Buy One Get One for the BlackBerry Storm2 At Release?!

BOGO Storm2 Flyer
By Adam Zeis on 12 Oct 2009 01:26 pm EDT

Mauricio over at BlackBerry Rocks posted a great photo of a Verizon flyer today for a buy one get one free offer. The flyer pictures a Tour, Curve, Pearl Flip and everyone's new best friend the Storm2. No real details are included on this, but we can only assume that it may very well be a Storm2 launch promo. Its not unlike Verizon to offer a deal like this with the launch of a new device. Again we see the one-word branding of Storm2 (not Storm 2 or Storm 9550) that has been popping up recently as well. Obviously the launch is getting closer and closer, so more images and promo material will certainly keep flowing in. Offering BOGO for the Storm2 at launch is a pretty big deal - odds are looking good that VZW is going to be selling a ton of these. 

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Buy One Get One for the BlackBerry Storm2 At Release?!


Damn...Blackberryrocks is being mentioned alot lately. CONGRATS to that! I dont know if its part OCD but many times an hour here at work i am jumping from crackberry to blackberryrocks over and over.

I've never used Verizon. On the Buy one get one, do you have to activate both phones? or can you use it to switch back and forth?

Yes, you have to activate both of them.

If you have a family share plan, both the lines must be eligible for upgrade, OR you can upgrade one line and ADD another line to get the free one. But of course you have to sign a new 2-year agreement with the new line.

I still think the Buy One Get One special for cell phone is so silly and pointless. Sounds good but not in reality. You can get a netbook or mifi device, too but only you sign up contracts for that. The guy at Verizon laughed at me like I am a crazy "do you think we can give you a free $600 netbook." I don't know what kind of configuration a "$600" netbook has but after that, he didn't mention a thing about this special - if I was interested in signing up for those additional service. I am sure this has been talked by many before but I was p*ssed - not being able to get this special. More to do with this guy' attitude!

this is another great way to piss off more storm 1 owners like myself that bought the storm 1 the day it came out.

what the heck are we supposed to do?? Buy the phone at retail price?! It'll probably be like $500 at launch. =/

In canada rogers did offer a discount to 3g users wanting to upgrade to 3gs which was to purchase the phone for $199 (the 3 year Contract price), but they only had to add one year to their current plan. In my opinion rim should do something similar to current storm users. With this scenario rim would get the units sold, the phone company would get another year out of your contract, and we would get a new phone. I think it's a win win situation for everybody.

after 11 months you can upgrade at promotional cost, you just wont get the new every two, so if the phone is 250, thats what you would pay. thats what they told me last year when i got my storm

It'd probably be cheaper for us to cancel our contracts and open new accounts than to pay full retail. I think my VZW rep will see my point.

This is usually the way to go actually if they don't budge (unless you really, really need to keep your number).

So what does verizon plan to do to help out those of us who got stuck with the 1st rushed out storm.. They givin some kinda special discount? One can only pray to baby jesus that they don leave us up @*#t creek..

BITCH BITCH BITCH..... MOMMY THE WORLD DOESN'T CARE ABOUT MY POOR SELF PITY.... Grow up already... if you have updated the phone at least twice, the storm is nothing like it was at release... so stop using it wrongly or stop crying and learn it is most likely your own fault...

LOL...You didn't get stuck with the 1st storm. You made the choice to be one of he first ones to get the phone and then you had 30 days to decide if you wanted to keep it. That's not on Verizon. If they are going to do something for people who purchased a previously released phone every time a new one comes out there would be no point of upgrade dates. You're grown right? You make your own decisions. Verizon is not your parents. And if you have done the software upgrades and are still having the same issues, it is probably user error at this point. Maybe you should wait a little while after the storm2 is launched this time before running out to get something that you may not be fully capable of operating and then talking the same thing about what is Verizon going to do when the next phone comes out.

I'm wondering if you bought the storm 2 outright (IE: paid retail for it) if they would let you have another phone for free. Seems as though they would. MIght just have to wait and see.

they wont. the only reason for the bogo is to get people to renew their contracts. both lines must be eligible for upgrade pricing.

Of course they did. They'll make at least $30/month on the data package you have to buy. That's $720 a year they'll make just off the data plans. Or 1440 for those of you signing new 2yr contracts. Smart business move...very smart...and not surprising at all.

BOGO has been running since July. Maybe its intentional or the Storm2 launch falls within the BOGO promo.

Yes the did have some pre-ordering with the Tour, but they didnt ship till the release date so the people who went to the store actually got theirs a couple of days earlier.
This doesn't guarantee they will do the same thing with the Storm2 though.

I just got off the phone with Verizon and the phone rep told me that they expect the Storm2 to be release at the end of the month. However she said it is unlikely that it will be included in the blackberry Buy one, get one sale. It is also unlikely that she has checked Crackberry today either so she could very well be wrong. The finally piece cent in my two cents is that I could have easily Photoshopped a render of a Storm2 into a promo flier and my skills are mediocre at best. So it really comes down too the reliability of the source of the photo.


Yeah I could have photoshopped it as well, but on the posters I have seen, the Tour was featured and storm 1 was in the background. I think it is legit.

Looks Like a fake poster to me, ast they had the exact poster for the current promo, accept the tour and storm were in opposite spots, but everything else is in the same spot

I think your right but do you havre a link to the current poster? also the "tm" is missing from where it says storm2 next to the phone. Further more when I opened the picture in photoshop the area around the 2 is straight up white suggesting it has had the eraser tool used under it.

if you blow it up and look at the buttons on the face of the phone it looks like some erased the lines between them. i hope im wrong but....

as a graphic designer I can tell you that alot of art work is reused in promotions due to time and money saving tactics, so it could be the same art as the current BOGO promotion. Anyways, I dont see how people are making judgments on this picture with such a low res photo. This is either real or a real good fake. People are talking about it being shopped because of the buttons show proof of tampering, personally, I dont see it. I guess Im kind of optimistic because I'm up for an upgrade (as is my gf) in November and I want to get a storm2...but I guess we'll see.

open the photo in photoshop look at the number 2 next to the storm itself (to the left) the value for all the pixels around it are 000 if this is a photo of a poster they should have at least slight variation rather than being pure white. The eraser tool defaults to pure white. Finally there is no TM after the name look at any of Verizon's materials they never leave it off. Also its easier to tell in low res because you can see the value of a single pixel. I think it will be released on or near the 21st but not as a BOGO. You are right that a lot of material are reused its just makes it easy to fake. The original was made in photoshop no doubt, but that just makes it easier to make a few simple changes. Frankly I could have done better.

I see what you say about the white around the 2. I am a designer (and photographer) myself and I know that the default is white for the eraser (actually its whatever the secondary color selected is)...anyways, the white pixels around the 2 (and sometimes smaller objects such as the tm on the smaller 2 getting lost) can be caused by the compression and file format of the image. When youre compressing an image into a jpeg (which is the file format of the above image) depending on the quality of the compression you choose you can lose small details and the computer will actually alter colors to compress the image even more. And when you add to the mix that it is a photo of a poster you have to throw in that cameras do the same things based on settings and lighting the facts get even more skewed. I'm not saying it was or wasnt photoshop, I'm just saying using the eye dropper tool isnt a tell all way of saying the image is faked and there are things that can cause lose of detail due to compression and file format settings for exporting. If the person took the time to mesh the big storm2 well I dont see why theyd skimp on the smaller details.

sorry for the grammar issues...ive been up for 25 hours and I tried shoving 1 million ideas into that paragraph.

Seems like if it was a photo of the flier it would be unlikely that al the pixel values in that area would be 0 or plain white. Looks good except the TM missing. This is one case where I would love to be wrong as I miraculously have two lines that are eligible for an upgrade. I definitely think we wont have to wait too long to find out.

Again....another way to say "screw you indirect dealers", there's no way in this world we would be able to match these bogo offers when these phones cost about $477-$500+ a pop.

Morons sign 2 year contracts. Actually let me rephrase that...anyone with the slightest technical savvyness or anyone that visits Crackberry, BGR, etc are morons for signing 2 year contracts...there's all the hype about this new device coming out and that new device coming out everyday here on CB, so why sign a 2 year contract?? To save the $70 and $35 activation fee??

After leaving VZW as a PT Retail Sales Rep (circa 2001-2006) I swore to never sign a 2 year contract again as I know what you all go through when a new device is launched.

My parents on the other hand who are in their late 50's don't care about the new devices and therefore they sign 2 year contracts in a heartbeat on a cell phone...

Peace all!!

You are saving more than $70 let me tell you. There is no upgrade fee for existing customers but smartphones, pda's and blackberries full retail prices average about $450+ per phone.

So if you pay $500 for a phone and then pay $29.99 data plan per month, why not just safe some cash by signing a contract if that person plans to stay long term with that carrier?

why do storm 1 (some) storm 1 owners feel they are owed something or rather a storm2 at discount price?? you bought the phone willingly. nobody MADE you buy it! i bought my storm the day it came out. around 2PM, i caught the 2nd shipment as it was being off loaded :) lucky me:D so if you own a storm and feel like it was crap, boohoo, cry everybody a river. you should have kept it longer and youd be a satisfied owner just as i am...with .230. the only thing youre missing is the wi-fi. so stfu and quit complaining.nobody owes you crap and nobody cares to hear it.

Perhaps I can send a PIN message over to the "anointed one" and he can help someone else share the

Sorry to burst anyones bubble, but that pic is photoshopped. There is not yet an official word from Verizon regarding the phones launch. There is a flyer like that in stores for the current blackberry storm, the tour, curve and pearl flip :(

Of course it's photoshopped! That is the very nature of advertisements like this. The question is - is it actually from Verizon. We won't know if this is a fake until we see something official from Verizon.

I guess you haven't seen all the overwhelming evidence of an end of month launch. I can get you up to date if you would like. There are at least 10 items pointing to OCt 21- 25 release including Verizons own internal blog showing release date as Oct 21 2009. Also a lot of accessories are popping up in best buy locations, and employees at Verizon and Best buy are starting to go through training. Just accept the truth it is coming out soon and it will be on bogo.

thank tired of all these people just trying to not believe the truth..EVERYTHING is pointing towards the late oct. release. Even if the poster is a photoshopped image (pretty damn good if it is) everything else is still pointing towards the release.

If you had you see that I never said it wasn't coming soon, in fact quite the opposite I was told today that it would be here before the end of the month by a Verizon telephone rep and if they know believe me it aint far off. However it wont be eligible for the BOGO, which sucks because I would get one free and the first one for a hundred bucks off. Oh well here to being eligible for my NE2 the month it comes out.

Yes, the training video is going on. Yes, the simulator is available. Today is the 12th. The techs have not gone to any training like we did last year yet. A release date of the 21st while possible, is not likely.

We will see more on Friday. That is the day most stores get their shipments. Of course, if it's dropped at the last minute, Fedex could air drop all over the US the 20-30 units each store may get.

Everyone has an opinion of when it will happen. That is all they are, opinions. Opinions are like a**holes; everyone has one, and they all stink.

It will come, and we will rejoice when it hits. It's Monday night, and football happens soon. Let's chill for now, and check back tomorrow.

Man i bet the retail will be $500 sucks =/ i dont have an upgrade yet, if i could pay less then $500 then i willing to get it... yea just wait and see what happen.. Monday Night Football and Monday Night Raw "WWE" hahaha it's on tonight =)

I like my storm 1 so much I paid full retail for it. HOWEVER, I will be getting this puppy also (storm2) as soon as it comes out.

On another semi-related note:
I know everyone is hell bent on getting the 2 yr contract & getting it for $199. I personally don't see the point. You're locking yourself in for ~$100/month for 2 yrs. Basically cotnracting to pay $2400 a month in the next 2 yrs then you will all be crying next year when the storm3 or whatever comes out because you can't upgrade. Better to pay the $500 now & not contract to pay $2400, & not be able to walk away or get a ne phone whenever you want.

You know I get tired of this "full retail or NE2/2 year pricing" panic that keeps getting people. There ARE options:

If you're calling plan is high enough almost anyone can do an annual upgrade (1 year pricing) at 12 months. You just don't get your NE2 and since that will reset you get the lower one ($50 instead of $100) when you finally DO get it. But that may be worth it to some. I have a NE2 available Nov 24 and as a VIP customer I can usually get them to do that up to a month early but I'm guessing an early Nov release date. There were delays last year and I'm betting there will be some this year as well, just not as bad.

Hey guys, i`m just wondering, are either of the storms going to be heading up north to Rogers, Fido or Bell or Telus when they make their big switch to gsm.

Today at work, a co-worker and I were talking about the Storm2 coming out because I mentioned I am dying for the release date to be announced.

She then told me that on her way to work this morning, while she was in the Hollywood area, she saw a billboard that showed and said Storm2 on it!!!

I asked her a million times if she was sure it was the Storm2 being advertised and she was. I am still keeping my eye on a Verizon billboard on MY way to work (it advertised the first Storm so hoping it will show #2).

There was no release date on the billboard but if billboards are going up we are extremely close! I can't wait...Verizon and RIM just need to at least tell us all when it is releasing!

this would be awesome! i'm wasn't sure if i wanted to get the storm2 or not...but if this is true, i think i'll probably get one for me and my girlfriend.

I have the 9530 and am completely elated with it. I have updated my desktop software as well as the Storms. I know wi-fi is new for the Storm 2, but to be honest with you, I live in a rural area that has poor signal strength with T Mobile, AT&T. I have yet to experience any problems with Verizon and the Storm. It flies with the HDSPA and 3G that verizon supplies. I really am not sure that purchasing a Storm 2 would be proactive as far as leaps and bounds. Please do not get me wrong, but when I was with AT&T, I had 1st gen I Phone and shelled out additional cash for 2nd generation. The service was pathetic at best. That is the reason I switched to Verizon. Just my thoughts and please, I most certainly am not bashing the Storm 2, its just is it really prudent to purchase?

Heres a novel Idea verizon are you interested in keeping your loyal customers? How about this Promo Purchased a Storm 1 first edition get a free Storm2 Free as a thank you from VERIZON and RIM for sticking it out with the less than perfection of an early release of storm1.

Most of us including myself whom got the first storm feel they were stuck so to speak.. Due to the fact that like anyone in their right mind whopays good money for somethin it should work.. True no one made any iof us use it.. Made any of us keep it.. But u hold out waiting for these os updates and such thinkin ok it'll get better .. Then ur 30 days are up and u get screwed only to find out that the company is puttin out a newer version that does what it should've in the first place.. No ones cryin any rivers u shit for brains some of as consumers simply feel jipped..