Bring paid apps to your BlackBerry for free with App Stalker

App Stalker
By ObiGeorge on 24 Mar 2011 10:55 am EDT

App stalker is an interesting application, just released by S4BB Limited. The app actively scans BlackBerry App World and will list any applications that have moved from the paid section to free, or any that have dramatically dropped in price. It will sort these applications accordingly and you can quickly switch between "Free Now" and "Price Drop" via the tabs at the bottom of the app screen.

Prices for apps drop all the time, and App Stalker is a very easy way to be notified of these special deals. No longer will you need to keep checking on that app you want that you just can't justify buying. Now you can sit back and let App Stalker tell you when it is the right time to go get it. It is compatible with most BlackBerry devices and free to download from the link below.

Download App Stalker for free at App World

Reader comments

Bring paid apps to your BlackBerry for free with App Stalker


I stay away from S4BB apps as they spam you to death with emails after you download an app from them.

I am subscribed to their newsletter the third time i guess now. Once in a while I am fed up with emails (I have a lot subscriptions) and just click on unsubscribe. Emails stoped and i never heard from them again.

That app is definetly worth to get it! Works good on my Bold 9780 and i already got a nice theme for free. :)

I may try this, but this is yet another in a long line of apps (including QuickPull, Show Me the Images, PodTrapper, and BerryReader) that NEVER SHOULD HAVE BEEN NECESSARY had RIM done a passable job in the first place with their 1st party apps and operating system. This app virtually does nothing but make up (partially) for the total disaster that is BlackBerry App World. Compare App World to something like iTunes or Android Marketplace, and it's a miracle BB users EVER find new apps. Seriously, you could release Angry Birds tomorrow for free, and 6 months later I bet the vast majority of BB users (many of which are not tech saavy or tech curious) would still have no clue it was available. Not unless they happened to see it as one of 35 "Featured Apps" or if they purposefully searched for "Games" and sorted by release date or popularity.

I agree. I really wish that RIM would make Blackberry App World like Apple's App Store. It is organized really well, which makes it easier to find things. I think if RIM did this we could see more blackberry users.

BEWARE! Apps from S4BB. There apps work fine for a few months then the apps starts to send data (unkown data) from your phone to their site via 3G stealing your data plan. I when over my data plan just two weeks after my cycle started. I couldn"t figure what was causing it. I removed almost every app in phone. The worst part was I would turn off the 3G network and the darn thing would turn back on in 10 munites,by itself. As soon as I removed the app from S4BB, the problem stopped!

It seems like S4BB has huge issues with their app users. I don't know about them, but for now, I will stay away from them.

I never had issues with S4BB apps either. As for their emails: I had to opt-in for getting emails; without that I assume I wouldn't have received any. I can see unsubscribe links in every email they sent so far - so I guess clicking on that would just take me off their list. I didn't try that yet because I actually like their emails - new apps every week. That's pretty impressive.

App Stalker: very neat idea and free app. I love it!

Regarding Android Market: I have to say that the Android Market on my Nexus One is working, but I prefer App World on my Torch. But I like by CrackBerry more than the Android phone anyways - mainly because of the awesome keyboard :)

Went to an app (or maybe it was a theme) from App Stalker-it took me to bb app world and the app was STILL $2.99! Contacted their support and they wrote back I would need to contact the maker or RIM themselves. Don't know how to do this. As is I had to have wifey upgrade my 8520 to new OS 5, I'm not tech savy like she is. Argh!