BuddyGuard Beta - Protect Your BlackBerry and Personal Data

By ObiGeorge on 5 Dec 2009 10:52 am EST


BuddyGuard is a remote wiping application for your BlackBerry similar to SmartGuard. The app gives you the option to wipe your contacts, messages or phone logs. Instead of using an online account to perform these tasks, BuddyGuard uses commands sent by SMS. For example if you would like to wipe your device, all you have to do is send an SMS to your phone number and in the text field enter bg-wipe "your password" and hit send. Other remote features include lock (to prevent others from accessing the device), List (emails you a detailed listing of what will be wiped), Alert (will play a tone to help in finding your device), and help (sends a list of all commands to you). BuddyGuard is in Beta, and available via the CrackBerry App Store for free, supporting devices 4.2.1+

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BuddyGuard Beta - Protect Your BlackBerry and Personal Data


this is an awesome must have program... my wife loses her berry all the time (and its on silent or vibrate), now we can find it! woot woot... and in terms of the wipe, lock features for free.... thats a life saver as long as someone hasnt taken your sim out already.

ive tested it and it works perfectly! thanks for this free app guys.

But it does not work on my blackberry Storm with OS 5.0. Does the sms have to be sent from another cellphone? I'm sending the sms commands through my carrier's website (Telus). I don't have another cellphone to test it with

The app supports the Storm, including those updated to OS 5 (we've tested in simulators and on actual devices). There are a couple of possible reasons which might be causing this to not work for you. As a first step I would recommend checking that there isn't any text (including space characters) after the password. This Beta has a bug that causes it to not recognize the command if any text follows the password. That will be fixed in the next Beta.

We've updated the "Help website" item accessible in the app's Help screen to include information for any known issues. It may be helpful to check that to see if it addresses the problem you're seeing.

It should work on your 9700. The "invalid password" status you're seeing has a few possible causes, ranging from spaces in the password to password case sensitivity. The "Help website" accessible in the app's Help screen itemizes these and what the corrective action is.

I just downloaded this application and it works just as described on my BlackBerry Tour. I particularly like the fact that I can activate a tone on my phone to locate it when it is misplaced, even if it is in the vibration mode. It's great too that I can lock my phone remotely to keep my information private if my phone is stolen. For a free app, I have no complaints.

Seems to work OK on Storm 2 except help command did not generate SMS response. No complaints otherwise.....and it IS free!

I got it downloaded and installed, and during setup I put in my email address and it keeps telling me a valid email address is required, continue anyway?
firstname dot lastname at carrier dot net

This version doesn't support email addresses which have a dot before the @ symbol (e.g. first.lastname@company.com). This oversight will be fixed in the next Beta version. For a workaround until that release, if you have another email address that doesn't have have a dot prior to the @ symbol you should be able to use that.

i tried this out yesterday mainly for the tone to locate if lost and on silent/vibrate...it didn't work. i got a text back saying that bd-alert *password* was not a recognized command. it did do other commands though...

SmrtGuard will know you socks off! Backs up Contacts (even pics), SMS, Calendar, Memos, Todos, Call logs, location history. Oh yeah, and it is secured by encryption. It has even loved one tracking!

I might have to play around with the settings on my Curve 8330 v4.5, I can't get any response from the commands I've sent from another phone. I'll post a fix once I find the problem.

on my Storm 2. Sent the code for lock from another phone. I even got a confirmation back that my phone was in fact locked........of couse, the phone was never locked. Tried it again...same result.

I'm working on it. I'm not sure what too do with this error log- Name: BuddyGuard
GUID: ae6c85d07dada9ad
Time: Dec 07, 2009 21:03:05
SMS Sender: java.io.IOException

This app works great. Love it. But I did see one issue, the ability to lock your BB remotely is great, but it does not let you set a password for the lock, so its pointless to send the bg-lock message when someone can just unlock it again. If they could give you the ability to apply a password to the lock feature or use the same password as the buddyGuard password, this would be a flawless app.

If you have a password lock already set up on your phone there shouldn't be a problem. When the phone locks it uses the system password you've already set up

I don't know about you, but default, if I set a password for my BB, it auto locks. When you go into create a password, there is a default security time-out option. So the function of this app to lock would be worthless if you already had a password on your BB.

What I am saying is that they need to add the option of you being able to say....
bg-lock ***** *****
first set of *** being the BuddyGuard password then the second set of *** being the password you want to set for the BB lock. I know I don't usually have my password on at home so I don't have to type it in every time I pick up my BB. I usually only set a password when I leave the house, in case I were to lose it, or it get stolen. If I should happen to forget to put a password on, and it gets stolen, or lost, I would like to be able to password lock remotely.

I like this application. I haven't run into any of the problems people have mentioned above (I run it on my BB Curve 8300). I just followed the developers instructions and avoided anything they've pointed out would corrupt the software.

Really impressed with easy of use, can't wait for updates and would for sure buy this program when its finished being developed.

I noticed a few people mentioned SmrtGuard which is a similar superior application. Most people don't want to pay $44 a year to use an application which is where BuddyGuard comes to play.

I have not experienced any of the issues noted above on my 9700. So far it has worked exceptionally well. Everything that has been advertised has worked as expected. The security features are top notch and I was impressed at how well the alert function worked when the phone was set in silent mode. I'm really looking forward to seeing BuddyGuard develop over time and take on additional/enhanced features. BuddyGuard will definitely be a part of my crackberry arsenal for a long time to come.

First I must say that this is a GREAT app. I used the LIST command and it sent me an e-mail with

Unknown.txt (this is where the text messages should be, but for some reason when I opened it up there was no data for ANY text messages) WHY??

Phone Logs.txt
Media Card.txt
Device Memory.txt