BreakingNews for BlackBerry now available - 50 copies up for grabs!

By Adam Zeis on 12 Apr 2011 03:08 pm EDT


A few weeks back we checked out the beta for BreakingNews and were totally impressed. This cool little app tosses up a scrolling news ticker on your homescreen, allowing you to get breaking news without ever jumping into an app. You can set up your own RSS feeds (up to 5) and display up to 20 headlines from each. Set the refresh rate anywhere down to 5 minutes and quickly check out the articles in your BlackBerry Browser with a few key taps. All in all a great app if you want to keep up with news on the go. You can grab it on sale for $2.99 in the CrackBerry App Store.

Contest: We have 50 copies of BreakingNews to give away. Just leave a single comment on this post to enter. Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PDT.

More information/download of BreakingNews

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BreakingNews for BlackBerry now available - 50 copies up for grabs!



I tried out the Beta version on my Torch. It hung up and froze my phone a lot. I would lock it and try to open it would freeze cause the application was running or updating in the background. Sooo annoying. Slowed down the camera opening. Also you disable or turn it off and when you reboot it comes On by default. Did not like it. I tolerated it for 2 weeks then removed it.....I'm glad I did....

Thats exactly what the BETA thread was for.  You do understand what BETA is right? And what the purpose of the BETA thread was?  

Thanks for bashing the BETA in the product announcement thread. Please don't BETA test any of my other apps in the future.

I enjoyed the app . im glad the bugs are fixed. I still have the beta one my phone and provided comments in the forum. Is there anyway for me to receive a copy of the official app . thanks in advance.

ive always been a blackberry fan and i love hearing important news but just always lazy to check on the web but with this will always show...i would love to have that...please...

I subscribe and read blogs all the time everyday. I'm always up to date about Blackberry products, software, and leaks and I refresh my rss feeds every few minutes just so I won't miss anything!

I've tried the beta version, and this app is amazing! Hope I win, but even if I don't I will pay to get the full version!

This will allow me to taylor the news I want and not have to open an app to see what's going on.

I have been in the Beta from the beginning. I have watch the application evolve and mature. Shao has been more than responsive and enthusiastic with his updates and improvements. It has been a priveldge to participate and would be an honor to have the release version of the application running on my BB Torch. I currently run 4 news feeds and 3 ea headlines. The application has performed flawlessly for the past 10 days. I would recommend this wholeheartedly. Thanks Shao for continuing to feed my BB addiction.

Now this is interest app... all I need is larger BB screen
Come on BB!!! can we have the torch on Verizon....

Ive got my browser home page set to my igoogle account. Which consists of a hand full of news feeds and the weather. To basicaly have all that right on the main screen would be great. It would also make reading headlines at work much easier. Sorry boss.

Nice, my homepage background is rather bland and blank... Having scrolling news on there would be amazing.

When selecting the winners randomly, Try to randomly select me ;)

i always have a lot of rss feeds. would it be integrated with social feeds or need to add the url manually again in that app?

109th... yes. I would have posted sooner but I was busy looking for headlines on my browser. Problem solved?

Wow... just take a quick look at your bb and you'll be on top of breaking news... I would love to win one!!

It is what it is and that's what it is...crackberry wants to give me one of the free copies...thank you in advance, crackberry :)

I have gotten used to this application having used it for almost four weeks now. It really enhances the look and feel of my BB. Great and innovative application. I would appreciate a copy though I intend to buy one in support of the developer.

Oh, awesome !
I wanted to try out the beta, but didn't get a chance to, hopefully I get the real deal :D

Beta tested this app on my Storm 2 and it worked great. If I don't win it- I will buy it. Everyone I show it to loves it! Great job Shao! And loved how hard you worked on it to get it just right!

I tried the many beta versions and would love to win this. Every version just got better and better!! Great app!

This is an amazing app, could be very usful with having family over seas and in disaster areas. Thanks CB for the awesome contest

I am very excited about Breaking News. Here is some breaking news to YOU- either you give me a copy... Or I purchase one! Thank you

For those who don't know it yet, this app is not only informative but dresses up what are otherwise mundane, boring home screens, regardless of the running theme. This is a novel idea that has done quite a job making my device something I pay attention to again......

another smart-app from shaosoft... double thumbs up for the concept!! it's so simple, "natural" and yet here firstly seen... hope people behind the app will benefit not just materially but will receive some credit for porting this to BB-platform(some rewards)... many great apps come from shaosoft and now this will add to the number count... congrats...

It is an amazing and useful app definitely. If it can support "push" techology for updating news, it would be an awesome one!!

would love to get a copy! have this scrolling on my homescreen and it has really helped keep me up to date with news!

I beta tested this.. I really liked it although it did slow down my phone a bit.. I would have love to use it otherwise. If this paid version works better than really want this! Good luck everyone, but I kinda wanna win this one [;