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Browse smarter with Evolution Browser for BlackBerry 10

By Adam Zeis on 17 Jul 2013 10:00 am EDT

If the built-in BlackBerry 10 browser isn't up to snuff for you, Evolution Browser may be just what you're looking for. While it looks very similar to the native BlackBerry browser, it's anything but. The browser is by no means a slouch but at times BlackBerry users want to kick things up a bit, and that's where Evolution Browser comes in.

Evolution Browser brings in a slew of features to your BlackBerry 10 device including ad blocking, "lightning mode", tabbed browsing, volume key scrolling, the ability to change the user agent and much more. OS 10.1 users will also see auto fill-in for forms and video support. What more could you want?

Other features include:

  • Tabbed browsing
  • Hide address bar when scrolling (option)
  • Gestures (option)
  • History
  • Bookmarks
  • Reader mode which makes pages easier to read
  • Page transitions (option)
  • Disable Javascript
  • Backup/Restore settings
  • Restore tabs on start up from previous session
  • Find on page (search for text on page)
  • Address bar doubles as Google search bar 

If you're a hardcore browser you'll definitely want to check this one out. It packs in a bunch of extra stuff that you won't find in the native browser app and for just $1.99 you really can't go wrong. 

More information/Download Evolution Browser



How do i make all lonks clicked on blaq go to this browser?

Z10in' since the Beginnin'


I think one of the leaked images we've seen of 10.2 has showed a "default apps" option, so you may be able to set this browser as the default browser once 10.2 comes around.



Z10in' since the Beginnin'


Does it support word wrapping?

So that when you zoom in, you don't have to scroll left and right all the time.


That is one thing I dislike about the BB10 browser. Possibly my only complaint and thing I miss the most from BB7. Sometimes Reader mode doesn't pick up the right body of text so that isn't a "solution" to me.


I made a javascript link which you can bookmark.

Here is a post I made that explains how to use it:


I just noticed this in BB World last night. I must say, I'm intrigued. I noticed that the features list didn't include anything about keyboard shortcuts. Are those implied for Q10 users or are we restricted to swiping and using the volume keys for scrolling?

Posted via CB10


Keyboard shortcuts are included.


Oh wow, this is all you? It just clicked in my head when I saw your avatar picture. I remember your article on CB from a few months ago saying that you were going to be developing for bb10 full time.

You're doing extremely good work dude, well done!

Posted with CB10 on Z10


Yes. I remember that post. Also must say great work. Will definitely support you on this app!


Sweet! Thanks!

Posted via CB10


Can you get mog.com to work by changing the user agent? It says you need Firefox or chrome


I love the native browser. One of the best features of the Z10. When I pick up our Ipad to browse, I usually end up saying to my wife, "this thing annoys me...where's my phone?"

Posted via CB10


I agree. I've never felt the need for another web browser but this one does look good.


The native browser leaves alot to be desired. Simple things like hiding the url bar while scrolling and gestures to go back and forward are obvious extensions to the "flow" mantra, yet BlackBerry can't get it right in their own apps. Boggles me

Posted via CB10


Holy Crap it is fast!!!!!
Browser Ride anyone?

Posted via CB10


The links since Thomson Reuters and now here to the app don't work anymore.

Always says can't be found. But searching manually works.

Just saying.

Posted via CB10 on Q10


Thought it was just me!

Posted via CB10


Well I suffer from the 10.1 bug of browser cache error, this may be exactly what I need!


Ok, so it's a pay app that doesn't let you try it first... so I'll ask anyone who has this for the Q10. Does it employ keyboard shortcuts like spacebar to scroll, R or L to refresh the page, stuff like that? Also, how does entering urls behave? Can you simply use a space to insert dots like with the old OS7 browser?


Yes, it does have shortcuts.

El Platanero

I totally understand the trial thing but to simply support a developer that goes native is it not worth two dollars? I've deleted apps that I've purchased because I found no use after trying it out but have ni regrets since they were native.

Posted via CB10


I can barely pay my bills as it is. I wish I can just "support" everyone, but unfortunately I am the one that needs support. I don't mind spending a few dollars, but it has to be something I'll use. A few dollars here and there adds up. I need to limit it to only what I'll use and keep...

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10


Take my word for it, is a fantastic app. Has what I wish the native browser had. All sorts of useful capabilities. Can identify itself as a desktop browser. Can block ads too. Set your own start page and exercise greater control over your web browsing experience!


When you say it can identify itself as a desk top browser, what exactly are the user agent choices?


Need to remove the trailing forward slash from the link in the article:


Posted via CB10


Does it get rid of the task bar on the Q10?

Posted via CB10


Yes, it will hide when you scroll.


Amazing! Buying now

Posted via CB10


Awesome job! Keep up the good work.


I read some reviews that say zooming into pictures shows them blurry... So... think I'll stick with the stock browser...


email the developer to ask for one.

But the Playbook is officially dead now and never really achieved critical mass when it comes to users that would make it a must on a developers list of platforms to support. I would also imagine that since the earnings call announcement, the user base has begun to shrink as people give up on it just like BlackBerry.


I spent good money on the 64 Meg version AND their keyboard...last Blackberry I will ever own...too bad I've been a fan since the Pearl.


Ok cool. Move on then, nobody will miss you.


Unfortunately since I wrote it in Cascades it's not going to be easy to port to PlayBook.  However have a look in the forums for Oragami Browser, it's a great app.


Thank you for the suggestion!


Please fix the damn links!

Posted via CB10


Is this an android port?


Nope, written in Cascades, according to the developer. It's native!


I would like a browser that uses less data and less power.

Posted via CB10


Private browsing always on option?

Posted via CB10


Private browsing is coming in the next update later this week.  You will be able to leaave it on.


What about a Flash Player?

Since having the browser cache error, I think about buying it...

Posted via CB10


There is one major issue with custom scrollers - seems preventing javascript events doesn't stop the browser overflow scrolling which effectively blocks custom scrollers.

Easily reproduced on http://demos.kendoui.com/mobile/


Thanks will check it out.



We've already got the best stock browser on the market, but it's nice to see some options show up in BlackBerry World. Choice is good. Evolution is a popular mobile browser. Keep em comin'!


Not if you take into consideration beta versions of browsers ;)


Still needs:
- Script blocking
- Per tab privacy mode
- Do not track
- Flash
- Custom default search engine
- Bookmark sync


I would prefer it if the Chrome or Firefox extension system could be cloned, but a few well designed features would do.


You had me a t Scroll with soft keys. Purchased.


Anybody knows when 10.2 will be officially released

Posted via CB10


I know.. maybe stupid question...can I watch Netflix through it?

Posted via CB10


Incase anyone is wondering I have a bunch of improvements and new features planned.  You can keep up to date on whats coming in this thread here: http://forums.crackberry.com/app-announcements-f281/evolution-web-browser-ad-blocker-ultra-fast-browser-828959/


I haven't gone for a third party browser since pre-Bold days but I am giving this one a try to see what the buzz is about and to support a native developer given all the positive comments on this board. I have been very happy with the stock browser except for closing tabs and composing comments on certain websites (especially YouTube).

Posted via CB10


Browser works fantastic. Taskbar disappears when scrolling down so plenty more room on the Q10!

Posted via CB10


Got it last night. Pretty cool. Can't say it's any faster that the native browser though.

Posted via Zeppelin!


You're kidding, right? It's blazing! The native browser is a snoozer compared to this one! Wow. Can't believe people with the same phones can have such different experiences.


I would download if it were free but there's no way I'm paying two bucks for a browser when the built in one works fine.

Posted via CB10


The no-ads alone is enough for me to want to have it.


I'm noticing that pinch to zoom makes everything blurry. Doesn't render too well.


I've read a few reviews on BBW that says this. It's the thing keeping me from buying it...

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10


Simple question. How does this browser score on the html5 test as well as how does it score on the ringmark test. Why would anyone want to pay for a browser without knowing that it fares significantly better than a top ranked browser on both those tests!??

Posted via CB10


I think it has style.. but the first browser I see, that - like everyone told before- make everything blurry "." unusable sorry :(

Sayu Smiles - artouse, action, bubblegum, Horror -Novel coming soon www.sayumi.de


Solution to blurry text is coming soon, I'll try to have it out by the weekend.


Hey man, I know you're a busy guy and you make some great apps, but just wanted to post a reply to your post so you'll get notified. I bought the browser and have posted some suggestions below. You seem interested in hearing what people thought and improving on the product as a result, so I was hoping you'd give my suggestions or feature requests a quick look. :-)


I'm disappointed. It faster but if you zoom in, it does not clarify text. Letters look blurry. Also there is no flash integration like on the stock browser.

I'm happy to support BlackBerry developers and drop 2 bucks so I hope these things can get fixed in the next version.

Posted via CB10


Very buggy. Thanks for making me pay to beta test for you.


Hey, same with Android and BB10 really. At least he's listening to feedback so he can fix it. In case you're wondering, the guy posting as Shao is "somehow" related to the company "Shaosoft" that makes the browser... So why not be productive and post the bugs you have found so he can look into it?

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10


Love this browser!

Posted via CB10


Cascades native browser?

Right of the bat it seems blazing fast. Google maps, a quick test I do in all browsers. Works better in this then the native browser.

Posted via CB10


Hey Shao.
Thanks again for this great browser. I'm loving it.
As u said earlier I understand font resizing is coming. As well as being able to organize bookmarks in different ways.
How bout having an option to save Web pages for later viewing. Like reading list in safari
And how do we delete cookies.
Thanks again. So far so great!!!

Posted via CB10


Blackberry should buy out this company!!! :P

Posted via CB10


The browser is the biggest issue other than the battery on my z10. I will give this a try.

Does it have proper text wrap?

Posted via CB10


Does it support word wrapping? Also render websites not mobile if needed?

Posted via CB10


I saw auto-fill in, and that was all it took. Just bought it. It's a good evening so far. LoL Viva BlackBerry

Posted via CB10 in BB10 on Z10...


Bump: Open bootrom on Playbook...!


Doesn't work with 10.2 leak os


Hm, I just bought it and downloaded it. Have a few suggestions. It would be nice if you touch the address bar that it highlights all the text so you can just start typing to enter a new address. Also, when entering the address, if you use spaces instead of dots it should show an option for what you enter with the dots. For example, I type "www bing com" into the address bar, an option should pop up with "www.bing.com" so you can just touch that to go to that site. Also, it should have the option to change the default search engine. I would also like the option for the active frame to show the thumbnail of the page instead of the evolution browser icon all of the time. And lastly, the options menu when you hit the three dots should go away automatically when you touch outside of it instead of requiring you to scroll to the bottom and hit exit menu.

Otherwise, it seems pretty quick. Not bad. But I'm going to stick with the standard browser unless the address bar things change. Right now it's far too much hassle for me to have to first clear the address bar, then type out every dot given that BB doesn't give us qwerty users a dedicated button for period. Alt-m for every dot is kind of annoying when I'm going from one page to another. I mainly use my phone browser while I'm at work and I go between pages very quickly as I don't have a lot of spare time to browse. So the more efficient the better for me. :-)

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10


How do you close tabs?

Where is auto fill-in as cited by other users?

Looking forward to updates. Definitely worth the two bucks to try out!

Posted via CB10

Stephen Cooper

Add flash and I'm good. Very nice app!!!

Posted via the Super BlackBerry Z10


Yes, flash and flv streaming is a must


Keep your fingers off this browser! It's slow, sluggish, doesn't support flash and has all other kinds of bugs and annoyances!
If you report this or make other constructive comments in BBW, your comments will be deleted by the dev! I wasted my money on this browser because there were almost only 5* ratings (few 4*). The I figured that everything else is deleted by the dev. himself! ShaoSoft is screwing the whole community and nobody does anything to prevent this fraud! I hope we can get this guy out of business somehow!


I don't know if this crook (ShaoSoft) is somehow associated with CB? It almost looks like! Guys like him are destroying this whole community! What good is an app-store where reviews can be deleted by a dev.?? b.t.w. he has even blocked me even from writing reviews! he probably does this for everyone writing critical comments...
We need to create some shitstorm here to destroy this guy!