BuddyGuard Pro out of beta with new features - 50 free copies up for grabs!

By Michael Hepples on 6 Aug 2010 03:26 pm EDT

Thanks to some dedicated developers, we BlackBerry users have a few options to give us secure peace of mind when it comes to our data and devices. Applications such as FindMyPhone will help you locate your misplaced device, or SmrtGuard will give you a whole host of options for tracking and security. Back in December, we covered a new service on the scene, which was in beta testing at the time. A few months and a lot of coding later, we have the updated BuddyGuard Pro v1.0.0.9, which really stacks up nicely against a service like SmrtGuard. It's available for a one time fee of $3.99, rather than a subscription, so thrifty users may want to take a look. Features include:

  • Lock: Remotely locks your phone and displays a contact information screen. Stays locked until you enter your password, even if the phone is rebooted!
  • Alert: Helps you find your phone by playing a loud tone, even if your phone is in a Silent or Vibrate-only profile. Also locks your phone to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Locate: Uses the built-in BlackBerry GPS and sends you a link to the mapped location of your phone.
  • Backup: Remotely backs up your contacts. Use to archive your current contacts, or save them if you need to wipe your phone.
  • List: Emails you a listing of the data on your phone. Allows you to verify what a Wipe will do without actually deleting your data.
  • Wipe: Remotely wipes your BlackBerry to prevent someone from accessing your personal data. Removes Calendar, Contacts, Emails, Phone Logs, Memos, Tasks and Files on your SD Card and in Device Memory.
  • SendPwd: Remotely retrieve your password in case you've forgotten it.
  • Help: Remotely receive a listing of the supported commands.

Contest: We have 50 licenses for BuddyGuard Pro to give away! Just leave a comment on this post to enter. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. Please only leave one comment, multiple entries won't count.  

Reader comments

BuddyGuard Pro out of beta with new features - 50 free copies up for grabs!



well this could be something worth trying. smartphones have taken personal security to an all new level . . . .

Would love to win a license!! :) Great for us forgetful people who would remotely be able to track down where in the house phone was set down!!

I just lost my Storm 2. I don't know if it was just lost or stolen. Either way Buddyguard sounds like the thing I'd want to have from now on. I'm definitely getting it from now on, especially with the price tag that comes with the Torch I'm getting.

Maybe I can win one! Thank you to the CB team and all the developers who give us a chance to win these nice apps and themes.

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! :-O this app is cool. something like this could really come in handy wen you lose or misplace you berry, keeps from any unwanted peepers lol. any just leaving a comment to see if i win! lets all keep our fingers crossed.
Crackberry.com keep doing your thing. u guys are my #1 source of info for my blackberry. all the OS leaks, free apps, free themes, killer contest, up to date info, unboxing videos of new Berry's and apps and accessories, etc..... you guys rock!!! i would love to work for Crackberry!! =) thanks to you im a complete Blackberry addict! and i love it!

Dear Messrs: With the description you wrote, I found that this software is a great app so I hpoe to be one of the winner in order to have the chance of try it.

Best regards, Henry

I could really use this app on my curve 8350i cause I am a tow truck operator and I have lost or misplaced my phone a couple of times and it would be nice to have all of those options with finding it and saving all of my important info that is in it

I dislike carrying anything in my pockets and frequently sit down and place my phone down next to me everywhere I go. It has happened only twice so far, but I will walk away and leave without my phone and I know one day I will not get it back. Please allow me to win this app for the sake of my insanity.

this would be cool for me to use as i frequently misplace my phone :/ luckily never lost one yet :)

This app would come in very useful, considering that I use my bb to keep track of EVERYTHING and tend to misplace it on a regular basis. Have had to purchase 2 phones in the last year. I would love to have an app like this.

on eBay and am waiting impatiently for it to arrive. This is my first BB adventure and I can hardly wait! This app looks like the best first app that anyone could get!

Like the sound of it. I’ve never forgot or lost my phone but it would be handy to have just incase it did happen. The only thing that ever happened was my 3 year old took my phone and hide it. Little bastard lol. He finally broke after some torture ( wouldn’t let him play wii) and retrieved it. He learned his lesson ;)

a backup app that doesn't require a subscription is awesome.
I look forward to researching this app more hopefully win it if not look into buying it.

I used to have this with my iPhone and Mobile Me, and Blackberrys software is in beta still! This may be a good alternative until BB releases their software.

I tried Smrtguard and found it very impressive. Very interested to try out more of what's out there so I'd love to get my hands on a copy of this! Thanks CB and BuddyGuard

of this app. Found it under new app in the crackberry appstore back in january it think it was and i fell in love with it instantly. This is because that same day i installed the app i lost my phone. I used the alert command on it to see if it was in my home but it wasnt. Next i used the locate feature on it and found out it was at my sisters, bestfriends, boyfriend house.lol He accidently took it thinking it was his because he had my same phone (Storm 9550). From that moment i knew BuddyGuard was going to forever be my favorite app.

So crackberry, please hook me up with a copy...PLZZZZZZZZZZZ =) Its a life saver/stress reducer knowing that if lost you have a high chance of locating your phone.

sounds wonderful currently using smrtguard, would love to switch to a one time expense app. Thank you

As a non-BIS user, I contacted the company that developed the app and they sent me link to the new version which will allow non-BIS users to register the app.


Version 1.1

Everything works in the app except for the Backup function since it uses the native BB email to send the .CV file. Great app so far! Hope everyone use the newer version instead.


I wouldn't mind expanding my expierence with phone protection apps such as this. I'm currently using Wheres My Phone and I love it. There isn't anything I dislike. The developer is great, he's open to suggestions; I've encourage a few changes and fixed a few bugs so far, and he's working on an app I've suggested to him recently. But I would like to try out different protection apps to see which is best. But if there is someone who is in much more need of this app please put them in front of me; but be honest people, this isn't the only contest, theres plenty each week.

Thanks for the opportunity again CB!

Good luck to everyone.

I'd love one of these--mainly to find my always-misplaced and on silent bb. And of course the security, blah blah. :P

This is easily one of the most important apps you can get. I used this in the beta form. I loved it. I am so excited, because I just know I will be winning this, especially since I have never win anything.

I work in Welfare and do home visits ad leave my Storm everywhere. At least with this App I will know where it is