Breaksclusive: Introducing the BlackBerry Glove v2.0... the hottest fashion trend in mobile handwear just got an upgrade!

By Kevin Michaluk on 8 Feb 2012 06:50 am EST

CrackBerry Giveaway: Leave a comment to this blog post to win your own pair of touchscreen-friendly BlackBerry Gloves!

Well that didn't take long. Less than a month ago back at CES 2012 we got our hands (literally) on the original BlackBerry Glove. No, this isn't a product RIM is actually selling, but rather was given away as free swag at the BlackBerry booth to those who asked nicely. And while the intent behind version one of the BlackBerry Glove was nice, it was a little low-tech, with the tips cut off of the index and finger and thumb, allowing for your actual hands to still touch the device. Technically it worked, but it also resulted in frozen finger tips if you actually put them to use in cold weather (plus they looked a little too fashion forward/risky for some).

Enter the BlackBerry Glove 2.0. Picked up as a freebie at a BlackBerry DevCon Europe party I attended, version 2.0 of the BlackBerry Glove has gone high tech, featuring finger tips on the index and finger and thumb that work with capacitive touchscreens. With greyed out tips, the style is sexy, and the gloves just work. It's a nice improvement.

In true CrackBerry fashion we had some fun with this one... check out the video above for the Infomercial for the BlackBerry Glove 2.0! I'm not sure we'll ever see these go on sale so I don't have a price or release date, but if you think RIM should sell some BlackBerry Gloves, express your interest in the comments! You never know what'll happen...

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Breaksclusive: Introducing the BlackBerry Glove v2.0... the hottest fashion trend in mobile handwear just got an upgrade!



Wooooow, these gloves are just awesome !! I hate to take my gloves off when it's like -12°C out here :-I Plus, I've never ever won anything at CrackBerry, so that would be a nice surprice :)

These are awesome! As an IT tech at an ice cream factory, they would come in very handy!
If I don't win, where can I buy them?

Well I. Would love these but the only problem is that I'm pretty sure you didn't get a pair for my large hands. Can you track down where they can be purchased I'm all over it.

Thanks for the heads up but I want them with the Blackberry logo. I'm known for being a Blackberry addict around here and I need to represent, ha.

I would LOVE to have a pair of those! Goes perfectly as I am always outside and stuggling to use my BB

kev please pic me.please i am beggin you. i double dawg dare ya.please with sugar on top!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here in switzerland we currently have a temperature
of -18 degrees Celsius which is -0.4 degree Fahrenheit..
you see, I need some warm gloves with which i can
use my playbook as usual..

I spend most of my time pushing my son around in a buggy or on my phone, my hands are SERIOUSLY suffering :( help a brother out?

The hell with winning these things on CrackBerry I want to buy my own pair now. Kevin, you best tell all those RIM people that I want to buy a pair today and I won't take no for an answer - do it!

Wow, these look amazing!

Here are the reasons why I think I should win them:
- I live in Ontario, Canada (very cold)
- I am a true BlackBerry supporter (I have the new Torch 9860 and PlayBook)
- I am an all around nice guy
- I love - very useful sight, lots of information, etc.
- I follow on Twitter
- the gloves are just plain awesome!

Thanks for listening!

I was waiting and waiting for something like that...
oh I want them so much... it's freezing here...!!!!

Damn, in Europe is pretty cold also, -15 here in Tilburg, Netherlands.
These gloves will come in handy

Yikes! Could definitely use these, -13 feels like -19 this morning in Halifax. brrrrrrrr

Livin Large on the friendly East Coast.

These would be awesome. Just a few days ago I was walking for an hour looking for where I was to meet somebody up when I got a text, and had to pull off a glove completely and freeze my hand (too windy for Vlingo). These would be perfect for such times!

Pick me pleaseeee, yes, yes i am that desperate

Proud to be BB
Torch 9860
Playbook 16GB

If it makes sense it just makes sense

those gloves would be awesome for me. i have poor circulation in my hands and they are always freezing. expecially in this -30 weather up here in sudbury. i'm business student to i'm attached to my blackberry torch 9810 and my playbook constantly while travelling. I really hope i can win these gloves. I LOVE Crackberry. Anyways, I'm off to freeze my fingers while bbming on the bus. hope i have all my digits by the time i get there. Peace!

Kevin, I also have a pair of the BlackBerry v1.0 gloves and you are correct, your finger tips do get very cold/freeze. As a commuter, the gloves would so come in handy. I'd use them all the time while on my PlayBook and/or 9850.

Also, it was great meeting you at CES2012. See you next year.

I thought the 1st version was cool! But these new 2.0's are awesome!!!

CB!!! U have again provided a great contest with a great prize!!!!!

Hope I Win!

I would love a pair of these! Unfortunately from the looks of things it's been too warm in NYC to even warrant gloves =(

I live in Canada, I need all the help I can get to keep my hands warm AND stay connected when waiting for the bus @ 6:00 a.m. and then 6:00 p.m. and anytime except July. This would be great!

this will be awesome for me when I am outside in Minneapolis and trying to take a call or check something on my blackberry...

These would be great! I just got a pair of Agloves for myself and my daughter, but they are really scratchy feeling.

Awesome! I work outside a lot. I would love these gloves! You wouldn't want me to get frost byte right :(

I see like everyone else I would love to win this free pair. Also like everyone else this winter has been VERY cold and these gloves are awesome for crackberry users! However, what I believe sets me apart from every other post I've been reading is that not only do I want a pair because of the above reasons, but I also want a pair because it drives my wife nuts how much I'm on my Torch and or pb. The only time I'm not actively using either is when I'm wearing gloves due to the weather. If you choose me, she will absolutely flip and I'm willing to update this post or have her send an email to Kevin directly expressing herself on how she feels about me winning... Should be entertaining;).

Huge RIM / Blackberry / CrackBerry fan!

I've been talking about BlackBerry Paraphernalia since "Rimpire Strikes Back" I would love a pair of this gloves. I think it would be a good stepping stone to winning other BlackBerry clothing give a ways.

Very cool.. I often use my berry outside in the cold wind. Us berry addicts are addicts right, cold or not. Please!

Would love a pair of these!! I use a 9800 for work and a 9810 for personal and work outside a lot. These would be used a lot!!!

Those would be great to have during the chilly winters here in the upper Appalachia mountains of WV. Thanks

It's very cold this days. I think this gloves will be very nice on my hands and will keep them warm! ;)
Pleassssssssse Kevin send me this beuatiful gloves!!!!!!!!!

Why would Blackberry not sell these gloves? They look like a nicely executed idea. I would pay for these gloves.

I'd love to win these!!! hehe. They look fantastic and I'm SURE with the -5 degree Celsius weather I will use them FREQUENTLY! ARGGG IT'S SO COLD TODAY!!!

I bought a couple different brands of these recently at Kohl's department store. They were on clearance. One pair is thinner than the other as far as texture. They work great with the PB. This type of glove works great in cold. If you spend more time outdoors you may want to look for a pair that is thicker because the thinner pair will not keep your hands as warm. My does not have any logo on them

These gloves are awesome. I would love to win a pair, so I can continue to abuse my blackberry addiction, even outside in cold temps.

people are going on how cold it is where they live so they need these.....Ummm i live in Iqaluit Nunavut where it is sooo cold the ground is still frozen from the ice age that trees cant grow, still frozen that all of our building have to be built on stilts becasue we cant build a proper fundation. If we truly want to see hoe these BB gloves due against the cold pass them over this way and we will test them out in one of the coldest conditions in canada.

As a Midwesterner gloves are a must and I've already worn out a pair of the isotoner touch-sensitive gloves ...and I can't afford to shell out for new ones!

Winning would be awesome, but I would definitely be willing to buy a pair. Are these expected to hit our stores soon?

I need a pair of these BlackBerry touch screen friendly gloves so far this winter, I've been using my BlackBerry lately and it's been considerably cold outside in Toronto. If I win a pair, I won't have to use my BlackBerry with just my bare hands anymore in the winter like I currently do while waiting for the bus everyday.

i live in the tropics but for sure would become handy when i travel and touch snow for the first time. although, should i even take my bb out in that kind of cold weather? haha

Please send me a pair! I tried to make my own after you showed them last devcon! I ended up just ruining a perfectly good pair of gloves :(

hello, i would love a pair for my playbook...also a question for anyone that knows the tempted to download the 2.0 update but its already feb 9th 2012 and im wondering if the official update is any better than the beta download that the developers download, what should i do? im really wanting to hurry so i can finally have more choices of apps (tools apps) and im desperately wanting to bridge my android phone to my playbook that will be possible also once the update is installed correct?