Breaksclusive: Introducing the BlackBerry Glove v2.0... the hottest fashion trend in mobile handwear just got an upgrade!

By Kevin Michaluk on 8 Feb 2012 06:50 am EST

CrackBerry Giveaway: Leave a comment to this blog post to win your own pair of touchscreen-friendly BlackBerry Gloves!

Well that didn't take long. Less than a month ago back at CES 2012 we got our hands (literally) on the original BlackBerry Glove. No, this isn't a product RIM is actually selling, but rather was given away as free swag at the BlackBerry booth to those who asked nicely. And while the intent behind version one of the BlackBerry Glove was nice, it was a little low-tech, with the tips cut off of the index and finger and thumb, allowing for your actual hands to still touch the device. Technically it worked, but it also resulted in frozen finger tips if you actually put them to use in cold weather (plus they looked a little too fashion forward/risky for some).

Enter the BlackBerry Glove 2.0. Picked up as a freebie at a BlackBerry DevCon Europe party I attended, version 2.0 of the BlackBerry Glove has gone high tech, featuring finger tips on the index and finger and thumb that work with capacitive touchscreens. With greyed out tips, the style is sexy, and the gloves just work. It's a nice improvement.

In true CrackBerry fashion we had some fun with this one... check out the video above for the Infomercial for the BlackBerry Glove 2.0! I'm not sure we'll ever see these go on sale so I don't have a price or release date, but if you think RIM should sell some BlackBerry Gloves, express your interest in the comments! You never know what'll happen...

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Breaksclusive: Introducing the BlackBerry Glove v2.0... the hottest fashion trend in mobile handwear just got an upgrade!



for blackberry 10 will the 9810 be part of the new software
and phones or are they going to disclude all of them and put in mew devices

much need in Canadian weather! one of the reasons why i refused to move to touch screen phones!!! but i could not resist the 9900 -_- this would be perfect.. pick me!

A pair of these gloves while I use my torch and playbook would put me on top of the blackberry swag meter!!! Hook me up crackberry. . .

Unlike a number of people here who have posted that they want one glove (they don't specify which one, left or right) here, I wouldn't mind winning a pair of these gloves, even though I seldom wear gloves here in Canada. I guess we're tougher here on the East Coast. :^)

I need to be able to type anywhere I go! While walking in the city or typing away in frozed parked car... this would help!

UGH, need these now.
Canadian winters are too cold, and finding the happy median between warm fingers and using my blackberry is difficult to find!

Me me me, they would go perfect with my Storm and PlayBook when walking around "The Windy City." Man Chicago weather is rough sometimes

I would love a pair. And if they don't go to me at least don't give them to anyone that posted they want one. Not sure how I would look standing at the GO station with one BB glove on.


absolute must - reynouds, arthritics, cold weather.... should be a runaway bestseller across device platforms.
where are they sold/

I need these so bad! It is so cold here in IL and I have to take off my gloves constantly to use my Torch! PLEASE PICK ME!!!!!