Building on the BBM Social Platform - Kisai Labs shows us an early version of their latest creation

By Jared DiPane on 13 Aug 2011 02:54 pm EDT

Some rather amazing things were happening at the BBM Hackathon, more to come on that later, but we were able to pull Jerome Carty from Kisai Labs away from the coding madness to show us an early version of his latest creation. The application, a Connect Four styled application, still remains nameless while features are added and the game development continues. This game is built on the BBM Social Platform, allowing nearly real time game play between BlackBerry devices.

As you can see above the gameplay is smooth and rather speedy, and while it sits a little on the basic side currently, tons of ideas are running through his head which he hopes to impliment soon. This is only the start of plenty of great things to come. The developers' poor fingers probably want to fall off at this point from all the coding, but they certainly are excited about everything that is coming!

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Reader comments

Building on the BBM Social Platform - Kisai Labs shows us an early version of their latest creation


Looks very amazing, i would add In-game chat or something similar and better colors/graphics. Nice game, cant wait to test it on my torch.

Im very excited to see this app after seeing the great work he has done with Blaq on the Playbook. Hope to see this released soon.

Maybe I'm an ignorant.. but.. is this the first on-line multiplayer game ever created for a mobile platform??

No my friend, I'm not kidding.
I'm just trying to understand why is all the emotion and celebration seeing this BBM-based game.

Thank you, anyway.

No is not the first online game.

I remember back in the days me and one of my friend we played tic-tac-toe i was on Sonny Ericsson and he was on Nokia and we both had to instal the same game from the same Developer in order to play the game, it wasn't the only game we could play together it was another game where you can play up to 8 ppl together with different phones.

This looks real slick. Silly question......With these BBM based games, does each person have to DL a game/app or is it built into the BBM

each user has to have the application installed for it to work, if it is not installed you can not play. When inviting users to play it will only show you contacts who have it installed.


Pretty sweet.