Buy Your Verizon BlackBerry Storm on November 24th?!!

By Kevin Michaluk on 11 Nov 2008 07:44 pm EST
Verizon Launch Dates!

The slide above says a lot and falls in line with what's been rumored in the blogs, forums and podcasts for the past couple of weeks. Come Monday, November 24th, you should be able to walk into your local Verizon store (an hour early!) and pick up RIM's first touchscreen BlackBerry smartphone. And if you're a VZW VIP or get an invite, you can demo the Storm a few days early and pre-order the device. BG, who posted this info, added the following notes via his sources:

  • 123 corporate Verizon stores will be "pre-launching" the device on November 20th. That means that the 123 stores will have Storms in stock to demo for customers and to pre-order the device for them. This is only for high-end VZW customers, and people that got the mailing that went out. The general public, as we're informed, can not just "mosey on down."
  • November 24th (and November 25th?) is the general availability date which includes corporate sales, telesales, and indirect dealers.
  • The confirmed pricing for the BlackBerry Storm is indeed around $199.99 after MIR with a two-year agreement. We were also told that corporate store inventory will be full, full, and full of Storms.

Getting excited yet??

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Buy Your Verizon BlackBerry Storm on November 24th?!!


Wooooo girlfriend has just received a call from Verizon inviting her to the retail launch event allowing both of us to purchase the phone prior to the store opening. i am SO EXCITED it is not even funny. I will have to pay the 1 year contract price which is completely fine with me. Kudos to my woman.

WOW!!! Congratulations Buddy! I am REALLY happy for you man! MORE STORM LOVE FOR EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!! And I do LOVE MY WOMAN!

i believe that's to show off the storms at the event, not what we'll be getting in the box. that will still be an 8gb card.

it says right on that page towards the bottom that they have preloaded stuff for all the docs to go apps, media stuff (videos and music), so these different cards are obviously for that. i would definitely keep the lewis hamilton demo videos though cause he's a beast - won the driver championship this year on the last lap of the brazilian grand prix... woo!! now in the off-season he gets to be the vodafone spokesperson for the storm. talk about a lucky guy, and only 23 years old.

The four 2 GB cards will have different content on each card. This allows the VZW stores to load a card into four different display devices and have each show off a part of the features.

Yeah they are not talking about the 8GB card here for you to put your media on.

These are cards programmed with demo videos, etc to be used in the storm demo units on the floor.

Two completely different things.

I already they were pushing to get it out prior to Black Friday. Although it may not be on sale, people will go there and still buy it.

sorry...I hope it doesnt come out on a Monday. Monday's are my off days but i'll have to work if the storm is launched that day my manager already said...
soooooooooooooooo lets hope for another day for poor ol' me...

I've already got vacation set aside for that week, woo hoo! So I'll be able to buy it, and play with it for the entire week uninterrupted.

Hey Crackbery Nation!!! First time post, but I view the website at least 10 times a day. I am a high-end Vzm Customer ($10,000 a month invoices; 186 lines). Haven't received a special invite as of yet. I've been nagging my sales rep. for a Storm update every week for the last two months. I better get an early invite if she knows whats good for her!! I will be calling her first thing in the morning!!!

Kevin - Great site. I'm truly addicted!!! The Storm contest has been hilarious so far. I hope everyone enjoys their Storms once they get them.

Thanks & keep up the good work!!!

Palladino, are you for real? This type of mentality is the reason why you have not gotten any INVITE or UPDATES! Nobody cares how much you spend or how many lines you have. Your sales rep probably despises you and has updated everybody but you. SO, I would just check yourself and re think that Pedi stool you have put yourself on.

being that i work at a Corp Verizon Retail store, vacation doesnt exist between Nov 1st-Jan 1st...
so i will be on the frontlines on launch day.

and palladino72 talk to a hungry sales rep in store and i bet he'll/she'll get you in there on the special invite. business cust dont appear as vzw vip(consumers) because your on a different tier.

by the way, did anyone notice it also says "IQ devices will ship..." at the bottom? is there any chance that means first quarter of 2009?

I was just saying that 1Q usually stands for first quarter in financial stuff. i realize it says november 24/25 elsewhere, just seems strange they would use 1Q as a term. unless it means something completely different.

sorry for the double post, but after looking more closely the first letter is a capital "i" which might just be a term used for demo devices to up your "storm IQ" prior to ordering. they can never make things simple can they?

people, people, people, is it just me or is everyone going nuts? I mean come on, just release it already. My wife is getting pis*ed because i am not paying attention to her and the kids, i am always looking to see what details i can find OR trying to crack the keywords without having to run through NYC.

I seriously need a drink after working on this BB Storm thing, i just hope it doesnt get my divorced =)

is it only me?

I will take codes if anyone is willing to share? i'm not able to get to NYC and it makes me sad that i can't participate in the game :(. I seriously cannot wait for this phone to come out..

Finally some concrete info! Im still torn between the Storm and the upcoming Niagara....decisions, decisions....

How can you be eligible to attend the "pre-launch" and is that the earliest we can get a hands on the storm?

or is it the 24/25?

i just registered for a hands on session at my local vzw store on 11/24 at the link posted above...hope it's cool!

Ok so I can admit I have been stalking this phone for months and like everyone who has as well I can't wait to get my hands on one! So I won't believe anyone or anything I hear or see until I have one of my own.

I called the following stores near my area and they all gave me a diff bs story. Do they really not know or do they choose the mess around with us when they in fact do know the actual date when the storm is coming out??? You tell me...

My results:

Chino - Nov. 16th

Brea - Nov. 16th (the only 2 w/ the same date)

Mira Loma - Nov. 23rd

Montclair - No info at all... (hmmm yea rt)

Glendora - No info but think within the next week

Norco - Last week of Nov.

Upland - Next 2 weeks

Ontario - Most likely black Friday

Corona - No info at all... (lies, lies, lies)

Hum... I have VIP status and haven't been notified yet? Kinda strange if this is true I should have received something =<

Hey! Great news on your win! Anyway you can share some of those codes? I have been home with my son who is pretty sick and haven't been able to do the hunt! Thanks!

Im starting to feel like the hype for this phone is web based only. Out of all the people I talk to around me I seem to be the only person eye F***ing this beast of a phone.

This is Crazzy!!!!!

I travel along the East Coast and when I'm on the train or at a bar passing the time away, I'll talk to other gadgeteers with their phones and ask them if they've heard of the storm, and they have and are patiently waiting for it to come out just like I am. Just don't tell my VZW rep that, I think he gets peppered by emails about twice a day for new info. Which he divulges nothing other than he's played with it and all he knows is that it will be soon.

I do have to say this is a different marketing strategy to "leak" out info like they are doing. Kind of like chumming the water before you go fishing.

Does anyone know if the Storm's accelerometer will have any limitations? What I mean is, the iPhone's use of it in conjunction with certain apps is pretty sweet. Take for example the commercial where the hand shakes the phone and it displays random restaurants, etc... I just hope that developers will be able to take advantage of it like apple did.

Any thoughts?

I just haven't seen any evidence that it does have that robust an accelerometer; So far all I've seen is that it knows "which way is up," and NOT "what is my pitch?, my yaw? and how fast am I changing along those vectors?

I went to the posted link to register and there are no events for MA. Is this because there are limited events or because they are already fully registered?

a sales rep called my from the canton ohio store yesterday afternoon to let me know i can preorder the storm next thurs morn and they will overnight it to me so i have it on friday, she said they just a call in conference with the big guys and they said thats what to do if customers dont wanna waite in line on friday, so im taking it that friday at the vip events you can get your storm .

I'm still not sure I believe any of these screen shots. I spoke to my best friend this morning, who works in VZW corporate sales. He told me that he date is definitely the 15th. In fact, he is going into work on that day, even though it's his day off, so he can order his Storm. I know everyone has their story of someone they spoke to that gave them a date, but I'm confident here as he is my best friend, so no reason to lie (in fact, he made sure to call me before he went to work this morning so he wouldn't get caught giving out the info while at work), and he works in the corporate offices. He's not just some salesman at a store who gets all his information 2nd hand.
p.s.-- he didn't confirm the 219 price, but he said it would be right around there.

Can someone tell me where the postcard came from? I went to the web page listed above and I did see my local store, but before I submitted my info I called the store to confirm and I was told that they didn't have any idea about a pre-launch. I have a vip account and I have called telesales, the corporate store and customer service and no one seems to know anything about these events. Is this more internet rumors/hype. I wasn't even planning on getting the phone until maybe May b/c by then all the bugs would be worked out. I have had experiences with getting new phones when they are first released and each time there were problems. But then all the hype made me want to get the phone sooner....please someone stop the madness.....

Does anyone know when the phones will be available at Best Buy...I have already pre-ordered mine there...Thanks

i know that for sunday, they want us to have our storm signage and dummy phones out and displayed. we got an urgent email with the instructions today so im thinking either sunday or monday... possibly

All these verizon reps who are supposedly talking about dates, and who are saying when theyre gonna get theirs, they are full of it. The employees who work in the stores arent even allowed to get the phones when they first come out, they have to wait a certain number of weeks. So chances are if they say theyre going to get theirs on "this" day, if they tell you any other info, thats bs too. Not trying to be negative, but you guys need to seriously chill out. You guys are going crazy and letting this phone take over your lives talkin about the release dates and who youve talked to and this that and the other. There is no release date as of now, and you guys who keep saying youre getting pissed at verizon for not releasing the phone are crazy, and getting worked up for no reason because Verizon has never released a date. Remember that these forums live on speculation, so it doesnt matter if you heard about the phone months ago, because its basically a gossip site for phones so you never know the truth. And if you say verizons marketing and advertising sucks, youre insane. Look at how crazy you guys are going over the phone! Youre talking about camping out, peopel are getting tattoos of the phone, are you serious? Its excellent marketing, and they have you exactly where they want you. Since there has been no price, you guys are here everyday, multiple times a day. Just calm down, and wait for verizon to release the phone. Until that, you should consider everything you hear to be false. Dont get me wrong I want the phone too, but things around here seem to just be out of hand. Lets just hope it comes out soon!

Sorry, you're mistaken on at least one point: Verizon Wireless employees are allowed to purchase the phone on the day of release. This is normally not the case, but an exception was made for the Storm. The inventory will be carefully monitored to make sure customers are still able to purchase theirs, but this was guaranteed to employees months ago.

As for release dates, you are correct - anyone giving you a solid release date today is BSing you. Nothing has been announced, although that leaked screenshot showing a direct fulfillment date of 11/20 looks pretty real..

cool. didnt know about verizon allowing customers to purchase the day of. sorry ill always admit when im wrong. Hopefully itll be out soon, thought im waiting for an official announcement from verizon.

so lately I have been checking Verizons site alot..I swear today that damn phone wiggled in my face and said "Soooo Coool".

It's the voyager launch all over again! Same hype, same release date "leaks" and the same weeks before B.F. street date. It worked for the voyager and kept them off the shelves for weeks. Let's just hope VZW has enough stock to satisfy. Just happy they didn't screw this up and drop it black friday.