Buzz Me - Have Your Berry Vibrate & Ring At The Same Time!

By Bla1ze on 31 Jan 2009 11:05 am EST
BuzzMe-Have Your BlackBerry Vibrate And Ring At The Same Time!

Here's another case of something that really should be a core function of the native BlackBerry OS but is not. Buzz Me was recently announced in the CrackBerry forums  and its main function when installed is to make your device vibrate and ring at the same time. Simple logic and something that a lot of BlackBerry users have the urge to do, making it a great little app to add to your downloads. Buzz Me currently supports BlackBerry's sporting 4.5+ OS and a Storm (4.7 OS) version is also available (great example of the developer community at work). For those wondering on the cost of this application... it's FREE! This application is indeed free too download and that's a price no one can refuse. Thanks delta_foxtrot2!

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Buzz Me - Have Your Berry Vibrate & Ring At The Same Time!


I have been using buzzme for about a week now and it does exactly what it says. If you want your BB to vibrate every time it rings and do it at the same time get buzzme.

been using for over a week now works pretty good and free
also new version is out (0.0.30) nice little app

This is my first Blackberry. Im not sure how to download the application. This is the one thing that really bothered me about the phone. Can anyone please let me know how to download this to my phone and how to i know if I have 4.0 or 4.5?

The 8350 has 4.6 I downloaded this but when I click the top buTton to choose ringtone it
Says this button not programmed yet

kudos for taking the time to make a free app to ring and vibe! It's much appreciated in a day where it seems a lot of bb apps are way over priced.

All I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you!

Finally I was waiting for this app. It works like a charm on the Storm.

I keep getting this same error as some of you. when I click to select a ringtone i get "this is not programmed yet, sorry" At least they were nice about it ha ha. I have a bold running, does anyone have any ideas about what I (we) can do about this?

Not only am I getting the error about it not being programmed, but I can't even see the full menu!!! What's going on?

the top button is not programed yet by the developer, set your ring tone in the profile settings
(no ring tone selected)not working yet
(disable vibration)
(disable ringtone)
(close setting screen)
should look like, this then set your profile to tone only (no tone and vibe)will not work
if you have sms and mms set to vibe and tone it will vibe
first then tone will sound.

after following these steps I am still getting the same program is not active yet....I would really like to use this but I can't get it to work...

the top option will not work it is for future development by the developer set your ringtone in your profiles options
sorry (will not work)

have a 8330 BB verizon - just changed my phone ringer profile to only TONE in the ORIGINAL ringer program - i didn't set any settings in Bussme - called my phone and it rang AND VIBRATED at the SAME TIME!!!! awesome - thanks!

Duck, thanks for the help with this pal, i changed it to have those settings and it works like a beauty now. Thanks again.

if you put in buzzme in the search search (top right corner under forums) alot of post as well as
from the developer hope this helps

Works great for calls... emails and messages are a different story.. unless I don't know how to change the settings.

Glad its free!

Downloaded it to my 8110. Running from at&t and it works just as stated. Vibrates and rings at the same time! Thank You! Been waiting for something like this for a while.

I keep getting a message saying that the application was denied by my phone. I have the Storm 9530. Does anyone have any idea of what i can do???

for the BOLD! Typed in the 4.5 address in the BB browser and it DL'ed quickly. Didn't need to reboot or mess with any settings. Worked right off the bat!

I haven't added enough code to play ringtones natively in the app itself yet, that's all that message means, you still need to use ring tones from your internal sound profiles.

As for the Java Error, that one I need help with, it's only happening to a fraction of people and I need someone with a bit of technical skill to help me to debug it.

Sounds like that java error is a permissions related error more then anything, edit the default permissions for the application to all say allow and it should go away. Assuming you havne't tested that yet anyways.

im sorry but it doesnt work for me :[
i found a download for the first vib and ring for free
it's on pinstack though :[

And Why I didn't try downloading strait from my device I do not know. Click kink for 4.7+ within your BB browser....Duh

You guys have to understand that this app was developed for the Storm and he then later made one that was would be compatible with other phones. For those of you that want it to vibrate with your sms and emails just go into those options and you can add vibrate to them.

I am using an 8310 with AT&T service. I downloaded a new version here.

After I installed and rebooted, you have to go in to profiles and change your phone setting from Vibrate+Tone to just Tone. After that go in to the Buzz Me settings and select Enable Vibration. Than it worked for me. The program takes a basic Tone setting and adds a vibrate feature separate from the profile.

Is there any way to have the phone not vibrate when in 'Silent' or 'All Alerts Off'?

Before I downloaded the application this never occured.

Thanks for putting the application out there though, it's great to have some solid free ones every now and then.

I just downloaded buzz me and does anyone know if it can be used when you receive a text message or just phone calls?

have an 8330 from alltel, to make it work you must change your settings in the phones settings to tone only. leave everything else alone. dont change any settings in the buzz me app.this should make the app work fine.

I have it downloaded but why doesnt it work.......what do the settings have to be for the vibration? custom?

I just downloaded BuzzMe and it works great. I did realize that the default classic ring tone (that sounds like an old-style phone) is short so it buzzes like 3x more before the next ring is heard. If you select a longer ringtone then it does do both simultaneously. Cool App!! Thanks.

I think it is back to one current version, that works with 4.2+. If you try either of those it should read BuzzMe.jad.

Before it was BuzzMe45.jad and BuzzMe47.jad.

It works great on my BOLD, OS .216

Straight download from the above link (4.5) without any modification on Settings.


Thank you!

Thanks - like it a bunch. One issue for me - still buzzes when "All Alerts Off" profile is selected.

I'm running v.99 and have xperienced no problems...that being said I had vibration set to "off" b/c I'd been experiencing a delay in vibration. My ? Is when set to "vibrate only" with vibration technically off, will it vibrate or will I have to disable "Buzz Me" and put vibrate back on?