Buy a BlackBerry 10 smartphone and get a $60 VISA Prepaid Card

By Bla1ze on 19 Jul 2013 03:09 pm EDT

A few days ago I had posted in the forums about a new BlackBerry and VISA promo I had heard was incoming. As it turns out, the info was pretty solid and BlackBerry has now begun sending out emails to customers letting them know about the special offer.

It's a pretty straightforward deal, pickup a BlackBerry 10 smartphone, fill out a form, after that you'll get a $60 prepaid VISA card to spend however you do so choose. Not bad in my opinion. If you're looking for the full details and the redemption site, you can hit the link below to check out the full terms and conditions and such.

Keep in mind, it's only available in the US at this point in time and you must have an offer code, meaning you would have had to sign up to receive emails from BlackBerry at some point. Like when downloading an OS or BlackBerry Desktop Manager - stuff like that.

View the BlackBerry VISA promo site for more details

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Buy a BlackBerry 10 smartphone and get a $60 VISA Prepaid Card


Yes, yes it would. Maybe we'll get lucky and Sprint will launch in time for us to get in on this deal. The $60 would be useful for accessories.

Sucks being in latam why we can't get in on d offers no wonder users here go for s4 and iPhone BlackBerry is not doing enough in this region to promote the BlackBerry 10!!!

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What kind of deals or special offers or rebates does Samsung or apple give out where you are? You are in south America right?

BlackBerry for life. Kick'n it with my Z10.

Are you that serious ? Samsung and apple don't give credit to customers
Maybe you should start reading the news

Google gives out 25dollar google play credit for every htc one and s4 purchased in us and canada along with most major markets

Maybe bbry should start proving they giving value for a midrange device that's selling for high end price

I once suggested in the forums that BlackBerry cover the activation fee to help sway undecided buyers. There was actually a lot of opposition. One person pointed out the tech media would have a field day with that, stating that BlackBerry is desperate. I don't see how this is much different.

The opportunity cost of *not* being an early adopter is that you have to wait. If $60 out weighs that, then you definitely shouldn't be into technology...

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I didnt have the money before and i plan to upgrade from my beloved curve 9300 and being on tmobile ill upfront be paying $100 subtract this $60 cashback im buying a pretty New Z10 for $40!!! I think that outweighs waiting.

"Good things come to those who wait!"

I'd love to jump on this offer! They should give an extension for sprint customers since they can't get BB10 until "Late summer"

Yet another reason why you shouldn't be one of the first ones to buy a new blackberry.

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Early adopters always get shafted.

BlackBerry really likes poking at their loyal fan base... hear the bells blackberry, it may toll for thee...

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This is an excellent deal when you add on the recent price cut. Pre-paid VISA is as good as cash.

Love this a million! That's what I like to see from BlackBerry! Way to go! Deals with AMEX and Discover will complete the trifecta!

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From the terms and conditions :(

To participate in the Offer, you must be in possession of a unique Code sent from the Sponsor (“Code Holder”). If the Code Holder purchases and activates a new BlackBerry® Q10 or Z10 smartphone from an authorized, participating BlackBerry retailer or carrier in the US during the Offer Period (“Qualifying Smartphone”), the Card Holder will be eligible to redeem the Code for a USD$60 Prepaid Visa card (“Card”). In order to submit a redemption claim (“Redemption Claim”), the Code Holder must visit (“Offer Site”) during the Offer Period, and follow the instructions to complete and submit the redemption form (“Redemption Form”).

awesome promo! I'm not sure if I over looked it in the terms, but does anyone catch if there is a limit to how many Visa cards you can get?

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There's a caveat most posters are missing! To claim your Visa card, you need an "offer code" from the "sponsor" - RIM. RIM supposedly will be emailing out these codes to existing BB users. You are eligible to claim a Visa card ONLY if you have received an email with an offer code. Otherwise nada!

This really isn't anything new.
I've received mail in rebates and Visa gift cards before with previous BlackBerry purchases throughout the years.
Only difference was it's usually 50 bucks back.
Even got a 50 rebate when I purchased my last two phones the 9360 and the 9900.
Wasn't offered when I purchased the Q.

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"On July 15 Sponsor will be sending out email communications containing, unique Offer codes (“Code”) to a select group of previous BlackBerry customers."

So it is sent to "previous" meaning either no longer or existing customers. I wanna know how many of the "previous BlackBerry customers". If it is a small number, then this promo is not going to be loud.

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Should of bought it from Verizon I went and bought the Z10 and out of nowhere they told me to fill out this rebate form so I could get a $50 rebate. Didn't see this advertised anywhere. They even put it in a envelope for me to send off.

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I'm sure somebody answered this already but what if you bought your BB10 device through a carrier on contract? I'm assuming this is only through

Doesn't matter where you buy it. If you buy it during the stipulated period AND get a unique code via email, then you can go the BlackBerry website and complete the claim form.

Damn... Too bad I'm a loyal BlackBerry user and bout the phone as soon as it came out in the US. :...(

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Cool...So I just upgraded yesterday to z10 from Amazon for 1 cent. Does this mean I get paid $59.99 to upgrade?

Too little, too late. Since they bombed the launch, this is what they should have did when they launched the z10 in the USA. Another sign of how desperate things are becoming...

Seems like Blackberry is trying to get some more traction. Scary that the need to do this already, I figured sales would be better.

Way to go USA, enjoy!

I bought my Z10 in February(Canada). It's an awesome improvement from the 9800 I had.

U-S-A, U-S-A , U-S-A!!!

Usually promotions like these are to help spur sales.

I'll be getting my Q10 review unit from Verizon Tuesday so I'm pretty excited to test it out.

Was not too thrilled with the Z10 though. Never really figured out a specific reason, just did not meet my expectations.

I read the Terms and Conditions of the offer but nothing specifically stated if buying for Verizon through Amazon would be a 'code sponsor'. Q10 is 99 bucks on Amazon, with tax and VZW upgrade fee its 184 - 60 in the form of a card, that's a sweet deal! Anyone know if that would work?

Who is getting these emails? I am signed up for emails from BB but didn't get this. If I can get the Z10 for $99 from AT&T and then get $60 back, I'll go for it. Is it just certain carriers? C'mon CB, this is just a tease - give us all the details please!

I purchased my z10 from day one. I'm happy that I did for me it was worth having the best phone from day one, February 5, than wait until now for promotion,
Time is money and money is time lol

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"Sponsor reserves the right to amend or terminate this Offer at any time without notice. "

Oh, it sure sounds like BB10 for the Playbook!

It's only available in the States because our market here drives the overall market share. Being the share is still low in the US, it makes sense they would focus their attention here.

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If you're on AT&T and trading in a smartphone, it's only 99.99 for the Q10. This effectively makes it 39.99 for the Q10. That's a GREAT deal!

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A similar idea is for a US$100 cash rebate for using BB10 device's NFC to pay with your Visa App at your local store that supports this payment option.

This alone would entice some Andr*id and iPh*ne users to switch to BB10 device for its NFC payments!
ie: A Win-Win situation for everyone!

I'm signed up for e mails but how do I find the offer code? Want to take my mom to get a z10 belp?

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Don't buy new's z10 bbm suddenly cannot change display picture...can't copy paste like my old 9800 (miss my 9800)... hoping to have bunch of some experiences on B10, but it's disappointing... it just gestures experiences....the camera has a lot of noise....hard on focusing...the thing that's only good is having screen shot with pressing two button of volume instantly...that is what a hell of improvements...!!!

I'm very disappointed.... !!

I feel betrayed.

I'm changing to android for sure...!! or lumia...or iPhone, definitely....

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God knows what were the designers of this and the Q10 phone thinking when they designed for the screen size. This should have had atleast 3.5 inch screen and the Q10 a nice sleek 4 inch display. These days displays below 3.5 don't work in minds of the consumer so all the more reason these phones Q5 and Q10 being decent are not going to fly off the shelves and sell well. Also dumb fellows what would have been the incremental cost of upgrading this stupid 5 MP camera to an 8 MP camera. I guess not more than $15 to MAX $20 when ordered in bulk. Then why the hell compromise on it and give it to be one negative feedback. You tried to keep this as an affordable BB10 phone so you already cut corners in the built and the keyboard then why be so cheap on the camera just for a few bucks? Totally fail to understand BB management. Also despite not being the market leader and not even having anywhere close to a double digit market share OS and phone you are charging a premium and pissing off your loyal fans and potential new customers. DO they know that now the Z10 is available for like $400 on amazon and ebay? People from Crackberry please talk to the management of BB and get some answers :(

I'm wondering the same thing: Has anyone received the email? I just bought mine today, definitely wouldn't mind the extra cash.

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What about all the customers who already bought a phone months ago?

Plus I am Canadian

Bad bad blackberry have you no wool

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I emailed the administrator and they sent me a code. I received an email stating that my code had been verified and my $60 card would arrive within two weeks.