British woman writes a novel on her BlackBerry and gets a publishing deal!

By James Richardson on 2 Nov 2012 06:58 am EDT

This story isn't the first we have heard of an author writing a book on their trusty BlackBerry, but it's inspiring nonetheless. After a bet with her daughter, Georgina Campbell managed to knock out a whopping 55,600 words on her BlackBerry keyboard and for her effort has gotten herself a publishing deal, which is not an easy feat.

The novel, titled 'The Kickdown Girls', revolves around a group of girls growing up in South London. Georgina was inspired after watching the movie 'Attack The Block' and wasn't very impressed with the script, so mother and daughter decided they would challenge each other to do better.

She said that as soon as she started writing on her Blackberry she became ‘immersed' in the task and soon rattled out more than 55,600 words - filling up 200 pages in just four months.

Miss Campbell, from Vauxhall, south London, said: 'Lorra and I were watching this movie Attack The Block and she thought it was brilliant.

'I thought it was rubbish and said that I thought I could write a better script, so we challenged each other to write something.'

Miss Campbell who currently works as a chef at the U.S Embassy in London said:
'I started typing on my Blackberry because it was something I had with me all the time and could easily just take out and start typing anywhere.'

The whole book was written using the BlackBerry MemoPad app which I only ever use for making a list of what I need to pick up from the shops. I'm feeling inspired now!

You can purchase The Kickdown Girls from Amazon here.

Thanks to Laurie for the tip.

Source: The Daily Mail

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British woman writes a novel on her BlackBerry and gets a publishing deal!


I dont know about beating laptops but I thnk its much more quicker and simpler to hammer out what comes out to the mind on a BB than reaching for a laptop everytime.

British *woman writes a novel...

Great story though, reminds me of the leaked BB10 marketing video (where we see the N-series) where the device gets passed from person to person, each person doing something amazing.

If a 55.600 word novel can be written on a BlackBerry smartphone with physical keyboard the nay-sayers claiming that BlackBerry smartphones and tablets are unsuitable for "taking notes and writing essays or research papers" might need to rethink their arguments.

@steppi Yes, I fully agree with you. The marketing team at RIM need to keep a watchful eye on these extraordinary measures using the keyboard. This is something people will talk about and share as this warrants enough bragging rights. I for one wrote the majority of my TK concept write-ups on my BlackBerry using both the Doc2Go and WordPress app doing a lot of cutting and pasting. This is true BlackBerry power!

While I think it's a brilliant idea, my brain is telling me that something like this would escalate my carpal tunnel to the next level.

*cough*wroteawholetrilogyandthensome*cough* 305,000 words, not including my novella and the other stuff I've written since then. Just the basic trilogy. 305,000 words. And in all technicality, 55,600 isn't novel length; to be considered a novel in trade publishing, a book must be a minimum of 60,000 words (though most publishers require a minimum of 70,000 words--I know my publisher did) to be considered a novel. She's written what's considered either "long fiction" or "novella." Which are great, and I applaud her, but as a career writer, felt the need to correct. :P

And since the article with my own books has outdated links (since that was written before it was published), you can actually pick up the first novel I wrote on my BlackBerry, The Becoming, from Amazon for only $4.99 in ebook format (paperbacks available). We just hired a new cover artist and re-released it and The Becoming: Ground Zero with new covers (check the "also boughts" on the Amazon page for the link to the ebook of book two, which was also written on BlackBerry), and I personally think they're SMASHING lol. And so ends my shameless self promotion. :P

I do applaud the author of The Kickdown Girls, though. I'm sure, like me, she's discovered it is NOT an easy task writing an entire novel on a BlackBerry, let alone 3+ (I say plus because my current works-in-progress are also being written on my BlackBerry). My poor thumbs will never be the same! I hope she works with the self-publishing service she hired to not only get the book out in ebook format but to get it on Amazon's US website, so she can experience the great sales I myself have had since my own book's release. (Let's face it, you can't sell crap nowadays unless you get your book out there in electronic format.) When and if that happens, I plan to pick the book up and check it out. :)

As sort of a side note, because I re-read the article and cringed inside and I figure this is worth mentioning for aspiring authors who may come across this article:

The author of The Kickdown Girls did not get "a publishing deal." Memoirs Publishing, the "publisher" of the book (which in all technicality is a printer, not a publisher), is a pay-to-publish service where they charge you for editing, formatting, layout, production, etc. This is, I have to stress, NOT the way the traditional publishing industry works. If you are an author and are ever approached by a publisher and they ask you for money, take your manuscript and RUN, not walk, as far away from them as possible. You should not be paying a publisher a single cent to be published. I have not laid out a single penny to Permuted Press to have The Becoming or its sequels published by them. THEY paid ME, as it should always be.

The same generally applies to literary agents too. If a literary agent ever asks you for money to represent you, don't sign up with them. The way an agent works is to take a certain percentage (usually 15%) of whatever book deal they work out with a publisher, so they actually have some motivation to sell your novel to a publisher rather than just let it sit there while you pay them.

This is your pithy publishing industry wisdom for the day. Have a nice 'un! :P

Hey, it's you! I'm having fun reading your first novel--poor dude Kevin Michaluk.

Has RIM even approached you to find out how you did this with a BlackBerry keyboard? This definitely needs to be featured in RIM's marketing campaign.

Keep the thumbs going!

Writing books and blogging on the blackberry especially pages of it, gets tiring after a while. I write up long wordpresses sometimes.

Impressive - I managed to write a diary for 12 months while i went travelling, ended up with over 250, 000 words when i uploaded it to my PC when i got back - 338 pages of A4 in the end, going to take me a while to edit. All i used was the memo pad.

Hello im the author of The KickDown Girls, to get things on the right road, i have not won a publishing deal where that came from i do not know! my little one and i watched a film, she loved it i didnt, we had a bet to see if one or both of us could right something, we didnt know what or even know how to go about it, but i still f. and one last thing be followed it through and the end thing was the kickdown girls, yes i paid for me work to get published whats wrong with that, memoirs books have helped me put my work out there and if people like it they will buy it, i put my mind to something and done it, im proud and so are my children, they know if you put your mind to something an follow it to the end whole hearted, all ive done was write from my heart on my phone cos it was always there, so for all of you who have good to say thank you, im just doing what i love to do no more no less,one last thing before i go memoirs books and authorhouse have nuffin to do with each other, i went with memoirs because, as i found out working with them, they do it as you ask no messing about up front lovely people whom i will use again.
Georgina Campbell

Absolutely nothing wrong with putting some cash to get your work published!

We love the way you use your BlackBerry, keep the fun going!

just read over what i wrote lol funny see just a person as everyone else, not a big time writer just me, make of me what you will, love me or hate me its kool cos i love me xxxxxxxx