Buy Speedometer for BlackBerry by Value Apps and you could win a BlackBerry Bold 9900!

By Michelle Haag on 26 Oct 2011 07:16 pm EDT
Speedometer by Value Apps
Sometimes simple apps that perform a single task can be just what you're looking for. Speedometer for BlackBerry by Value Apps will tell you how fast you are traveling whether by automobile, train, boat or bike - any way that you get from point A to point B. Depending on what you prefer, you can view your speed in miles per hour (MPH) or kilometers per hour (Kmph), and you can set the app to keep your backlight on for continuous monitoring.

You can pick up Speedometer in BlackBerry App World for $3.99 for any BlackBerry smartphone with GPS. On top of this, Value Apps has an awesome contest underway right now for those of you that purchase the Speedometer app. All you have to do to enter is buy the app, leave a comment in App World about Speedometer for BlackBerry, and email Value Apps to let them know you left your comment. The contest runs until the end of November, but I wouldn't wait to enter… especially since the prize is a brand new, unlocked, BlackBerry Bold 9900! You can find out more details at the link below, or at their website.
*Please note, CrackBerry is not affiliated with the contest, we are just helping spread the word. Leaving a comment below is great, but will not enter you in the contest.*
More information/screenshots and purchase Speedometer
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Reader comments

Buy Speedometer for BlackBerry by Value Apps and you could win a BlackBerry Bold 9900!


My car has a speedometer...
My Bike has a speedometer...
I don't own a Train or Boat.......
But i want to enter the contest...

As nice looking as it is, I feel the price is a bit much. Especially as posted above you can get this info from blackberry maps or traffic has this included.

As much as I really want the BB Bold for free (since at&t is screwing us again) I really don't want to pay $3.99 for something that I'm not going to use. I have a speedometer in my car. And I doubt I'll be able to use it on a plane.

But I really want that BB Bold...I have to think about it....

WOW..Nice Nice Nice !!
Love the UI very much..:D
I Need Apps like this,
For replacing Compass Apps Blocked by my carrier..>,<

I have a GPS in my car as well as a hand held GPS. Both will tell me how fast I am going. I think that I would rather save my BB Battery for what my BB does best, keep me connected.