Bye Bye BlackBerry Z10!

By Kevin Michaluk on 18 Feb 2014 03:55 pm EST

Our friend J_Caloy is back with another video. This one is a little bit sad though... After Hating on the Z10 and Hating on it even more, JC has now said BYE BYE to his BlackBerry Z10

What did he replace it with? Well, you'll just have to watch the video and find out. Be sure to share the video! :)

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Bye Bye BlackBerry Z10!


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The one and only Iphone wallpaper channel C001F26A0 no hate please I personally own a Q10 and 9900 :-)

This video exemplifies the mistake BB's marketing have done and with Chen I expected to have been fixed but still it's not fixed. Whereas with Samsung the Galaxy Note III and Galaxy S4 are not competing against each other as they serve different purposes and needs the BlackBerry Z10 and BlackBerry Z30 are by some dumb reason competing against each other which shouldn't be the case. I would never change my Z10 for a Z30 because I WANT a smaller screen among other things and I know many who are in the same boat. BUT BlackBerry is letting a stupid fight between their top 2 models take place when there was absolutely no need of such confrontation. If you ask any Samsung user which is the better phone he will tell you you can't compare orange with apples but if you ask a BlackBerry user which is the best most will tell you one or the other. Mr. Chen you are way overdue fixing this!

I dig this guy's videos. Will have to watch it later when I get a few minutes.

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Yes, since all Asians must be related...

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This kid IS John Chen. He dawns make-up when he appears as CEO John Chen to look middle-aged. ;-)

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Here we go with the "kid" stuff. He's a young man promoting BlackBerry, give him credit.

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I dont think they mean 'kid' in a disrespectful way... He's a young guy.. Its nice to see the youngin's lovin' BB

I'm 24 and have been on Blackberry for 5 years. Had a one month fling with an iphone but that went nowhere. It was a dark time for me..

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This guy is great! He really loves his Blackberry devices and tells it in a funny way! That's way more cooler than all those hating around!

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'Cept the Z30 has lower PPI than the Z10, so he's argument is a bit off lol... Still... I saw this coming a mile away.

"Background Music:
Fluffing a Duck - Kevin MacLeod ( ..."

He usually posts the background music details in the youtube video description.

Now he brings no more fun but gimmicks instead imo.
The first thing comes into my mind by watching this is, it looks like BlackBerry users now leaving their phone after just 1 year of using, and somehow it means BB10 totally sucks compared to BBOS which performs so well for years.
I really miss the day when people believe BlackBerry technology never gets old.
Call me haters or whatever LOL I love BlackBerry.

Thats an interesting perspective. So when Apple users reportedly broke their contracts in 'record breaking numbers' to upgrade to the newest iteration of the iPhone, was the first thing that crossed your mind "the iPhone5 must have totally sucked compared to the iPhone5s" ?

Thats an interesting question. You really expect me to consider iPhone users the same way I'm considering BlackBerry users now?

I understand both points here and yes the non-BlackBerry people should know that all BB10 devices are great devices and that upgrades don't need to occur unless you want to upgrade.

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Well.. there ya go JC. On the next video make sure you clarify that you upgraded because you wanted to, not because your old phone 'totally sucked' ... Because, you know, ppl are confused about this... apparently...

Well... the reason those iSheep you mentioned upgraded to the 5S was not because they wanted to, right?
I'm so confused... Maybe I should lower the standard for BB users like you a bit... apparently...

Id respond to this, but I honestly dont know what you're trying to say.

I can see that you are good at regurgitating parts of what I type tho... even when they dont apply to your comment. lol.

You butthurted lol?
Thanks for the desperate reply, not surprise that you didn't understand what I said though.

Not really, considering your writing skills seem to be either that of non natively English speaking person, or someone in grade 3..

Noone to blame but myself.. next time I see an asinine comment, I'll expect asinine conversation to follow.. have a great day guy.

No worries buddy, your butt is hurt enough to affect your intelligence, in case you have a brain, I doubt it though.

Thanks for reading my mind.

PS. I'll leave you here playing with your butthurt mate, thanks for the jokes.

No butts harmed or hurted here...might change to a larger screen Q if the product was available...might---and it would be MY decision.

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As long as it wouldnt piss you off when hearing negative opinions about that larger screen Q, you could change your phone to whatever you want without being butthurt mate ;)

Do you get the sarcasm of this "cool"/"funny" kid's comments...the kid is joking about his hate for both his BB10 phones.

Also, everything doesn't equate to derrière hurt.

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Not sure, but it's clear that you didnt get the sarcasm from my reply. Enough posts on this topic for me anyway. Enjoy your phone.

Chill guys. JC just want a bigger screen as stated during the 1st min of his vid.

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@ Karan

No dramas, BlackBerry people are smart, and I don't care about iPeople who won't understand anyway.

If anyone watched the mini-series, the "hate","hate even more" had to climax eventually in dumping the "hated" phone, and surprise, he got bitten again, because the new one beats the old one in nearly all points that he "hated" about the first one.

Pretty obvious and logical succession. No offense, buddy.

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

Ok at first I thought what do I car about one guys opinion then I watched. Very enjoyable. Went back to see his other reviews. Thank you, unexpectedly thank you

I have to admit. The concept to his videos are entertaining. I still love my z10 and maybe if I get my hands on a z30 I would feel the same way but until then...z10 will do just fine.

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Congratulations on the new phone! Great video dawg. Your loyalty to the brand is outstanding. People like you make me proud to be a BlackBerry 10 user.

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I can't tell if your comment is a brilliant continuation of his shtick, or if it means you didn't get the video.

Damn you, Sarcasm! Damn you to hell!

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Loved this! I love all of his videos! He totally represents BlackBerry in the coolest and most creative way!

I typed this from my elegant and classy Z10 or Q10

SHARE THIS PEOPLE EVERYWHERE the name og the video it self will make people click on it just share this everywhere you can this would be great for a advert haha SHARE it let the world know how good blackberry really is you don't need to plug your phone on charge every 2 hours even a Z10 ;)

The one and only Iphone wallpaper channel C001F26A0 no hate please I personally own a Q10 and 9900 :-)

We need to get him in an actual commercial for BB. Because they are a little long they should be the to be continued variety...

I don't want a phone if you close your eyes on a call you feel like you are in same room because the sound quality is that good. I don't want that. That's creepy!! Lol! Keep up the awesome job!

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Think he's great, but what strikes me about his videos is he doesn't just rant this is what's cool about BlackBerry he backs his argument with facts and demonstrations too. Which gives it more credibility. These videos need to be posted on all social networks :) everyone should know what BlackBerry is about now, and not what it was like pre BB10

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I definitely enjoy his videos! Entertaining and informative! Good move going to the Z30!

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Is he gonna "hate it" even more more? Is there any "hate" left in him, when octacore hits?

Let's wait and see.

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

Great job yet again! A good mixture of humor, sarcasm and seriousness. Oh...and the facts!
BlackBerry marketing dept. is hopefully seeing this talent and learning from it. This definitely needs to spread.

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JC is perfect for BlackBerry PR. They have to hire this kid for TV marketning. He's exactly the age and demograpic they need to be shooting for to take back from iPhone. Mr Chen if you are reading this you have to hire JC NOW! Several 30 second commercials would turn BlackBerry around in no time!

I think after been a BlackBerry Fan for the past 7 years I will give up using BlackBerry Q10Bold
and AT&T USA does not care about BlackBerry and as of right now they don't have the new upgrade 10.2.1 as they promise for February 10th. might switch for the Samsung .

You're giving up so close to the finish line? You WILL get your update.

Telstra Australia haven't released it yet, but I am not dumping my phone. And there is always a cheap overseas SIM (Rogers, Vodafone, Optus, etc) or Sachesi.

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

I saw the picture but I may give the video a quick watch still though

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I love all his videos. The probes, costumes,background, gestures and every bit of the video. Cute, talent and nice. Yupp bye bye Z10, welcome Z30.

We need to share all of his videos on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and any other social media sites. It will definitely change people's way of thinking when it comes to BB10 devices.

Come people, let's do this.

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Great stuff funny as always. I made the switch from z10 to z30 and I love it. I use my z10 to test leaks now.

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JC, I know you read Crackberry. So, just want to tell you that you are very talented and are headed for a successful future. And I did cross post on my FB page.

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"My eyes look like they're closed right now but they're not. And if you think that they are, you're racist. " LOL

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Next up should be a Z3 video

"I bought this phone. Off contract. $150. Seriously? I hate this. If I get a new phone. If it has a 5" screen. If it last two days without charging. I should be broke right now. I'm not. I've got all this extra cash. People will think I stole this thing. I can't have that kind of public perception. At least with a new iPhone. I'd be eating Kraft Dinner for a month."

Yeah, I immediately replaced my Z10 with a Z30 when the latter became available...

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These videos are the best! And "If you think they, you're racist!" is the best line I've heard this year!
Z30, here I come!

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BlackBerry should throw some money at this kid for some of his hilarious rifs and use it in a series of short commercials. He would be good for reaching the younger crowd.

Isn't creativity what this stuff is all about? Nice to see such effort. Could this become a contest for the best video, with a view to use in advertising?

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All his videos are good. BlackBerry should be paying attention if they aren't already. What I like most is the real- life examples he uses of some of the features, and all with a good sense of humor. Keep it up JC, looking forward to the next

C004682C1 .... shot from my z10

BlackBerry marketing should hire this dude for BlackBerry commercials...make him the BlackBerry Master...go after the toughest young market peeps...

Rocking the Z30 Regina SK Canada

I love it!.. good stuff! I loved his vids from the beginning.. lmao

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he needs to compare the z30 to an android like an S4. iphone is losing it's appeal. i know lots of iphone users who are openly vocal about their next phone being an android.

I watched his other videos and liked them. Just subscribed to his BBM and YouTube channels. Seriously appreciate the work, good job!

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Love this guy's videos. I was rocking Z10 and briefly switched to IPhone 5S. But thinking I'm heading back to my z10. But after the video will consider z30. But I'm worried it may be too big to hold

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I really like this guy JC. He is so funny without trying hard. And he is promoting blackberry so well and in a very creative way.

From my sweet black Q10.

Oh wow now I want to change my z10 to z30... I inquired two dealer and they are both out of stock...

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I got a chuckle....well done

30 second commercial spots with the same idea would be perfect.

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Love this guy's videos! So funny and entertaining - loved him rubbing the back of the Z30 on his face. "SoOoo soft!". :-D

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I've never rubbed my Q's glassweave to my face...he's right, wow it's way soft.

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I always like to see these videos. They highlight grass roots enthusiasm for BB and how things are done just a bit better on a BB10 device. At the end of the video, you stated the need for new ideas. Well I would talk about BBM and what it brings to the table. It is simple and just miles ahead of Whatsup. I just love how it is so practical and clean. Take glympse for example. It's nearly useless on an iPhone (broken connections, inane options that do nothing) to the point that nobody uses it. Then BlackBerry comes along, strips it down, creates a clean, reliable and secure interface via BBM. Beautiful,practical and useable.

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So...ummm...I didn't really need to watch the video to see what he replaced his Z10 with. The static "youtube preview image" before one presses play showed the Z30. But then I still watched it 'cause I want to.....and I AM ENVIOUS

I don't know if he bought it, but BlackBerry should have sent this guy a Z30 long time ago

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I bought z30 today too... but now im sad and i will give it to my sister, i dont like z30 androidish design :)

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We need to start a support group for those of us made too efficient and not requiring frequent trips to the eye doctor!

Very entertaining kid.
I tried to get a demo version of the Z30 to write about for a review. No luck.
Maybe if I were younger, more entertaining, and did my reviews on video instead of in writing. :-/

Or if he just bought both phones, I'm bummed that he has more disposable income than I do at his age! ;-)

Why is he not heading up BBRY's marketing division ?? Forget the million dollar to make adverts - use this guy - GENIUS

Also, my hand's must be massive cos my z30 don't look as big as the one in the video :)