BrickBreaker Guide includes tips and tricks for everyone's favorite game

By Adam Zeis on 16 Jun 2010 01:11 pm EDT

Waaaaay back when we posted the Ultimate Guide to Kicking BUTT at BrickBreaker! and it was a big hit with the CrackBerry crowd. The guide had some great walkthroughs that explained how to be the best at BrickBreaker. Well Pierre dropped us an email over the weekend to let us know that he has finished his BrickBreaker Guide which also has some "high score secrets" as well as tips for each level. The guide will certaintly help you out if you have the time (and patience) so if you're at all a BrickBreaker fan, you should definitely check it out. Between the two of these guides you have no excuse not to have an insane high score. Be sure to post a comment so we can see who has the best!

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BrickBreaker Guide includes tips and tricks for everyone's favorite game


This might make me put down pinball deluxe for a little while and try and beat my old brickbreaker records! (but maybe not...Pinball Deluxe is pretty badass!)

This is nice for noobs I guess. I have a score of 810,100 which is all 32 levels 50 times. Would have gone longer but the phone just needed a battery pull really bad. Wish there was a way to save the game.

Everyone's favorite game...
Give us a break....
Even an ape from canada would die out of boredom while playing this game.

Lol thats funny, but your right, game is Borrriiiinnnnggg, i cant see how it was a big hit with the crackberry crowd?

you have beat this game with or without a guide, YOU have way too much time on your hands. Adam, whats going on here man? Your last few entries have been reaching pretty far. Brick breaker? seriously? It is sometimes better to just say nothing at all and come back when you have something good.

Really, Crackberry? This is what you have to share with the world? I'm not normally one to complain. In fact, I become annoyed with the people on this site constantly bitching and complaining. But, really, the Android and Apple sites are cranking out exciting news on a near daily basis, and Blackberry is posting about BRICK BREAKER? REALLY? I want something to be excited about, too. Give us SOMETHING!

If you don't like your blackberry, then throw it away and go get a toy phone where the battery will last half the day, and you can't use it to talk on the phone. No phone out there is perfect. Blackberrys actually work well for the things that are really important. Email, phone use, and BBM are all excellent features on Blackberry. Hell you can even load all your music on it if you wanted to. And brick breaker happens to be a cool old school game.

Funny how ppl are told to throw your BB away and get a "toy phone" whenever you bring up anything that mentions a weakness with Rim. Brickbreaker is a ok game at best and is pretty boring, IMO. And really, if news about a gamers Guide for it is something for a BB user to get excited about, that should tell you something. Sure BBs work for the things that are really important, but sometimes ppl want to use there phone for fun, which is evident by this article, which is something it doesn't do very well. And no one should have their heads chewed off or told to "get a toy phone" when they mention that they would like a "fun" game, better browser, or whatever when they aren't doing business on their BBs.

I never said I wanted a "Toy" phone (which, in and of itself is a stupid thing to say). I know the battery sucks and the e-mail and messaging are nowhere near that of a Blackberry. It's why, when it was time to upgrade, I went Blackberry AGAIN instead of Droid. The things this phone does well are great...but while Apple and Android are obviously putting a lot of effort into evolving and growing their platform, RIM has done very little over the past few years. And now, while the improvements in OS6 are much needed, it still looks to be just another incremental upgrade. I know that as long as RIM holds the lead in market share, they're not going to do anything drastic, BUT if all the guys at Crackberry have to post about is a tips and tricks guide to BRICKBREAKER, then there is a serious problem.

Fan boys will be fan boys, and you sound like all the rest. My blackberry doesn't do ANYTHING any better than my iPhone or Droid did. The battery lasts me through the day, MAYBE, just like the other devices. I get email the same, I schedule the same, I navigate the same and tweet the same. Spreadsheets and all files open the same. The difference is that blackberry doesn't do these things in a visually appealing manner, or any better than another device. iPhone and Droid do. Should I go get a "toy phone"? You're small minded. So if I can have a device that does everything my blackberry can do AND have some appealing, entertaining apps to run also, then im going to have that.

I agree with some of the previous posts. I am a Blackberry Storm owner myself. But Rim needs to step they're game up big time. Rim comes out with a new phone every couple of months. And in my honest opinion... I don't understand what all the hype is about. They're all the same f*#king phones with the same form factor and operating system. Rim keeps coming out with all these different phones that are really no different at all. WTF??? I'm due for a new phone in a couple of months. I probably will be jumping ship. This is a message to Rim... WAKE THE FUCK UP!!! STOP SLEEPING BEHIND THE WHEEL!!!

I have deleted all games of my bb's except brickbreaker and downloaded pac-man! Thes are the only 2 games i ever play, but the only time i have to relax on a game is when i'm on the toilet, so don't have much time to play, to busy working i guess! :) but it's great that these guides are on internet. :)

Ha! Don't need this. I decided to retire at score 1008620 with 250 lives. Needless to say, I'm at a stage where I can only go forward i.e. increase score and increase lives. About 2 months ago I got myself a BB Curve with optical track-pad and have not played BrickBreaker on it. But I'll be always proud of my achievement. :-) You can check out image of my highest score on my FaceBook.