BroPilot updated with several bug fixes and improvements

By Bla1ze on 18 Jun 2014 08:14 pm EDT

If you've been using BroPilot since release, you'll want to go ahead and load up BlackBerry World to grab the latest update. Aside from the version number getting bumped up to, the updates includes several bug fixes, feature additions and overall improvements. Honestly, the list is pretty massive and I appreciate any developer who takes the time to write a thorough change log. That said, let's take a look at what has changed.

  • Added: Feedback and Bug reporting in Settings
  • Added: Password Protection - require a password to access BroPilot
  • Added: Set whether messages can be re-used within a certain amount of days
  • Added: Select two times for the message send time to be randomized between
  • Added: Message send time is randomized when settings are saved, BroPilot is opened, and nightly at 11:59PM
  • Enhanced: Settings screen reorganized
  • Enhanced: Better randomization of messages
  • Enhanced: Optimized Service (And Active Frame) for better resource usage
  • Fixed: Parts of the settings screen difficult to read on Q10 and Z30
  • Fixed: Default time in time pickers was actually 00 instead of the current time
  • Fixed: If a multi-person SMS or MMS conversation contained the girlfriend, the message was sent to the entire group.

See? Massive change log and a lot of it was based on user feedback which is just plain awesome. The update is live now in BlackBerry World so should be showing for everyone in the updates section, if not just go ahead and refresh BlackBerry World.

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Reader comments

BroPilot updated with several bug fixes and improvements


Would love it integrated BBM contacts as I communicate with my girlfriend via BBM. Tried out the app and she responded "you never text me". Haha

Posted via CB10

Yeah if this could be used with bbm I would consider it. I don't ever use sms for anything other than receiving annoying carrier spam.

Posted via CB10

The limitation is actually BBM, not the app. BBM doesn't allow such integration that SMS does.

We don't get the full story? What did she say?

Did she realized you used and
auto-schmoozer on her? LOL

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Bla1ze is going for a record today. Tomorrow I expect one every half hour. LOL

Posted from my flagship Z30

Lame and lazy. Whether you're a highly functional Playa or a committed married man this app is a bad idea.

Communication goes 2 ways speaking and listening and this app makes you lazy with one of the surely the other will suffer and you'll have to resort to relieving yourself because the playground will be closed.

A true Playa has attention to detail. A committed dude too. Pay attention to the women!!!

I've been using this app for a week now and it never sends the message I want it to send or it just doesn't send at all.
Waste of money!

Feel free to get in touch via PM here on the forums or through BBW or directly in the app - I'd like to figure out why that's happening and get it fixed!

You can turn BroPilot off if you know you'll be with her for the day or weekend or something, but I'm open to suggestions on how it could be aware of you being with her.

Her bluetooth signal on and the name visible in the vicinity ?

Her "wifey"hotspot SSID?

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Should have integration with other IM 's like whatsapp atleast! Developers kindly look into this!

Posted via CB10

It doesn't prompt for the password after turning it on. The time frames always changes instead of sticking to the time interval. It also doesn't follow the days it's not supposed to send the message.

This would be great if it did all the things it was setup to. Maybe integrate it with the phone clock and calendar.

Posted via CB10