BuddyGuard Pro out of beta with new features - 50 free copies up for grabs!

By Michael Hepples on 6 Aug 2010 03:26 pm EDT

Thanks to some dedicated developers, we BlackBerry users have a few options to give us secure peace of mind when it comes to our data and devices. Applications such as FindMyPhone will help you locate your misplaced device, or SmrtGuard will give you a whole host of options for tracking and security. Back in December, we covered a new service on the scene, which was in beta testing at the time. A few months and a lot of coding later, we have the updated BuddyGuard Pro v1.0.0.9, which really stacks up nicely against a service like SmrtGuard. It's available for a one time fee of $3.99, rather than a subscription, so thrifty users may want to take a look. Features include:

  • Lock: Remotely locks your phone and displays a contact information screen. Stays locked until you enter your password, even if the phone is rebooted!
  • Alert: Helps you find your phone by playing a loud tone, even if your phone is in a Silent or Vibrate-only profile. Also locks your phone to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Locate: Uses the built-in BlackBerry GPS and sends you a link to the mapped location of your phone.
  • Backup: Remotely backs up your contacts. Use to archive your current contacts, or save them if you need to wipe your phone.
  • List: Emails you a listing of the data on your phone. Allows you to verify what a Wipe will do without actually deleting your data.
  • Wipe: Remotely wipes your BlackBerry to prevent someone from accessing your personal data. Removes Calendar, Contacts, Emails, Phone Logs, Memos, Tasks and Files on your SD Card and in Device Memory.
  • SendPwd: Remotely retrieve your password in case you've forgotten it.
  • Help: Remotely receive a listing of the supported commands.

Contest: We have 50 licenses for BuddyGuard Pro to give away! Just leave a comment on this post to enter. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. Please only leave one comment, multiple entries won't count.  

Reader comments

BuddyGuard Pro out of beta with new features - 50 free copies up for grabs!



First; we need to change the name of his application to Buddy Guard GOLD! Awesome app; if I win, great! If not, I'm purchasing it! THANX

Buddyguard is my favorite security app because the lock feature is so great. Once it's locked, there's nothing you can do to unlock it accept put in your pass.
Would love to win this one. Thanks for another great contest CB

sounds wonderful currently using smrtguard, would love to switch to a one time expense app. Thank you

This looks a lot like the product that RIM is putting together. I'd sure like to try it now instead of waiting for RIM. And waiting. And waiting. And ...

I recently had my BlackBerry stolen from me & this application would have saved me from having to replace it. I hope I get a copy!

This look like a handy utility. In my workplace, devices are constantly turning up missing and I keep some sensitive data I wouldn't want out in the public (HIPAA, Employee ID, etc.)from my e-mails. I like the idea of remotely locking down the device, for sure!

I would like a copy please. What about deleting your password bank. I saw where it will delete contacts and other such things but I was curious about if would delete the password bank. Thanks

I've used buddyguard since I first got my blackberry a year ago, but haven't had the $$$ to keep using it since it quit being a free app.

This is a unique way of protecting info on the phone. Really would like to get this application and try it. Does it work under OS 5.0?

Wonder how many applications that RIM is going to make useless over the coming year? OS6 has a number of features that are going to cut-out a number of utility applications, and once BlackBerry Protect is available, I don't see the need to "pay" for an app like BuddyGuard or several others...

As an enduser, I like the fact that RIM is adding more value to the OS and making it more functional. As a developer... I'd be a little unhappy.

I think this would be pretty useful, considering my first 8900 was stolen and I didn't even have a chance to get it back, so this app seems pretty well built!

I would be glad to receive a free copy I live in venezuela and there are thieves in every corner Good afternoon for everybody

I'm not particularily worried about my phone being lost or stolen, but it could still happen, so this would be nice to have. I'm considering paying for it, but I'd be way happier getting it for free!

sounds like a great app, i might have to get it for my 9800 when it comes out, cuz i'll kill someone if they stole it from me

In a world where anything can be stolen, its good to know that there is something out there to protect at least one valuable!

I could use this. Im paranoid about my blackberry and have all my information in there. If I were to lose it and someone had it, I would need a way to wipe it and track it. Please pick me!

This would be great to win... I'm going to be extra careful with my Torch, but this would be a great help keeping it safe.

I'm all over a one time fee... and I'm wondering how this will measure up to what RIM plans to release in the near future. Looking forward to being able to compare!

This is the bomb. An advanced christmas gift perhaps or a late birthday gift for me? whatever thanks in advance! :-) :-) :-)

I could really use this security. My Blackberry has sensitive info on it and I could have a major problem if I lost the phone. I would LOVE a copy!

Wow, sounds like just what I was looking for when I found SmartGuard. Not sure I've used it to it's potential because of the subscription, so Buddy Guard Pro looks more like what I was looking for.

This application sounds really good. It is definitely something I would consider buying if I don't win it. :) Good luck with selling it.

Hey yall hook me up I'm always losing my phone and one of my Blackberrys has been stolen this year I might have found it if had this app would be sweet to win.

Only white dude in the hood, I buy my Blackberrys by the case. My phone rings, I just hand it over when Im done. Just once, Id like to see the stock pile of my old phones. I wanna go Hawaii 5-0 on thier butts. Ill send you the Youtube link when it goes down.

Hey yall hook me up I'm always losing my phone and one of my Blackberrys has been stolen this year I might have found it if had this app would be sweet to win.

I had the beta version of this app and it was amazing. I have smart guard now but I can tell you that buddy guard is much better. I'd love a copy. Keep up the good work crackberry. Loved the coverage of the torch, which I'm getting for my bday, Aug 13. Great timing RIM. Great excuse lol

I loved the beta. I have smart guard now but buddyguard is better gor sure. Keep up the good work crackberry. Love the torch coverage

I used the beta and it was a life saver. My kids lose their phones 3.8 times per day and BG found them every time. Definitely want the Pro. Thanks!

I love the free version...pro would be better. Best feature: uses the bg password to lock your device, so you can remote lock even if you don't have a device password set (or its been compromised).

I have every app that I consider necessary on my Bold 9650---except for a security app, which I keep putting off. BuddyGuard Pro sounds like it will meet my requirements and will be the perfect final "must have" app for me. I'd love to win a copy!

I should like this application very much, indeed. It is an excellent concept and combination, as well as truly useful given those of us who practically live via our Blackberry!