Browser Issues on on your 9650? Get your fix here!

By Jared DiPane on 21 Sep 2010 01:44 pm EDT
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Everyone seems to be very excited about for the BlackBerry Bold 9650. This OS is one that was a best friend to many, and a worst enemy to others. Now of course we know this was a leak and there are going to be some issues at hand with it, but one of the biggest issues that many users were seeing was that the webkit broswer, that we have all waited so patiently for, was not functioning if the device did not have a wifi connection. After doing some of the normal troubleshooting like deleting service books, resending service books, rebooting the device, and whatever else would come to mind, the problem still persisted, which began a slight uproar in the forums. Xandermac quickly came to the rescue with an Updating to OS6 and want everything to work? thread which nicely outlined exactly how to fix these issues. Depending on your situation, whether you have another device or this being your only one affects how easy the fix is, but the fix is tested and verified to be 100% true. So, if you upgraded or are on the fence about upgrading, be sure to check out this thread to make sure that you get everything all set up the way it should be.

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Browser Issues on on your 9650? Get your fix here!


Good job getting this on to the front page. This should help stop many of the "HELP ME" posts in the BB6 and 9650 forums. It helped me and is 100% effective.

Until it is an official release from Verizon where they support these service books, this will always be the case, regardless of leak number.

Blackberry maps gives me the erro message of "Failed to get a route" every time i try getting directions. I have seen other people reporting the same issue but no resolution so far. Anyone knows how this issue can be resolved?

this hasn't worked for me...i've tried it numerous times. the only thing that has worked for me was loading lyricidal's hybrid. once i did that, browser starting working & i see a new sb in the list.

also, for those of u that try the sb backup/restore method, & don't feel like downgrading to os5 , you can pickup the os5 service books from will save you some time

I've never installed a leaked/beta OS and I didn't plan on doing it now... but after reading this post I got the itch. Happy to say everything went great and seems excellent.

Where's Social Feeds? I've been searching the phone up and down, and that is one of the big features that their website has been pushing.... I can't find it anywhere.

I was getting ready to reload my 5.x service books about an hour ago. I had previously loaded them and noticed earlier today that the browsing had broken again.

When I went into the service book list to ALT-SBEB, I noticed a new entry at the top of the list, "Blackberry Internet Browsing Service 2 [BrowserConfig]".

All is happy again, I can browse without WiFi.

Reboot everyone, pull in that new service book.

Question for all you BB Geeks? Why? Why would you put yourself through all this just to get something half baked and not all of it? I would call it stupid and stupid can't be fixed! I'll wait for the official carrier version before I beat my head against the wall in total fustration. How many revisions has BB had on the Torch and those diehard OS 6 want to be's? I'll stick with my BB9650 with it's carrier supported OS until all the bugs are worked out and the carrier supports the OS ment for it's BB. My head will remain dentless!!

You obviously haven't tested some of the Storm 2 OSs that Verizon has put out there. They are usually **crap** compared to some of the leaks / hybrids out there. Carrier's know best?? I disagree.

have u heard of beta? that's all this is. us testers may uncover something that will help users like u in the future. so, u r welcome!

This upgrade is not for everyone. I did it and I find it muuuuuuuuuuuuuuch better then 5.0 even with all small issues it might have (and I don't see them now).

I used that guide along with few other articles I found on CB and my Bold is running 6.0 without a hitch. But I must warn everyone who never did it before - it is not easy - there are many steps and features which make this upgrade challenging. So if you're afraid that you'll lost all your data - don't do it - wait for official release.

Guess I hit a few nerves? I understand the beta testing 100% percent. BB may or may not have enough project managers and engineers to test the devise before it goes public to work out the bugs, but I really don't think that's the case here. What I don't understand is all the whining that goes with it. You know it's not 100% all there as these are leaks, and you're told this before you download it. Leaks are just what they imply leaks!! Yet the whining continues. If the software where 100% or even 99.99% complete then you would not buy the next devise out and wait for the software. In the scheme of things most companies don't do enough testing before the product hits the street or it does hit the street with known issues and the end users complain big time. I guess what this boils down to is being the first on the street with the new OS. Like I said above, I'll wait until the carrier releases the OS before I start complaining that it's not working up to snuff.

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