Bumper to Bumper Laughs Contest: Vote for your Favorite Bumper Sticker Slogan!

Vote for your Favorite Bumper Sticker!
By Kevin Michaluk on 3 Nov 2009 04:30 pm EST

You didn't forget about the Bumper to Bumper laughs contest did you? In honor of the release of the App for BlackBerry, our friends at partnered with CB to give away a Free Garmin Nuvi 1390T to the CrackBerry reader who could come up with the best bumper sticker slogan! From Where:

Here are the top 10 funniest submissions to the Bumper to Bumper Laughs contest. Now we ask that you help us pick a winner by voting for your favorite bumper sticker slogan. If the winning slogan was submitted by multiple contestants, the contestant who submitted it first in the original contest post will be awarded the prize.

Make your vote count! Voting ends this Thursday evening at midnight and we'll announce the winner on Friday. And if you haven't tried it yet, you can click here to download the App for BlackBerry from App World and give it a go.

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Reader comments Bumper to Bumper Laughs Contest: Vote for your Favorite Bumper Sticker Slogan!


Unless your a hemorrhoid, stay off my ass

The above statement is how it is on the poll. However, if you have made it through grade school you should know your is incorrect and should be replaced with you're.

HAHA...I've come to expect that from most posts on CB but in an official contest poll!!! Amazing how many people don't know the difference between you're and your!

Yeah sorry I didn't put "you're", didn't know this turned into! I just typed it fast at that moment, anyways thanks Crackberry for picking mine!!! =)

the poll/top 10 are embedded on the post. if you're visiting from bb, you may need to turn on js support or visit from computer.

How about:
"The more I know my wife, the more I love my dog"


"My wife said that if I go fishing one more time she's gonna leave me... god, I'm gonna miss her"


"Lost Dog: Poodle. Missing left eye, right hind leg deformed so he hops a bit, rash on neck, missing tail. He answers to the name LUCKY"

they should make one that says something like "Dont honk, I am texting" or "Dont honk, I only text when stopped"

When did it start that we find humor in being crude and it has to puts someone down and/or have to be about sex. I find no humor in any of these, maybe I am not redneck enough, or maybe have respect for others.

Wow... Those are horrible choices for the final 10. Half of those I've seen some a$$ wearing in a bar. And most of those aren't even funny

the one about fish having sex in water was stolen from "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade." It was a line ad-libbed by the late Denholm Elliot.

...but it contains one of my biggest pet peeves: the your/you're screw-up. My principles are contradicting each other now because on one hand, being AngryChineseDriver means that I agree totally with the statement, but on the other hand, proper grammar is key to success!

So I voted for the last one, because it's relevant to CB and also funny. Where can we get one of those?

Too bad Buddha isn't a god. Idiots. I hate when people are arrogant about religion, even with small stuff like this.

And everyone else hates when someone gets petty over something as silly as a bumper sticker clearly made for a laugh. It's a bumper sticker brother...easy hard-charger...easy. If you want to get really nit-picky point out that the real Buddha wasn't fat either.

Oh and by the way, it's difficult to imagine that it's arrogance that drives someone to create or laugh at a bumper sticker portraying Buddha as a god. If not arrogance then what you ask - A lack of understanding about the nature of Buddha possibly and at worst a sense of humor about a fat ass, but it's certainly not arrogance. Want to see what arrogance is? Review thyself.

The best bumper sticker I have seen so far (for us balding men) went like this:

"The more hair I loose, the more head I get."

"Unless YOU'RE a hemorrhoid, stay off my ass"! There its fixed, now stop your damn complaining. Sound like a bunch of babies whining over one mistake (for those who were). It happens, get over it! Sorry Kev, had to get that out. =/ Now please vote honestly not by mistakes. Thanks Crackberry!!!