Bring your BBM to Life with BBMShirts!

By Kevin Michaluk on 14 Sep 2011 08:32 pm EDT

It's nearly twelve months to the day that we posted the BlackBerry loving Ping Me Baby! BBM Theme Song here on the CrackBerry blogs. The song went on to get a lot of play, even getting the song's mastermind Riz up on stage to perform it live at BlackBerry DevCon 2010.

A year later, Riz is back at it with a new BBM-related endeavor. This time it's not a song, but a new initiative surrounding t-shirts. He's launched where you can easily order up a t-shirt with your own BBM barcode on it. You can check out video above to get a good overview of what it's all about. I just ordered up two for myself - pretty stoked to wear them around (gotta mix it up with the RIMPIRE Strikes Back and #1 BlackBerry Fanboy shirts). I sure hope to see a lot of BBM Barcodes on T-Shirts out in public. I'll definitely be scanning any I see. Be warned ladies... :)

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Bring your BBM to Life with BBMShirts!


People are so funny! They think $20.00 is too much for a one off custom printed Tee Shirt!
This shirt should be $30.00 or more!

I think it's a cool idea. Wear it at a bar, a gentlemen's club, or a job fair or a networking meeting.

I think it's a great idea and the price is very reasonable. We buy t-shirts printed with someone else graphic all the time like Ed-Hardy or Nike for much more. At least this shirt is about me and customized to my Pin. I've already ordered one. Another great post @Crackberry!!

hahahahah, when NFC kicks in everybody will be tapping their phones together and these shirts will be obsolete, hahahahahahahajaj

So if I come up to a good looking chick with a QR code on her t-shirt, I wouldn't be out of place if I asked if I could scan her chest?

RIM India did this for free!

And you could choose from a variety of stuff like keychains, mugs and of course T-Shirts.

Just had to register with full address and of course your BB details and voila in 2 weeks i got me a BB Bar Code T-Shirt!

The promo was called "Flaunt your BB" or something

This is a cool concept. Nerdy as it is, it's screems of stand out in the crowd type personnalities. I love it. Going to order a couple today. The only issue I see is if you or someones says "No". The Scanner doesn't have a flash and doesn't make a sound. This could lead to some ramdom adds but maybe that's part of the fun. Wouldn't mind a "Rimpire" barcode shirt though. I'm a "bin there, done that, and got the T-shirt" kind of guy."

I might think so, cause i notice that to he only get scanned by guys :)
Or the pp who put this animation together dint thought about it.
If im gonna see a chick with one of this T-Shirts i definitely gonna scan their Bo*@s(Barcode).

It's funny that the only thing you take away from such a brilliantly executed 'How-To' video is whether an animated fictional character was Gay or not. And if he was Gay, is there anything wrong with that? Gay guys do use Blackberry too you know.

Cool idea. My company (Mr. Creativitee - offers custom QR Code tees for just a fraction of the cost ($12.99) and you can have anything you want coded to pop up when scanned. Websites, a certain message, business card information, etc.