Breaksclusive: BlackBerry 10 Smartphones will not be shown off at BlackBerry World 2012

You don't say
By Bla1ze on 27 Apr 2012 06:55 pm EDT

As we all know it, BlackBerry World 2012 is about to kick off along with BlackBerry 10 Jam in Orlando, Florida. While everyone within the BlackBerry community is excited to hear what is going to be saying, there is still a feeling of disappointment being generated by some out there in the world. Most recently, the folks at CNET posted up some, seemingly, what they consider to be revealing information about BlackBerry World.

Eager to see Research In Motion's latest and greatest phones at BlackBerry World next week? Prepare to be disappointed.

RIM will be taking a software-heavy approach this year, using the event to formally unveil its BlackBerry 10 operating system.

"We are not unveiling any BlackBerry 10 hardware," a company representative confirmed to CNET. 

No kidding eh? RIM has been saying that all along. RIM has noted on several occassions now that BlackBerry 10 smartphones will be announced and coming in the latter part of 2012, to go ahead and announce anything right now would be silly. Sure, it's disappointing to some but it's no surprise.

BlackBerry World and BlackBerry Jam are all about the ecosystem right now and getting developers prepared for BlackBerry 10. Hence why they are going to be handing out BlackBerry 10 Alpha Developer devices and have been welcoming everyone to join them, including prominent figures from within the iOS community. They're reaching out in a way they have never really done before all in an effort to line things up for when they are ready to show off BlackBerry 10 devices.

Anyone who was expecting to see BlackBerry 10 devices will indeed be disappointed but, if you thought this would be the case then you started off on the wrong foot to begin with. RIM will hopefully show portions of what is coming for BlackBerry 10 such as possibly the homescreen experience, a glimpse at how things will interact and work, some software demos showcasing the power of BlackBerry 10 but pointing out the fact there will be no BlackBerry 10 hardware announced isn't news -- it's stating the obvious.


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Breaksclusive: BlackBerry 10 Smartphones will not be shown off at BlackBerry World 2012


yeah, I can see that selling like hotcakes after the first one. need to re-build some credibility first.

Yeah. Need to show off their new BB 10 OS. Need Native Skype and BBM as well. Maybe that could change the playing field. =)

Welcome to the new Research In Motion follks!

1. Software
2. Services
3 (Partnership??). Hardware!

This is big news coming out, and it shows that RIM is ready to focus on their software and services businesses like never before; setting hardware aside for possibly a partnership with another company.

I am extremely excited to see what is coming next! And the future of Research In Motion!

For being an editor for a site like cnet, he sure wasn't paying attention when RIM originally announced their intentions for BB World.

Feel bad for the guy making a fool of himself.

Really wish RIM had a department who handled idiots like these.

Is this really a surprise? As I have said over and over, BB10 phones are vaporware until they are in stores. I hope to see some hope next week but my expectations are very low. Surprise me RIM, please!

I'm very excited to see what happens to RIM/BlackBerry, I'm not disappointed at all because I'm not completely sold out on having the latest greatest gadgets that come out. I have a bold 9930 and I plan to keep it for the next eighteen months. This Bold does everything I need it to, yea I would like to see many improvements but I'm happy with what I have. I beleive RIM has something up their sleeve and I will be sitting patiently here to find out what it is.


Is always putting Rim down. I'm hopping we get to see BB10 in action. How it would be differnet and more exciting than today's BlackBerry will be cool to see. I been using my Bold 9930 since Aug. 16th and it looks like it would have a good 14 months of use before I pass it down to a family member. I really hope Verizon will support BlackBerry 10 when it comes out. Before the 9930 I was using the 9650 which I got on June 15 2010. I used that device for 14 months. Yeah I really like the Blackberry Brand. Its funny becuause before 2009 when I got my first smart phone 8530 cruve I never cared so much for a company other than the company I work for (just in case my boss is reading) like I do for Blackbrry. If they had smartphones when I was in school I would had study it so that I could have been part of Rim in some way. The comandor 64 wasn't that interesting. I always say that you don't need to have your own web site to be the biggest BB fan. I wanted to go to BB world this year but I thought I would have felt out of place since I'm not a programer or work in a Mis department or part of a blog site. I'm just a simple guy that likes the brand. @kenefick on twitter

We have known this for months now. I don't even want a first generation BB10 device.

Finally RIM is working on getting developers up to speed before launching the new phones.

When i got my 9930 on day one many apps weren't compatible with OS7

So I see this as something POSITIVE that developers will have alpha devices and tools to work on the new platform ahead of RIM having the final hardware ready.

Sorry - I agree with Cnet here (as much as it pains me) - once its been as long as it has been, to put out a touch device, you gotta show something. You are not going to have dev support without the hardware. Again, RIM is at fault here. If their hardware was on par all along, this would not be an issue.... Devs are not just going to hop on board without seeing the hardware their products are going to run on. And if you say BS to that, then you know nothing of product placement.

Get it out before IP5, or you can start nailing the coffin shut

But the developers are getting the alpha model of the phone I thought. Wouldn't that negate your concerns?

I guess u only skim thru articles.. Its very clear devs will know what their working with and have the tools to do so..& its very clear that the developers will be receiving BB10 prototype devices to build & test their apps on.. We won't be seeing the final product yet.. But will get a good idea what it will look like & how the OS will run. It would be nice to get a sneak peek of a finalized product.. But since they won't be released til October the earliest I can totally understand why were not.. Its good to see RIM is getting away from making a bunch of broken promises/release dates that are never correct. If they can release the first BB10 device ahead of schedule that would be a great welcomed change. I believe Thorsten is doin a hell of a job so far and hope he keeps it up.. I can't wait to see how things are going by mid-2013

RIM stated more than a couple of times before that BB10 phones will be introduced late 2012. it is just redundant to say that BB10 is a no show when it is just the middle of the year. I can figure out that too and i am not that smart! i betcha CNET is lying when they said it came from a "company representative".

The software is more important than the hardware.
We know it is going to be an all touch phone which doesn't take much imagination to figure out what the hardware is going to be like.
The software defines any all touch mobile experience, with the hardware having very little to do with it.

This is good news if you ask me - remember the Playbook announcement and months of waiting, or the 9900 announcement last year followed by months of waiting. Show us when they're ready, we know they're coming.

Rim will have learnt from their mistakes of previous years, the only hardware (at least in public as you have to assume there will be demos behind closed doors) will be the developer alpha hardware because showing anything else 4-5 months early again would be a killer.

See for me in the UK this no news at all. My contract ends in Sept/Oct and always has done and i always get the latest bold. So this feels normal.

Most people have 18-24m contracts so along as RIM hit the ground running and have the right marketing in place they will do alright.

Well, I didn't know until I saw this article, but I am rarely on cb.

Anyways, I really hope Rim can polish the software. That is very important to me.

Are you'll serious? Please tell me you'll aren't serious.
All the major players have put out advertisements, testers, specs etc of their latest and greatest.
If BB10 is mean to be released by the end of the year, surely they have to show people the actual phones by the middle of the year?
By the time they actually show people units, most people will have already committed to other OSes by the end of the year because they're out and they're real.
BB10 is vapourware until they show something concrete.
Anyone who thinks they don't need to show people the actual hardware they're releasing with just months left to their supposed release date is kidding themselves.

I am not happy what so ever! If RIM do not announce any software but especially UIs atleast(at BBworld) and release or unveil hardware by august..I'm gonna cry. Saying that if they release a polished playbook with 2.1 and software they will keep me happy

Did you even read the article? That's the whole point.. It's ALL software at this point, while many are complaining about their non-existant hardware. Hardware NEEDS software first. That's the focus now, hardware will come later.

Software (Features) / Experience (how it's delivered) / Hardware (to power it all)

A bit of chicken before the egg...but this is how I see the importance...

I have a friend who works at RIM in Waterloo and for the past 3 months she's been saying that the new phone will be the BlackBerry Blade. Take it for what's it worth.

Your friend is a moron. The BlackBerry Blade was a concept device created by Toronto Design Firm Pixelcarve.

Building the hype again eh. I hope it would work this time unlike that time when they released the Playbook and most of the people got disappointed.

Well, as a BB fan, I'm really looking forward to these BB10 devices. I just hope that even if they don't give us a sneak peek of the new BB10 phones, they should at least show off the new BB10 OS and demonstrate how it works to keep us salivating. Hell, if the OS proves to be excellent, I'd be willing to buy a BB 10 phone that looks exactly like the BB 10 Dev Alpha that they'll be giving to Devs for free. =)

It's okay. I don't want them to show me anything that is not ready to go out now. Otherwise, the Android vendors will have look-a-likes flooding the market. They don't do the level of engineering that RIM does in building hardware. RIM's hardware has always been exceptional, so I take serious exception (err, nevermind!) to Google suggesting that RIM's model of making both hardware and software is ancient. BTW, Apple is doing the same and where are they? Their devices, like RIM's, are very well built -- solid and reliable.

Nothing new for CNET. I've lost a lot of respect for them the last couple of years. They are always the first to rip RIM with negative news, but anything positive that RIM does - crickets from them. It's not just Cheng, but the whole editoral staff. They are in love with anything Apple. Even when Apple screws up on its devices, they are quick to jump in with execuses. For several years, CNET used to be my go-to site, but I believe they've lost their objectivity.

Granted, RIM has not given them much for which to give them the benefit of the doubt, but I would fully expect that lack of objectivity will be readily apparent when BB10 rolls out.