Bubble Bash 2 is the second app released free by RIM as part of the Thank You From BlackBerry Offer

Thank you from BlackBerry
By Michelle Haag on 20 Oct 2011 12:47 pm EDT
The second app to be released as part of the Thank You from BlackBerry deal going on is Bubble Bash 2 by Gameloft. Discover the new edition of the award winning puzzle series on your mobile. Bash together 3 or more like-colored bubbles to make them all explode just like before. But this time, you’ll take the adventure to enchanting Africa. 16 challenging game modes filled with new special bubbles add a whole new spice to the game. It takes only seconds to master, but you’ll play for hours.

Please remember that not all the apps are going to be released at one time. RIM will be releasing them gradually between October 19 and November 30. Users with a BIS Lite or BBM-only plan will be able to download the free apps over wifi from App World starting in November.

You can find more details on the BlackBerry Facebook account including some of the fine print regarding this deal.To find the free apps, simply open up App World, and you should see "A Thank You Gift" in the carousel, as seen in the picture above. (If you don't see it yet, or don't see any apps listed when you open it, try refreshing App World by typing Alt + R,S,T,R,S,T in the main page, or just Alt + R,S,T in the My World section.)
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Bubble Bash 2 is the second app released free by RIM as part of the Thank You From BlackBerry Offer


You didn't yell FIRST when you posted like these other oh so original people who feel that their lives have additional meaning because they post first on an item listed.

I guess where just not as cool or kewl as these other people.

Shout FIRST and everything else in life falls into place.

So to clarify:

Can I download all of the "free" apps, or is there some sort of running tally of the value of each app, and when I reach $100 I will no longer be able to download additional "free" apps?

I imagine the latter is correct...

Why it doesnt work for you?. I have downloaded it on my 9800 and it works perfectly, also I have my phone in spanish and it reads the emails or SMS in spanish too, great for me

I think its our device, carrier or location. Same problem for me but I went to the website on my pc and that's what it said when I logged in. Hope for the best with the next on.

I heard that BBM support was promised about a year and a half ago, so don't hold your breath on that one.

At first it wasn't showing in my carousel but then I restarted my phone & it showed! I downloaded it & love playing, so addictive!

Same here. I only see drivesafe.ly which is garbage. I tried everything to get it to work right and it just stinks. I deleted it it for the third time today and I will not download this garbage again. Also, I only see 1 "Thank You" app today and its the same garbage drivesafe.ly....how do I get the other available app?

Alt + R,S,T in the My World section

Does anybody read anymore? Or are we all just rushing to download it then rushing to leave a comment

Why it doesnt work for you?. I have downloaded it on my 9800 and it works perfectly, also I have my phone in spanish and it reads the emails or SMS in spanish too, great for me

Nice. Mike L, I did not expect anything for the outage, things happen but I do appreciate how you are treating us. When apple had antenna gate, all Steve Jobs said was you can bring it back or we can give you a $5.00 case.
That was for a phone that did not work as a phone at all. It dropped your calls and apple offered a bumper worth $5.00 bucks!

Instead of saying it happens to others you said we want to show you we do care about our loyal members and this certainly works for me.

Thanks Mike. I love my Bold 9930. This just bumps it up a bit more.

Let me begin by saying, IMO cell phone manufacturers and carriers are the worst, all of them. There is no exceptions to this, they are in a race for the masses, not for the individual.

But to be fair I will finish with this:

The cases Apple offered for the iPhone 4 were $45+ retail in Canada at the Apple Store (not sure about our neighbours to the south). Of course that is highway robbery but that was still the retail price. It also fixed the issue for those users experiencing antenna issues.

Ironically it also turned out to be the best case around for minimalists, I even know someone that went out and paid full retail after his broke a year and a half later because it was so so functional (maybe not so durable lol).

Both situations suck, both companies didn't have to do anything (thankfully they both did), but consider the facts before you get too full on Rimothers milk.

The point I wanted to make (probably lost now) is that, this is not that great of an apology. Half these apps are free on other platforms and with things like "FreeAppADay" you can get the others free every once in a while.

I just threw up in my mouth after realizing I defended Apple....Having both an iPhone (personal) and a BB for work I am seeing both sides of the coin these days.

I downloaded and not an English language not sure what language it is and I deleted. Anyone know how to change language?

I also only see the DriveSafe.ly app. When I went to the app world on my PC is lists the 9900 as a compatible device but not the 9930. I think it sucks that they are offering up these free apps and with a brand new BB7 device I cant even get the 2nd app offered.

not compatible with 9930 while compatible with 9900! that the heck? i sent gameloft an email about that, but i think it's related to the friggin verizon store that sells it too and prolly gameloft didn't make any of their games available for phones sold by verizon.
i didn't want this game, but i hate the approach!

Its not just verizon. The app isnt available for the sprint torch either. I think its only for the gsm bb7 devices :/

Spanish. Epic Win RIM! Also it only worked when I selected RUN after installing. If I click the game to play it, it takes me to my carriers site to download it again, and it's only a trial but at least that is in English.

I can see why they are releasing Spanish apps...After all Latin America was hit by the outage for 3 days....but they should let people know what language it is in the description :(

Just downloaded Bubble Bash 2. First could not figure out how to play the game. Now that I know how, can't stop paying the game. They are right when they say you will get hooked.

This game is like Bubble Bobble on the PC. I love Bubble Bobble so naturally I'm hooked with Bubble Bash 2.

I wasn't expecting anything from RIM, but I must say they're really trying to make everyone happy after this outage happen

I also was only expecting to be able to download one app out of those offered. Getting all of them is great, though I don't think my poor 9780 memory will cope. Fortunately I should be getting a shiny new 9860 soon. Bubble Bash 2 is entertaining enough. There is a similar game on the playbook - Bubble Mech, which is of course much better.

You're not missing much. This isn't exactly a life changing game or anything. You would probably delete it within a day or two.

Agreed. I'm amazed by the positive comments about this app. What a load of pants!!!

I'm a big fan of blackberry but the games are simply lacking. If you want good gaming get an ipad - then you'll see how good free games/apps can really be. Asphalt 6 - its better than a £40 driving game on the xbox!

If i'd spent money on this then I'd be really annoyed.

The gesture of compensating us for outage is one thing - but why give us crap in return?

Where are the decent apps?

Not impressed.........

Since BlackBerry users are also almost all of the Playbook owners, why not add Playbook apps as well?

This is not the 2nd App, I downloaded Photo Editor Ultimate Pro already back 18 hours ago, so this is the 3rd I think,, the photo editor ulti pro, prolly not at the thank you, but if you search it's free already

This is probably a stupid question thats been answered in the past. My 2 year contract is up on my 8530 in February and will be upgrading to a new BB. If I download these apps, will they carry over to the new device?

The apps is linked to your BlackBerry ID so when you move to a new device you should be able to download them. They will be listed under "uninstalled" list. You just have to select the one you want and click "reinstall". This is how it works for me. NOTE: some of my old apps are not available on OS7. if this is the case, it'll tell you.

I didn't expect anything from Rim but the 2 apps on offer don't work on my 9900. I'm puzzled how drivesafe can work on one 9900 and not on another and also why offer an app where the language is Spanish no disrespect. Don't know whether this is good for Rim or not because it just seems to be pissing people off.

It works on four Bold 9900 devices in my family and friend sorry to hear you have a problem with it. I have a bluetooth car speaker. As soon as my phone detects the speaker, DriveSafe.ly automatically turns on and it automatically turns off when I leave my car. Awesome!

Drive Safe.ly continues to work great and I'm happy to have this nice little game for diversion too.


Tht sucks but oh well,,I'm upgrading to the torch 9860 soon so hopefully it will be avaliable for me then. Thanks RIM :)

Bubble Bash:
Device, Carrier and Country Compatibility
This item is not supported for your device.
BlackBerry 9930
OS: 7.0.0
Country: United States
Carrier: Sprint (USA)

can't get it on my verizon 9930 either. so far, not impressed with my $100 worth of free apps. Fail RIM.

Anyone with a 9900 willing to download this and then save the .cod using bbsak, and then share it out for us 9930 owners?

You can get it on OS7. Just go to the app world page on your computer and scan the barcode. I'm downloading it now on my 9860.

Hello, i have the BB Style by Sprint and this app won't show in my gift section for the app world

not available for my vzw 9930? that's really not fair! so many apps arent available for my phone! whassup with that?!

I can see why they are releasing Spanish apps...After all Latin America was hit by the outage for 3 days....but they should let people know what language it is in the description :(

RIM can suck it. I really love my 9930, but RIM as a company can suck it. Those two idiots "runnin'" the show up there need to take a hike.

So, to make up for the outage, they first offer drivesafe.ly - an app that doesn't work very well (not at all for me after the first email), then an app that should be available for 9930, since it is for 9900, but is not.

So, the network failed, the apps fail.... what's next?

ETA: Yes, I tried resetting AW 3 times today. Does not show up.

I downloaded Bubble Bash 2 and it rebooted my phone the minute I touched the icon to play it. I tried it again a couple more times and it rebooted. I then deleted and downloaded it again and same issue. Anyone else having the same problem? I have the Torch 9800 - AT&T

Really RIM? 2 crappy apps for the 1st 2 days of gifts is really doing more damage than good. DriveSafe.ly works sometimes but not others. Bubble Bash 2 is glitchy and only in Spanish. Keep up the great work. Maybe you could actually release a true premium app and maybe then I could thank you for the effort. Otherwise those who cannot dowload these apps, do not worry, they are junk. They are not worth your trouble.

bubble bash shows up on my 9650 but no love for my 9930. i see the thank you package icon, and it reads 2 apps available but only drivesafe appears when i open it. i tried alt+RST but no luck, and i tried scanning the barcode and was greeted with the app telling me its free but not available for my device. you would think that RIM would at least make sure that everyone would be able to download the crappy apps they chose to dole out.. but nope, they couldnt even get that one right, and once again have dissapointed even more customers.

out of sheer frustration with my 9930 yesterday i did the inevitable and bought an iphone 4s.

i already miss my 9930s keyboard and LED and BBM. but its sure nice to have something that just works in so many other regards.

I went to app world today and did the alt RSTRST deal and bubble bash shows and works fine on my 9930 frm verizon. Maybe the dev has upgraded it for us. Both apps work fine on my 9930. Thanks RIM.

My new phone (9850) is not compatible with the apps Blackberry has made available. Thanks for nothing RIM !

I don't understand why these devices are priced so high - Compared to what is out there these are at best mid-range devices - even if everything work superbly.

I agree with previous comments, why in the world would RIM think that by giving us these POS apps it will make up for their mayor screw up! If you want to give something free to make up for such a mayor screw up, give us something that actually works and doesn't eat up you phone's battery or locks it up or better yet crashing over and over again! Now I am seriously thinking of going to Apple's iPhone since it is finally available from Sprint. Thanks for the mayor screw RIM

I didn't get bubble bash I got beejewled. I caused my Storm to crash over and over. I deleted it and my phone still crashes. This is crap since it was the only app thus far that I wanted or didn't have.