A brief look at the BlackBerry PlayBook boot screen

By Bla1ze on 3 Apr 2011 09:46 pm EDT

If you've been following all the BlackBerry PlayBook action in the forums then you'd know that in Ontario some Research In Motion reps have been hanging out at some of the Best Buy and Future Shop locations demoing the BlackBerry PlayBook for anyone interested. Some of our forums members have decided to swing by those locations and scoop up some hands-on time with the device and gather up some info.

Courtesy of Doug1010, the above video is of the bootup sequence from the PlayBook -- something we meant to capture in previous hands-on but slipped our minds. Either way, as we get closer and close to launch date it's fun to read through some of the details everyone is finding out about the PlayBook and I'm personally sticking to my thoughts that the BlackBerry PlayBook has a lot of features we've not seen nor likely will see until its release.

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A brief look at the BlackBerry PlayBook boot screen


For all the usual haters who will no doubt post below, recall that the first thing Mike L said when describing the playbook is "always on" so you are complaining about 50 seconds of your life.

Honestly your knee-jerk senseless complaints about BB and RIM are really sickening. If RIM products give you so much hate make yourself happy and don't come here.

There is nothing wrong with <1 Minute. I have an iPad and it is about the same. This is a vast improvement over OS5 phones or even 4. Reboot on BB is one thing I can't stand. However, since watching my wifes Torch vs Bold 9700 is night an day. I would take anything under a minute.

I'm fine with 50 seconds, but I want to know if you still have to wait 2-3 minutes after boot up before the lag goes away and you can actually use it.

My iPad 1 took 30 seconds (just timed it, reboot on 4.2.1). But really, who cares? I think I can count on one hand the number of times I've had to restart the thing since I owned it. I'm looking forward to my PlayBook, and the startup time isn't even a consideration for me.

I have to agree. It's almost a full minute... it's still better than blackberry OS on my 8520. But my ipod manages to load iOS 4.2 in 10 seconds. That being said... I don't think it will matter much if applications install without a reboot, and if the OS doesn't constantly crash.

I'm reading "ipod". Did you mean ipad? Blaze just wrote that his ipad takes 42 seconds. Does the extra 18 seconds not constitute "almost a minute"?

I mean iPod. I have the 4th generation iPod touch, but I did mistype the amount of time. I meant 20 seconds, sorry. I just restarted my device to confirm

Eh, my iPod Touch 4G takes at least 40 seconds with iOS 4.3.1 so if I were you I'll update that thing and run it again and see how really fast that thing boots up.

How the hell is that boot screen honeycombish. If you look at that boot screen and the xoom the look nothing alike. The PB boot screen comes from the love what you do marketing ads that came out with the BBM ads. "Honeycombish"

well i'm sure they arent spending weeks pouring over designs for a reboot screen to be seen for one minute. it's not yawn, it's very sleek

lol Yes this is a beta unit. It did not even have cameras :D hehe

The rep said she will have an updated version next week.

it would have been nicer if they showed as it was rebooted i mean how long before they started recording did it start. but thats cool just release it already lol

Hmmm, it's a tablet computer not a phone and this is a boot, I'm sure you very rarely you'd have to do it, there will be a on/off option I'm sure.

1 minute is not bad. It's not a bloody tv! haha

I assume that's not the first time its started up?

Would be nice to see a bar indicator there - sometimes seeing a visual cue like that makes things seem quicker.

Its not a phone, or a tablet running an os originally designed for a phone, or an mp3 player*cough*, it runs an os designed specifically for PlayBook. Seeing what it can do once its loaded i dont think 1min is a terrible time to wait, dont forget it does software updates without a reboot, "supposedly", so to me this is not a bad load time. I dont know about how others will use it, but if they are like me i dont let my devices die, and with an 8-10 hour battery life that'll be easy to do. Assuming the battery life numbers are true, i dont have one yet so im just going by whats been reported. just my two cents. Feel free to correct my knowledge of the device, but DO NOT pull grammar police on me, so what if punctuation, spelling, grammar is off, the message is there and comprehend-able.

What kind of boot was it? I'm sure many of these posted comparisons could be way off. My iPad2 takes 22 seconds when I turn it off and back on, but when I do a hard reset (holding the sleep button and home button until It reboots) it takes 46 seconds. 50+ seconds isn't bad at all.

This only a first time or re-boot screen. If you turn it "off" after reaching the home screen, when you turn it back on, it comes back on instantly.

You're welcome :)

This was a hard re-boot. The rep held down the power button for a bit to turn it off, then switched it back on.

To put it into sleep mode and then to turn it back on again are both instant.

And yes, this is indeed a beta unit. She'll have a retail version by next week.

Next week? God I hope so I am so hoping that Best Buy ships these so we actually get them on the 19th, not ship on the 19th.

I know I should have put in store pick up but I didn't :(

I wish it had a progress bar like they added to BB OS 5.0 to show overall progress of the startup. That would be handy! :)