Buy the Verizon BlackBerry Storm Online!

By Kevin Michaluk on 21 Nov 2008 09:43 am EST

Buy the Verizon BlackBerry Storm Online Today!

If you didn't call in sick or take the day off work to pick up your BlackBerry Storm in person, have no fear, as you can buy your BlackBerry Storm online!

You can now purchase the Storm for $249.99 from Verizon's website, which after a $50 mail-in rebate works out to $199.99.

OR, if you're planning on setting up a brand new account/phone number with Verizon and want to save yourself some money, be sure to check out the special offer going on at the Smartphone Connections store. The price is too low to show, so click on the image above and enter your zip code to see the offer and details.

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Buy the Verizon BlackBerry Storm Online!


I would never purchase from one of these places...if you read all the fine print there are so many things that you can't do and if you do, you get charged the $300 discount you got on the phone...for example:

If you drop your plan
Decide you want to exchange the phone and it has more than 30 minutes on it
If you don't pay your service bill on time..there are others as have to be careful...all just to try and save $50

Looks like the store is powered by Simplexity. They are pretty well known, like Wirefly. You just need to read the fine print. If you plan on buying the phone and using it for for a year and their monthly plans are adequate for your needs, then it's no issue going through them and saving the money. If you are not sure on it, then you might be better off going through Verizon direct and paying more.

I have been trying to buy the Storm on line for a couple of hours with no luck. Furthermore when calling Verizon they say their system is down. What the F#%k?

Why not just go with the Bold? Because you can't get one on the Verizon network. Correct?


Same for me.
Called VZW directly and SURPRISE....OUT OF STOCK UNTIL DEC 6th!!!!!
You have got to be kidding me!!!

i've been trying to order the storm online all day from 845 am and it hasn't worked. i've been multiple steps through the process and then had the site timeout and return me to my overview page. so painful... once, i got all the way to entering my credit card and clicking purchase and then it just timed out trying to charge my card. so sad. i'll keep trying tho.. so sad

One for me. One for a gift. No issues. Even came with a free bluetooth headset as a gift for pre-ordering. I LOVE MY STORM!
It's not difficult (for me at least) to type on. RIM ROCKS! I'm having the best weekend ever! XOXO

This in indirect internet agent for verizon. They hide the price many layers down to get around pricing agreements. yes it is real, but I can't see them getting inventory any time soon. Think about it, is VZW going to stock stores or give these guys phones.

It probably is legit, cause if you check out, they are selling it for the same price with a new contract.

I was just poking around the internet and on they are showing the Storm for $149.99 with a 2 year contract.

"BlackBerry Storm 9530 Black
for Verizon Wireless
after instant discount with a new Verizon Wireless account
Price without new account: $539.99"

Hmm was hoping the pic would come up with copy and paste, oh well. I am sure all of you will go over there to check it out. It also says shipping via FedEx is free. "phone price today"