CrackBerry Asks: Did you buy Angry Birds for the BlackBerry PlayBook?

By Adam Zeis on 26 Dec 2011 02:24 pm EST
 Angry Birds  

While it hasn't even been a week since hitting the BlackBerry PlayBook, Angry Birds HD, Angry Birds Seasons and Angry Birds Rio are all sitting on top of the Top Paid apps in BlackBerry App World. It's no surprise really, as everyone loves angry birds (well, pretty much everyone anyway). I grabbed Angry Birds HD for my PlayBook and spent a good amount of my weekend taking down those little green pigs. No matter how many times on how many platforms I play, I still love rocking it out not matter what version it may be. So we're just curious to know how many of you picked up Angry Birds (HD, Rio or Seasons) for your PlayBook. Pick up the option above that best fits you, then drop a comment letting us know why you did or didn't grab Angry Birds for the BlackBerry PlayBook.

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CrackBerry Asks: Did you buy Angry Birds for the BlackBerry PlayBook?


$5 is the same price iTunes has had Angry Birds HD listed for... and when you consider all the game play in each version that the $5 gets you, it's a justifiable cost for the game. If only the lite version came out people would be tearing it apart complaining how they only get the bare minimum compared to iOS. You got everything you wanted when asking for Angry Birds to come at all, and you got the full version of the HD game on top of it. There should be nothing to complain about here.

lol @ HD, last time i checked HD was 720p or better. anyone care to explain how that works on a 600p screen then?

For 5 dollars, I expect a quality of gameplay similar to that of Machinarium (which is actually 5 dollars in App World as well), an award winning PC puzzle game that is amazing on levels that can't be described. I'm sorry, but Angry Birds is simply not that good. It's nowhere near the level of quality that I expect from a title worthy of my money at this point. That's why I wouldn't even dream of buying the game on my Android phone either. Use ads if you like for income but there's no way that I can justify any amount of money for what is essentially your average Flash game on Newgrounds.

Maybe the Steam sales have spoiled me into thinking that 5 dollars can get you incredible AAA titles but either way, five dollars is too much for this game. It's too much for any app that has this little to offer. You may think that there's enough enjoyment there to justify the cost but considering that you'll probably only be playing the game when you are extremely bored in a place where you won't have access to your computer, TV, or console and that even if you're in range of Wi-FI you'll probably end up browsing the web or watching videos, the complaints about cost are much more understandable.

Mobile gaming isn't at a point yet where you'll sit down to play one of these games on purpose and it may never be. For a game that most people will barely ever play, 5 dollars is too much. Make an ad supported version if you want income but until then, I, and I'm sure many others, will not be interested.

Now, get me Plants vs. Zombies and then we're talking. Since Popcap is now a subsidiary of EA and EA seems to have a soft spot for the PlayBook, maybe we'll see it happen. I'll buy PvZ for 5 dollars in a heartbeat.

Have you yourself ever produced anything worthwhile and only asked $5 for it? People with your attitude make me laugh.

That is a terrible argument. This discussion is about consumers and price targets. Anything else a consumer may or may not have created relative to what is being discussed is wasted efforts on all parties. It is entirely irrelevant to the discussion at hand.

The simple fact is that, while it is not a terrible game and can have some enjoyment come out of it at some point, it's not a game that you're going to actively sit down and play and feel compelled to do so. It's not intended to be that. It's intended to be something you pick up while waiting at the doctor's, on a plane, or doing some other activity that gives you free time with nothing else to do. If we keep that in mind, it's a game that more likely than not, you'll not be playing for extended periods of time, unless your plane gets delayed by an entire day.

To that end, expecting five dollars for a game that will be enjoyed in bursts is relatively odd. I'm not saying it's a lot of money, because it's not, it's just that we need to judge the price point by other such means of enjoyment compared on the market. Hell, as PlayBook owners we should know better than anyone that pricing is all about what the market will stand. Currently, the mobile market doesn't care much for apps that are priced this high. On the PlayBook, we may be able to withstand the pricing because of the limited selection but when access to other platforms is available, you start to question whether or not the purchase is worthwhile.

An ad-supported model of the game would be much appreciated. Even a micro transaction model would work well, similar to something in, say, Wind-up Knight. Let me play a few levels, get me into it, then pay for more levels as you go. Currently, it's almost set up that way but at five dollars per map pack, it's too steep of a leap.

This is all about what the market will take. Apps aren't meant to be priced this high unless they are of the upmost quality. BlackBerry owners may have never played Angry Birds before but when all of their friends tell them that the game is free on their platform they'll start to wonder why we have to pay a total of 15 dollars for the thing. You can throw the HD excuse around all you like but that's not going to change the fact that you're paying 15 dollars extra for the same game with slightly better graphics.

If you've enjoyed your purchase, then good for you. I'm not trying to tell anyone they're wrong or insulting anyone's decisions. I'm just giving my opinion on this.

Personally, I HATE ads and will almost always pay to avoid them if possible. I read somewhere recently that the top money-making apps on IOS or Android (not sure which), are Free apps.

I realize that people will put up with a lot of stuff to get something free and am saddened by that knowledge.

$5 for Angry Birds matches what is on IOS for the iFad. It seems reasonable to be priced the same on the Playbook.
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Oh come on... that's just complete BS. Angry Birds is incredibly well produced. There's a ridiculous amount of levels, the graphics are great, it's challenging, and it's addicting and entertaining. If you don't think it's worthy of $5 then fine, but realize that most people if they try it will disagree with you. My bro and I have been passing the Playbook back and forth this whole holiday trying to get through the game and it is completely addictive. Great game if you want to play for short amounts of time, or a long time if you want as well it will keep you entertained. After buying it skeptically I am very impressed and will recommend it to anyone.

i wouldnt download plants vs zombies if they paid me to do so..angry birds is the best game by far and would gladly pay 20 if i had to..everyone is different

I Aggree simply because it is free on the different platform. You wanna bring people to buy RIM products not to push them away where their apps are free.

I'm the cheapest person I know (I wouldn't even put out $0.99 for anything on app world. But lately I've thought to myself that I spend money here and there (ex. Tim Hortons coffee, mcdonalds..etc) all the time..and it all adds up. A Coffee you can only enjoy that one moment, but $5 for an app that has a high replay value is totally worth it to me. It may have been a shock to some consumers of the price, but it's not like we don't spend that money anywhere else either. / end rant lol

THANK YOU! Finally someone has said it! Sometimes I can't believe the comments some people post in forums. They act like children (I'm in my 40's).

Count the amount of money we spend on snacks, fast food, the gas spent jst going to look at some sights or turning around going back and forth to the same place just to take one more look at something you want (not need) before you decide to purchase it.

I mean, really.

Angry Birds for the Blackberry Playbook has been purchased from me this holiday season as a personal Christmas gift for myself!!! LOL! Just like how Pacman was the staple of the videogame addiction in the eighties...Angry Birds is the staple for the Millenium! Thanks Crackberry, for informing us on this...and thanks to RIM for making it happen!!

Me too. And, there are many individual game sessions in it- probably over 1,000. It isn't one game! (This is just seasons version)!

$5 I thought was a little steep, but I didn't buy it for just the gamem. I'm hoping it helps purchase developer support for the platform. Plus, it's the same price for the iPad, so not really out of line in pricing IMO...

All I want to know is why is it free on some platforms like for the Kindle Fire. $5 is really a lot for me to shell out for a game. What about bundle pricing if you want all three?

CLTrujillo has his head on straight unlike most people.

It sickens me that people are complaining about $4.99 after complaining ALL YEAR that Angry Birds isn't available. What is $4.99 to someone who bought a $650 PlayBook? It's the same price on Apple's App Store.

Being Lazaridis or Balsillie sure is a tough job, because some people are quite literally impossible to please.

I complained for a few reasons. 1. I got my playbook for christmas so I didnt spend any money on it, and it was bought for me for only $200 anyway. 2. I didnt complain I didnt have Angry Birds all year. 3. Other platforms have Angry Birds for free or at least for less than $5, why can't we?

Congrats on your gift.

Secondly, no platform has the identical game that you get for $4.99 on PlayBook, for free. The free version on iOS has barely a sample of the amount of levels available in the full version. Much like every other app that has both a free and paid version.

I wait for a special offer to get ir for free (They have done it with iPad, so hopefully they do the same with Playbook).

Meanwhile I play Angry Birds for Android on my PB.

What is the difference between the 3 versions of Angry birds? I want to buy 1, but I am not sure if there is a particular reason why I should choose one over the other...

i want to know if seasons is better than rio...i notice its ver 2.0 while rio is 1.3.2. did they update seasons with xmas 2012 yet? (already have ABHD but kinda want one of the other two)

Bought all three and love them. Hours of fun already. Great value - it's beautiful on the Playbook.. Other platforms do NOT have Angry Birds HD for free. Please compare oranges to oranges. HD is also 4.99 in iTunes. Happy to see it is the top purchased game in Playbook App Store. Cannot believe the moaners about a $4.99 app. Thanks RIM and Rovio, please bring more. Merry Christmas!

At first, I scoffed at the $5 price tag, but then I remembered how much time my wife/kids/me have held my wife's iPhone playing that stupid game. So, I decided to purchase AB Seasons. Honestly, Battle Frogging is a much better game than Seasons, so far.

I'm waiting for another BIS outage so that RIM releases the Angry Birds apps for free as a thankyou gift ;-)

I bought Angry Birds Seasons mainly for my daughter to play. I have it on my Macbook and she loves it. She also loves playing games on my PB which is very easy for her to hold. $5 isn't a lot of money. I spend more than that during a normal work day on coffee, beer and other stupid stuff. This will definitely provide more playtime than that. Thanks Rovio.

if anyone here knew anything, charging money for android apps is pretty much pointless because people will put it on some other way. iOS COSTS THE EXACT SAME FOR THE IPAD so I don't understand how people complain about the price. I would've paid $20 for this since it is a very good game. $5 is a steal for the amount of time you spend playing it with all of the levels

Bought the original HD and Rio versions so far and they are great entertainment!!! I can't believe that people are so cheap and won't buy games or apps for their Playbook because $4.99 or more is too expensive! Is it any wonder that developers are not bringing more quality apps to the Playbook? Give us a break!

Its not that people are being cheap, its a matter of personal interest. If we support these prices, who's to say others will follow? Besides, why are we getting shafted on the PlayBook and the iOS and Androids are getting these free? Also, the apps are cheaper on the other platforms.

This game costs 5 buckeroos on Itunes also. Been discussed quite a few times right above you.
I think its worth it. Why not support a developer that could lead the way for other big developers.

Downloading Seasons now!. Not a big fan of AB as ive tried all versions on other devices but basically i'd rather support my favorite ecosystem and have another well know game to demo while showing off my playbook. Thats worth the asking price to me.

Why are we paying for it but the others OS's are getting it free? Why are we getting ripped off RIM? Had I known this when I first bought my PlayBook when it first debuted, I would have gone with the Transformer because it reads SD cards and it has USB hosting!

To the one's complaining about paying $5 for a frak'n app: You're a bunch of whiny little munchkins.

Seriously. It's JUST $5. What's that gonna hurt? Your income? Nah. I think you guys are a bunch of babies.

If I had a PlayBook, damn right I'd buy Angry Birds.

It's c-h-e-a-p & has l-o-t-s of levels. Idiots.

I bought Rio and my mother bought Seasons. My mom also has a mac but bought AB for the PB instead. I though the movie was cute so thats why I went with Rio.
I agree $5 is not that much for a HD game that provides so many levels. It looks beautiful on the PB screen. My mother who is 64, is addicted to AB.

Bought all 3 the day they were announced. Didn't really plan to play so they have been so overhyped on other platforms. $5 apiece is nothing. Any decent app should start at $5 to give developers incentive to develop. I bought these as my part to show developers there is a market for these apps and they should continue to develop them. Positive action is better than griping that the apps are not there, then complaining because they are not almost free. Good developers have a choice where to develop, and I for one am darn glad they are looking at the PlayBook. Looking forward to other such announcements.
PS: Turns out these games are quite fun, burning many more hours than I expected playing them, particularly Rio.

Ok, folks, stop complaining. If you don't buy Angry Birds HD, at least get Machinarium. Worth every penny!

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too expensive. $0.99 maybe. My wife and kids have it free on their Nook which was rooted and runs Android quite well. I did buy Machinarium which has been a total PITA.

I enjoy the game when I want to zone out and relax. I didn't mind the $5 because it will take me many years to get all of the way thru the games levels. I'm not very good at it, but I try. LOL

Love my Playbook & I have played angry birds on a friends iphone because he insisted that I try it because "it was such a great game." Yeah, never saw the draw in it at all to be honest but to each their own I guess, if others want to (in my eyes) waste $5 go ahead, I'll stick with SlingGolf & Doodle Blast because for me those games are fun & I can definitely keep replaying them. I mean the new levels of Doodle Blast are great (level 9 is rough, lol) & I'll definitely be buying the next 2 pages once I finish the 1st one but those are only 99 cents each a ton of fun for 99 cents...FANTASTIC.

I have to clarify- I bought Angry Birds to support the developer. I will buy apps from the developers that support my Blackberry products. i don't care if I use it or not!

And those whining about the price- why don't you develope some apps yourself? No instead whine and then whine again when developers won't make apps for us! Damn!!

Yes I purchased angry birds, If the PlayBook owners expect apps and want developers to develop apps then we need to support apps and games as well. Lets face it ....we need to show support to increase the amount of games and apps for the playbook should be a no brainer. $5 is not that much for the future of our device

So... i should buy every app and game. even if i dont want them and will never use them... just in hope that eventually i get one i want? sorry buddy, I'm not that rich.

I would love to buy Angry Birds but since RIM is unwilling or unable to fix the damn problems with buying apps from app world I can't buy Angry Birds or any other app for that matter.

I own a 64GB iPad as well as a 64GB PlayBook. I bought the iPad version of Angry Birds long ago. No need to buy it again on the PlayBook.

I paid for Angry Birds. I love the franchise and enjoy the arcadey feel of the game. Also, it helped to boost my overall outlook of the future of the Playbook. This seems to me to be a turnaround in the life of the Playbook. It now shows RIMs understanding of the lucrative side of rolling with the successes of others as opposed to consistently wanting to drag feet. I hope that this helps to bring other developers into the RIM fold and have them begin to offer those apps and web app functionality that we ALL have been yearning for since LAUNCH. Personally, i would like to be able to SKYPE and NETFLIX from my PLaYBOOk, just like the IPAD and other tablets are able to do. I purchased the PLAYBOOK as an avid supporter of the BLACKBERRY brand and view ALL products produced by them as SUPERIOR in Craftsmanship and PRODUCTIVITY, but hope that now RIM will begin to see--GIVING your SUPPORTERS what they WANT can and WILL result in a WIN!!!!! Now we just need others to follow suit and purchase APPS such as this to show the DEMAND for continued attention to QUALITY and removal of SUPPORTER OVERSIGHT... LETS WIN RIM!!!!!!!

--Ability is gifted. Execution is not.

Stop complaining about price dudes! As we know, prices of apps in AppWorld for playbook are overpriced. You know why? because there's still a little playbookers. Therefore, if you guys have bought a lot of apps , developers may think again and reduce these prices to acceptable level.

I own all the angry bird version..I got it all free :) anyone interest to get all angry bird for playbook free can pm me :) #justwannahelpourplaybookcrackberrtcomunity Peace!

Fuck no, I didnt! Its a little too late for Angry Birds. I had a Playbook since day 1, and now they release it?? What took so long? Is it really that hard to develop for the PB? I think NOT!!!!!!!!!!!! Fuck'em Kevin! The only reason I can see thag they didnt realese it, is because they were hating on RIM, lr getting pay not to port it to PBs. Thats real talk.

Most of these Angry Birds games are free on other platforms so why should I pay a hefty $5.00 on a platform which is dying anyways?

bought all 3. great game even if I played it on other platforms. always got questions if PB has AB. now every wants to play it because of the 7" screen size. phone too small, Ipad to big and no onecarries it around everywhere like I do.

good game

Sorry Rovio but I'm just not interested. The price is completely irrelevant, I'm upset you ignored this platform at the peak of your popularity. You should have shown the BB platform some love a long time ago. You spent way too much time polishing an apple for a robot master. I'll buy your product a year from now. Hopefully then you will still be relevant and not faded into oblivion as you were all too happy to stand by and watch BB fade from relevance without helping.


If infact Rovio reached out to BB and they were too ignorant to work with you, I'd but your product tomorrow to support you. I am beginning to realize that BB may have infact turned their back on the very people who could have help them avoid the giant mess they are in now.

I have just purchased it in the UK and it is actually the same in pounds as dollars i.e. £4.99 GBP

Do not mind paying that really if it helps developers progress the platform (I am a developer myself).
The AB graphics are good and I have probably brought into the AB branding more than anything else, if I am honest!!
Not sure how thay can call it HD though as should that not be 720 or true HD 1080 (I think that this has been mentioned previously)!!

Only got the playbook as it has come down to £169 GBP here in the UK and it is a good piece of kit - like many others have said though, seems half finished, so lets hope the Feb update does the job and delivers!!

$5 is a little disproportionate given that Madden '12 can be purchased for less, but since we need some "big name" developers to support the PB platform and the fact that my 4 year old loves this game, was enough to convince me.

1. The Android versions are free but ad-supported. I wonder if the CrackBerry complainers would bitch as much if the PlayBook versions were ad-supported?
2. If I were in charge at Rovio I would be put off by some of these comments.
3. Beggars can't be choosers. There is a high demand for Skype to leverage the PlayBook's front-facing camera. If it would be $4.99 at launch would there be as many complaints?
4. Angry Birds will probably drop to $2.99 or even $0.99 in a limited-time offer. Settle down.

I bought all three for both my and my son's playbook... Just to support the platform!

We have both gotten much more enjoyment out of them than we paid for them.

I bought all three AB games. I enjoy the games and I was certainly tired of playing them on my sis-in-law's iPad. Now I have them for my PlayBook and they look and play fabulous. I also hope my purchase will help encourage more developers to write for the PlayBook.

I appreciate RIM making the promise and delivering. However, in the end it is $5 each for a silly game. I have much greater needs than than Angry Birds, and the game is old already!

I agree with some of the points raised by mavricxx. I hope PlayBook 2.0 will have something like USB hosting. I understand the need to protect and secure the PlayBook from USB attacks, but connecting flash USB drives is a really nice to have. I also wish they had ONE PlayBook with SD Card support, rather than 3 flavours. That was a mistake to follow Apple. What's okay for Apple isn't necessary right.

For example, I definitely don't like the home screen panels that Apple or Android have... or what is being proposed for PlayBook 2.0. YUCK! This is not fresh and looks really dull. RIM should keep the named panels we have now as it adds some uniqueness that is also useful too! I much prefer what RIM has on BlackBerry 7, except I'd like to customize my own panels. ALL, Favorites, and Frequent work well, and having customizable panels would have been AWESOME! I like how Frequent sorts the most used apps at the top. That's soo neat! I'm often going there to find a well used app rather than digging through folders to find them. However, grouping them in folders in ALL is best for organization purposes.

I don't use MEDIA or DOWNLOADS, but I wish I could have renamed them or add other panels.

No I did not buy, I actually used DDPB to side load three of them into my PB and they all work well. I dont want to buy those things that I have finished in other platform such as Iphone and android things

I bought it for two reasons.

I want to support larger named companies who are expanding into the Playbook market. Now I own my own (not work) Playbook, I'm going to buy up some of the bigger named games.

It's a good game, and worth $5.

I'm already fed up with this game playing on iOS and Android platforms. So Rovio is late for Blackberry Playbook OS.

I don't buy Android apps, I look at what version the paid apps are that I want and install the apk files for them from the browser. Unfortunately I can't do this with my BlackBerry PlayBook -.- I'm just gonna have to give my mom cash so I can use her card to buy some games.