Use the buses in London? Check out Bus London for BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 30 Mar 2013 04:08 am EDT

Here's another BlackBerry 10 app for Londoners in the UK. Bus London will certainly come in handy if you use public transport on a regular basis. The app is brought to us by mxDATA who we featured recently with their selection of Tube/Metro/Underground map apps and this bus one looks to be just as good.

As well as just finding bus times and routes there is also Oyster integration which you London folk will know what I'm talking about. The app will allow you to check your Oyster balance at any given time ensuring you have enough funds for the journey ahead.

  • Search via postcode, street, route number or bus stop code.
  • Don’t know where you are? Bus London will find your location, tell you the bus stops nearby and when the next bus is due. Genius.
  • Oyster balances. Know how much money you have and when you need to top up.
  • Fare calculator. Work out the cost of a journey whether you are an Oyster Card user or not.
  • Route filters. Select only the route you need so clearer to see while on the move.
  • View London bus stops in a list or map form. Tap the stop you want to get LIVE departure information.
  •  Favorites enable you to store those stops and routes you use regularly.
  • Official LIVE data provided by Transport for London

Bus London is free to download so if you are rocking BlackBerry 10 in London go and grab it.

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Use the buses in London? Check out Bus London for BlackBerry 10


This will be a very useful app for all the Z10 wielding tourists that flock to London every year.

Posted via CB10

A very very useful app. got friends that left bb for the I phone because of this app. SO freaking Excited for this. I for one have been looking forward to this app especially after clubbing in central London and cant afford a cab to east London were I reside , after over spending in the club lol

Soo happy finally a good bus app... the rest were soo bad.. this is perfect.. that's cb for all your updates on everything blackberry.. the CB team you guys rock

Posted via CB10

Whats the potential to integrate NFC into all this? I think It would be quite cool if you could check your Oyster balance and then use your Oyster 'card' right from your phone.

Very important app - a lot of people I know (including my flatmate) won't buy a phone unless it has a similar app, eg Real Time London Bus Data (these apps tell you to the minute, when the next bus is due, so you don't hang around in the cold waiting for a bus, or even worse, just miss one....)
Alex from North London
PS I was never able to find a similar 'robust' app for my BB9900 - neither of the two apps on BBWorld seemed to work properly (though the iPhone & Android ones I have seen all work perfectly) - if anybody knows a solid Real Time London Bus app for the 9900, please PM me with the details

Cheers for this we plan to go back to blighty for a visit in June. Downloaded the tube app as well, magic!

Posted via CB10