Buy ColorWare Parts for your 8310, 8320 and Bold

ColorWare Parts
By Kevin Michaluk on 16 Mar 2009 10:09 am EDT

Want to give your BlackBerry that custom ColorWare treatment but just can't bring yourself to part with your device to send it in to get painted? For BlackBerry Bold, Curve 8310 and Curve 8320 users, ColorWare has a new solution for you.

Due to popular demand, you can now buy just the parts for your device and do the installation yourself (allowing you to also keep your originals as backup). I'm sure we'll see ColorWare roll this option out for more devices in the future too. They include the tools you need to get the job done and have to put together some easy to follow instructions so you get it done right. Follow the links below for more info.

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Buy ColorWare Parts for your 8310, 8320 and Bold


ColorWare never ceases to amaze me!

Am I correct in assuming the 8310/8320 parts will be a perfect fit for my vzw 8330?

No Brain7070, you would be incorrect in assuming the 8310/8320 parts would fit your 8330.

I am disappointed to see that the 8330 parts are not advertised yet as both Sprint and Verizon currently use the 8330.

Anyone know when ColorWare is going to do this? At least I can go browse the prices and see how much they charge to send us a piece of painted plastic.

Law2138, Keep reading their website and you will see that you can send in your 8330 VZW for $129 to have it colored.
I really dont like the send in only since it takes 2 weeks AFTER they receive your phone to ship it back. Plus $30 more bucks. I may just wait for the parts to be available to ship

If the price is right, Beckymae might have some competition.

**Update: Scratch that. The price is not right. $106 lands you a painted housing, special screwdrivers, pry tools and instructions.

Considering that OEM housings are around $40 - $50, and those tools are usually easy to come by, this isnt the deal I was looking for. I can't justify a $50 paint job for my bb right now.

I've totally given up on BeckyMae. Too many people waiting for what feels like eternity while some people who've already been serviced seem to be able to jump ahead of the line and get 2-3 more paint jobs while you're still trying to contact her for ONE!

I realized that this may have taken off faster than she expected; but when the only way to contact you is through email and it takes weeks for said email to be answered, then you either need help or stop taking so many orders.

I can't wait until they offer this for the storm. I have an all black Seidio Case but would like to be able to do the top.

Now if only I can get the NHL Parts then I would switch to a clear Seidio Case.

I'm NOT impressed at all!!!!!

ColorWare has left the Curve 8330 out in the cold in regards to Rapid Return (R2) AND buying the parts without sending it in. Hell, even the Bold being a newer device than the 8330 gets a lot of love.

What's so different about the 8330 that ColorWare treats it like a rabid animal?

I agree with ScandaLex. Colorware has consistantly left VZW and Sprint owners out in the cold by not offering the same serives as they do for TMob and ATT. I no longer recommend Colorware and wont use them for anything since i have been hounding them for R2 service on the VZW and Sprint. Its not like they are talking quantum physics here. Its coloring plastic. No different coloring the 8330 than it is the 83xx from ATT and TMob. Just a different housing. Just sheer laziness in their business model and leaving out a very large segment of the customer base. Not to mention they charge way too much for their work. So Im without a phone for a week or 2, then im paying 100 bucks to color a phone I paid 50 for... Forget it. Id rather have Becky Mae do mine. The only redeaming qualitty of Colorware is the corporate branding. I would love a bright red phone with a Ferrari logo on the back, or an orange and black phone with the Harley Davidson eagle on it. But Im not paying their price for it.

That being said. I hear they do quality work.

i really like this, but for 150$ i think thats a little high, plus you have to order a new back at 100?, i actually like my leather one to be honest and would like to keep it, if i could just order the bezel that would be the best...but they wont sell the bezel by itself like that.

They don't do this for the storm (yet?), but I've seen the way it could look if I sent it in...and it would look hawt!

... but I'd be without my berry for a while... and the prices do seem high...tho they do look really nice lol.

If they priced their services lower, I would SO buy 2 in a heartbeat...
but as it stands... seems kinda hard to justify paying that much for some plastic that you're gonna end up dinging or scratching (eventually).

Whos Becky Mae btw? She paints covers too?

Looked for all white (chassis, siderails) and the only places I cound were colorwarepc and beckymae. One would cost me $106 + shipping, and the other would be a wait of who knows how long (Not a knock on beckymae, just a nod to my own impatience.) Ordered from eBay, may try to airbrush the siderails and chassis edges.

I'm so glad that they can do just the parts now. It's hard to go without the berry lol. I'm referring all my BB buddies to this site. I was wondering if they do designs as well as color.

Great, so I suppose NOW after asking them a few weeks ago about just painting the bezel on my Storm, and after I tore a ribbon cable doing it myself, they are going to come out with this option. Figures...

That is so good to hear! Can't wait til they do the same for the Curve 8330 and future models since I plan on snatching up the niagara when it's released.

These colors are fabulous!! I see about 3 diffent colors I owuld love to have and it will take care of the little dings on my original cover :). I have to do this. Thanks for the info Crackberry

Guys saying we can send the 8330 in. The point we are making is that while we can send in a variety of phones, including the 8330, we can not order painted parts for the 8330 like you can for the 8310/20 and the Bold. Why is that? No love? We also have to wait 2 weeks AFTER they receive the phone to get it back. VS the 8310/20 which had R2 Rapid Return in 1-2 business days AND the ability to order just parts. 1-2 days I can do. I can take a vacation or something but 2 weeks? And no parts, just full send ins? And 100+ bucks? Just not worth the hassle or the money I think.

The reason for CW not to show love to the sprint/verizon bb is that they have access to parts for the tmo/att phones. Being that they dont have access to the others they can offer Rapid Return and housings quickly and paint them in advance to the phone showing up or just paint them and send it out quickly. HAHA I love VZ but I would love to have my phone colored.... the BOLD and CW is making me think about switching from my 8330 and my love for VZ.

This product is expensive... looks great, but not for those who are tight on money.. To have the 8900 painted.. starts off at $129.00 and thats if you send it in to them..

blackberry's arent thattt fugly.

This product is expensive... looks great, but not for those who are tight on money.. To have the 8900 painted.. starts off at $129.00 and thats if you send it in to them..

blackberry's arent thattt fugly.

they really need to do this for the storm. i would really like to buy the parts and do it myself instead of sending it in

they really need to do this for the storm. i would really like to buy the parts and do it myself instead of sending it in

They have had my storm for about 2 wks.. Have been told that it should be back in my hands by Friday... Can't wait to get it back...