposition FOR consumers. Makes it tough to come up with a unique sales proposition for consumers.

From my Neutrino Powered Z10

Agreed op I switched up the word predictions to allow for the three option's on top of the keyboard on my z10.

Gotta get used to swiping up from three rows now.

"I love when people boast about their phones...like its a pissing contest"

I would be on the Z30 right now too if crappy AT&T carried it. Still loving the Z10 but I am used to a new phone every year and have had this one for a little longer than expected.

Today I did EXACTLY the same - switched to a Z30, until the Passport arrives (the only difference being that I came from a Q5).
And, I used EXACTLY the same excuses to justify my move!
So funny.

BB10 wasn't that much of a learning curve, what with its fancy swipes and gestures. I believe the Passport will not be that much of a learning curve either.

" I wouldn't at all be shocked to see iOS and Android users make a return to our family."
I would be. The comments I've seen by readers over at Android Central is that it looks like a monstrosity. Some media outlets also criticized it strongly. It's too unconventional to convert people en masse, let the Classic do that.

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

The classic has less likelihood of bringing over those that migrated to other platforms than the Passport. Although, I do not think the Passport will bring many people back either.

People left the platform, legacy devices mainly, because the entire world moved on to bigger screen devices. And, the younger generation (which I am not part of) are not as infatuated with a physical keyboard. I, sometimes, used the keyboard on my 9810 torch, but rarely. Keys were just too small to type effectively. Same thing went for the bold. I think the classic may be the device Corps use to upgrade from Bold.

The fold iPhone was ugly too... yet people coveted them. I am pretty sure the first samsung note was deemed ugly and too big, and yet it was a success.

Only time will tell... i for one am getting a passport... i like that it is different.

Posted via CB10

Both apple and Samsung had just a wee bit more marketing prowess on their side with the launching of their devices. Meanwhile we've known that this thing is supposed to eventually arrive for months now. The mainstream media already did their blurb on it, and they now don't care, same with the average consumer. This will be a niche device that may keep blackberry from withering on the vine, but it won't be a saviour by any means

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

Make a waterproof version of the Passport and I'll buy it for sure! I like to surf allot, and while waiting for the next wave I can dish out a few emails!

Posted via CB10

I intend to use my Z30 for at least another year. Passport doesn't light my fire - too big and ugly.

Posted via CB10

Im switching back. Had an IPhone 5s, Z10, GS5, Note 3, Lumia 1520 and 1020 this year. Purchased a Z30 this month to get reaquanted with BB10, but will transition to the Passport when it is released. I am loving being back on BB10. I loved it the first time, but Android apps run much smoother now. With Amazon Store and Snap, it pretty much solves any app issue I had.

I may find that for the first time in years, I will stick with the same OS for a year. :-)

I have Z10 and 30 but the Z30 is a turn off for me because of the battery. This is the same crap with passport. I am not going to spend my money on something when I can't remove the battery in case I dropped it in water. I will stay with my Z10 for now until something can interest me even if I have to jump "ship"

Posted via CB10

I love my Z30 so much that I think I may try to train my samsung convoy flip phone carrying farmer husband to use it so I can get my hands on the new passport. More than likely he'll end up with a Classic as size is a concern for him. I find using voice commands on my Z30 laughable and I hope 10.3 OS will address this problem or I won't be able to convince him to switch.

Wow, lots of Anti-American sentiments in this thread. I thought this was a place to cultivate a strong community and user base for Blackberry phones. It's okay, as an American I'm not to keen on the lot you free loading wankers complaining about the state of affairs in the world and not doing a Damned thing about it.


You started out ok, but finished by proving yourself just as prone to ignorant stereotyping as those who offended you. The rest of the world isn't just a bunch of free loaders and you can't assume nobody's doing anything about our problems just because you're not aware of it.

Newsflash everyone: in any decent sample size of the human population, you find the whole spectrum of human personalities. Let's not respond to ignorant stereotyping with more of the same. (please)

Posted via CB10

The only thing I am doing different is putting money in an old coffee can that says PASSPORT on it. I was also going to sell my Z30 when it comes out but have decided to keep it as well.


While gestures are occasionally helpful, typing at a rapid rate is much more efficient. Gestures are probably best for those that peck away very slowly.

Posted via my QNX Z30

Dunno, I'm pretty fast with the gestures. I've never owned a phone with a keyboard so can't say but the gestures on thus BlackBerry beat the crap out of any android keyboard I've used even with swype.

Posted via CB10

Hey! Hey! Hey!

What if the next-gen all-touch Berry device had an equally magical virtual keyboard that ALSO could act like a giant trackpad?

Hmm? Hmm? Hmm?

Posted via CB10 via unlocked Z30 via AT&T via USofA

Had a lot of pre bb10 BlackBerry smartphones.
Loved them.

I had the z10.
Loved it.

Switched to the q10.
Loved it. Even more efficient with keyboard.

Switched to the z30.
Love it. Great big Screen.

Will rock the passport. Big screen and keyboard.
Will totally love it.

Dreaming about the white Passport

My BlackBerry Z30 does all I require a smartphone to do for me. I'm not keen on the Passport simply because it is a qwerty device. I will await an all touch device from BlackBerry.

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Me I am going to get a porsche design khan instead to replace my p9981 bold work device. I love the craftsmanship of the porsche phones well worth the money.

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I'm not ready to give up my Z30 for the Passport. The Z30 is the best smartphone in the market.

 Z30 Rocks 

I prepare by convincing our cio that I totally need a testing device.

Guess I'll get one when it's available.

Dreaming about the white Passport

I'm very excited about the new BlackBerry Passport! This is going to bring a lot if my desired world's together in one device! That is freaking awesome! BlackBerry forever!

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I'm considering a Passport, but it will have to be on Verizon, and I'll have to pay full price for it...

Now if I could only afford a P'9982...

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From Z10 to Z30 in a heart beat and now comes the time I have to prepare mentally for Passport...but my heart says wait till Z50!

 Z30

These two phones do not excite me at all.
I'm going to stick with my Moto X until blackberry do a real successor to the z10. I may even consider a successor to the z30 but if they get any bigger than the z30 then it won't be considered.
The good thing about the upcoming phones is it shows blackberry is willing to experiment. And if they start expanding again maybe they will invest into much needed R&D for their next phones.

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Sold my z30 to have money for the passport. Will be using that until a Z50 comes out then will be rocking both.

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I don't use word prediction. Will it have the option to turn it off? I can't stand it on the Q10.

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Forget all those nationalities, trying to be a good human being is already work enough. Still want to test that Passport badly.

CB10 - Q10

James Richardson asked the question, "what are you doing to prepare for the next blackberry?"

I am taking an old Christmas advent calendar and converting it into a shrine for the advent of the new blackberries!

Then I am placing a picture of Angela Merkel on top of the may pole and dancing around it!

And when my new blackberry finally arrives,i will announce it to all my neighbor's and we shall kill the fattened calf, and there will be steak for all in celebration.

Finally we shall make our first phone call to mr Chen, and then shiver with excitement as he asks us to leave a message.

There will paramedics on site, in case mr Chen actually answers and someone feints...

So there are lots of things to do to be prepared...

Okay okay... I am being a little sarcastic and exaggerating about the crackberry cult...

But I also look forward to the new blackberries...

Does anyone have mr chen's personal phone number by any chance?

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I actually did the opposite, I switched from my Z10 to the Q10 so I could get used to a physical keyboard again. I'm so totally in love with the Passport. I can't wait for it!

I think this is a great article and we understand its coming from a true Blackberry fan. This device has certainly sparked a lot of commentary on both sides of the fence. Like any other device you will have those that love it and others that don't, that's just the way it is. We can all agree that it is unlike nothing else in the marketplace today and I bet the other camps are all waiting to see how it goes. Me personally I don't think it will be huge in the consumer side of things but if the price is right and it captures that cool factor then I may be wrong (I hope so...) I have already placed my name on the waiting list cause like the author I want to experience this myself and make my own mind up. Long live Blackberry :-)

I agree w Juliezee. Living in the Philippines and visiting other asian countries and France regularly I see the complacent smiles regularly. I am a BlackBerry loner against iPhone and Samsung (mostly) owners. Regardless, I remain a BlackBerry "aficionado" since my BlackBerry "Pearl" ages ago. I love my Q10 after renouncing the Z10. Still, My major concerns are the BlackBerry shares of the market and the viability of the BlackBerry group. What about less but longer lasting devices, instead of producing new models like rabbits as everyone else in the mobile world? I did not understand the need for so many new product (the classic, the intermediaries between the 9900 and Q10) etc. Instead fix the quirks and upgrade the OS faster on existing devices and reduce prices as a result. A managed obsolescence approach, combined with aggressively advertising BlackBerry as a an environmental conscious group could be beneficial to the group if well marketed. BlackBerry would be again the 1st in a new innovative approach and increase its viability and beyond!

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Logical approach.

After all, this is the exact model that iPhone has used for almost a decade with absolute success.

After the Passport and Classic emerge, the only new form factor device that BlackBerry should consider is the 5.5-6" phablet; just to satisfy the gamut of users.
After this, BlackBerry only needs to refresh each current device with new specs.

Think about it. Who else would have such an array of form factors to choose from? That would be a major selling point.

If CB reads this: my service provider in d Philippines (Globe) is not sure it will continue carrying BlackBerry and distributing it because of poor BlackBerry support. BlackBerry dealers cannot even provide original batteries for the Q10 and Z10. FYI! DO Something!

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My Z10 is the only device I employ for communication, Web surfing, even online shopping etc. After more than one and a half years of use I am not going back to the full physical QWERTY keyboard.

The convenience, speed and predictive nature of the Z10's all touch keyboard has been a revelation for me as a consumer. The fact that it learns and adapts is awesome, something I could never get out the Curve 936 I previously owned. Also, since I speak a few languages, the ability to effortlessly switch between them as I type is priceless!

As I said, I hope that the Passport proves to be a phenomenal success for BlackBerry, but I hope the company does not forget about us Z30 and Z10 owners...and that it shows us some love with the next generation of all touch devices.

Z10 owners adopted BB10 when it was still in its infancy and most other customers were still on the fence!

Cartman says: Screw you guys I'm going home!

I use both my Q10 and bold 9900. Wouldn't mind the classic to take on as companion. :)

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As a Z10 user, BlackBerry is the most suitable device for me to get work done.

However, there many Apple users who are so loyal no matter the issue it seems unlikely they will come back to BlackBerry but I have seen a quite a few move to Android.

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Does anyone know if the "Classic" have this swipe type keyboard for the word predictions. I assume you will not need the trackpad feature of the Passport as it will have the a Trackpad. I am very torn which device I should get as at first I wanted the classic but now the more I read and see the passport I am confused. I guess I will have to wait and try them both out and see.

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I don't know, thought I'd wait for Z50 or whatever is the Z30 follow on.

But gotta say it would be nice to not have my phone mistaken for an iPhone or android. Having people say "what is that phone" kind of seems like an interesting idea I'm on the fence .

I have an iPhone 5, a Lumia Icon, a Z10, and a Z30. All are sitting in my desk drawer while I type this out on my Q10. Best phone ever....until the Passport finally gets here!

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I want to try the Passport. I currently use the Z30, and what makes it the most efficient device available is the word predictions appear above the next letter. For people like me who watch the keyboard as they type, it works better than glancing up at the screen at every keystroke to see if the word you want appears.

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"One of the new and most exciting features of the BlackBerry Passport is the fact that its physical QWERTY keyboard has magical powers and allows for gestures." - I'm sold! I'm gonna buy BlackBerry Passport...

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I went from using the iphone 4s to Blackberry Z30 and have not once regretted it. My Z30 is the best phone I have ever had. The keyboard is amazing, the screen is the perfect size and the sound quality is great.

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Somehow I missed the "swipe left with two fingers to delete two words" option! Got it now, thx! :)

The first impression was, this is yet another blunder when seeing the Passport that first time but a lot of thanks goes out to CrackBerry & N4BB for setting the record straight.

The BlackBerry Passport's design should be dubbed now what it may very well turn out to be - the tablet killer - and guess who got there first. Let's hope this one' s patented and we don't start seeing some cheap LG (or other) knock offs.

What person in an enterprise setting in their right mind would want to cart along an iPad, when this device can fit inside a blazer pocket or a purse? Like a wallet. I'd actually be embarrassed being seen around the office with an iPad because I would think I'd be giving the impression that I brought my toys to work.

And possibly being introduced to BlackBerry 10 for the first time... this will only enhance that experience beyond expectations ; especially now with 10.3 coming pre-installed . BlackBerry has had the momentum all year regarding its OS updates and should not ever again take its foot off the gas.

Keep Moving I think the phrase goes...

Here's also hoping BlackBerry & Dell are in some serious discussion to come up with a plan to finally rid our office spaces of all these cheap Lenovo products...if Dell & BlackBerry products can talk to each other half as well as Apple products do, then a brand new collaborative ecosystem could be born.

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I'm on a z30. Switched from an iPhone 5 with the intention of cashing in on the still high second hand value of the phone before the iPhone 6 comes out. Fully intend to go to iPhone 6 however after using the z30 and experiencing bb10 I might just stick with blackberry.

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I am planning to get the Z30 than get or wait for the passport. I think my fingers got used with full touch screen. I'm using the Z10, had plans on getting the Q10, but I preferred the full touchscreen BlackBerry now.

"BlackBerry is the extension of my hand" - DadaBerry C00182421

My primary device is a z10 while secondary is a Bold99... Still waiting for Passport to be released here in the Philippines... Can't wait to own one...

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1- How can you like or dislike Passport without trying it? Dumb ass...
2-CB is a PHONE forum discussion. Am amazed there is no moderator to ERASE your out-of-topic sh*itfull discussion. Idiots speak louder, always. So people coming here for discussion of the BlackBerry topic feel like being in an Asylum.
Stop pucking your stupidity. Am out of here.

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I just signed up with a q5 (in red) and I'm loving it. My first blackberry since my pearl 9100 back in 2011. I'm so pleased I switched back. You might say to prep im learning bb10 to the best of my ability and I'm saving up to pay off the 200$ balance of my phone so I can get the passport when it comes out. I hope they make a red oneeee

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The funny thing is over here in Canada people are catching on to IPhone's little game. They mass market their Logo to the point where people don't even notice how much they talk and think about Apple. It has become the "In Fashion phone." Soon enough, people are going to stop running for the next new Apple product. There are already much talk about this amongst the new generation. People are already slowly leaving and upgrading to different phone brands such as Samsung and Android based phones. The thing with BlackBerry they either purposely don't market to get everyone's attention or they aren't marketing to their capacity. Nonetheless in my humble opinion, they still need to step it up a notch within their Marketing Team. I honestly wish my Team BlackBerry could be able to give our input on their marketing strategies. I have faith in BlackBerry to climb back up the Consumer Choice scale, one country at a time.

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BlackBerry passport or Z 30. Or Z10 are the best smart phones ever produced by any manufacturers. I am a BlackBerry fan and will support BlackBerry always. Have tried iPhone and galaxies but nothing is better than BlackBerry.
John Chen and his passionate team at the helm will turn around the company with exponential growth.

From my Z30 Device using

My Z10 was stolen a couple of weeks ago :(. I've got insurance through my carrier (T-Mobile US) but they have no more Z10's available. They have Q10's in stock though. I'm trying to decide if I should pay the $150 deductible for a Q10, find another Z10 for about $150-$200 off Craigslist, buy a Z30 for about $300 off Craigslist, or just tough it out with this $30 prepay phone and wait until the Passport??? HELP!!!

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2 months to go, mate! Get the Passport! If you'll get a free phone anyway, take the free BB10 you can snap for free, then the Passport.
Patience and reward!

BlackBerry*Q10, T-Mobile Germany - SQN100-3, Running OS

Skip Passport. Give me a better specs Z30 so I can upgrade

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Loss of time ;-)
Typing is better than flicking... Flicking is "interesting" but typing is the real thing. You type what comes in/from your mind letter by letter. The suggestions/flicks is disturbant and interrupts "the flow"... As said above... interesting coz new and "unique" to BB10/ZX0 but not effective.
Enjoy anyway, I'd just wait, I have no Z30 to do the same!

BlackBerry*Q10, T-Mobile Germany - SQN100-3, Running OS

Come on.... I can't believe the crackberry team hasn't be provided with passing and NDA's....

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I use q10 predictions a lot as sometimes i don't type more than the first letter of a word. It is that good. The most convenient thing about it is that even though not recognized as english words my native language words are also coming into the predictions (sinhalese). Never happened in any other platforms. Love BlackBerry

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I love BB, always have for many years. I own a 9930 and is my primary work provided phone. My company is ditching BB for Samsung and iPhone; neither of the two I care to own. I have no secondary private phone. I'm not a fan of carrying two phones. Soon enough though, I'll be forced to carry one of the two mentioned. I'm very interested in the Z30 or Passport. But why would I want to carry one of them and a work phone? Are either of the new BB phones compelling enough for me to own as my private phone, even if I receive no work messages, BBM conversations, etc.? And of course, I'll have to retire my BB Playbook when the 9930 goes offline. At this point, my relationship with BB is coming to an end, unless I can be persuaded to buy one for personal use. Thoughts?

If passport is launching in 30 days then it's not worth it to spend $500 for Z30 and then again spend on passport., my personal view

James if you are wanting to have the experience that matches the most the Passport keyboard, then you have to switch the prediction system. Form "in-letter" to "in-column".

But once you get the hang of it you'll see that the prediction is not so important, than the autocorrect that appears in green on your space bar.
This is what fast typers do.

The prediction system with the words is good when you type with just one finger, and obviously you will never to that on a Passport.

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Praise the lord for I have seen the light!!!
After being and advent iPhone user for quite sometime I recently made the switch to Blackberry a Z30, in fact, this was because I was really disappointed with the iPhone 5 & 5s,so like a fool I bought a 64gb one outright for stupid money I felt robbed!!
I dislike Android and Windows phone isn't for me so I thought I would try Blackberry I am so glad that I did and although I am really happy with my Z30 I will certainly be buying one of these Passport bad boys!!
I am new to Blackberry and so far my experience is wonderful, I don't listen to the doom and gloom merchants, life is all about positives and I have to say the Passport is a very Positive step forward from Blackberry.
I live in Australia so hurry up and release it like...yesterday lol :-)

I'm excited for the Passport however I doubt my plan will be ready for an upgrade at that point.

I really hope the battery fits more snug than in the Q10.

Passport looks cool but I never liked the physical keyboard on the q10 and q5 the keyboard is too small for me to get the hang of and z30 is too big and has an not remove able battery

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Jim, this is a great article, with sound reasoning on why you are making the (temporary) switch. I just hope the Passport will live up to all the hype.
Also, congratulations on a really well-written article. Cheers.