View phone call notifications on the PlayBook with the latest update to BlackBerry Bridge

By James Richardson on 10 Feb 2014 01:57 pm EST

It was only a short time ago that we asked the CrackBerry Nation if you were still using your PlayBook and the results were very much in favor of the BlackBerry tablet — despite not getting the update to BlackBerry 10

For you folk still rocking the PlayBook you'll want to hit up your BlackBerry 10 smartphones and grab the latest version of BlackBerry Bridge - v3.3.0.30. The new offerings in this update may well be small but it will be a key feature that many folk have wanted since day one and for those of you that use the BlackBerry tablet daily you're going to love this: 

New in v3.3.0.30

  • This new version will allow you to view incoming Phone Call Notifications on the PlayBook when Bridged with a BlackBerry 10 smartphone running 10.2.1

As I said - it may be small, but it's still encouraging to see BlackBerry giving us improvements for the PlayBook - instead of dropping support all together. 

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View phone call notifications on the PlayBook with the latest update to BlackBerry Bridge


It's not a first and we all see what you did there and nobody thinks it's clever.

Posted via CB10 on Z30 STA100-2 / on O2 UK - Activated on BES10.2

Hey quick you shouldn't even reply to them. They are like little kids who need attention. If no one replies to 'first' comments or anything related the little kids will find something else to do

Posted via CB10

Thanks for pointing out the obvious. That is the whole reason I started giving Quick c.rap. The guy gets so pissed off over the first comments which only leads to more pointless comments, just like this one. He still hasn't learned that though. Maybe lease we can hope.

Quick is a troll. don't feed the trolls. But I live that he still hates this. #firstersunite

Stop, drop, and roll.


This Bridge update is great. Now, if BlackBerry could just reward its faithful tablet users with at least one more PlayBook update to make browser and messaging applications work more smoothly, that would be wonderful.

Agreed. and please don't forget to update the very broken FB app on the Playbook. In all honesty I as much as I have found "sufficient" work-arounds with my PB the thing that bothers me the most is that it has a front facing camera that is pretty much pointless since there is no reputable video conferencing app to utilize it(if you don't know anyone with a PB that is). Somebody HACK me a Skype app please :)

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It actually kind of is though... this feature was not present with the legacy BBOS correct me if I'm wrong though...

no he's right. BBOS allowed you to see a notification when you were receiving a call. It did not allow you to answer it on the phone in speakerphone mode. Correction corrected.

It is too bad BBRY kinda squashed the tablet project as I see a ton of potential for a spec'd up PB2 running BB10... or better yet, a jacked up Bridge app using a tablet as a larger screen to run apps, etc from your BB10 device.

Posted via CB10

I agree. I use my PB everyday, and it would be great to either have some updates for the PB or a new PB fully functional at launch.

Posted via CB10 ~ visit my portrait channel C0011B779

I would love to see a fully baked- at- launch Porche model PlayBook. If there had been an updated PlayBook available at the time, I wouldn't have gotten an iPad Mini as a secondary tablet. (By updated, I don't just mean a LTE version.)

For the love of all that is scared BlackBerry should drop any further Porche designed smartphones and tablets from their plans. If people want to spend USD1K but an Apple iProduct.

I used to love this feature on my 9930, but when I got my z10 and now z30 I found the playbook less and less useful with bridge features broken, no updates, etc so I got this new 32gb 2nd gen Nexus 7 with great graphics and latest kitkat OS for like $200 on black Friday, sold my 64gb playbook with accessories for about same amount, never looked back until now, anyone got a really cheap playbook for sale? ;)

I think its clever dejanh :) LOL. However these updates still dont entice me to buy a playbook right now...I will wait for a BB10 tablet if that day ever comes to be honest.....:(...

Did you just "unintentionally" go for a first there? Because I you did it was very smart

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>>> As I said - it may be small, but it's still encouraging to see BlackBerry giving us improvements for the PlayBook - instead of dropping support all together.>>

I agree, there should be further development for PB. That being said, the PB is so far behind the Galaxy and iPad products that it is doubtful that it can be resurrected.
I have my PB and my wife has her's. I put mine away. My wife still uses her PB to view on-line videos.
It will take a lot of PB upgrades to bring me back to use it.

If BlackBerry removed BlackBerry Hub and BlackBerry Android Player from BlackBerry OS 10 then it could run smoothly on the current hardware of the BlackBerry PlayBook. Alternatively, BlackBerry could update the APIs for BlackBerry Tablet OS to support those available for BlackBerry OS 10.

I see what you did there too and I see that quicksilver chap lurking below and I see myself giggling quite a bit!

Posted by the inimitable Z10 handheld system

QuIcKsIlV3r is like Microsoft Clippy...he keeps popping up in an attempt to remain relevant. But just as Microsoft Bob faded into oblivion so shall QuIcKsIlV3r. Adieu.

Couldn't the PB do this earlier on before an update stopped it, or am I imagining things.

Posted via CB10

It could, but only with legacy BlackBerry devices. First time it's been available for BB10 phones, though.

Looks like BlackBerry is slowly but surely reinstating Bridge functionality. As others have said, let's hope for the same with BlackBerry Protect!

I would still like to see a BlackBerry Protect update so I can automatically backup notes, calendar and contacts. Good to see these playbook updates still rolling out though....even though I barely use

Posted via CB10

Still using my PlayBook (love the swipe UI). Should give Bridge a try!
Nice indeed to see that BlackBerry keeps on providing some support (they should port the amazing BlackBerry Express - and add templates to it: it has an incredible potential to replace PowerPoint - given there's also a desktop version...)

Posted via CB10

More updates for Playbook please. I use mine religiously for work , travel , and lazyness moments.

More updates more.....did I say more?

There are Android versions Twitter and Facebook you can sideload that work well if a little slowly.

Posted via CB10 on Z30 STA100-2 / on O2 UK - Activated on BES10.2

Good to see. The fact that they're still working on bridge gives me some hope that eventually we might get a BlackBerry 10 tablet in the future.

Posted via CB10

And they wonder why they are in deep s..t. Seriously, how could they have messed up the one good thing going for the playbook? Still waiting for bridge to be fully functional again as it was with BBOS.

They probably wanted to do it differently with BlackBerry 10 on the PlayBook. When they realized that they can't bring BlackBerry 10 to the PlayBook, they restarted the work on Bridge for BlackBerry 10.

Posted via CB10

Yeah, they are probably still clueless as to why they got in the current situation. Maybe you should give them a hit of your billion-dollars company management knowledge, just so they get out of this?

In the meantime, I'm surprised and happy to get an update for a dead (but good) product that didn't sell well, when their focus is elsewhere with BBM, QNX, BB10 and BES, and any effort put on the past (read: PlayBook) doesn't make them go forward with their restructuration to be profitable and flourish again.

Posted via CB10 on my Z30

Have you tried the following?

1. Talk dirty to it.
2. Rub it in it's special spot.
3. Blow in its speaker grills.
4. Take it out for a couple dates and buy it some flowers.
5. Buy it a big diamond ring.

Any combination of the above should work..

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Do what I did and search for it in BlackBerry World. Just type "bridge" in the search bar.

Posted via CB10

So am I right in saying that you will see a notification for an incoming call but you can't answer that incoming call to your phone on your PlayBook?

I always thought Bridge would allow that

Posted via CB10

It was requested in the beta zone but never came to fruition, among a host of other feature requests. I hope there is loads more to come.

Posted via CB10

This pisses me off because I'm still waiting for official 10.2.1 on AT&T and a Z30. I'm thinking about having my lawyers rip the AT&T CEO's rectum out for this.

Posted via AT&T BlackBerry Z10 Smartphone

Save your Sachesi. Been running an official Rogers version of OS10.2.1 on my ATT Z10 since the first day it was released. It is silly to wait for shitty US carriers to get off their thumbs. Sachesi..... I love you so.. :-)

Posted via CB10

Someone needs to reverse engineer how the bridge app is capable of pulling the caller id, so we can get it into pebble/talk2watch.

I remember the days when I would get a bridge update and 12 hours later a PlayBook update! Could this be happening LOL!

Posted via CB10

I hope BlackBerry will update the Playbook! It will be a pity if they just leave this and throw their only tablet in the water!


Well the obvious: ability to access smartphone email accounts on the PB. By that I mean not having to use PB mail as an additional client, but literally being able to read your smartphone emails on the tablet. It was possible with BlackBerry OS, after all.

Posted by the inimitable Z10 handheld system

Just wiped the dust off my playbook to check this out...and I thought I would never touch my Playbook again.

The latest version for me is released today not

Posted via CB10 on Z30 STA100-2 / on O2 UK - Activated on BES10.2

This is great, but I haven't been able to see notifications from BBM or SMS when bridged for about the last 6 months! Has this also been fixed?

Posted via CB10

Bug with BBM and SMS notifications still there. If I reboot my Z30 or Z10 and bridge re-connects when boot up completes, there are no more notifications and sparks when unread BBM and SMS are present. I can only get these back if I go into the Bridge app, turn off Bridge then turn it back on.

Posted via CB10

If I had the browser work faster I'd use it more. I do use it all the time for travelling though. Nice to see. Had the update available on Rogers in toronto

From my new z30

I nearly forgot I had a PlayBook. I was so busy messing around with the Z 10 for months. Hopefully I will turn on.

Posted via CB10

To me this says the concept of a future BlackBerry tab is not dead. I don't expect more to come to my current 3 PBs unless BlackBerry needs to for Beta testing. The tab market is in a different stage than when the PB launched, but I sure hope they decide it would be economically feasible. To me, Bridge alone could still be a game changer.

Posted via CB10 with "Z" best

Wow very nice surprise, I really liked the phone feature when using the PlayBook and the phone would ring clear across the room.

Posted Via CB10 Using my Great Z30, PB or Q10

Why can't they just allow us to answer the call! It's great that I can see who's calling but I want to be able to answer the call as well!

Posted via CB10

Charging up my PB, will check it out tomorrow. Oh no wait - it's already tomorrow - another late night programming binge - well later then. My PB and I both need more energy...

Z10 STL100-2 DTAC 3G

Glad to see BB still supporting the PlayBook and Bridge functionality. Still use my PlayBook but hoping for a new PlayBook - maybe next year? Please?

I'm really happy that BlackBerry has updated the Bridge software. I still use my PlayBook a lot and I'm happy that BlackBerry is adding more features to the Bridge software. I also have an Acer tablet (Android) and I much rather use my PlayBook. It's nice that BlackBerry is still supporting us PlayBook users.

Posted via CB10

Honestly, its nice to get a bridge update again.
But it is pointless.

I mean I'm happy to get SOMETHING, but what the hell is the point of notifications if I can't answer.

The whole point of bridge is to be connect to your phone when using your playbook and chances are you do not have your phone on or near you (its charging, its up/downstairs, other room, etc).

Cool, so and so is calling....but I still gotta run upstairs to get my phone instead of using bridge to push the call to the playbook and enable the playbook mic.

giving us back email would have been MUCH better

I'll take what I can get though haha. PLAYBOOK UPDATE NEXT PLZ!!!

Yep... but you still can send on email to tell so and so that you're busy!!!

Posted via CB10 using my Z10STL100-2/

Since the update I can't hold a Bridge connection with my Playbook long enough to create a simple text. Bridge just keeps turning off on my Z10. Have rebooted both devices. Sigh.

For those having trouble:
I had to install the update to BlackBerry World showed up after checking several times) before the Bridge update showed.
If you can't get or bold a Bridge connection, delete the connection on hour PB then click ADD NEW DEVICE. Make sure both devices are discoverable.
Looks like I am going to have to disable password on my Z10 to keep from getting interrupted with it locking and stopping Bridge functions? Anyone know another setting?
BTW thanks BlackBerry for still thinking our PBs have value!

Posted via CB10 with "Z" best

Still getting plenty of use from my PlayBook. Although it is a welcomed and appreciated update, I'd be a lot more impressed if I could actually pick up that call from the PB.. That'd be a nice one! And this feature was in fact available with my previous 9900.

Great I use mine all the time and will take whatever crumbs (updates) that fall off the table. Now if I could only find an app like vlingo was for BB10.

Posted via CB10

Please please please BlackBerry, update the browser and Android runtime. Just that would make the vast majority of PlayBook owners happy... once again.

Posted via CB10

(Just a few of my thoughts-review for the playbook in general)
I just want to be able to use my playbook as a WEB CAMERA for my pc-skype, through usb at least (not wifi)....It's a shame that it is not possible.
-The browser keeps crashing from time to time with heavy-flash-sites.It is normal since... no more updates.sooo flash is off in general now to keep it stable :(
-battery is super
-speakers super
-screen...ok a little ghosting effect :S
-a few new apps from time to time can be found to install/sideload so its almost ok.
-> Just give us the ability to use it as a web camera.(cameras are GOOOD)... I can even do it with a 3rd party app with a 8520 (using wifi or usb)...
-AAA i forgot... bluetooth internet tethering is also a super thing for the summer ;)

And my opinion:If i had a bb10 device i would not even use my playbook and probably would have sold it at a kid just to play angry birds and other games... since Z10 would have been a lot faster and more stable at browsing...BUT i would buy a second battery instantly :P
Still waiting for the prices for BB10 phones to drop at normal levels... 375-559 euros for a (new) Z10 from greek stores and not being able to even find a Z10 somewhere to touch it..okkkkk ridiculous!!! I dont want to buy a Z10 from another country ( i mean from greek online stores, since i want a normal warranty-faster service)
And also we have been told from a well known carrier that "blackberry selected to bring to greece stl100-1"'t it a carrier's choice?stl100-1 that means 3g model.xoxoxoxox...
I don't know if i should laugh,cry or get mad :P...At least i can see BB10 phones in youtube and crackberry in action :p Keep walking CB and BB!

This makes me wonder. Why the updates to Bridge if the PlayBook is no longer going to be receiving updates? I have my fingers crossed for a PlayBook 2 with the ability to install apks and run BB10. One can dream...

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10! 

As has been mentioned, un leash the playbook! Allow it to act as a ghost for the phone handsets! The bigger form factor is great and I'd there ever was a new playbook that ran BB10, that would be awesome! Hey, if Foxconn is making a low cost handset that will run BB10, odds are that it will only have 1 gig of ram, this may allow us playbook users to get BB10 as well. If it can come to a low cost 1 gig of ram handset than why not the Playbook? Better yet, just allow me to use BB10 functions, apps and such on playbook but use processing power and BB10 from my BlackBerry handset!!! Should be possible!!!!

Posted via CB10

I have a PlayBook, and while I enjoy the updates, most of the time I have a keyboard, mouse and monitor connected to my Z30 when I need a bigger screen. I hope BlackBerry makes a "laptop " without brains that you can plug your phone into, it works so well I can't believe they don't capitalize on it. I'd happily pay a couple hundred bucks for this accessory if they brought it out.... all things said though, I do appreciate the ongoing PlayBook support :)

Posted via CB10

No. No. No. BlackBerry must never develop a dumb tablet or dumb notebook into which a BlackBerry 10, lilely only future smartphones, is inserted to act as the brains. A separate smart tablet great but not a dumb tablet.

Just tried new bridge. Can't do anything more than before! Only texts and BBM show up. Update shares you can browse files and use browser from phone. Anyone have an idea how this works????

Posted via CB10

Doesn't seem to work Z10 paired to PB both with latest OS, maybe it's not functional with workspace on both devices. Anyone know?

No longer do you need to dig your phone out of your pocket to check who's calling - just check the playbook on your wrist. ;)

My playbook is permanently on the black screen, I have it linked via HDMI to my TV, its still nice to see playbook owners are getting some love after so long.

Posted via CB10

I just want an bbos rroyy experience. I don't care about any of the updates. I just want to teather.

The ways in the forums don't work.

Stop, drop, and roll.

Playbook needs the android runtime that is on 10.2.1 so we can work with snap and be able to get the apk files. Eventually after that the developers could and would want to write code for blackberry. But what they been doing so far has not been working. The devices need to run the apps that customers want and clearly iPhone and Android apps have been what people want. So let's make this happen and just give the customers who have playbooks the pieces of bb10.2.1. Not the full os. If this can be corrected. Perhaps a next-gen playbook could be brought out in November. Blackberry needs stores like apple to have staff to demonstrate there devices and screw the carriers. .. pull the phones out because they all push iPhone and samsung.

Posted from a Blackberry Z10

Now we need open on and some sort of full high speed file access and I'll forget we didn't get bb10 on pb

Posted via CB10

Is the Playbook worth their time anymore? Would rather them put 110% of their time into 10.3 and beyond at this point.

Now if little magenta would release 10.2.1. And no, i will not install a leak. Need my wi-fi calling.

Will eventually be posted via CB10 on my Z70

Would it be technically difficult to answer incoming calls through the Playbook? I mean it's got a microphone doesn't it and it is already connected to your phone. I would find that a useful feature.. means I don't have to look for my phone when I am busy on the Playbook!

Posted via CB10

Might be hard to route the phone call data through bluetooth. Plausible maybe, but don't know how technically possible it is. It at least puts the phone to Speakerphone mode so far though. Not a bad idea for trial down the road if BB gives it a go.

About time call notification was available again for BlackBerry Bridge. Maybe this means BlackBerry has not abandoned the BlackBerry PlayBook despite the knife-to-the-throat tactics of the former chief executive officer.

Just view?! No answering? No SMS quick reply? I didn't test it yet but I hope it's not just that.

Posted via CB10

I'm afraid the PlayBook only has one gig of ram among other hardware problems,it looks like BB10 and PlayBook just don't fit together. We should consider ourselves lucky that the new bb10 phones were created by QNX not BlackBerry's in house development team who apparently were not happy that they couldn't carry on and give us a storm2! And therfore bury BlackBerry.

Posted via CB10 on my Z10(& i am luvin it!)

Since BlackBerry is still providing updates for the PlayBook, how about a native CrackBerry forum app? Port sucks!

Posted via CB10

Well now.......

you could take the view that BBRY are giving the PB some love


you could take the view that BB10 is finally catching up with the feature set in BBOS 7

More updates to the PlayBook!

I use mine a lot. Sure I don't use it as much as much since bridge capabilities has gone down from BlackBerry 7 but still.

It makes a great media player for around the house.

Posted via CB10

It's actually a bit larger than the initial description. It not only displays the caller info like it did for BBOS but it allows the phone to be answered and activated in Speakerphone mode (or answered via headset if you have one plugged in) via the prompt. This is much better than the BBOS display-only prompt on Legacy devices.

Let's hope for some more phone-to-tablet Bridge connectivity down the road, like finally bringing the hidden PB Hub to light.

I can't seem to get the phone call notification to work. I have updated Bridge, and my PlayBook is the latest too. All I get is the BBM and text features. Can someone help please.

Sent from the phone of the gods.....Z30

@vanrickman I was having the same problem and found a possible fix.
Delete Bridge from your BB10 and do a hard reset.
Download Bridge again and pair BB10 as if it were new and viola, you should be able to see your incoming calls.
Hope this helped.

I can't get the incoming call notification to work either with Z10STL100-2/ and PlayBook. I tried remove the Bridge, reboot and then reinstall. But no luck here.

Great update!! Much more stable and smoother than before. But was hoping with future updates like these, you can pinch-to-zoom on the phone when bridged to the PlayBook.

By any chance does anyone know how to zoom (via phone) on the browswer when bridged to the Playbook??

At first I thought it was sad that so many people were holding out hope for the PB but then I sat back and thought about it. I guess I would see similar sentiments if I were on an HP site, people would probably have high hopes for the TouchPad too.
It's really too bad that both are dead in the water and people are wasting their time.

Updated Bridge on my Z10, but it doesn't show call notifications on the PB nor does it show BBM or text message notifications. I have to manually open bridge on the PB and launch either BBM or text to view, respond etc. I did also perform a security wipe on my PB yesterday (for some other reason) and re-established the Bridge after updating it on my Z10. I do have a 1.5 min timeout on my Z10 which locks the phone but would expect that the idea behind this feature is that it notify me when I am using the PB and do not have my phone nearby. Maybe I am doing something wrong... :-(

mine worked for the first day. I have had a lot of trouble with this, and I thought this update had finally fixed all that. But no, 1 day later, I'm back to no bridge notifications again, with no changes whatsoever on the phone or the playbook. It is maddening that this can't just work.