British Airways app now available for BlackBerry 10

By Bla1ze on 18 Jun 2013 07:11 pm EDT

If you frequent flights on British Airways, you'll be pleased to know their app has now arrived in BlackBerry World. As for what you can do with the app, it's full of all the features you'd expect really from an airline app such as flight information, boarding pass access and more. You can check out the full list of features below:

  • Dynamic home page and mobile boarding passes - Get useful information about your next flight including live departure time and gate numbers (from Heathrow Terminal 5). With just one click, you can access your mobile boarding pass which lets you go from security right through to the plane using just your BlackBerry® . See for the full list of routes accepting the mobile boarding pass.
  • My flights - Review your upcoming flight bookings and add them to your BlackBerry® calendar. You can also receive calendar alerts when check-in is open for your flight.
  • Executive club -  Easy access to information about your Tier Points, BA Miles, and Executive Club details. Silver and Gold members also get easy access to the Wi-Fi passwords for our lounges.
  • Flight information - Find live arrival or departure times for any flight in the next eight days.
  • Timetables - Access the British Airways worldwide timetable. 

In case you're wondering, yes it is an Android port so if you don't fancy running it you can pass over it. If that doesn't really concern you, you can find the app available now on BlackBerry World for both the BlackBerry Q10 and the BlackBerry Z10.

Download the British Airways app for BlackBerry 10



would be nicer to see if it would be native

DJ Reyes

Finally, but agree wish it was native. Still useful. Used the sideload for Live for my boarding pass.

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At last! Loved using it on my Torch.

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Very well done, doesn't feel like an android port at all.

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Looks like an OS 7 app

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These darn ports. But I guess until market share increase there will be little to no native development :(

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This has less to do with market share for the OS, but more to do with actual and absolute download figures. More downloads = more chances for a native one...

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I can live with ports....for now. ba is known for crappy it so better to have something that works.

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Q10 baby

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android apps as ports don't both me in that sense, but the blanket permissions compared to a native app being selective permissions mean I rarely use ports.

Louis Belshaw1

Honestly I used to use ba all the time, but they are like budget airlines now, bad quality and expensive. I never use them anymore.. but thanks for the post and app, good to know!

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Excellent. This was my top app that was missing

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Oh yes. Thanks Blackberry!

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this article is incorrect. In fact, this app isn't available for the Q10. Z10 only!

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Jan Larsson

Works great on my Z10 however the calendar update for my booked flights don't work ... this happened like magic on my old 9800 however on the Z10 I can't seem to get it working and there's not settings that I find in the app to turn it on (or off) so need a bit of help please.