Bring the look and feel of iOS to your BlackBerry with B7i by HedoneDesign

HedoneDesign B7i
By Alicia Erlich on 29 Apr 2012 02:07 pm EDT

One of the things I love doing is going through BlackBerry App World and the forums week after week to find you guys the latest and greatest themes by all the wonderful and imaginative developers out there. One such discovery is by popular developer HedoneDesign, who is just one of many who've been able to provide all of us theme lovers with OS7 devices our daily fix. B7i is their brand new iPhone style theme so be sure to click on the break for more details.

HedoneDesign B7i home screen

While some of the naysayers out there may not prefer ones that replicate other OS's, they may change their mind when they see what an amazing job the team has done with B7i. The interface and look of B7i is based upon the BlackBerry 7 basic theme. Therefore, while the graphical parts have been customized (i.e. icons and backgrounds) to match all of the iPhone elements, all of the great features of BlackBerry 7 remain untouched (i.e. menus, dialog boxes, fonts and more are all taken from the stock theme) to give you the perfect balance of both worlds. 

HedoneDesign folders

It's the intricate details and the precision in which they're executed that really have me sold. From the green dot when hovering over an icon and the small top banner that allows more icons to be shown in the panel, to how the battery and signal meters are in different positions and how the fonts do not cut off. This truly brings the look and feel of iOS to your device without sacrificing the functionality and what you love about BlackBerry.

As a theme addict I would highly recommend adding this to your collection. Regardless of how you feel about replica themes you have to admit they did an excellent job of reworking all the aspects of the basic BlackBerry 7 theme with nothing but the workaround. I've never seen such a sharp and clear display on my BlackBerry Bold 9900 or the graphics so crisp and clear. After showing it to an iPhone user friend of mine even she was amazed by how similar it looked to her device.

HedoneDesign B7i notifications

The only minor issue some may have is that the font when you click on the notifications bar is a little small. For me it's not a problem though and other than that there are no other noticeable glitches or issues that I've experienced. Some may balk at the $6.99 price tag but HedoneDesign has always provided quality themes over the years and this one is no exception.

B7i is compatible with the BlackBerry Bold 9650, 9700/80/88/90, 9900/30/81, and Curve 9350/60/70 with more OS6 and OS7 devices to come.  They've optimized the graphics for OS7 and there's a noticeable uptick in speed and battery life. Instead of the same old boring stock theme why not give this a try?

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Reader comments

Bring the look and feel of iOS to your BlackBerry with B7i by HedoneDesign


Apparently you guys don't realize that the top selling themes in Mobihand are iOS replicas, and they have been the top selling themes for as long as I can remember. In fact, 5 of the top 15 best selling themes are iOS replicas, along with 1 Android and 1 Windows phone. Hedone Designs are one of the top theme developers, and their quality is well above par. (PS not singling you out PsyCorps, just wanted my 2 cents towards the top :P)

don't get me wrong, nothing but respect for the people at Hedone Designs, it's a beautiful theme, no doubt about it, but ios on your berry? nah...

I'm sure the majority of BB users use app world and not mobihand so what the top 15 themes are that are downloaded there is irrelevant?! Just saying.

I went away from other phones because of many reasons, but one is :I like the look of BlackBerry.
I would be ashamed to have this theme.

The author was only describing what was found in app world and reporting on same, not her fault although she should have realized that it could start WW3 on this site! Thanks for the info option and the report....

I love CB, but you guys (and girls) provide a lot of information about iproducts. Please don't change the name to iCrackBerry.

BB till the end!

I was referring to previous posts and now seeing on "CB" this... I wonder if they post apps to convert your icons to BBies on iMore?

Have a nice day!

no, because u see people with iphones arent wishing they had BBs. where as most BB users are stuck in contracts and wishing they had iphones. hence themes such as this.

nice try tho.

That is a ridiculous comment. Perhaps when first generation iPhone came out you could've said that, but no one's been stuck in a contract for this long. In fact, at&the offers early upgrades if you switch to iPhone. Well I for one have passed up this opportunity twice. If I wanted an iPhone. I would have one. However, I'm on my fourth berry, am currently stuck in a contract loving my 9810 and will be paying full price when A qwerty BB10 arrives.

I did purchase this theme. Very professional and not a lot of bugs that you may find on some themes. Hedone takes their time and did a very good job. Not a lot of themes for 9850 and I say thank you!

Thank you! See... That is what counts... People who actually have this theme will tell you that we really do spend a lot of time creating and testing themes.

But it's worth it because it makes people think you have an iDevice. There is no other reason to make your OS look like iOS. Shame. Ripping off Apple's icons? It's the stuff lawsuites are made of.

LOL, look everyone, a wanna be lawyer that has NO CLUE what they are talking about. I wish this was a first, but that just goes to show that Apple products really are for idiots that have very little education and even less common sense. LAWSUIT, LOL....

Hey you all... I just wanna remind you all that creating themes at this moment is pain... But we (and other developers) do it anyway. Why? To satisfy your needs.

No matter what price we put to a product and no matter if this is iOS UI theme I still think some comments here are not needed. Just MHO.

Not sure about the rest of the icons, but the pixels for safari "original" and "your material" look the same?

No need for a justification here buddy. I've been a user of ur themes (prana and carbon to be pricise). Though ther prices were a bit steep it was worth.
Please don't feed the jokers here. These are scavengers looking for a free flesh. If this theme were free every other user will be going gaga about u and praising u.

Don't feed the trolls. They have nothing better to do than to stick their thumbs up their arses. Even if I don't buy that many themes, your theme deserves respect and appreciation.

I will be honest after reading the review I was curious and then I saw the price. When I read the comments I was reminded why I love my BlackBerry and that's because it's a BlackBerry. I use Mini Banner Live and I'm considerably satisfied with the theme. I can't stand iphone or apple for that matter, any company that has to sue at the drop of a hat can keep their crap toys because I don't need it.

Hey, this is great if you want people to think you are also getting the shaft on price fixing e-books while at the same time restricting the stores of all books sellers except the apple one.

The BlackBerry has the most efficient system to me and I don't want to support anything that looks like an iDevice because of their corporate behavior.

No way!

god i love reading defensive fan boy comments! you guys crack me up!!

this looks nice, i personally like iOS and would love to have this on my BB, but then i saw th 6.99 price tag and laughed.

once again BB comes last and overpriced as hell while doing it.

for 4.99 i got garageband, for my iphone and ipad. that is a serious program with a ton of functionality.

this 6.99 theme for my BB that RIM doesnt even officially support (as they have no intention to release theme builder as far as i can see) gets me what? smaller fonts and somewhat ios looking icons?

fail fail fail fail

No thanks on the theme, but could somebody make an os 7.1 theme with os 5 icons? I would also like to see a 950 running BB10 "monochrome edition" - psyche

I don't like iphones icons and interface, they're lame, apple's lame


in the time of your life, live so that in that good time, there should be no ugliness or death for yourself or for any life that your life touches, seek goodness everywhere

apple's lame?

nah not really, they are the most succesful company in the world.

wanna know what i think is lame?

...releasing the playbook with no PIM apps at 499$ taking advantage of loyal fans.

...not releasing theme builder for os7, but creating a theme page in app world.

...repeatedly releasing minor upgrades of the same phone multiple times in a year.

...not having an autofocus camera in my 300$ top of the line bold.

...still doing battery pulls in os7.1. 9930s battery lasting half a day.

Haha bring'n iphones outdated UI to a blackberry? Respects to the developers but this is a big NO in my books. Anyone see any BB themes on any ios devices?? This was a big mistake!

the iphone UI is a static grid of icons atop a homescreen with a pull down menu for notifications.

BB UI is a static grid of icons atop a homescreen, with a drop down menu for notifications.

the only major differences between the two is that BBs have profiles, whereas iphone has a silent switch. that, and on OS7 the manage connections menu was introduced. this feature can be mimiced very easily in ios with SBSettings, if jailbroken.

by the way there are many many ios themes for BB, and yes there are BB themes for iphone, if you jailbreak.

the only mistake here is the price.

I'm sure the majority of BB users use app world and not mobihand so what the top 15 themes are that are downloaded there is irrelevant?! Just saying.

What's the big deal with peeps posting first? Get a life.

And to the Devs, why do you skip themes for the 9810? If you're gonna dev for 7.1 os you may as well include the Torch.

Why do people want to transform BB into Iphone? if they want iphone so much why dont they just switch over.... IMAO :-p


Is it THAT hard? Seriously? Get a life people. -.-

Maybe you should take your own advice and calm down it seems you got wound up from reading a few posts - after all, it is just a theme.

Sure you must have put loads of efforts to create this theme without Theme Builder but 6.99 for a theme, that too a theme which makes your Original Blackberry a replica of Iphone?

Maybe Crackberry got paid to get this post of their Homepage.

yea $7 for a simple icon swap and mini banner is crazy. Hedone makes good themes but hell this is just stupid.

and the title of this "review" is a lie as this theme will NOT make your phone feel or even look like an ios device.

seriously this whole thing is a joke

I like theme's, but until Theme Builder 7 is released, most themes don't have full functionality. I am not saying this to downplay the hard work to create this theme. It is obviously a well done theme by a great theme maker. However, the price for this theme is very steep, in my opinion.

Not a fan of iOS themes but i do say thanks to the developer for taking his time to make a theme for the blackberry. We need as many developers as we can get to make apps, themes, ect... Nice work!!

You know what? If I was developing anything for BB I would trash it after reading some of these ungrateful fanboy comments. Some of you really need to grow up. Insulting the designer because you have an irrational hatred for another manufacturer is disrespectful. Yes, I said irrational. Some of you need to step back into the world of reality and stop hand jobbing your cell phones.

Heads up - I have this theme. I really like this theme. It makes it easier to go back and forth between my BB and my iPhone. Putting a clean, well designed theme on your effin' BB that happens to look like the clean, well designed iPhone UI doesn't mean you are somehow disrespecting your BB - and the fact that anyone is seriously thinking they are insulting their cell phone to me screams a needs for psychiatric help.

With all the whining and bitching that happens towards apps and themes, it's no wonder there's a lack of quality apps and developers. Unbelievable.

Good job on the theme, Hedone. Sorry you have to deal with angry fanboys.

I'm glad you like our theme. Thank you!

As for comments... We are all BB fanboys... We are developing themes for more than 4 years now and its almost one year since i-Mentalist published first application. And if that doesn't say enough about us been fanboys than I don't know what does. ;)

And yes... I actually love all this comments in a way... This comments are telling me that BB community still have a lot of love for RIM!!!! ;)

Reading Instructions:
Step 1 *apply liberal dose of sarcasm* Step 2 Read the following:

Awesome! Now I can jump on the iBandwagon too! Oh joy!! I love you Steve!

wtf?? please.... really? having owned 3 iphones & moved on, the last thing i want to see is iOS follow me to other platforms

Or rather u searching for traces for ur exOS.
People like u are lame, have no real life, and act like a macho with no guts to scare a rat.