Receive breaking news alerts on your BlackBerry 10 device with USA Today

By Adam Zeis on 25 Jul 2013 03:43 pm EDT

I like to use my BlackBerry for all my news on a daily basis. Be it reading over RSS or checking out headlines on Twitter - I find that I can get most of my daily news intake right on my device. One thing I love it having alerts send right to my device as they happen. I have a plethora of sports related alerts setup through The Score for news and scores, but did you know you can also get breaking news alerts (in the US at least) pushed to your device?

Thanks to the USA Today app I don't have to miss out on any breaking news headlines during the day. This is one thing that I missed when I first starting using BlackBerry 10 as there were no apps that pushed news alerts. While the USA Today app was available in BlackBerry World for BB10 devices from the start, I'm sure that many users still don't know about the built-in news alerts.

The app is great for catching up on news as it is, but add in push notifications for breaking stories and it makes for a great free app. 

To enable breaking news alerts in the USA Today app, just swipe from the top and choose Settings, then toggle Push Notifications on. You don't even need to leave the app running to receive the alerts and for any breaking news stories you'll receive a hub notification for the story - very cool. You'll even have one-tap access to take you right to the story within the app. Unfortunately there is still a bug for some users however that doesn't let you disable push notifications, so hopefully that will be fixed with the next update.

I'm sure that many more apps will offer up some cool notifications down the road, but for now this is definitely one of my favorites.

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Receive breaking news alerts on your BlackBerry 10 device with USA Today


Problem with that app,cant get rid of the red alert notification dot even after you read the alert..

yeah, I like the NY times app for the push notifications as well. Anyone have both and see any advantages to either one

Posted via CB10

Try turning notifications off and let me know how you make out. They won't stop until you delete the app. I will reinstall after this is fixed. I personally don't like the push notifications but I do like the app.

Z10 on T-Mobile, 32 GB PlayBook - Posted via CrackBerry 10

I tried turning off notifications and they're still being pushed. It wasn't bad when I first got the app but now it's annoying.

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Yeah it's a great feature but when you check the notification it doesn't even take you to the story. Just to the app itself. The Score at least takes you to the story

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Is this review for real? Have you read the comments in BlackBerry World?

(1) You cannot turn off the "Breaking News" Alerts. If you switch them to OFF, they do stop. Mine have been set to off for two days, and yet I'm baraged with them constantly. Most users might not know about them? Please. Users can't help but know about them.

(2) Their version of "Breaking News" is laughable. I got the "Breaking News" that too many vitimin supplements may be bad for me at 4am this morning.

(3) Even once you read the "Breaking News" Alert, the red star DOESN'T GO AWAY!

This app needs work. Would be nice if the "reviews" here on CB were a little more balanced...

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Yeah, I was wondering if this article was a joke or not.

USA Today sucks until they fix the broken alerts!!

yep...i downloaded this app and thought it was great...for about two days...then deleted it for the reasons listed here by others

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I don't trust any major news corporations. I tend to read only local news but even that is full of useless crap... we need to become a type 1 civilization! look it up!

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Had it twice now and deleted both times. It kept opening on its own and you could close it then it would open the next day. That made it an annoying battery drain.

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Like others I tried to turn off the push notifications, once fixed I might reinstall the app.

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USA today alerts got annoying, so I tried to switch them off - but it didn't work. Finally had to delete the app

I've been using the USA Today app on my Q10 for a while now. Slick app. Native and smooth. Useful push alerts (even when the app isn't running!)

No problems at all!


Seriously, Adam Zeis. Is this article a joke? Are you aware that, you CAN NOT turn off push notifications in the USA Today app? You put out an article showing how to enable it. Wow.

A good app but I deleted after 2 days. The annoying push notifications didn't stop even after I turned them off in settings.

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I had emailed their support several times regarding push notifications that continue even though it is set to "off". The constant red LED alerts for no reason, not to mention the app continually opening an active frame on it's own.
Had the exact same problem with NY Times.
I have a feeling the apps were both written by the same inept developer.

No thanks. The app is weak and absolutely destroyed my battery life. It went from 35 to 5 in about 2 hours when i otherwise wasn't really using it

Thumbly posted from my Q10

Have both NYT and USA Both work well on my Zed. But then again I know how to use it too. Wink wink....

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Deleted the app alerts wouldn't turn off and we're very irritating. I rather keep the browser shortcut.

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I think the persistent notification spark must be an OS bug ... happens with a bunch of different apps. Not all, but many.

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I don't have a problem with persistent notifications but it irks me to no end that when I open the alert it just opens the app... and many times there is nothing story, or if there is it a be several layers down on the queue. the app should at very least have a "breaking news" tab!

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Great for people who are news hungry and wants to be kept abreast of the happenings around the world...good ice breakers these news updates ;-)

Oh, and BTW, why don't you clue us in about how you're browsing RSS feeds, Adam. Because all that's available in OS10 is Taptu, and it's a piece of junk.

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When the app first came out I had the problem where it would open up on its own constantly but they issued an update that fixed that. My only complaint is that when you get the breaking news there is a link to open to the news article except that the article is never there. When you open up the app with the link it just brings you to the main page. Overall I like the app though.

I seem to be getting less (read: only more important) notifications now, and now there is NO red star in the app. Better than constant red star I guess. Still getting them though, even though they are turned OFF. Progress, one step at a time is superior to no progress, I guess.

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