Breaksclusive: Introducing the BlackBerry Glove v2.0... the hottest fashion trend in mobile handwear just got an upgrade!

By Kevin Michaluk on 8 Feb 2012 06:50 am EST

CrackBerry Giveaway: Leave a comment to this blog post to win your own pair of touchscreen-friendly BlackBerry Gloves!

Well that didn't take long. Less than a month ago back at CES 2012 we got our hands (literally) on the original BlackBerry Glove. No, this isn't a product RIM is actually selling, but rather was given away as free swag at the BlackBerry booth to those who asked nicely. And while the intent behind version one of the BlackBerry Glove was nice, it was a little low-tech, with the tips cut off of the index and finger and thumb, allowing for your actual hands to still touch the device. Technically it worked, but it also resulted in frozen finger tips if you actually put them to use in cold weather (plus they looked a little too fashion forward/risky for some).

Enter the BlackBerry Glove 2.0. Picked up as a freebie at a BlackBerry DevCon Europe party I attended, version 2.0 of the BlackBerry Glove has gone high tech, featuring finger tips on the index and finger and thumb that work with capacitive touchscreens. With greyed out tips, the style is sexy, and the gloves just work. It's a nice improvement.

In true CrackBerry fashion we had some fun with this one... check out the video above for the Infomercial for the BlackBerry Glove 2.0! I'm not sure we'll ever see these go on sale so I don't have a price or release date, but if you think RIM should sell some BlackBerry Gloves, express your interest in the comments! You never know what'll happen...

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Breaksclusive: Introducing the BlackBerry Glove v2.0... the hottest fashion trend in mobile handwear just got an upgrade!



I find with the 9900 that any gloves will work. You can operate the whole phone without the toutch screen because of the glove friendly optical trackpad. Either way, pick me!!

OMG, I wish RIM sold these.... or Crackberry gave me a pair :) My 9860 is completely useless in cold weather and I live in Canada! So that makes my phone useless 6 months of the year :(

These are awesome. I could use these, it would be a necessity year-round with our cold weather! Pick mee!

I live and work in Malone, New York...eight miles from the Canadian border, and it is COLD! Would love to have some of these!

It would be nice to have these gloves to be able to its my PB outside on cooler days or even inside where some people don't want to run their furnace.

These would be a welcome replacement to my work gloves that are currently being held together with staples that allow me to use the trackpad but not touchscreen :'(

Thanks for the lovely infomercial Kevin, You were born to market Blackberry products

It's been a warm winter here in NY but I'd still love a pair. You never know when the temperature will drop. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

I will ROCK AND ROLL these even in this warm Toronto weather!!! Would also be awesome for when I go snowboarding!

If the gloves fit... wear them. Those gloves would keep me going on my Berry all winter long. Hook a brother up Kevin..

Its a real pain smoking and BBMing in this collldddd weather.

My hands start freeezing!! i need these gloves pleasseee!!

would have been great to have this morning on walk into office, -15C in Calgary and cold fingertips when using my Torch 9810

We definitely need a Blackberry store here in Toronto with all the swag. T-shirts, gloves, hats, etc. Those gloves look awesome!

Having just moved north from South Central Texas, I can definitely use a pair of these gloves when I'm trying to rock my Bold. Come on 2012... I haven't won anything from anywhere yet!

In Italy, these gloves do not sell them in stores, though it's cold and I would need. You keep them in America and vabbe, but here not even know what they are! please, if you have a minimum of hearts, give them to me!

I can only imagine how nice it would be to show off as i type on my PlayBook in front of all the BlackBerry doubters.

What's crackalacking crackas! So if I read correctly there is a glove up 4 grabs that is high tech and basically a crackafieds dream 4 there own special crackberry. Now honestly I didn't the vid I'm cheating and going off of what yall said about it. So it may or may not b an item that who knows when it will show up so then I have 2 ask from one crackberry 2 another crackberry. did yall make a bet 2 c who would win the superbowl and this is yall owning up 2 ur end of the bet cuz yall were rooting 4 the patriots? Lol I'm just wondering is all cuz the prize 4 this contest is an item yall got 4 free but don't get me wrong if yall give it away then ill b more than happy 2 take it ya cuz if its a crackaberry item then this crack head wants it. I mean come on 4 the last 2 almost 3 yrs my wallet is one of the leather pouch thingys and its the best wallet I have ever had in my life so like I said if its crackberry ill take it y not right lol

I want one so badly.

Oh, and RIM, if you are watching - look how many people are posting to win a pair of gloves. You'd be foolish not to sell these to the public - people want it and it's a great marketing tool as well.

Wow. Someone tell Lord Vader to bring these gloves at once. Then we will crush the smartphone rebelion in one fell swoop.

Send those gloves this way!! Freezing now in CA some of these days.. I hate taking mine off just to type, or spend 5 mins on 2 words D:

It's not cold here in TX, but I like repping BB so these would pair nicely with my BB shoes on order.

I think RIM should sell these gloves and invest in them. Take advantage of their strnegth in having physical keyboards and people will be rocking some sweet gloves! Put their name out there on everything they can! Nothing to lose.. Got to #BEBOLD! If I get some gloves I will promote :D

I think RIM should sell these gloves and invest in them. Take advantage of their strnegth in having physical keyboards and people will be rocking some sweet gloves! Put their name out there on everything they can! Nothing to lose.. Got to #BEBOLD! If I get some gloves I will promote :D

I constantly find myself trying to touch the screen with my gloves on. The security doors in my apartment building require you to touch the bar with your bare hand to open. I wonder if they will work on that also.

¡Me gusta! Here in SW Michigan (where I go to school), the sun conspires with the wind on a daily basis and makes using my Torch outside such a pain. Please choose me! :)

Hey you Kevin holla at ya boy! I need.....ok not need, I want some of those gloves, they would make a great early birthday present for me!
Thanks in advance CrackBerry and and also to Kevin for snagging them just for me!

I would like to have a pair of Blackberry Gloves, to go with my Blackberry Playbook, thanks

Mr Mark A. Keane

Need some of these for my PlayBook - staying inside gets boring when you fancy recording the snow in 1080p!

I need these ASAP. I can use the trackpad with my leather gloves, but I can barely type with them. Touchscreen gloves that I can use with the screen AND the keyboard...AND the BlackBerry logo?! Perfect.

Oh yea count me in on this one, who can't use some gloves during cold weather and still be able to use your phone. Thank I'll look for it in the mail wink, wink :0)

Sent them on over my way, taking the bus everyday in this canadian winter I will get great use out of them

Oh Pick me please! This would just be the best thing to show off!!! Plus its COLD here in Canada. LOOOOVE to have them!:)

i have 2 have them. they are the sexy glove i seen better then the first one. i would so buy them if i could.

Those gloves are awesome! I would love a pair please! They will definitely...wait for me BeBold.

i want some!! i live in the worst weather!!! need some gloves!

from California haha but i want some!! thanks ya are the best.

My job keeps me out in the elements!These would be superb! Thanks CB for at least a chance! its what i love about this site! Lets Rock and Roll This!!!!!!

As a Field Service Engineer I'm in constant need of gloves and pocket warmers when using my playbook outdoors. These Blackberry 2.0 gloves are what's needed for my kind of work. Love to win a pair and am willing to buy as well.

I work outside, its cold, i need those gloves!!!

Rim should at least sell them or include a pair in the box with their touchscreen phones and playbooks. Would be a great marketing tool!

with the BB at least...even if u have regular gloves on that don't use the touch screen - you can still answer and hangup calls! droid and iPhone - you gotta take the glove off or get something like this!

It's like 70 degrees where I live, but I'd still take a pair of these for when things get cold at 50 degrees!

Very nice Kevin, one more thing that you forgot to mention is that this product also allows you to use your touchscreen without leaving any grease or dirt on you phone or PlayBook.

Keep the hard work

This is truely d hottest trend in mobile handwear, now i can be able to use my Torch 9860 in the winter and still feel warm, good luck every1 :)

I'd love to win a pair or these gloves! Right now I wear these huge gloves which don't even fit into my pockets so I do not even have the opportunity to take my BlackBerry out when I'm on the go in the cold weather. These gloves would make using my BlackBerry in the cold much easier!

This would be a great addition to my Bold 9900 while being out in this Canadian winter :)

(Bare) fingers crossed!!

I need four pair, one for each coat that I wear. I have my black leather jacket, my red down vest, my black wool pea coat, and my outdoor work coat. That makes four pair :-)