Bud Light Party Favors Application!

By Bla1ze on 18 Nov 2008 03:41 am EST
Bud Light Application

Here is a cool little application that is bound to give people a few laughs, especially if you like cheesy pick up lines and bar games. The application being given out as a party favor for the Bud Light Party Cruise, consists of 4 mini applications built into one. 

Bud Light Locator
Bud Light wants to help you find the next party. Put in your address and search. We'll even give you directions to the new bar. (Awesome, indeed)

Pick-Up Line Generator
"Never be without a good pick-up line." --Aristotle (or was it Mark Twain?). With Bud Light Party Favors you'll always have something "charming" to say. And if the bar is loud, you can just show them your phone! (Don't hold me accountable if you get slapped lol)

Whoever gets the highest card loses and has to buy the next round. It's a great game to make up your own rules! (A quick game to play for beers)

Not IT!
Now you and your friends have a way to determine who has to buy the next round of Bud Light without the mess. What can you do with a spinning Bud Light? (Think of a modern day Spin The Bottle lol)

Overall a cool application to get a few laughs and win ya a few beers next time while you are out at the bar. You can grab the application from the Bud Light Party Cruise website for free and is available for all devices. Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments.

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Bud Light Party Favors Application!


Cute app. Fun to mess with, but come on this cheezy thing is almost 1MB to download. What's up with that? There are much better apps out there, that use a heck of a lot less room.

Depends on your device, choose the correct model from the drop down and choose show download link or send it to your device, if you have a Bold, just choose the 8820 version.