BuddyGuard Pro for BlackBerry updated to version 1.5 with new features - Win 1 of 50 free copies

By Adam Zeis on 5 Oct 2010 01:48 pm EDT

BuddyGuard Pro

If you haven't heard of BuddyGuard Pro, it is a great app for your BlackBerry that provides a bunch of cool security features. Using the app you can remotely access your device using SMS or email commands. Use BuddyGuard to remotely wipe or lock your device, locate a lost device via GPS, backup your contacts and more. Verison 1.5 brings some new updates including:

  • Added Panic Alert feature, which sends emergency messages with location information to multiple contacts and initiates a phone call.
  • Improved the reliability of Locate command.
  • Integrated with the Contacts application for easier email and phone number lookup.
  • Larger and easier to select toggle switches in the Options screens.
  • Streamlined Welcome screens and added access for setting up optional features.
BuddyGuard Pro is available for $3.99 in the CrackBerry App Store for most devices.

Contest: We have 50 copies of BuddyGuard Pro to give away. Just leave a single comment on this post to be entered. Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PDT.

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Reader comments

BuddyGuard Pro for BlackBerry updated to version 1.5 with new features - Win 1 of 50 free copies



This is the best App for a Blackberry, Im getting the torch here in Panamá(Central America) SOON! I want thiss App for my torch, i dont want that something dangerous hurt my torch :(

Hope to win my first contest :P !

Please enter me, I would love a copy of this for my 9700. Thank you so much for another great contest!

need for this app, but I would LOVE to have it just in case I do! Thanks BG & Crackberry for offering up a terrific app!!!

That would be cool to lock your info and not let anyone just pick up your phone and mess with it....need this

That would be cool to lock your info and not let anyone just pick up your phone and mess with it....need this

I have been using BuddyGuard since it was in beta and I am currently running the free version. It has helped me many times be it misplacing my phone or leaving it at a friends house and using the locate feature to see it position on a live map. CrackBerry please pick me to win this contest! I will use the full version to its highest potential. I recomend this app to everyone!

I love my Blackberry...

Since i discovered the RIM world i can't live without it... that's why I can't imagine to loose my BOLD!!!

Would be veeeeery nice to win that!!!


A phone's been stolen from me before and I was just recently able to replace it with a comparable one... I want to be able to stop this from happening again!

This is a great app. My friend has Buddy guard and it helped him retrive a lost/stolen phone. This application does what it says it does.

Been using the full version of File Manager Pro for quite a while and I like it a lot. BuddyGuard user since the beta phase, a very welcome addition to my top list of BlackBerry applications. Keep up the good work!

Please, oh, please let me win a BuddyGuard Pro license :)

The more I look at BuddyGuard Pro and it's features, the more I realize its the app I should have gotten to begin with, instead of what I currently have. And, one of the copies being given away would be the best way I can think of to get it.

This is the best app you never want to use. I like to hide my phone in the couch and wait until my wife is sitting there and send the alert code. haha
I hope that is all I ever use it for. :)

Could sure use a copy!
I've got to win something sometime..even a blind pig finds a truffle now and then!

Hope to never misplace my Berry, but its good to know this is available just in case.

I got by beloved Blackberry stolen a week ago. By pure luck, I got it back. An app like this is what I need to help me find it, or wipe it clean in the future.

I reallyyyyy like it is a great app for the bb because granites you safeness and of all the app for protect your BB this is the beast i cwould really like to get one free. Thanks

It`s a nice app that finally gives us Blackberry owners a way to not only feel secure, but bail us out during days you make the unfortunate mistake of leaving your blackberry at home or at the office.

Sorry for all my comments... my computer froze and I got click happy. I feel like an ass, disregard the comments I made below

I'm surprised at how much I have on my phone now. Reading about this just makes me feel more paranoid for some reason. Is this really that much safer than using the built in password setup BB already comes with? I'm kind of curious now...

This app reminds me when I was using iPhone with MobileMe service in which I had to pay the annual fee!!! So far so good, make me feel secured in case I lose my blackberry by accident I can command to wipe my device instantly!!! Haha but I'm now using light version, still need panic alert and auto-lock function. So please kindly give me free copy. Would make me love my blackberry more ;)

Wierd stuff always happends too me, This would be VERY useful to say the least.I keep technical data from the first Starship cruisers on my phone. I would DEFINITLY need to wipe my phone if this happend again!

I like it this app. Some of the new features are next to useless but great app overall. Currently use it and would love to go pro.

Sign me up for one of thsoe 50 freebies!! I want this.. i could use it since i live in Caracas, Venezuela. (Near 50 kidnapes every single day)

I'm currently using SmrtGuard. But this BuddyGuard Pro seems to be giving SG a run for their money at a substantial discount! Can't wait to try this thing. If it works, then it's buh-bye SmrtGuard.

If there is one app I would want to win it would be this one.

My girlfriend snoops on my bb all the time. Please let me win this!

Been using the free app. Recommended it to friends. Would love to win this! Hope I get picked!