Bubble Birds Premium by Ximad now available for BlackBerry Smartphones

Bubble Birds
By Michelle Haag on 3 Feb 2011 09:26 am EST
Everyone loves a good game, and the classics never die - they just get reborn into different variations. I'm sure you're all familiar with the popular bubble popping style game. Bubble Birds by Ximad is a game of this sort. In this case, the bubbles are brightly colored birds. Game play is simple: match up three or more birds of the same color and they are eliminated from the screen. Rainbow birds act as wild cards and change color to match whichever bird they touch first. You can even bounce your bird off the sides of the play area to maneuver them where you need them!

Bubble Birds is $1.99 in the CrackBerry store and is compatible with BlackBerry smartphones with screen resolutions of 320x240, 360x480, and 480x360 (OS 4.6 and up).

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Reader comments

Bubble Birds Premium by Ximad now available for BlackBerry Smartphones


Funky vivid bird-characters)) The game really cheers up by it's colorfulness and smoothness. And the idea itself is great.

Gonna wait for new versions!!! Thumbs up! :-]


Truly premium game! Was playing half of the night and not a SINGLE bug... PERFECT, You Guys know how to make a brilliant game B)

Already chacked out this game. I think it will soon be on top. For many reasons - most of them are mentioned here.
Let's wish it luck!!

Yeah, it's a great game when it doesn't freeze my phone. I got it for my Storm 2, and it never fails to freeze the phone. Anyone else have this problem?