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Breaking: RIM Co-CEO Jim Balsillie responds to Steve Jobs comments made during Apple earnings call!

The battle of the tablets...
By Kevin Michaluk on 19 Oct 2010 03:36 pm EDT

left: Apple iPad; right: BlackBerry PlayBook... the tablet wars are heating up!

It looks like the tech game is starting to turn into a bit of a tech soap opera thanks to El Jobso. Following up yesterday's comments by Steve Jobs dissing 7" tablets, Research In Motion's Co-CEO Jim Balsillie has fired back.

Here's the official word from Jim Balsillie:

"For those of us who live outside of Apple's distortion field, we know that 7" tablets will actually be a big portion of the market and we know that Adobe Flash support actually matters to customers who want a real web experience. We also know that while Apple's attempt to control the ecosystem and maintain a closed platform may be good for Apple, developers want more options and customers want to fully access the overwhelming majority of web sites that use Flash. We think many customers are getting tired of being told what to think by Apple. And by the way, RIM has achieved record shipments for five consecutive quarters and recently shared guidance of 13.8 - 14.4 million BlackBerry smartphones for the current quarter. Apple's preference to compare its September-ending quarter with RIM's August-ending quarter doesn't tell the whole story because it doesn't take into account that industry demand in September is typically stronger than summer months, nor does it explain why Apple only shipped 8.4 million devices in its prior quarter and whether Apple's Q4 results were padded by unfulfilled Q3 customer demand and channel orders. As usual, whether the subject is antennas, Flash or shipments, there is more to the story and sooner or later, even people inside the distortion field will begin to resent being told half a story."

- Jim Balsillie, Co-CEO at Research In Motion (RIM)

Nicely said Jim. I like that RIM isn't taking any of this crap sitting down and is firing back. Anybody want a used iPad? I don't think I want mine anymore... I can't wait for RIM to release the BlackBerry PlayBook

Reader comments

Breaking: RIM Co-CEO Jim Balsillie responds to Steve Jobs comments made during Apple earnings call!


Regardless of what he's talking about, about time someone mouthed back to the Führer.

Seriously? RIM makes very legitimate smartphones, -what they lack in is a legitimate media player, and a legitimate computer web browser alternative.
But as a Smartphone RIM is an excellent productivity tool, and communication device, I still out perform my iPhone colleagues, receiving and replying to emails, and it does become a "sport" to be the first to reply at some trade shows,

I have carried both iphone and android for work and nothing compares to the Blackberry for productivity. I can do more faster more efficiently with the BBRY.

I bet jetman carries an iphone.

Nope. Used a Blackberry for a long time. Way too many software issues. And they price them like top of the line consumer smartphones! Let's see something innovative and effective in that department before they start talking smack.

I believe he was talking about tablets here, and he's right about all of that.

Jetman makes a good point. I have been a BlackBerry consumer for years (on my 4th one and never owned a Droid or iPhone) and once it was true that BlackBerry dominated over any brand of phone, and it did so in every aspect. However, new technology has allowed other companies to patent and expand on already great existing technology, and RIM, in large part, has failed the last few years to innovate.

RIM has spent the last year trying to catch up with its competitors. Ask the genuine avid BlackBerry enthusiasts here, RIM is pushing out the same devices over and over again, providing meager upgrades to already existing products.

RIM still has, in my opinion, the best email manager of all the devices. I find BlackBerrys to be the perfect size and shape for regular use. There is no arguing that RIM's media manager is anything other than lackluster. BlackBerrys certainly have their strengths over other smartphone devices in the market, but that gap is narrowing. Where other companies are leaping forward in wide stride, RIM's tippy toe approach to innovation is obstructing its progression toward dominance.

Depends on what you consider dated. The first question you should probably ask is what type of user am I, productivity focused or entertainment focused. I could care less about entertainment on my smartphone; I have quite the many costly gadgets at home that provide entertainment. I want my smartphone to provide efficiency in my work life so I spend less time doing work and more time enjoying what I work for...but that's just me. In that case, the software on BBs far exceed their competitors.

i pad has to be the biggest waste of money. why buy a 9" inch tablet when you can buy a 10" notebook that does more and is just as portable for half the cost.

Jim sounds like big a crybaby. Wait til the iPhone comes to Verizon later this year then he'll really be crying.

And what exactly does this mean: "and recently shared guidance of 13.8 - 14.4 million BlackBerry smartphones for the current quarter". Sounds like more RIM double-speak BS

[this is from a BlackBerry owner since 2003]
The only "distortion field" is Jim Balsillie's warped view of the world.

BES is dying. The cost/benefit equation is out of whack for both companies (organizations) AND individuals who have to foot the bill (+$15/mo on Verizon, for example).

The BlackBerry platform is a horror to program on and for. BB6 is a joke on non-touchscreen devices (i.e. my Bold 9650).

Students and professional developers have flocked to iOS and Android.

Finally, RIM had to go out an acquire another company (QNX) for the new OS. Yeah, how will that work for existing customers.

"The only "distortion field" is Jim Balsillie's warped view of the world."

Seriously?! How about Jobs' warped view of the world? A world where everyone uses an Apple product, a world where Flash does not exist, etc. Jobs has created the "distortion field". The arrogance of him to state that we don't need Flash (ummm, try viewing one of the millions of webpages with flash on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. What? Can't see the content you say?). Somehow, he gets millions to buy the iPad, which is touted to be a web device, but it doesn't support Flash. In his iPad pep talk for the kool-aid drinkers, even HE had issues browsing sites with Flash content but quickly dismissed it and moved on to something else. Come on kool-aid drinkers, stand up and stop letting Jobs dictate what you (supposedly) want!!!!

Antennagate was the breaking point for me. For him to blatantly lie about the issue and try to point the finger at all other devices having the same supposed issue made me lose all respect for him. The iPhone 4 has a design flaw and Jobs didn't want to admit that the new superior antenna design was actually flawed. Oh, so we'll give you an ugly bumper case. I admit that the iPhone 4 looks very nice and I personally wouldn't want a bumper case on it. The phone should operate properly without having to have the bumper case on or without having to hold it in an awkward manner. The bumper case was simply a way to avoid recalling the iPhone 4. Again I say, come on kool-aid drinkers, stand up and stop letting Jobs dictate what you (supposedly) want!!!!

The BlackBerry is first and foremost an enterprise productivity tool and second a consumer device. It may not have all of the bells and whistles of Android or the iPhone but it works better than any of the others. I like to try out different phones and have had many BlackBerrys over the years along with other devices (WinMo, Android, Nokia) and I have ALWAYS went back to BlackBerry. They are the best phones out there, period.

You sound like the buggy whip makers of yesteryear.

"What we need are faster horses to keep up with our buggy whips. We don't need these pesky new cars and stuff, our roads are plenty enough for our transportation needs well into the future, and we should not stamp out the talents and dreams of those talented buggy whip makers on the market.

There is a huge and recognized eco-system built around the horse-drawn buggy, with livery stables, horse manure haulers, and yes, those who make and sell better buggy whips to the public. This should not be tossed aside quickly by this upstart company and their new-fangled ways.

Who is he to imagine a world where buggy whips do not exist????"

The majority of phones that my peers have are Blackberry devices with the occasional iOS or Android device thrown in. Maybe tis has more to do with me being a business student but it's true none the less.

Yeah, spot on how RIM can still sell 14 million outdated berries that look the same since the very first model with little change.

Typical response from someone who has not owned or seen a BB. Why not do some research before making comments.

I really shouldn't comment on this since this is flame bait but yeh those 14 million handsets actually do what they are set out to do - productivity and communications. It doesn't say it'll be a tv phone, those are left for other manufacturers to carve out a niche. It actually keeps a reception unlike some. With the PlayBook you can see that RIM is going about improving developer tools and giving consumers more than just what they are told to have. This in turn should see their smartphones getting the same treatment.

The iphone hasn't really changed to much from its very first model either and has played catch up with their features. Why overhaul a 'successful' design to much and alienate your customer base...
There's quite a bit of difference between RIM's older phones and the bold 9000. Then you compare that model with the torch, the flip, storm and the pearl, do they look the same??? In comparison apple has only kept to one candybar touch screen design, with an update coming at least once a year.
I think perhaps your confusing yourself with models that use CDMA, GSM etc which is fair enough but a little ignorant.

As for comments by Jobs. Ahh you know how it is, more public feedback from competitors just adds to his ego. The general public won't even know about this. I only know of his comment via this website, the distortion field is definitely all internet fueled. He loves it but RIM definitely makes a good point but some people prefer magical.

Whether you get flamed or not, you posed rational arguments on RIM's viability. The subjectivity that some people exhibit gets old. Objectivity is important in a technological environment. Stats speak very loudly and RIM has a platform that is established. Like PC has over Mac. Iphones have a niche, as someone previously commented, but even that is being challenged by Andoid. Now even Android is being plagued with OS issues. The beauty is that the subjective person will always omit that which is evident to anyone else that doesn't pledge allegiance to the brand. I try to be as neutral as possible when assessing each phones usability and appeal. I do like the new takes on UIs but I still don't think they come close to the productivity of RIM's devices. What people don't realize is that time and innovation have a tendency to level out products as each tries to offer what the other's strength is. No doubt that IPhone will eventually be on par with Blackberry and vice versa with the interface. So in the end it will come down to who weathers the storm and is here in the end. If there is any consistency in nature, strength in numbers prevails.

BlackBerrys were developed eleven years before Apple ever released the iPhone. That means RIM has had its device in production almost four times as long as Apple has had its device in production.

Apple certainly has a better excuse for this trend . . . about four times better.

My sentiments exactly, of course iPhone would see huge flood in Q4 since that was the launch of the newest iPhone, and the only new model Apple launches typically year to year

I love the way RIMs responses to Apple's claims are always factual and accurate and always slam Apple into the ground with a thud.

It is part of the appeal of RIM regardless of how many people think about how old their devices feel and OS etc.

Whoever is doing his PR messages, I applaud.

Best part about the response is it seems what someone would answer in a Message Board to a crazed fanboy. Glad to see some CEOs not take crap from Apple.

the way the comments are worded I would actually suspect they are actual Jim Speech with PR cleaning, that was a very business meeting like replay not a marketing PR reply, but the clean up of words might have been done by PR like the "distortion field" was probably PR spin for something not nearly so politically correct.

Brilliant. I absolutely love it. Well said - and damn proud of this Canadian company.

As a trader and someone that follows techs and O+G very closely - I've never heard a conference call where the CEO blatently attacks a brand. You do not do this in the world of corporations. Bad move iJobs. Great response tho.

Way to go Jim!!!!
There are sooo many people in "Apple's distortion field" (I love that comment) that Steve Jobs could shit on a piece of paper and they would think it's the greatest invention ever.

Because RIM has FINALLY realized people want a BARE ABLE browser experience. Or how users want to actually use, well priced "SUPER APPS".

Yep, RIM surely knows what people and developers want, and they definitely don't have a reality distortion field of their own.

/eye roll

yeah what apps is this thing going to have? I can bearly find ten in App World worth buying for my blackberrys. With out Apps, a tablet will fail.

I can Barely find 10 apps in itunes library I would classify as worth buying.
QNX based Playbook will have flash support! that alone opens up a large world for App developers, RIM did address the needs and wants of app developers with the Playbook. do they address it with the smart phone yet? No, but RIM is reinventing themselves with QNX, or atleast that is what I am hoping for

Please feel free to ship your iPad directly to me. Also, please let me know how the Playbook pans out, especially since no one has seen it actually being used.

You may as well just go buy one. It'll cost you just as much in shipping the big clunky piece of junk.

I already have one, but I'll always accept another. At least the piece of junk exists in some form. Let's see Lazaridis or Balsillie actually USE the Playbook -- oh wait, they have CGI rendered commercials... cause that's just as good as an actual usage demo.

You should buy 10. Then you can multitask on it LOL! Most expensive fisherprice toy ever. And Jobs Mind Freaked you into buying one lol.

The point is they still exist. Apple demoed an actual working product. Where is the the actual working Playbook? You mean the one both CEOs held on stage, but didn't use? Or the commercials with CGI?


So because the Playbook isn't built yet people should waste money on an overpriced oversized first gen iPod. What argument are you trying to make here?

The point is, just like this comment to Jobs, this is ALL TALK. The numbers don't lie and neither does holding and demoing an actual product. RIM is talking about the Playbook because people no longer believe RIM understand what the consumer wants and they needed something to change that perception.

It's more desperation than anything.

RIM's quarterlies over the past couple years don't support your argument though. If you want to say RIM is all talk and people aren't confident in them you have to show that with numbers exactly like you state. But you can't. On the other hand I can show with numbers that iPad sales were well under the forecasts. So I can make specific observations about it's inability to multitask or use flash as the reasons people don't want to adopt apples tablet. Specifically because iPads are 5 years behind the current tech. And whats the point of having it tied to a monthly contract when it's too big to carry around with you.

Everything RIM has done, or more precisely, tried to do in the last year or so seem like acts of desperation because they know they are quickly being eclipsed by Apple and Android products.

"We think many customers are getting tired of being told what to think by Apple."

Thank you Balsillie- you suck at promoting new products, but you're great with the snappy comebacks.

This is one (of many) reason why I will never buy Apple products. Apple has been like this since day one.

Mehhh...I still agree with Jobs about the size thing. I think 7in will be to small for me. Well Im sure I could work with it but I would pick up a 10in tablet instead of a 7.

haha i knew i was going to get that for a reply but didn't think it would only take two minutes...niceeee

Have you held an iPad yet? Trying to hold it in one hand and use it with the other is useless. It's too big and bulky and heavy. The only way this is a leave the house product is if you want to look like a hipster fanboy and wear a homo satchel.

LOL why!!!!

Are paperweights overly expensive where you live?

Well I guess you're better off than other iPad can run 2 things at the same time. Everyone is stuck with 1.

The iPad in terms of size is great for stationary usage. However, for portability, it's too heavy and bulky. Watching people on the subway try to do strange balancing acts, constantly switching from one hand to the next as their hands tire, and have that strange palm/forearm hold with their neck constantly bend down (which is not good for your neck, back or shoulders btw) is more than enough for me to stay away from the iPad. I'd like one but the size/weight of it is too much for my daily commuter life.

kssporty is talking out of his ass now. i'll gladly take it off your hands. my anniversary is coming up in 2 weeks! =\

Glad somebody mentioned the quarter to quarter comparison (even if it was RIM). Apple always has a really good quarter when they release a new device, while BlackBerry takes a more steady approach and will beat Apple in the fall, winter, and spring when RIM is the only one offering something new.

But I don't think it changes anything on either side. People have demonized Jobs for a long time now, but consumers still buy Apple products. Just like consumers criticize RIM for lack of innovation, but they sell more smartphones than Apple and Android on a yearly basis.

I've requested the iPad here, posted my request as a comment to the Facebook posting and even replied via Twitter requesting the iPad. I'm not taking any chances just in case the offer is real. :)

When RIM becomes the largest tech company [in terms of market cap] then I will gladly support Jim's infinite wisdom. Maybe Mr. Jobs is making overly caustic remarks, but as far as I am concerned Apple is proving to be a viable strong company and successful in whatever products they bring to market.

I love RIM's quick rebuttals, which never seem to be backed by any action. Maybe Jobs should issue a Conference Call Refresh...

I don't know the current line up but apple was not on the top 10 of the largest by revenue last i saw the list of tech companies. If the market has progressed as predicted then samsung is still numero uno followed by a slew of japanese companies.

If we are talking about the mobile segment then it is Nokia that is the largest company. The thing about apple is that they have the largest PR department, and that the PR folks understand how to exploit the market - apple products are not innovative nor cheap compared to a lot of other products from their respective market segments but they are the most advertised and that makes the difference in sale.

This article should alleviate your confusion.

Based on their stock price (or what the world values the company) Apple is the second largest company. If that is not a testament to Apple's R&D, manufacturing, PR, and executive teams, then I am not sure what is.

You do not have to like Apple, but the reality is the media, the market, and a broad range of consumers do and that's more than most companies, RIM included.

They Never will be the largest tech company in terms of Market Cap, Apple has done a great job being a player in many markets. Computers, Personal Electronics, Mobile Phones, portable computing, they are the first to do Well in all segments, which is to be commended, they make a good enough product backed with the best advertising bar none.
The ONLY way RIM could truly take on Apple head to head would be to entire the Desktop Software market with a Solid OS, that like Apple would have minimal market penetration and would remain mostly virus free, and to build an infrastructure more friendly than itunes for distribution of digital content. they would also need to take on Google and Microsoft with Cloud storage and productivity options, which will never happen,

Jim put out a great comment/come back, Steve was a royal prick in terms of CEO actions, Jim responded very PC, I truly hope 2011 gives Jim some "see I told you we could do it" and not another year of, hey we're still here and we'll keep going.

You bring make a great point and a great post.

While most people despise Jobs, much of this Apple that we know (and some hate) is Jobs' vision. Honestly, this conceded would be expected now that he is able to enjoy the fruit of his labor.

However, Jobs' point is valid. Right now there are nowhere near the amount of apps for Blackberry and RIM is making a HUGE effort to try to turn that around. That is a pretty steep (not impossible) hill to climb.

Apple is very much Jobs baby,
Larry Ellison of Oracle said it very well when commenting about HP's ousting of it's CEO
"The HP board just made the worst personnel decision since the idiots on the Apple board fired Steve Jobs many years ago," Ellison wrote. "That decision nearly destroyed Apple and would have if Steve hadn't come back and saved them."
I hate Apples Products, because I don't like iTunes and how it does things, and I don't like the Dock in OSX. that doesn't mean apple doesn't make great products, and that Steve isn't sending them in the right direction, do I think they will keep their growth into 2012? NO! I whole very much think Apple is peaking, it's advantages over Microsoft on the PC market are mostly based on low market share, as their market share grows in more mission critical applications so will targets to their vulnerabilities, the iPod line is a fantastic money maker, but sales are declining year over year, as entry level consumer products get better, at better price points, the Apple products are more and more out of reach, and those that want the premium products will find solutions within the mobile phone/handheld market. Apples iPhone, AWESOME Marketing, awesome following, Can it remain the top dog? I don't think so, I think Android will start coming out on top for features, and RIM/Microsoft will Stop any infiltration into the Enterprise market, iTunes, as a Media distribution model just needs a big player to do a better job, which is NOT difficult, there are many add ons to iTunes that fix some of it's very well known usability issues, really if I was google or Microsoft I would build a media distribution software to battle itunes, music, games, TV, movies, ebooks. RIM doesn't have a chance at this, but Microsoft or google could, they are large enough and have their fingers in the pie already to a very small degree.

I can not believe I am the only person that sees ways to fight Apple, other company's must be looking at ways, and Apple can't stay so high and mighty forever. no matter how charismatic Steve Jobs is

Being the largest company doesn't mean that you are manufacturing the best products or that your products are universally appealing. In most cases it means that you are a master of marketing. I bet if you walk into Apple the look of it may read tech but the feel will surprisingly be a marketing organization. Case in point, GM (prior to Toyota's takeover in 2006/7); largest car producer globally but it was also quite clear that Toyota made longer lasting products.

And part of Apple needing to master marketing within their organization is that they need a compelling reason for a customer to buy their product at a higher price point than another. I have many Apple products and I think they're great; worth the money I've paid for them. While the iPad/iPhone don't really suit my needs, they have a defined market. That market is people who like entertainment on the go whereas RIMs market is people who like productivity on the go. When the two actually meet, which will be soon, one of the two may become a dominant player which may take time because neither is skilled up to meet the needs of both markets simultaneously.

The arguments from the Apple fans would be more compelling if/when RIM sales consistently taper off.

I'll take my flawed antenna design over the POS Blackberry Storm 1 and 2 I had any day! Let's not forget that BB just got around to giving us a usable browser. RIM, you have some catching up to do... don't blame you for your snappy comeback though. Did we expect anything less? Of course not. It's all part of the game.

I do have some interest in the Playbook now that I know it won't run their BB OS. They aren't ditching their BB OS for no reason, folks. Good for them.

Comparing iPhone 4 to the Storm 1/2? Hell, I'll take my Torch over the POS iPhone 2G and 3G and 3GS and 4G. Let's not forget that Apple just got around to offering a truly lame version of multitasking, and threw in a faulty antenna system with it.

make markets. I thought I might get an Ipad until I read about the Playbook, saw it's features and said that tablet more suits my needs. Hence although I would like a tablet now I am content to wait on the RIM product as they always seem to give me what I need. I am a buyer!

It's a nice comeback, but I wanna actually see RIM do less talking and let their products do all the talking for them.

Stevo is kind of a douchebag when you think about. He's just upset that RIM did all the research with the industry and concluded that the 7" is the ideal tablet size, and he can't pound on the QNX OS.

Were there not rumors during the summer that Apple would introduce a smaller form factor of the iPad? Sucks to be you Stevo.

As much as I love this, I feel RIM has to remember to ally themselves with Apple. They JUST released their developer tools for Mac so they obviously know Apple is a big deal. I'd hate to see Blackberries killed because RIM pissed off Mr. Jobs.

You're kidding right?

You can't seriously believe Steve Jobs has the ability to "kill" blackberries....yet he hasn't done it, just because RIM hasn't pissed him off. I think you may be in the distortion field Jim talks about.


now that was well said way to go jim its about time apple is put in its place. it doea seem wierd that the iphone shipments were 8.6 million the quarter earlier and then they go to 14.1 million do you think somthing sneeky is going on with applke you know what i wouldnt put it past steve jobs he would do anything to win anything! even cheat!

Any chance Jim could come up with an introductory offer of the PlayBook: trade in your old iPad and get $xxx.xx credit towards a new PlayBook? :-))

What would you do with the old iPads?

I have purchased competitors inventory to move a dealer to 100% of my inventory, and then I flip and sell the junk I took away on ebay at a large discount to clear the inventory and not take a complete loss,

for RIM to do a Product swap/trade in, they would need to 1 sell directly to the public, to make the margins required to off set the cost,

2 Pay for the disposal of the iPads, or introduce them into 3rd world countries as cheap classroom tools, and find a way to get RIM infrastructure into their hands through iPads

I'm tired of all the antiquated phones I've purchased under the Blackberry name. It's the same old thing. RIM has turned into Palm with an OS like the Palm Pilot. Old and stale.

How my remakes of the Curve? the Bold? or the doomed Tour that had a trackball you couldn't clean.. 7 Tours I went through until I was sent a Bold. The web browsing is slow even with wifi.

RIM take a hint from Jobs, your being left in the dust. Your to arrogant to see that both the Droid X and iPhone are passing you by.

Just wanted to say good bye and not looking back....

You`ll find out soon enough just how disillusioned you are. What exactly do you think the iPhone and Droid X do that BB`s don`t.

Iphone and Droid X passing RIM by? I hardly believe so. Last I checked I didn't need an ugly bumper to retain a signal on my "doomed" Tour. And my friends Droid X doesn't even get email pushed to her phone half the time, and when she does, it takes like 10 minutes to get to her phone, and she has Gmail, imagine if she had exchange like I do, she would never get her emails. "Push E-mail, BlackBerry DOES!" Is browsing better on the DX and the iPhone, yes. But my "doomed" tour's web browser is more than sufficient for my needs. If I need to do heavy web browsing I have a laptop. Droids and iPhones are aesthetically pleasing, but no where near as functional as BlackBerry. And P.S. BlackBerry does not need a gig of ram and a 1ghz processor to function effectively, that is why RIM doesn't build phones with those specs. I am sick of all the idiots saying BB is behind the times, they r not. Their OS doesn't need all that hardware to be good, that's why RIM doesn't build phones with those specs. And all you data hogs can relish in paying more for data while we BB users can get the cheaper data plans because our phones don't need a ton of data to work.

What Jim said about the bb playbook is so true! Us customers want a real web experience and so we want adobe flash as well. I just can't wait for the blackberry playbook to launch in january!

its steve jobs fault he never should of trashed a company during the earnings call he asked for it his comments were bad he he deserves everything thats thrown at him now. i honestly cant believe he would of trashed a company during a confrence call i dont think i have heard of anyone doing that before that was out of line its like an unspoken rule

how do we make sure this statement actual gets aired apple has ways to make things disappear

that is true what jim says how do we no there 4q was padded buy shipments unfilled by there 3q i wonder if somthing will develop from this if its true this could hurt there clean image

If I needed a tablet, I would want something that was pocketable, and I know that flash can be glitchy (as it has been said many times by Mr. Jobs.) But I also know that many websites use it and if I am gonna have a tablet, I want to be able to access that content. Also, I have tried the android phones and Blackberry is way more reliable. At least for me they have been. I think I may be one of the few people left that doesn't need a touchscreen on my phone to think it is the newest and best. I am one of the "few" people looking forward to the BB Style and can't wait for my upgrade in February so I can get my hands on one.

Nicely done Jim and high time someone told Lord Jobs to kindly STFU as the world of tech doesnt revolve around that arse and his company.

Absolutely loved his please RIM get this playbook and make sure its the bomb with the specs it has in it....just.cant.wait.any.longer.

I think most people know Steve Jobs to be pompous and egotistical, but he's usually on the mark when it comes to technology and what people want. While some people would welcome a 7" tablet, most people would prefer a 10" one. A 7" tablet is too big to fit in a pocket or clip to a belt, so what is the benefit of going to 7" when you can go 10" and get a better experience. I agree that Antennagate was an Apple cover-up of an overlooked problem and I'm ambivilent about the Adobe Flash "controversy" with Apple. But I will gladly take your used iPad. :-)

I also would prefer a 10" screen. Because of the smaller 7" screen and the non-removable batteries I have decided not to get a Playbook until such a time in the future when an improved version comes out (if ever).

Apple's CEO just knows what apple's are...need to think beyond that...hehe I bet 7" RIM's Playbook is more portable then the mighty 10" iPad...

Thanks Apple...but No iPad for me...its not that great...and flash...oh i forgot iPad doesn't know what flash is... heheheheh...

Playbook is the one for me!

Jim is right about everything he said. But, trotting out that non-functional "Playbook" is getting old. Jim may be right, but RIM is letting time go by with nothing but words. Show us a real working Playbook, if indeed one exists. Better yet, sell me one.

Did anyone notice that the iPad in the picture of this story is a bit closer than the PlayBook? Obviously the iPad is bigger but that comparison shot makes the PlayBook look like a lil bia. Perceptually the proportions are kind of an illusion. Although I do agree with the real estate Jobs mentions. Buuut...I bet the PlayBook is gonna be siiick.

the Playbook is enclosed in Glass, the iPad is in front of the glass, it might be as much as 2" closer,

the size difference isn't distorted too much from the distance, but it might be a little, anyone that concerned could do the math.

Another reason is that Apple uses the same crappy, outdated OS with limited features on all their products except for the macbooks and nanos, since day one. What's new with iOS 4? The ability to put wallpapers as your background and Multitasking? Really? RIMs had those features for ages and somehow they've managed to hypnotize their fanboys all this time into buying more of their "new" products? Talk about hustlers right there. And Spot on Jim. About time someone told apple and their puppets what's really good.

although I do have 4 apple products in my house (all ipods) I first had a hate for them because I only had 1 itunes account for all the ipods it was just easier. but what I hated was the inconvienance way I had to transfer my libary between computers I owned. I either had to copy it to disc then recopy onto the other computers then things got better they made it so you could have 5 computer on an account and made it easier to share the libary through the web or wireless. I can even tranfer my libary to my blackberry almost I have over 1000 songs but only 580 will transfer due to licencing agreements for apple what BS if I bought the song I should have the damm right to play and tranfer it to any product I leagally own. So when the Ipad arrived of course I checked it out and my wife said you notice only men and boys are checking this out as I played the race demo game. After playing with it for about 5 min I said I wouldn't by 1 they are just to pricey and at that size I mine as well purchase a laptop. certanly made better sense the bigger screen seemed like a plus at first but then it takes to hands just to hold it steady and besides isnt the ipod touch and iphone just mini tablets much smaller than playbook The price of A top end ipad is over $800 apples so I will wait for the better looking and better priced playbook. Besides I think RIm makes a more durable product I see alot of people with broken iphone screens and cases!!

Apple stock is killing it and RIMM is getting hammered. Bottom line is who is going to have the last laugh? Clearly everyone is laughing at the Torch and OS6 already. I think regardless Steve still wins

Apples stock lost 3% on news of the iPad sales 2 days ago. And was down 2.67% today. The torch has been sold out in Canada since release. So if I was you I wouldn't speak so quickly.

Toss your ipad over my way Kevin! As much as I can't wait for the Playbook, I need something to play with for the time being.

give it to me, I need to level one table I have in my kitchen, I tried to put some cardboard but I didn't want to waste it. LOL

and most importantly a proven hit and solid. The Playbook has yet to go into any consumer hands.

RIM should show and not tell

As an RSC for AT&T I love the continuing debate over RIM and Apple. It is great for business. BUUUUT.....GO TORCH RIM RULES! LOL.

I am sooo sooo glad that RIM is stepping up and firing back at APPLE and that geek, bastard called steve jobs. The best words from Jim " Apples distortion" I LOVE THAT COMMENT... I have been kicked from forums and called a troll bc I expressed the SAME views as Jim stated.. WHY? Is it really that ppl in apples bubble are just too stupid to realize that they steve controls your equipment.. I dont want some company telling me what i can and can not do with my iphone which is why i did Jail break it.. and thanks for the free apps itunes...

This just made me want the Playbook even more!!! Apple thinks its doing something with some entry level ipad...What can the ipad really do??? anyone????? no real web experience and thats been the thing since day one.. its taken appple 4 iphones and an ipad to get it right which was a plot from steve to control what he could do vs blackberry? theres no candle to hold apple bc bb has been around a long time especially for the business world.. keep in mind the world and businesses still use Windows...... Apple youre getting to cocky and you're about to get smacked... all the apple fan boys are probably mad and im sure there will be some ppl giving their reasons as to why the ipad is better..
Here i'll say it for you... it has a larger screen??? is that it... compare spec for spec and the playbook DESTROYS the ipad.....

I am sooo happy that comment was made.. Way to go RIM?? When can I preorder??/

I love these wars, one thinks its better than the other all the time. the real issue here is what do you prefer, what works better for you. That's what people should be focused on, not what is better than what. Me personally had both and i went back to blackberry, and who ever said productivity is spot on, NOTHING beats a Blackberry when it comes to Productivity. Had the Evo, Had the Epic, A moment, even had the Pre. When i was with Verizon i even had a had a Droid. played with an Iphone, you get the Picture, i been around Smart phones. To sum up my opinion in a sentence, Droids are toys and Blackberry are for Productivity.

I Love it when stevie does this type of thing!! it just gives the other side, in this case (RIM) more expossure and attention. Stevie is SMART? hmm not in my book, he is just an arrogant old and outdated , useless fool. There is no reason to buy any crapple product unless you like being to what you can have or what you cand do or not do. STEVIE needs a brain transplant. I always tell my clients if you want a computer get a pc and put linux on it, and no i am not an M.S. fanboy. I have never bought an crapple product in my life and never will and ITUNES can go to ---- , again crapple telling you what you can and cant do! Keep running your big mouth stevie it just gives RIM more power, HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

My dog could use a new chew toy. But seriously my wifes Ipod got stolen. So if you're serious (which I doubt you are) but just in case you are I'll take it.


Remake the Chiat & Day 1984 Mac TV commercial, this time the sledge hammer will be thrown at Steve Job's image.

DO IT! it will become another classic to mark the transformation of Steve into an evil Emperor.

You got a chance to make advertising history here...

Rim is a major player and does not back down from no one. Apple also is a major player and very aggressive. From just reading on paper the Playbook looks like the better machine, not taking anything away from apple here. It will be very interesting to see how apple does once everyone has a playbook.
I personally would buy the rim product over the ipad

I actually do like that the ipad has a bigger screen. I'm not too crazy about the 7" tablets. I really want the Playbook but the screen size is going to stop me. I do think a 9 or 10 inch screen would be best especially for the business user.

I will happily take the iPad as my mother would absolutely love one! On the other hand I'm waiting it out for the Playbook!! Go RIM!

Let's admit it, Apple has been the forefront in the multi-touch mobile phone development and fluid operating system and the innovation of the tablet and the rest just follows and adopts its features to cope up with the demand of the market, more people are being converted to apple users (iphone, ipod, mac, ipad) because of it's social status and its functionality but what they don't see is that there are a lot of cheaper and equally matched quality built devices available around the market, they are having this impression of "when I own an Apple product, I am now at the top of the food chain"; I can testify to that mentality because I have once been through that stage but realized that, although Apple has great products with great built quality, there are some things that people don't see and realize, there are monopolizing and they are manipulating the minds of the consumers which is advantageous on their part but for RIM in this matter, they have finally stepped up and produced the blackberry playbook, I personally think that the playbook is far more superior than iPad, the 2 HD camera of the playbook alone is a sign that it is a better device and the form factor of just 7", it is that powerful in a small compact size unlike iPad, which is heavier and adds more bulk when your on the go, and you have to worry about not to drop it or else your going to pay the price of having it repaired which the spare parts aren't that cheap or even buying another one unless you have purchased their apple care. I am an iphone user for a year or so, but then I realized that iphone is just a fashion statement and not really a full born mobile phone or smartphone imo, and I tried blackberry, I got the 8900 javelin, and I loved it right away from the push email to the various apps that has push features in it, it has a better camera and better synchronization than my previous device and now im rocking the 9700 and I love it... Apple just needs to shut its mouth and focus on doing what all of their competitors are doing and that is finding new ways of innovating new devices to fit our current market so that consumers will buy their products, they don't need to bash their competitors, they should mind their own business and just have a friendly competition, after all, they are a multi-million corporation, and a well established one, if they are worried about the market sales that the playbook will have, then what more with the upcoming smartphone lineups of RIM. More power to RIM! keep doing what you've been always good at...and that is catering to the needs of the corporate world and the new generation.

Why do be people defend these tech companies as if their lives depend on it? I as a customer look for what best fits my needs and my budget. Whether that is an Apple, RIM or Android has little relevance to me. I personally was a fan of Nokia all my life but when they started to fall behind I went for a BlackBerry 9700. With that said I welcome the idea of more tablets. I think that competition compels innovation and I am excited to see what RIM does with the Playbook.

I agree. People who claim that X is the best smartphone have their minds closed. What's best for one person is wrong for another. Choice is what's important. Competition ensures innovation and choice.

I don't understand the Apple fanboys' fanatical devotion to the Jobs religion. Criticism of Apple products is not allowed, nor is praising of other products. Violations will result in nasty personal insults.

Productivity is more important to me than entertainment, so BlackBerry makes the best devices for my lifestyle right now. But Android/Motorola are coming out with some pretty tempting devices (Droid Pro, Droid T2), and Windows Phone 7 has possibilities (if it really is as productive as their advertisements imply). I am a big believer in, "in and out and back to life."

Very well said and played... However they still need to focus more on their phones. I was so pissed that my only choice of a new phone on sprint will be a damn flip with dated specs. I am really hoping they use the playbook as their inspiration for better phones because I am feeling really unorganized without a berry by my side.

I like apple, they're my toys. I love blackberry, they're my communicating device. I have them both, they are good products. The only thing I hate is STEVE JOBS and his ego.

Hate to say so but someone is living in a bubble... dont worry im here to burst it...

"For those of us who live outside of Apple's distortion field, we know that 7" tablets will actually be a big portion of the market and we know that Adobe Flash support actually matters to customers who want a real web experience."

Interesting how they KNOW that... do they have preorderes on the vaporware product that so far is nothing but powerpoint slides and a video running in a loop plus a still image....

Cause there are just over 4 million iPad users who dont think you need flash eating your battery to have a real web experience on a tablet and many many more millions who dont seem to have a problem with not having flash either (all the other ppl who got a iOS device).

So the flash player for Playpad will have magically solved how to run flash in a fast and effcient way that dont suck the battery dry in just over 3 hours ?

Problem is that though its fine and dandy to say yes when someone ask you if you want flash or not that is not a real question... the real question is what would you like more 3 (google/adobes own best case estimate) hour battery life and flash or 10 hour battery life with out flash... and oddly enough most ppl would say no thanks to flash then.

"We also know that while Apple's attempt to control the ecosystem and maintain a closed platform may be good for Apple, developers want more options and customers want to fully access the overwhelming majority of web sites that use Flash."

Nope consumers dont want flash they want content... and du to Apples bold move 3 years ago (saying no to flash cause it sucked even harder back then) many websites have started to use the actual open web standards to publish the content. So now we can all see a lot of content in a way that does not suck battery...

Ye some developers want more options, but the ones who publish on the iTunes App store i think they want straight forward QA testing... and users like a giant body of app that work for most apps in a predictible way...

ergo there are advantages and disadvantages to the integrated model that Apple use for the iOS app/app store but so far the advantages for the developers and customers outweigh the disadvantages (just some developers got caught in a rough spot but try reviewing 300.000 apps and think about how you will do it fairly and in a way that you can instruct other ppl in implementing, and then execute that plan... not easy).

However, RIM is free to choose their mix.

"We think many customers are getting tired of being told what to think by Apple."

Been an Apple customer for many years now and Apple have never told me to do anything or think anything in a specific way. Sometimes they make hard choices that have consequences but most have made sense over time... a few were annoying but they are so far inbetween and mostly just annoyances.

Anybody who could not live with the limitations of iTunes or iOS have never been forced to buy any apple product. They have always been able to buy someting else and in the case of iTunes been able to use most content purchased somewhere else on their shiny iGear.

Fx. I applaud the flashlessness of iOS cause that gives the opensource web standards a fighting chanse on mobile and it boggles the mind to think how many otherwise open standard minded ppl cannot see that flash is a propiety standard controled by one company.

"And by the way, RIM has achieved record shipments for five consecutive quarters and recently shared guidance of 13.8 - 14.4 million BlackBerry smartphones for the current quarter. Apple's preference to compare its September-ending quarter with RIM's August-ending quarter doesn't tell the whole story because it doesn't take into account that industry demand in September is typically stronger than summer months, nor does it explain why Apple only shipped 8.4 million devices in its prior quarter and whether Apple's Q4 results were padded by unfulfilled Q3 customer demand and channel orders."

Jobs comments only pertained to the just ended quarter not the one prior to that. The precious quarter for Apple is the one where they introduce new iPhone (and everybody knows this) so demand is ofcause less just before the launch of the new version.... something engadget did not help bu posting those pictures of the new one.

"As usual, whether the subject is antennas, Flash or shipments, there is more to the story and sooner or later, even people inside the distortion field will begin to resent being told half a story."

Alas dont we all tell the story we wish to tell... the antennae thing im sad to report that if you think there is a real world problem with the antennae then you are very much alone most likely cause you did not buy one yourself.

Cause as a iPhone 4 owner living in a place with crap coverage i can tell you its not an issue.

Shipments ? Someone have not been reading the transcripts, Apple have only ever listed SOLD items...

As for flash.... it still sucks battery even today... and it still a closed one company file format so so far Jobs have done but one thing... told the truth as they see it though the optic of what quality they wish to offer to their customers. Don't like that story ? go buy a RIM but don't whine that you cant have flash on and battery or quality (like smooth scrolling web browsing.....

So that RIM wana jump on the flash boat makes all the problems go away as if by magic.... sure.

But thats just the story told as seen though RIMs eyes and that story at least with regards to the playpad is fiction where as Apple deals more in facts.

One thing that is completely missing in this forum is that ppl think they can put up every demand under the sun and have Apple fulfill their wishes without regard to their other customers who would all have to bear the consequences of those design wishes of a few customers... But Apple have never had any qualms about designing their product their way and if you did not like that way you have always been free to take you business elsewhere...

so yea feisty reply but its just his version of the story not anymore or very much less fact based than Apples/Jobs.


don't you have anything better to do than to write this novel length writing that nobody will ever read? Get a life.

Do not fall victims to the PC vs MAC campaign, define Apple as the choice of the preppies, the Jimmy Choo of computing, BB is for everyday "folks"

On the Playbook side, aggressively attack IOS on lack of multitasking, distributed multi-processing, lack of Flash, no connectors, etc. then emphasize security and CHOICE - do NOT fall into the rat hole of arguing over screen size, it is a mere design decision based upon availability of supply chain, and intended customers.

Jobs is coming after you with his trash-talking, full-body tackle, Bill Gates took it like a gentleman, RIM leadership need to inspire ice-hockey style in-your face responses from the company and the users community.

You said,

"Well, one could increase the resolution of the display to make up for some of the difference. It is meaningless, unless your tablet also includes sandpaper, so that the user can sand down their fingers to around one quarter of the present size. Apple's done extensive user-testing on touch interfaces over many years, and we really understand this stuff. There are clear limits of how close you can physically place elements on a touch screen before users cannot reliably tap, flick or pinch them. This is one of the key reasons we think the 10-inch screen size is the minimum size required to create great tablet apps."

Mr. Jobs, what size screens are on iPhones, and iPod Touch? so the apps on these devices are NOT great apps? don't the same apps run on iPad???

It seems to be the guy on top is acting like it's unfair that others wish to compete. He also doesn't like it when others play by their own rules. Steve Jobs has lost his edge and it ain't pretty folks. I have been an apple user and always looked forward to the new products and innovations. It's hard to get past SJ. I think he knows that Android is the biggest threat to the iPhone and that RIM may have one-up'd the iPad. Jobs used to take on competition with innovation. He used to that is.

RIM has its share of problems and it also appears to be attempting to solve them. Only time will tell. The Playbook seems to have some advantages at 7" as well as some disadvantages. It's mobility seems to be an advantage over the iPad.

As for Balsillie, well, that is what I would expect from a hockey fan. He's not going to take that kind crap. Kind of funny that it all goes on. Pretty good entertainment.

Personally, I hope all of these products continue to develop and innovate. That means we the consumer will win. We will make our choices as to what fits best in our world.

I'll take substance over flash (or in Apple's case, flash-less) anyday! I love my BlackBerry -- it gets heavy duty and it delivers -- and can't wait to check out the PlayBook.

Rock on!

he's talking about the tablet market. RIM has a long way to go in developing legitimate smartphones. really?

I use my bb everyday at work and productivity is decided by how fast i can communicate via email, txt or phone. if rim has such bad phone why do i alway run the highest productivity above all the android and iphone users at my work. In fact you look at the top 30 producers in the company they all have blackberry's. Not to mention the problems that we have had with android phones getting hacked and the iphone signal problems.
kind hard for a guy to put up numbers when he can't get a signal.

Thanks to blackberry I don't have ether problem.

I love BlackBerry and Apple, but when comparing cell phone sales, especially in the U.S., let's keep in mind that the iPhone is only available on one carrier, and RIM's devices are scattered across multiple carriers, so it is quite possible that iPhone sales would smother the sale of BlackBerrys if it was as widely available. A better comparison would be to compare sales based on carriers who carry both. BlackBerry also has a more diverse product portfolio, which helps to cater to a broader consumer and business clientele. The same case may be made for Android devices.

Er, this is in response to posts at the beginning of this thread. I realize how off topic it seems at this point in the conversation. My apologies.

Alright, Apple fanboys saying 'oh where is your precious playbook, its all talk'

the 1st gen iphone was all talk for a long time before it was even demo'ed. Working at AT&T we knew about the iphone coming out for 9 months before release.

Then you have the fanboys saying 'oh my iphone does all this and that. I can do ANYTHING, but 7 inches is just too small!!@#!@#"

ok, so your even SMALLER iphone/android/whatever screen is fine to do 'everything' but 7 inches which is almost double is 'too small'

Not that it matters, but I have used 3 generations of the iphone, 2 androids, and a so-called 'shitty' bb curve. I still use my curve for business. You know, what adults do to earn money?

On a side rant: android market... what a bunch of bullshit, lol. WE'S GOTS TONS OF APPS 70% OF THEM JUST HAPPEN TO BE WORTHLESS FAMILY GUY SOUND BOARDS THOUGH!

I had an iPad for a week - ended up getting rid of it. It's just a dull apploader - certainly don't need it in my life.

The Playbook however does look like it's worth waiting for!

The iphone hasn't really changed to much from its very first model either and has played catch up with their features. Why overhaul a 'successful' design to much and alienate your customer base Acer aspire 1300 battery ...
There's quite a bit of difference between RIM's older phones and the bold 9000. Then you compare that model with the torch, the flip, storm and the pearl, do they look the same??? In comparison apple Acer as07a41 battery has only kept to one candybar touch screen design, with an update coming at least once a year.
I think perhaps your confusing yourself with models that use CDMA, GSM etc which Hp pavilion dv6000 battery is fair enough but a little ignorant.

I'm confused about what to get, what I want, and need. I actually do not have a problem with my Storm1 and have been up for renewal for a few months now and I just dont see anything worth going to. I was going to jump ship to an X, because I wanted a bigger screen, but just cant part with my super fast email delivery. So, I looked at the torch, but when compared to my storm screen, I decided to keep the S1. I dont know what Im going to do, I want more memory for more apps!! But, I dont want to get the same ole storm in the 2 either but that may be my only option. Ug! Same with the Pads...I want something smaller than my 17 inch laptop to carry around so I was going netbook. 10 or 12? what brand?? Then comes the I wondered " how do you type on that thing??" Well, I tried it finally last weekend, and I actually pumped out a few sentences pretty easliy..but not sure if I want it laying flat all the time..seems my neck would hurt looking down on it as I type on it all the time...or having to hold up upright instead of having a netbook that I can sit on the desk, adjust a screen and watch a movie, or youtube and etc. I LOVE the Playbook...thought it was too small at first, but I think that will be just right for a mobile device but you run into the " how do you type on that thing" and I dont think it will be big enough to show presentations on for my clients..and I do NOT understand the rectangle screens! Everything is short and wide..always have to scroll down to see the good content on webpages. I looked at the ipad and I like that it is pretty square, so I would think it would display most of the body of a website by default without scrolling down..but the playbook is that rectangle action.
I'm cornfuzed!

from the movie the Jerk when steve martin invents the opti-grab and he gets sued in the end and loses his fortune because everyone who bought one gets cross eyed! well COnfused hit the nail on the head in an Ipad design flaw when evryone gets a neck ache, start wearing neck braces from the kink in the neck from having to look down at your lap while you type. He steve can I have my $.99 check now to buy a playbook.

I loved his response. It made sense & there was a calmness in it also. It did not sound immature like steve jobs. Some people need to grow up. I completely agree with the CO-CEO of RIM because everyone knows Apple users have no freedom. Their so happy for hackers version of freedom from Apples chains they make countless youtube videos of it. Apple is a big joke.

He's been an in your face mouthpiece for years now - so it's not shocking when he is cutting down the competition. I remember years ago when he vowed to destroy Microsoft only to come to Gates with hat in hand for help. Now Apple is once again viable and he's back with a vengeance, taking shots wherever he can.

He has a pretty good product and an excellent marketing department, but he has the personality of a snake oil salesman.

The iDouche has always been a little kid when it comes to his comments about everything non-Apple. Wonder if he still has tantrums in the candy aisle?

I think people have forgot that smart phones, are phones. Bigger, faster, and more is not always better. That being said, I do believe the Bold and Torch line of BlackBerry devices are very good and balanced.

Meaning the balance between features like e-mail, excellent voice call quality, battery life, third party applications, social networking, and web browsing is very good.

Now, people will say the web browsing experience is much better on Android and iOS. True. But, rationally how good can the web browsing experience be on even the "big" 4.3 inch screen of the Evo? Not very, if the webkit browser is rendering the desktop version of the site.

As phones get faster and faster CPUs, they consume more battery life. But, we are talking about phones here. There is a reason why phone manufacturers keep using the same sized batteries. That is because there is little room for a bigger bulkier battery.

I am very happy with my Bold, and at least for now and happy to stick with RIM.

The whole flash war is the biggest bull-shit there ever is, it even tops 3D movies. 9 out of 10 consumers (or maybe even 10 out of 10 consumers) dont even know what flash is. They have to install it on their pc but there ends there knowledge. So the whole we have flash, they dont is a really bad argument, and it's sad that RIM feels that they have to say that or even call that a funcionality.

The comparison between devices sold is both stupid from apple and RIM. Apple is selling just 1 phone model, RIM is selling 5 models (now 7 but they wheren't in the last quarter. Apple is serving the top of the market and RIM is serving the whole market. Again comparing apples with oranges.

And the whole big deal about 7" and 10" tablet, apple was the first, and did it with a 10" and now everybody's following with 7" tablets, apple created the marker for tablets, and we will see what will happen. I think people prefer the 10" because there not looking for a big phone but for a more portable laptop. But there will be a market for 7" tablet we will see.

I wonder what will happen first. Will Apple shrink the iPad to 7" or will RIM (or another manufacturer) upgrade to 10"?

Browsing these posts become the highlight of my lunchtime. The viewpoints of both sides of the game are thoroughly entertaining.

Coming from the business aviation industry, the general viewpoint is that customers want the fastest and farthest flying plane, and although that does make up 10-15% of the market, which also happens to be the most vocal group, the majority of operators simply require reliability and cost effectiveness for their type of mission. Sound familiar.....

Maybe RIM shoould have named this 7" model the 'WorkBook' and saved the name 'PlayBook' for the projected 10" model.

I think plenty of this has to do with phone ego's. I'd say we all have them, especially those who have commented. I agree, BlackBerry needs to step it up in the cool-factor department, as users love functionality and reliability, but that doesn't mean we don't like something cool as well. Iphone is a cool to look at platform, as is android, with android being the cooler of the two in my opinion. I love android. I have rooted phones sitting in my house. You know why? Because just like every android device, mine has a battery that could handle a toy. They have such awesome (battery nom-nom'ing) software but not the hardware to back it up. When you compare call quality, who owns it? BlackBerry. When you want reliability in a durable device and one suited for people who can't live next to an outlet, who do you go to? BlackBerry. Our browser sucks, but communication tools are on point. BBM is the most fun messenger I've used and its versatility is what keeps plenty users around. People dedicate songs to it. Songs geared more towards getting into panties via bbm, but I digress. Reliability holds a number one spot to entertainment for most blackberry users who know what they are holding besides just a bbm tool, like many view it. I think its the function over glitter folk that stick with BlackBerry because after all, what's the sense of all the cool bells and whistles if you can't even use it because your battery goes out like a cigarette. I have 16 hour days. My android would last me 7 on a day when I deliberately did not text, tweet, browse like I wanted to. Its like, I do have cool things, and I COULD show you, but I might die so...maybe next time?

I think plenty of this has to do with phone ego's. I'd say we all have them, especially those who have commented. I agree, BlackBerry needs to step it up in the cool-factor department, as users love functionality and reliability, but that doesn't mean we don't like something cool as well. Iphone is a cool to look at platform, as is android, with android being the cooler of the two in my opinion. I love android. I have rooted phones sitting in my house. You know why? Because just like every android device, mine has a battery that could handle a toy. They have such awesome (battery nom-nom'ing) software but not the hardware to back it up. When you compare call quality, who owns it? BlackBerry. When you want reliability in a durable device and one suited for people who can't live next to an outlet, who do you go to? BlackBerry. Our browser sucks, but communication tools are on point. BBM is the most fun messenger I've used and its versatility is what keeps plenty users around. People dedicate songs to it. Songs geared more towards getting into panties via bbm, but I digress. Reliability holds a number one spot to entertainment for most blackberry users who know what they are holding besides just a bbm tool, like many view it. I think its the function over glitter folk that stick with BlackBerry because after all, what's the sense of all the cool bells and whistles if you can't even use it because your battery goes out like a cigarette. I have 16 hour days. My android would last me 7 on a day when I deliberately did not text, tweet, browse like I wanted to. Its like, I do have cool things, and I COULD show you, but I might die so...maybe next time?

Ok, Steve job thinks he's bausssss.
That everyone can agree.

He loves to show off.

The blackberry and iPhone are two completely different devices for the completely different use. I've used both and I am currently using a berry. But, I miss some of the iPhones features dearly

Blackberry -
BBM - Greatest IM on the market. Period

Email - getting emails on this thing is ridiculously instant. For some people, getting an email from their company or whatever is vital.

Web Browser - GARBAGE. enough said.

Applications - GARBAGE. All the apps on the berry are inferior to the iPhone.. This is personal experience. And why are there soo little apps? especially FREE ones?

Alarm - Why the heck can you only have ONE alarm??? What kind of smart phone is this?

Blackberry - a great phone

iPhone -
Browser - the BEST on the market

Applications - the most ever. And they are majority free

Email - Push is not as effective as blackberry's email system

Summary - iPhone is a great phone.

Personally, if the iPhone had a BBM style client built in or could somehow (magically) integrate with BBM then I would switch. Email isn't that important for me and found the email on the iPhone pretty good.
But, i'm half way across the country and majority of my friends i talk to are on BBM and I can't lose that. As a communication tool, the berry comes out on top everytime.
As a media device, iPhone hands down!

Aw man, this is getting good. Jim took a jab at Jobs and his imaginary dominance of the smartphone market. Too bad iFanboys will still take all his words as absolute truth.

I don't own any Apple products but I have to respect their marketing. The classy thing to do is say nothing if you really believe you have the superior product. Not everybody wants to walk around with a 10 inch tablet. I know many of you Crackberrys are also computer geeks. What's the first thing you say to a novice when they ask your advice on buying a computer? "What are you going to use it for?" Same goes for the Playbook and ipad. What do you want to do with it?

Kevin, I'll happily buy your used iPad, sight unseen, at 50¢ on the dollar. Send paypal details and I'll send you a bill and a mailing address.

RIM common first launch BB Playbook ASAP...Though iPad is cool but at this moment cannot fit into enterprise due Remote MGMT unavailability and easily hacking iOS.RIM has golden oppurtunity to enter into carporate market.I hope RIM won't disappoint this time.

The statement issued by Jim has some very interesting and valid counterpoints to the comments from Apple. I agree with you Kevin that RIM is firing back the right way and I believe that's what the world now expects from RIM.

On the point of the used iPad... I wouldn't mind taking it (if provided at a very subsidized price... LOL) and then also buying the PlayBook once it is out in the market. But one thing is guaranteed... Am surely buying the PlayBook whenever it comes :)

After reading the shots that each player have been throwing across one another, I feel that we need to bring some things to light. Jim Balsillie likes to refer to Apples application as a closed environment. Well people you need to be careful with statements like that... Rims development environment is not open, it is closed. While Apples field is also closed and for that matter so is Android. The real question isn't whether the platform is open or closed; it is which one offers software partners the greatest opportunity for a positive revenue stream and while RIM limits itself to application revenue, Apple offers two channels of revenue; application and advertising.

For those of you that might remember, ten years ago the killer application for smart phones was email. Then it became music and web browsing and now it is applications. There is no single killer app today; there are killer applications for the user profile. Each user defines his personal killer application suite. All this to say, the one with the most apps will win and if anyone thinks the game is anything else ask anyone with a smart phone to show you his/her applications.

For Rim, this will be their death. Their arrogance in not recognizing this coupled with the lack of strategy to address it will mean they will lose the race. Three years ago RIM did not see Apple as serious threat, today Apple sold MORE phones then RIM and Apple only offers devices on GSM networks. Even after Apple came to market, it took 18 months for RIM to develop/buy a good browser and even today, they still have no app store that rivals iTunes.

The problem is that the fix is simple. But they do not see it because they are not looking at the problem like a chess game. They are taking a "me too" approach. All I can say is that Steve Jobs is a chess player, and a really good one at that. RIM you need to change your ranks, you are no longer the only player behind the corporate firewall; you are losing that battle as well. Your management team needs to reinvent itself. RIM was the premiere smart phone provider 30 months ago, and they are now the middle player, soon to be in last place. If you look at the moves RIM has not made, you can only agree with me.

As for Steve Jobs comments about Android; who is Android and are they really competition. Yes they have applications, yes they have devices, but who owns the strategy. Open source has a place in this world, especially in a market that is fierce in competition where every penny can define a win/loss. But in the end, people will buy a product if they see value. Go to your local Electronics store and try to buy a PC running Linux, it too is open source! The reason Linux is not mainstream is that people see a PC as a critical tool and they trust Microsoft. Well your smart phone is morphing, and I frankly do not see room in this market for another operating system. We already have Windows, Apple O/S, and Linux. The probability of seeing a Palm O/S or Blackberry O/S is not very likely in the long term. The Blackberry and Palms of the world will need to rely on one of the core applications; Windows or Apple.

I don't think the Apple vs Blackberry argument is a good argument for Blackberry. The premise is that Blackberry is corporate focused or corporate devices with different technology agendas. This not only alienates them from Apple - but all other devices of their 'genre'. If they are corporate minded, they should be compared to CISCO. If so, they'd be crushed. CISCO basically IS the internet. CISCO bascially IS the technology of corporate. CISCO has been selling technology at all levels to corporations. My $700 desk phone (a $40 phone would do the job) is a CISCO phone hooked to the company CISCO telephone system which is connected to our network system and voicemail and email systems.

Everyone one of the 1,200 desks in this company have these $700 phones. A good portion of people have Blackberry phones assigned to them - but ALL of them have a CISCO desk phone.

My point? Has anyone bothered to look at the Cisco Cius Tablet coming out? If coporations are going to buy tablets - this is what they will be getting.

btw... guess what? The CISCO tablet is also in the 7" range like everyone else besides Apple. What Apples fails to see beyond the bigger is better mentality is that a personal device carries with it the psychology of personal space. A 10" device is outside of the pervue of an individual's personsal space. Bascially, I would not use or be comfortable using a 10" device in a public environment without needing to acknowledge that other people can see what I'm doing.

Well put Jim. I have been a Blackberry stalwart for several years and then at the height of the craze purchased an iPhone. After eight months it was relegated to my desk drawer as I tired of Apple telling me what I could and could not put on it.
I had intended to purchase an iPad but on feeling the weight and the sheer size of the thing decided to wait for something smaller to reach the market and am I glad I did. Roll on out 'Playbook.

By my opinion, both companies have it's own reality distortion field.
Apple with it's tight application polices and RIM with strict limitations to the carriers.

Nice for supported countries but not so nice for those who lives outside this distortion field.

If you need BIS and BES to use a facebook, or to download free applications (or even worse to wish to buy applications)via app world. That is a HUGE nonsense.

Users wants to buy a PHONE and to CHOSE services.

With respect

Jobs is taking a leave of absence for health factors, which caused Apple share to dip on world share markets. It is the 3rd such leave for Jobs from Apple, and his health status has several worried. Jobs was treated for cancer in 2003, and many people have feared he would relapse.

I know it's late to comment here, but ,guys, technology needs competition to evolve. If it weren't for the iPhone existing, RIM might have never decided to get into "touch" or Google might have never decided to develop Android. And if it weren't for Blackberry existing, piles of unsatisfied productivity and socializing enthusiasts would have been forced to use crappy phones while they crave for something that fits their needs.

Well, according to the dates on these comments we are well into the future now. It's May of 2012. I traded in my iPhone 4S, Siri and all, for a Blackberry Bold 9900, and and loving my Blackberry experience. I decided not to follow the fad of Apple iPads and all the paraphernalia you need to buy from a company so rich it can buy Rhode Island if it wants.
People are saying that Blackberry is dying but look a here, I own the best phone I ever had, A BB BOld 9900, and the best Pad PC is out by BB, the Playbook, so who the hell needs an iPad anyway?
After fumbling through my iPhone experience for three months, it was fun but frustrating to say the least. In Japan there are so many different Tablets and smart phones now it's not funny. Galaxy has a huge one that is more like a tablet but is a phone. BB and iPhone may not be at the top of the list in Japan as Japanese people are smart, and go for things that fit their personality. Now there are as many different choices as there are personalities so no problem, what color do you want? I believe Japan will corner the market on smart phones and tablets here in Japan rather than submit to foreign products. But I prefer Apple computers, BB phone, BB tablet, and Kindle reader.