Bunch of BlackBerry 10 games go on sale

Games sale
By Simon Sage on 24 Sep 2013 08:30 pm EDT

Nearly 20 games have gone on sale for BlackBerry 10 -  get 'em while they're hot! Some of the big ones include Super Hexagon, DynaStunts, Anomaly Korea, and Canabalt. The BlackBerry World banner is live in Europe, but price cuts (many of which are 50%) are globally applicable. 

This is a fine way to kick off Jam Asia. Last year I met the Autumn Dynasty guys, and I'm hoping to see some equally high-quality titles this go-around. So what you will about BB10's app situation, but I've been perfectly happy with the games out there. 

Here's a full list of the games that are currently on sale. What are you going to pick up?


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Bunch of BlackBerry 10 games go on sale


Game on! More games to play on my morning commute. I tried being productive.... it ain't happening in the extreme A.M., so gaming it is!

I tried to be productive on my 5 hour bus-ride home too... needless to say it didn't happen and I'm in a bucket of hot water now.

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huh, the "Smart App Shopper" App is showing Super Hexagon increased it's price from $0.99 to $2.99 29 days ago, and is now on "sale" :p Not sure if any other have done this, either way, thanks Simon!

I can now confirm "DynaStunts", "Raiden Legacy", and "Twist Pilot" have done the same thing!

Superhexagon was on sale at 99 cents back then. Sadly that app that shows price reductions isn't always on the mark.

Only a fool thinks they know me.

They are trying to trick users again... LoL... the old trick up ye price, give discounts..

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I have no more room. I Must delete some games to make room for more! I need a z10 with double the memory...

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I have the same problem. Memory was the only thing on my z30 wish list but I didn't get it. Still buy it though BlackBerry forever

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The real downfall to only 16gb internal.

"Ya,but we have expandable memory!!"

I can't put apps there. Damn 10gb to gameloft. Lol

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Oh well. The rest of us will appreciate them and buy em :)

BTW: You checked out the free fall apps ?

Your profile picture matches your comment! Lol. That kid looks really let down

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Download 'em off Google Play Store (there's a Google Chrome extension for this, but you'll need to know your Google Play Store ID which you can get by installing the BlueStacks Android emulator and installing an application called--can't remember). Sounds complicated, but it really isn't. There's a tutorial somewhere on CrackBerry for it.

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Simon is at BlackBerry Asia and he's posting about games??? And people said BlackBerry was dead.... pft...

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And there's that dark cloud! I was just wondering how a negative spin could possibly be put on this.

I do however find sales offensive. BlackBerry, that's the last straw.

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It's been confirmed that BlackBerry will be focusing on the enterprise and prosumer market. I don't think I am going out on a limb here by saying that the new target market is not one that the company believes wants gaming as a priority. You can show me all the stats you want about professionals spending "x" amount of time playing games or buying games. However, it remains that the difference between aiming for a consumer market and a "prosumer" market is likely less of a focus on these things such as games, movies, non productive media. With that being said don't expect Alec Saunders or others to be reaching out to game developers as much. Expect gaming to dry up on BB10 as focus shifts to the new target.

This brings us back to my initial point, that this will all end soon. With the new target market being not so much games, and not targeting or paying money for game devs do you think the platform will attract gamers? No. And so the cycle will come full circle - the chicken and egg of game devs and gamers. All over soon, like a bad dream.

My thoughts are that they will continue to reach out, however it is ultimately up to the developers if they want to support the platform or not. If the user base doesn't erode to the point where it is no longer economically viable for a developer, then I don't see why they would pull their support. I also think that the updated android runtime in OS 10.2 will make for much better performing android ports to the point where they will run almost as smooth as native. With that being the case, those developers open up their apps to a user base of millions with the minimal effort of porting the apps over, while not having to constantly hear about how laggy they are. While we would all prefer native apps, that would be the best alternative to not having an app.

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They won't "continue to reach out". BlackBerry is now aiming for enterprise and prosumers, not gamers or the developers of games. This would be against their recent press release statement of what (and who) the aim is. If you think gamers are prosumers and the enterprise market, please advise who is not the enterprise market and a prosumer. The user base for BB10 has never been "economically viable" for any major players (or very many minor ones really) so I am not sure where you are getting that it may erode to the point of not being viable. It is already at a non-viable point, the majority of devs that have items in BlackBerry world were just testing the waters and taking a gamble on the platform. It didn't pay off. The android run time hasn't enticed that many devs to port, don't see how that will change when Jelly Bean becomes official. People don't want to spend time on updates of a dead platform.

I personally like the platform, but to have faith that it is business as usual for BlackBerry after the recent numbers release is pure delusion.

Was going to wait for the Z30 before getting anymore games, but looks like I'll be getting a few more early.

LOL !!! And funny that these developers keep making apps for a "dead" and / or "Dying" platform (depending on which troll you listen to).

10Tons, Gameloft, EA, Marmalade, Hexage, Cool Powers, 11 Bit Studios, Astraware, Vector Unit, Dreamfab, Mokus, Zeptolab, Joybits, Uppercut, Subatomic Studios, Unity Games, Rubicon Mobile, Free Lunch Design, Allan Michael Smith, Compagne de medios, bitforge, Bad Seed, Philip Lorenz, Distractionware, Magmic, Bulkypix, DanLabG, 2D Boy... those are just the devs whose games I currently have installed on my Z10.

I think your shades are a little too dark.

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I've wasted a ton of time on Autumn Dynasty. I would buy more but then I would just waste time I don't have playing those ones too!

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I can vouch for DynaStunts. It's amazing.

And any "Cut the rope" is classic time spent in any wait room.

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Just had a new colleague join the company. He sees my Z and thinks it's some kind of android product as he's an Apple guy. I tell him that it's a BlackBerry Z10 and he says he had no idea that BlackBerry had that type of phone and that he tries to keep up on tech stuff. He knew all about BlackBerry going private but had never heard that BlackBerry had developed an entire new OS.

Nice going BlackBerry. You really, really, really picked up and it cost shareholders billions. What a bunch of puck ups. Yeesh. Pucking pathetic.

Exactly ! How do they still not know that advertising is the way to get the word out ? BlackBerry HAS A NEW OPERATING SYSTEM ! Hello ! ! !

Damn. Wish had more internal memory. Just maxed it. Now to delete some apps. :(

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Don't be crying. Deleting a game doesn't mean it's gone forever. Just reinstall from BlackBerry World when you get nostalgic

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I love BlackBerry 10 and I've also been happy with the app / game selection in BlackBerry World. I hope to get a Z30 also.

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Yippee, got 3 with my last bucks. Roll on payday. I hope the sale is still going then. I been watching super hexagon for the longest time.

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We have just release our new RPG-exclusive Z10/Z30 this Friday "Song of Swords", and we are #2 in Australia and New Zealand, #9 in Japan, #7 in Canada ! Long live the king of phones !