BreakingNews for BlackBerry enters open beta - Get a scrolling news widget for your homescreen

By Adam Zeis on 10 Mar 2011 03:25 pm EST

BreakingNews BlackBerryBreakingNews BlackBerry

I'm a big news consumption guy when it comes to my BlackBerry. I like to have everything at my fingertips so I don't miss a beat. I follow loads of news sites on Twitter and also have RSS feeds pumped to me nonstop. Having a scrolling "widget" on the homescreen is something I've wanted for ages but didn't think we'd ever see. Well our good friend Shao has proven me wrong with the beta release of BreakingNews. The app is brand new and currently in open beta, but it already looks to be a best seller. The premise is simple - enter a few RSS feeds, choose your options and let the good times scroll. BreakingNews shows a ticker on your homescreen and runs through the RSS feeds, showing you the latest news. Currently you can choose the display options like border and font color, set the refresh interval as well as enter up to 5 different feeds. Already a winner in my book, you can get in on the open beta via the forums thread below. Check it out!

Check out the BreakingNews open beta in the CrackBerry Forums

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BreakingNews for BlackBerry enters open beta - Get a scrolling news widget for your homescreen


This looks like a good idea, I wonder how much battery drain it will cause. I have so much information coming at me from Twitter, Facebook, breaking news, etc. I'm not sure if I've reached my capacity to be able to process more information. That said, I'm going to give this a try.

Great idea for those who need it. What with e-mail alerts set up with a bunch of news providers, RSS feeds set up in social feeds and enough news sites bookmarked to keep me going for days, I don't think I really need any more instant access to news.

I really like this! So I can get up to 5 feeds on the home screen, and they are customizable? Great! 9330


thats what I was trying to do also. Is is just there for us to see then we have to go to the actual site???

Yeah, it seems that it only serves as being informative. No way to get to the actual site throught it. It sure is nice looking though. I would like to see the ability to resize it vertically.

I would like the same functionality. Love the app, though! I subscribe to SMS Text alerts from most of the major news agencies, have RSS feeds, and now use this! You can never have access to too much breaking news IMHO!

The idea is there, but needs more work (I know, it's still beta). I really don't like the fact you can't bring up the full story. Maybe have the ticker clickable and have it bring up a listing of all the feeds or something, so you can easily click the one you want? If thats even possible...
And have an option for NO border.

App is nice. Would be nice if u could select which screens it could pop up on and if it could stay on those pages without the app popping on and off when keys are pressed. Also noticed that with the torch, if the app is running and I would like to type with the virtual keyboard, I can't. App also doesn't run in landscape mode. *correction* it goes to landscape if the app is running already but it doesn't start up in landscape

How do you get the text to show under your icons like that? is that just on torch? I am running OS 6 on Bold 9700.

So far no issues to report. Anything I would have suggested has been said. This is a great app, keep up the good work. I am running 448 on 9800

9700 OS6.0,running a wallpaper friendly theme. first off love the idea, great app. The ticker shows up on both home screen and full icon screen, if that makes sence. Past that I love it so far. I guessing this is going to be a memory hog, but I installed with that expectation. Will report back if I notice any glitches. if you want me to run it through the ringer and fully report back, rather then a comment back here.

This is what i am looking for.
I have been waiting for this application since 2 Years.
I like the application that scrolls on my home screen.
But I see a small bugs in this application.
The padding was not good. It covers my sound applications and new messages half portion.
I will be so good when these small problems are fixed.
Great Application.
Thanks Ticker

This is a very nice and useful application.

I am running OS5 on a 9700 with the InTheKnow theme, which shows three messages and three calendar items on the home screen. The ticker runs right across where the new messages will show.

I do not know if this is possible, but it would be very useful to include a "nudge" feature where the user can tweak the ticker bar up or down a few pixels at a time to find an ideal spot.

Great idea!! As posted before by others, I would also like to click on the headlines, and manually scroll though them. I also noticed that after adding some feeds, and a battery pull everything went back to defaults. I changed some feeds again clicked "Refresh & Save" button got the popup "Settings Saved! Feeds reloading..." clicked Ok and after another battery pull, back to defaults. Settings seem to stay, but the feeds don't appear to saving.

9700 @

I like this app. Couple of things, #1 widget runs on the app. screen as well as home screen, wondering why? #2 widget went freeky with my wallpaper changer, home screen and app screen flashed back and forth, wallpaper froze. #3 I really like the ability to have more than one feed. Just as others have mentioned it would be nice to tap screen somewhere and have the widget hidden, or hit space bar to accomplish the same thing. Would also be nice to click or touch on the feed and be taken to that story. Great UI and very simple to enter your own feeds. Would be nice to know top and bottom locations for each BB screen so placement could be made simpler. Keep up the great work.

this worked great for me for a few hours, then became very laggy and froze my keyboard, disabled the BN and all is good

brilliant idea as usual from Shaosoft. works perfect on Torch 9800 Telstra Australia. Please remove the rss feed icon- not necessary. thank you for letting us have it. great work.!!

I love it! Downloaded when I saw the article. I like that I can move it on the screen. I do wish it was clear where certain height settings would place it. I messed around with it for a few minutes and have it running at the bottom of the screen on my 9550 running 5.9 theme from WJD Designs. I like how you can specify settings like colors and size. I have noticed it takes a while to pull the feeds in the morning. Also it gets confused sometimes about whether it should appear or not on screens such as "Applications Menu". It will appear for a second then go away. Also I run bLoc and it confuses bLoc on whether to lock the screen. That may be a revision for bLoc that is necessary though. Also, would like the option to click on a story and go to that story. That would probably be the most important feature it is missing. **I have also noticed that it is not updating through the day. I have even tried changing the update intervals.

Great product! Overall, I love it! Thanks! I look forward to seeing updates as it gets polished. I have to say though, for a beta version it looks really good.


Love it! A few things - 1 - would like more transparency, other than the words, 2 - would DEFINITELY like to be able to open the headline/feed, 3 - it may be causing some battery drain, I uninstalled to compare and will reinstall.
Running on os 6/Curve 9330

kinda new to the forum scene but i like trying out new things on my bb. just installed build .499 on bold 9700 and can't wait to test this out. pretty cool idea....

This is a great idea. I loved being able to look at my desk and see NYSE headlines HOWEVER, after running this application for 24 hours, I had to do a battery pull 3 times as well as it slowed my OS to a stuttering halt. Perhaps it will be better when it comes out of beta. I will be keeping up with this application in hopes I can re-load it soon.

I am using a BlackBerry 9800 on AT&T in the USA.

Its me again Shao. Since I installed the app the volume rockers don't work when I "back" out to the music list screen as well as the main homescreen. Curve 8900 running with Vinto theme installed

9700 running official .448

installed for 24 hrs and the lag of the phone is easily observed. To the point im having difficulty scrolling through the paynes.

So far smooth sailing - absolute Dynamite app!....Could not believe how fast it loaded and started functioning with no prompts and setup (Can it serve fresh ground coffee in the morning? - It seems to be capable of everything else!)