Build a better task list with Better Tasks for BlackBerry smartphones

Better Tasks
By Zach Gilbert on 27 Apr 2012 09:50 am EDT

While the native BlackBerry task application is simple and gets the job done, sometimes you need a little more flare and a few options to make a more rounded task list. If you’re anything like myself you’ll want to have the most elaborate task list known to man -- everything detailed and simple to read with dates, times and priority markers.  This is where an application like Better Tasks by MLH Software comes in handy. The application is fully integrated with the native application to allow cross-talk for task completion and notifications.


  • Super App integration with native task list
  • Folders for task separation
  • Attractive UI
  • Much more...

Working here at CrackBerry can get a little hectic with devices launching, new apps to write about and events to be at, so having a better task list will help stay on track. The application can be found in BlackBerry App World for devices running OS 6.0 and higher. Better Tasks has been priced at $3.99, but with a few trials being made available so you can assess if it’s an app that you would find useful in your day to day routine. It’s something I’ve found useful, but it all depends on how crazy your day can get.

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Reader comments

Build a better task list with Better Tasks for BlackBerry smartphones


I second wunderlist! You can modify the tasks from several platforms and their excellent website.

Does this app or wunderlist or any other task/to do app have the option for recurring tasks?

Basically I want to set up tasks that I need to do every day and they disappear as I click them and then all reappear the next day?

I didn't see the option to display due date.
How is it stack up against Task Master which is sold for $.99? or Bhive Tasks?
I'm currently using Bhive Tasks.
I bought Task Master for $.99 and tried it out for two days and delete it.
Task Master is closer to Bhive Tasks but none of them offer sub task list.