Revenge is sweet with Bull Runner for BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 4 Aug 2013 08:40 am EDT

It's time for the bull to have its revenge with Bull Runner for BlackBerry 10. Available for the BlackBerry Z10 this game not only is fun but it actually made me laugh. I'm not going to share my personal opinions on bull fighting etc in Spain, but let's just say that if you fancy the tables being turned - play this game and enjoy payback time!

There are three games within Bull Runner - Regular, Arena Mode and Street Run. Regular and Street Run are very similar but I prefer the Street Run due to you playing the game as if you are looking out of the bulls eyes. Essentially you are up against the clock and you need to chase after the chaps who are running away from you and give them a good old poke with your huge horns. There are stars to collect along the way and to assist you in getting these within the allowed time there is a 'charge' tab on the bottom left of the display which will give your bull a boost.

It's quite comical seeing the guys go flying up in the air when you hit them and in some cases the game goes into slow motion mode so you can enjoy their pain as they fly through the air screaming. Mind you - who wouldn't scream getting a horn shoved into your backside!

The Arena Mode is of a similar concept but much harder to control. In all modes you simply have left and right controls either side of the screen but in the arena it takes some getting used too. It's a bunch of fun though.

With some traditional funky Spanish background music and bright, vibrant, crisp graphics Bull Runner is a fantastic game and only costs just under a buck. See if you enjoy it as much as I do.

Game Features include:

  • Fluid 3D Graphic offers you a full-view of the impact
  • Realistic 3D Physics
  • Spectacular Camera views
  • 3 modes: Regular, Arena and Street Run
  • Spanish-style sound track
  • Vivid screaming voices while being bumped into
  • Slow motion at the perfect time of impact
  • Facebook and more

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I'll get this!

People that ain't brain washed own BlackBerry's


Damn thought this was the same one I play on my girl's iPhone

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Not supported with my Q5... :|

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Art style looks good and the concept is fun.

@marc_lepage developer of Alpha Memory and NeverMaze

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Sounds interesting.

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Nice. I will give it try.

BB Z10 Rocks!


Shucks. No go for the Q10. Looks like a great game though!

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10!


Wat abot Q10. ):

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Awesome game and freakin' hilarious.

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Q10 and Q5 is not supported, cause of different size of screen

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Har! Funnest game ever :D

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what about q10.. hopefully we could also get more fun games on our phone

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I got it. Once I get to the game selection page, it will never start the game. It tried to do it in the video.

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