Brick Breaker is BACK on BlackBerry 10!

By Adam Zeis on 12 Dec 2013 09:14 am EST

HOLY CRAP! Not much to say on this one other than BRICK BREAKER IS BACK! 

​BlackBerry has released a beta version of Brick Breaker for BlackBerry 10 devices. It's in beta but it still looks awesome. I never thought we'd see the day when Brick Breaker made a triumphant return to BB10, but here it is. Revamped, bold and totally retro. I'm having addiction issues already.

It's available free right now for all BlackBerry 10 devices -- so go get it!!

More information/Download Brick Breaker

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Brick Breaker is BACK on BlackBerry 10!


Who said bb10 didn't have the same wonderful features as legacy phones? Take that suckas we got Brick Breaker lol

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Lol. Looks like Chen is right, they are indeed going back to their basics and what they know best. This is certainly a BlackBerry cultural thing - brick breaker and BlackBerry's is like peanut butter and jelly.

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It was released on BlackBerry's github over a year ago. It's new to BlackBerry World, but it's not a new app.

Can i be an ass for a second? This is great and all but if we're doing legacy stuff, can we focus on all of the legacy features that were NOT made available in BB10? Speed dial for Q10 anyone? Customizable sound profiles? Ability to highlight an email address in the contacts app and have the ability to copy it? The list goes on. What happened to this being a tool and not a toy ffs?

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Shhhhh.......he likes being it, just not advertising it.

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Are we all whispering our conversation right now? WOL. (whispering out loud)

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I know! Fe fi fo fum! He's going to grind my bones to make his bread! :p

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At last!!!! BlackBerry without Brick Breaker is a crime against humanity. The sure sign of a turnaround???

Fantastic! I have it!

Not the most high tech game but I know what I'll be playing a lot of in the future.

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How about Word Mole? Really miss that one from my old Storm2...

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I agree, Word Mole was what kept me on BlackBerry....mostly....maybe. Best game, ever.

By the way, there is an iOS game called, word weasel or something like that. It is a little too similar to Word Mole to be a simple coincidence, but it makes me wonder why someone would develop a half-azzed version of one of the most popular BB games for another platform and not BB10.

Love brick breaker.... would like to see the actual release with slightly different control setup. I'm thinking virtual joystick button on right and firing button on the left....

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Tried beginner... did not realize Controls change with difficulty... I will do hardcore... much better

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It's a pretty neat version, although it's a touch slow moving, and I miss being able to move the paddle with my finger. Using the direction arrows makes it a bit more difficult.


Excellent news. BlackBerry is making a comeback.

Motorola V3xx --> Nokia E63 --> Nokia N900 --> Nokia N9 --> BlackBerry Z10

Come on, guys. It's brick breaker.
Why every body act like it's the second coming.

I rarely played that when I was on legacy OS.

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Yeah. I played that game maybe once way back when I was still using my Storm2. Wasn't all that fun to play. Then again, the only brick breaker game I ever really enjoyed was Arkanoid.

If they're bringing this back (which I don't even see in BB World), I wonder if they will bring back Word Mole.

Sweet! Missed this one a lot one when i upgraded! Great game let's see more awesome things from you BlackBerry!

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This is different. Would be nice if they had a help function or something to say what all of the power ups do, what certain bricks mean, etc. I see someone said the controls change with the difficulty. They should explain that too and give the option to change the controls regardless of difficulty. It's still in Beta so, hopefully, they will address these things. I like the retro look and feel and the kid with the board is a nice twist in my opinion. I wonder how often they will have scenes like the intro to keep the story going. Lol

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Maybe they should focus on improving the other nagging issues in BBM and the OS rather than developing a nostalgic game. IDK just a suggestion.

Or how about both? They need to step their game up.

I'm glad they released this. It shows that they are committed to their consumers as well.

It needs a vertical options and a virtual track pad at the bottom so it can be played with one hand. And you wouldn't have to cover the entire character with your thumb.

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I don't like it on the Q10. It takes some practice to get the hang of the P and Q buttons, I'd rather use my finger to move the paddle. I wish the old one were back.

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For a beta game it's a lot of fun! I miss having track pad control for it on my Q5. With screen real-estate being limited on the Q5 it would seem that it's a little more geared to the Z's. I can't wait for the final product!

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Yay :)

Loved it on the trackball - never quite got the hang of the trackpad....

Let's see how the touchscreen is.

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I finished all the levels in my first game itself! The game says "you have cleared all the levels. Now you are the master of brick breaker" and there is no option to go back or save this. It's stuck in this screen. Please help!

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A bit awkward trying not to cover the guy with my finger. It's easier to see where the ball is going, but harder to keep control of the guy.

Brick breaker was awesome because of the trackball but it's nice to see BlackBerry embrace it's roots and bring this game for us. Thanks!

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Works awesome for a beta, great to have it back. Sometimes you need a simple mindless game to keep you preoccupied. :)

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What a week, I can now pay for coffee & donuts with my phone, play Brick Breaker (fond memories of playing Brick Breaker at the airport in St John's NL while waiting out a snow storm. Didn't think I would make it home that time...) and my $200 unlocked Z(ed)10 is scheduled to show up at my US address tomorrow. What else could be on the horizon????

I used to love this game. I am just downloading it, and hope I remember how to play. Lol


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I've only played it once since downloading it... boy did I suck. I used to be a master, but it's still way fun. Here come many wasted hours.

I'd actually been secretly hoping Brickbreaker would be the day 25 free gift from BlackBerry! Would have made a great Christmas day present!

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There are lots of complex and fun games on BB10, but sometimes the simplest ones provide the most fun. Welcome back Brick Breaker.

Love Brick Breaker one of the classic mobile games. The refresh on the game is a nice change too well done BlackBerry.

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Way to go blackberry !! This is by far the best thing that I missed on my legacy (OS7.1) firmware... Now i know i am being greedy.. Get word mole integrated with BBM too... Me and my wifey love to compete....:)

This makes BrickBreaker on my 7230 look good, it's a shit game, let's be honest. They couldn't leave it alone, they had to ruin BrickBreaker too.

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This doesn't look like the BrickBreaker I remember. Nice game, but I thought it would be "retro" as in "legacy BBOS"... This is like a whole new game. A good game, but not "classic" brickbreaker.

Is this thing what Blackberry can make of the Brickbreaker? I can now understand why they managed to get to the state they are in.
Bring back the good old Brickbreaker.