BuzzMe Pro Now Available - Customize Your Vibration

By Adam Zeis on 22 Jun 2009 10:06 am EDT

BuzzMe Pro

Way back in January we first checked out BuzzMe which let you easily have your device vibrate and ring at the same time. I just got an email from BigTinCan and they have release BuzzMe Pro. The pro version adds on to the original functionality, and allows you to easily set vibrate & ring functions for not just calls but also emails and SMS. The Storm version also has Facedown mode, where the phone will not vibrate when placed face down on a table, desk etc. BigTinCan is has also released BigTinCan Connect which lets you dial and send messages easily by using the photos in your address book. You can grab BuzzMe Pro for 50% in our mobile app store using coupon code crackberry-special. This code will only work from your device via

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BuzzMe Pro Now Available - Customize Your Vibration


I run the 5.0.100 for a few days and LOVE the options to modify the Profiles.... I really needed this option of notifying me about incoming messages.

The OS is not behaving well with other Bold apps, so I'm going back to the "new" 282 and may consider the investment in the above app.

I am using 8707g OS4.2.2 (latest)..
"DeviceInfo.getSoftwareVersion" not found
What's wrong with this apps???

The reason why the application wont run on your blackberry is that the OS isnt supported we only support higher then 4.5. But i have raised it to the project manager we might consider to support 4.2.2.

If you have any further question please get back to me.

Paul Haenel

either im retarded or there is misinformation being given. This post says vibrate AND ring. when i install this the option is still vibrate THEN ring.

i installed first pro which i paid for and now i tried the original. same thing for both


I've bought the Pro a few days ago, is there a way to upgrade (free) because now i have the pro, but i can't see that menu ;)

Hi all,

BTC has just released a new version of BuzzMe it comes with:

- support for 4.2.x
- 1 sec vibration interval
- save button on the configuration screen
- warning when closing the application

Its available now in the

Get a copy free upgrade and enjoy.... ;)....