Breaking down BlackBerry's three-phase plan

BlackBerry Transformation Plan
By Simon Sage on 15 Jul 2013 12:41 pm EDT

Following on our initial reaction, we’ve had a little bit of time to digest everything that’s been said at BlackBerry’s annual general meeting.

For me, the highlight was the three-phase schedule that Heins outlined. A lot of BlackBerry users are tired of waiting for this, that, or the other thing, and placing the platform’s progress on this kind of timeline provides a perspective we can work with. Otherwise, we’re all just waiting indefinitely with no end in sight.

The first phase involved refocusing the company, reducing costs, building strong liquidity, enhancing product relevance, and improving public sentiment about the company. To that end, they hired new execs, cut out middle management to reduce complexity, optimized their supply chain, and promoted a high performance culture through the company. Through their Cost Optimization and Resource Efficiency program, BlackBerry was able to save $1 billion in a year, and finished off with $2.9 billion cash in the bank, even after restructuring costs, versus $2 billion the year prior. In many ways, these were necessary steps for a strong foundation; the snazziest product in the world could fail with a counterproductive bureaucracy, or without any cash to market it. 

"There is no guarantee for success. … I’m wearing a new suit, but it’s not made of kevlar" Thorsten Heins, BlackBerry CEO

The current phase is one of building and investing in products like BES, BBM, BlackBerry 10 devices, and the BlackBerry Global Data Network. This part includes maintaining cost efficiencies (yep, that means laying people off time to time), and limiting the product pipeline to six new devices at any time. However, later this year we’ll also see significant investment. In a media scrum following the AGM, one reporter asked if BlackBerry has, for all of its cash in the bank, been over-saving and under-spending. Thorsten’s response led us to believe that the next few quarters would see a lot of money put into pushing the company on all cylinders, though they’ll still be prudent about spending. One can assume this means significant spending in both marketing and product development.

The final phase is where everybody can start reaping the rewards, and shouldn’t be arriving for the next three or four quarters at least. At this point, the goal is to see new services in new industries (such as cars and machine-to-machine), leadership in mobile computing, and returning the company to profitability. This seems like a ways off for now, and Thorsten didn't elaborate too much on what the company would do when they reached the light at the end of the tunnel. 

Even with all of the planning in the world, Heins has been perfectly frank about the reality of the situation: “There is no guarantee for success. … I’m wearing a new suit, but it’s not made of kevlar.” The best BlackBerry can do is work their collective ass off and stick to a sensible plan. What do you guys think of the plan? Was phase 1 successful in setting the stage for phase 2? How long do you think it will take before we hit phase 3?

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Breaking down BlackBerry's three-phase plan


and the post was still about as informative as a press release. I think this was a get something up on the site today post.

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Hope the job is not spelling based, because one week not one weak later she would be canned!!!!!! Lmao

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Seems like the "team" is being very quite about their meeting with Thor and being very careful to not rock the boat. What has it been three or four very short blog that just basically repeat what he said at the public meeting with shareholders.

I agree. Seems like CB has been relatively quiet since the AGM. Makes me wonder if this site is still the place to go...........................................?

The feeling i've been getting is not that its quiet, its that other things are happening. The smartphone, mobile computing, whatever market is taking off. Crackberry Kevin, and his well established and much enjoyed internet presence, is probably trying to grow with it. My hats off to him. This is what I feel is happening, from my interpretations . No matter what phone I end up with and I get new phones all the time, I guess I should call them computers now. I will always be a regular on a mobile nations site with my universal log in. Thanks for that mobile nations.

Agreed. BlackBerry are still early in their plans but they have to be able to still do it in a timely manner. Siting back won't help much as their competition keep kicking chunks of market space from under them. There a good BlackBerry products out now but a lack of marketing.

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I'm not surprised in the changes being made. It seems this should of happened many years ago. To many people making to much money and not doing enough to compensate it.

Posted from My Z10 via CB10

We need to get bb10 ava liable to other companies such as Sony and HTC for developing new phones asap!

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With spewing out low-rez 720p devices in 2013 but asking high-end premium prices it will not matter at all, unfortunately - stupid management makes stupid decisions.

so you would manage better :) The best cyclists are the guys who are watchin it on television and cannot drive a bike in a descent way.
They should do this , they should do that :)
you will be able to tell me something about the 720p device when it is launched , not based on rumors or blurry pics.

I'm kinda bored of these idiotic, meaningless replies but here's it again, just for you, just this one time: if you cannot tell apart 720p and 1080p resolution side-by-side (eg log into a remote machine on both and see how many windows you can fit inside) then something is wrong with your eyes.
FYI it's a forum, its whole POINT of being an armchair analyst.

NO, i'm replying to all your posts, you say you can tell the difference between 720 and 1080 on a 5" display, and anyone who can't is either blind or stupid.

I answered to your rude comments, but apparently we are all stupid here, and you're the smart one, or the smarta$$ !

Maybe I could help. BBRY is:

Fighting a battle on specs: losing
Fighting a battle with apps: losing
Fighting a battle with tablet strategy: losing
Fighting a battle for capitalization dollars: losing

I could go on however I think you might have picked up my inference: BBRY is losing every arena they chose to battle.

Now... you can call me stupid, and that my eyes can't tell the difference, that I can sideload, that in 5 years the tablet market will go away as Mr. Heins suggests however... the market does not think that way. So back to... Fighting a battle...

Posted via CB10

You can fit the same number because the resolution the Windows care about is on the remote machine and not your post. Next time think before you speak.

Posted via CB10

I meant and not your phone not post.

The windows are rendered by Windows and then the whole image is resized and displayed on your phone. Number of windows appearing on your phone won't change even with an infinite resolution.

Posted via CB10

Do sane people post here too? Or it is some secret meetup site for people living with reading comprehension problems...?

Wow. You are either: 1) Very rude and immature, or 2) a troll.

1080p on a 5 inch device is barely perceptible using normal vision and normal use.

Now be nice, or begone.

You aren't great at articulating your points. You write like you are talking to someone in person. if only you could communicate in 1080.

Posted via CB10

Folks, a friend came over and we were watching TV, he was 8 feet away, I was 17 feet from the TV. He commented, "Why didn't you buy a big screen"? I'm over twice the distance as he was and was stunned. I told him it is a Vizio, either a 37" or 39" diagonal, I think the latter, and cost around $350 on sale. I asked what type he had and he said a "big screen" and he paid $3,000 for it! As I recall his living room chair is about 12 feet from his ginormous TV. Mine suits me just fine both in cost and viewing. I usually watch it while I'm at my computer desk so it's probably closer to 12 feet away and I'm tickled pink (not really, it's just an expression) with how it looks.
My point is, I can't recall what the specs are, what the resolution is or even the size of the screen. Here's what I do know: I could buy almost 10 TVs for the price he paid (he also got some type of ''insurance'' plan that cost a few hundred), not to mention the 7% sales and county tax of $210.
So, are people really concerned with either 720 or 1020 from a distance of 12 inches? I guess the answer is yes because my pal would rather have a big screen, $3,000 TV (still don't know how big big is). But, as to whether one looks better, it's like beauty, it's in the eye of the beholder, innit?

You tell me if you can tell the difference between 1080p and 720p on a 5" screen.

I do agree with the better specs but screen is fine

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Any time. If you cannot tell them apart side-by-side you are most likely blind or stupid or both. :)

Love the post... hilarious!

"I want true HD resolution on a 4"screen! "


"Because I want it!l"

WHY? Are you really going to use it?

"Yeah! When I show my friends how cool it is! Duh!!"

"Never underestimate the stupidity of the American public"
-P.T. Barnum

Posted via BlackBerry 6230

Or stupidity of people in general.. It's better because I'm told it's better. But they said it's better..

Posted via CB10

They should have elaborated on this a long time ago at least to manage the market's expectations.

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Tough one, and they are making the right moves its just they are very slow at making things happen. I do like how Heins is handling the delicate situation. He is carefully moulding BlackBerry's future and a good base is required. Once that's set he needs to start spending on R&D, design and innovation and unleash the creativity and efficient drive within BlackBerry. He can't be playing Mr. Nice guy in phase two, it's time to throw it down we say.

Well that... and the "internet of things". I want to know how BlackBerry is developing and will develop their device to device service. Will it be partners and OEM deployment, developers and a platform, market share leverage, etc.

I think on the software front they're definitely on the right track. The execution on hardware, licensing et al I think is too early to tell.

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Why did Heins never mention this "three point plan" prior to the earnings call if this was really true?? He said on March 28 after Q4 on Cnbc live that BlackBerry would be profitable going forward. This "three point plan" is a ridiculous made up cover up for the complete flop of BlackBerry 10 so far. It feels like they scrambled for something to tell people when things turned so disastrous. Did Laziridis sell his shares 30 million after stepping off the board May 1st knowing results would be poor? $160 million loss if not.

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I'm sure they had an internal plan before they just told people they have a plan now. Communication has never been this company's strong point.

Communication and MARKETING are two major areas that need fixing yesterday. If they wait until tomorrow it will be too late.

While it's exactly what was expected (at least by me), they have set a clear roadmap. Now T.H is also setting clear quantitative targets with head cuts in case of failure. Transparency (as far as such strategic moves can be unveiled) was a missing point of their communication. It's now clearer, simpler. Better.
I don't expect positive E.P.S (nor do I want it : use all gas to go full throttle, will pay later) prior fiscal Q1 2015.

I got a question when are we gonna be able to buy phones from blackberry directly without worrying about slow carrier updates and new devices being rolled out timely? Huh when am I gonna see that?

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Although that's interesting, since the American carriers could not be any LESS supportive, what do they really have to lose? What if they opened a Dell style central purchasing Window on-line and then flooded the radio and paper and TV market with short ads pointing people there. Make payments on the device and give 30 or 60 day returns so people get the device in their hands with a chance to learn it and get support from BlackBerry without risk being stuck in a contract. After that payments continue until device is paid for over whatever length of term the customer chooses. Carriers would still do the qualifying testing so there would be no reason not to connect someone. But marketing and customer experience would be BlackBerry's to control.

From my sweet BB10 Neutrino powered Z10 :D

well , as i see more futures comming , like panorama , fast pics , etc i kind of think bb is on the right track.
Mr heins has the balls to take hard discicions , just like the playbook thing. 2jears ago it would have been released even if the os was crappy (remember the os that was on the 9900 and made them die after a few days... Mr heins doesn't take these risks.)
The targets for sales are also a proof for this. He really want's the company to succeed en will do everything he needs to do.
But he can't do anything about the carriers that need to sell iphones because of some contracts they have with apple.

I hope bb wil make it , they are working hard and they deserve a descent position in the smartphone market.

We need fast actions and fast improvements! How long this guys want to stay? Very disappointing!

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After following all of the news about how BlackBerry is being restructured and is turning itself around it reminds me a lot about a book I read called "the five dysfunctions of a team", where a new ceo is tasked with turning a failing company around (highly recommend the book btw). BlackBerry has been an amazing company at times, but I wonder sometimes whether it would indeed still be here if Thor did not come in and do what he has done so far with the company. I still have hope for them; I would be lying if I said I haven't been disappointed at some of the things they have done (such as the false promises), but putting the company in the black, releasing a phone that is (or at least should be) competitive in today's market are great accomplishments. No company, especially with the bad rep that BlackBerry has had recently, comes back on top in a short time. Compared to companies like Apple in its lull, Microsoft in its fiascos, Google in getting an OS laid out, BlackBerry will have trouble for another year, but they are laying the groundwork to transition (as the others have also in the past) from being "too little too late" to "solid platform". I fear many will leave BlackBerry until this happens, but just like when the imac was released and many former mac users returned, when BlackBerry finishes this phased restructure, many former BlackBerry owners and many new to blackberry will flock to the company.

Excellent point of view. I did return and I'm sure if things get better more will when the time comes.

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Ater having BB10 since day one I can tell it has already matured quite a bit and looking at 10.2 makes it easy for me to see that this process isn't stopping. Despite what people may say with each update BlackBerry has listened to the consumer and made adjustments accordingly (see reviews for poor battery life, camera, improved in 10.1). With that being said there is lots more they can do to make it better on our end (updates done simultaneously, improved apps selection ect.)

Now regarding the future of the company.... it looks like it will be a bumby ride and I got my seat belt on and I'm ready for it

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Good new products, with great potential. Inexcusably bad marketing and spotty at best, carrier support, especially in the US market.

Posted via CB10

Marketing has been stale for a while. I have seen the same few adverts here in the UK since the Z10 launch. They aren't eye grabbing and they don't show the devices off. Kind of reminds me of the marketing of the Neo Geo Pocket. Great device let down by poor marketing and third party developers.

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As much as I genuinely hope that BlackBerry succeed, if they don't, then 'it had potential' will be on their gravestone. Probably followed by 'just wait for the next update'.

BB10 has unique features and a fresh UX that differentiate them from the competitions. They probably have a small lead (one phone generation perhaps) but I'm afraid they are squandering it with the ineffective marketing and sales channel execution. Apple is already revamping their UI in iOS7 'borrowing' quite a few BB10 ideas. Slow and steady will not work against the increasingly fast product cycles from their competitions. My guess is BlackBerry is focusing their limited sales and marketing resources at enterprise customers and relies on carriers and retail partners to drive consumer interests. Unfortunately, with the BYOD trend, without strong consumer adoption, even if corporations support the BB10 platform, employees that opt for the BB10 phones may not be significantly enough to create a critical mass and buzz to drive sales in consumers like they were able to do before.

Never if blackberry keeps releasing phones with mediocre specifications compared for the competition. I've said it 100 times you have to win on paper to attract consumers. That is the first thing the average Joe looks at.

Posted via CB10

I think you are spot on! I am one of those consumers along with my wife, brother and his wife who have waited and waited for BB to produce something similar to what the other top of the line phones have at release date. The rope I am (and they are) is thinning and thinning as the days go by.

I remember the days when I would lay my phone on the table at a party and it would be the talk of the table. That doesn't happen anymore.

As far as I can tell, it is running the way I have envisioned it. BlackBerry with their new line up has been Made popular for all the early adopters and not marketed to death. With the fixes of OS 10.1 and the soon release of 10.2 it is slowly gaining traction in the mainstream market where people are tired of Apple and Android.

Most of the people will be happily purchasing the A10 despite the face that the Hardware is not a massive overkill, but just a nice balance of usefulness and battery life.

There is no need for an 1080p display or an Octacore processor.

It is a high end device because of its OS, fabrication and design. It does not need to compete on Hardware alone and I happy that they are not even trying.

I might be alone with my opinion on this, but it makes sense to show off what "last year's hardware" is capable of and prevents the specsheet trolls to fault the devices since usability will be at least on par with the other flagships.
BlackBerry made its goal to create their own class and will be successful with it.

Like Asus did with the Fonepad, I hope they will switch to the X86 architecture with the Haswell chipsets next year and leave the overhyped ARM Market.

Posted via CB10

I think if BB follows the Heinz principle (just playing Ketchup) to be on par with the other platforms then they will never succeed. As on comment noted .. people talk and buy specs and first to market. Its like my Economics professor once asked .. tell me the name the number 3 fried chicken franchise in the USA. If your not at the front of the pack you fall by the wayside.

While I agree that Blackberry cannot lay in obscurity forever, In this time of restructuring they have little choice but to make little innovations while at the same time following what is "on par" with other platforms until they have the revenue and the time spent following the restructure (and not before) before they have the chance to really shine and to innovate in the way they did when they released the first smartphone ever. I cannot name the #3 fried chicken franchise in the USA, but I can name for you many burger franchises, including McDonalds, Burger King, Carl's Jr/Hardees, and Jack in the Box. In the same way while most would say Apple is #1 in the smartphone market, I would be hard pressed to find someone who didn't know about Android, the #2 smartphone "franchise". BB might be Burger King right now (and does not want to stay there), but hopefully they become McDonalds after the restructuring (only without the guilt and denial that comes with going to McDonalds :) ).

Unfortunately Blackberry has become irrelevant in the Mobile game. All they seem to do is talk about how good it will be in the future without ever delivering on the here and now. When the biggest BB news is the back cover of the A10 then I know the platform is in trouble.

Not sure what you're reading, but I think more than just the back cover of the device has been talked about. If that is the biggest news for you, I don't know what to tell you.

$3 Billion Cash in Bank and Poor Marketing, they really need to push farther. it's a huge gamble to take but will reap long term

Good article Simon.....more something I would have expected from Chris.

I think Blackberry and Thor are still in a very tough place right now. They will need to fight for relevancy in the media and the corporate customers eyes. The media and analsyts are merciless. Getting 10.2 out there will do a lot I think as it has a lot of functionality in it. The additional Android apps that come with it will be very welcome. Getting BBM cross functional will help big time as well.

But the best thing I think they could do is sign some sort of partnership that will show a path to additional revenues and profits and that they are not alone in their quest to promote BB10 platform. I don't know if that is licensing or a major automobile software download deal or BBM monetization. But the market now understands that the days of big profits on the handset sales for everyone are now numbered and disappearing quickly. Blackberry really needs to show additional sources of service revenue to stop the downward spiral from everyone taking a kick at the downed man. If they can get up on their feet, I think they can swing with the best of them but it's still tough when your only up on one knee. They have picked themselves up off the canvas but they are still being pounded on by those standing on solid footing and intent on not letting Blackberry back as a contender.

Absolutely. This is lost on too many. A strong foundation is best when building something. Some people seem to be of the opinion that BlackBerry should be throwing things together really quickly and at all costs.

Unfortunately, this is going to be a slow turn around with people being tied to two-year contracts in the U.S. It could be that long before someone can even consider a BlackBerry.

I think they did the right thing by putting their new platform BB10 into the market so that people know it is easy, reliable and most secure device. Have one team concentrate on improving the software BB10 and another group send their armies into the streets of the big cities to challenge any platforms that BB10 is better, faster to get the job done, and the most secure platform. I think they can sell millions of Q5 if they price between $200 to less than $250 because of developing countries can afford buy one.

TH is trying to turn BB into a division of Siemens where kitchen appliances talk to each other and to your car via BBM...

The X10 will be a big test for BB. It doesn't matter which specs the phone has, what will matter is how they market it. And if it's not the flagship device everybody is waiting for, then how long before they're back in the race? You can spend millions on trying to promote last year's phones and all you'll do is burn cash.

You can blame whoever you want, BlackBerry or carriers, but I would say phase one is blown. I think the BlackBerry community has sort of pushed BlackBerry into action now, and I'm just going to hope BlackBerry pulls its head out and phase two is not another whiff.

Posted from my T-Mobile Z10, no longer on the Sprint Meh network.

A propos, reducing costs... Hope BlackBerry has something like PlayBook 2 ready to launch in the close future. People who decided about reducing costs relating to 1Gb memory of PB made in fact long term increase of costs. Today BlackBerry could start with generating incomes by means of smartcomputing (good piece of hardware: PlayBook + A10 with BB10). Unfortunately, costs were cut and now BlackBerry has to sell new smartphones without real support based on useful tablet. Please, RIM think wider and wider...

[...] new mobile hero:

I would totally buy one to go with, sorry... replace... the 2 PlayBooks I already own.

Actually..... nahhhhhhhhh. i

Posted via CB10

Every new info about this company, new ventures and strategies feels like an apology.

I still use my bb devices but I am always thinking , will they become as obsolete as this company.

Whatever momentum BlackBerry had is now pretty much gone.

The comparables amongst the major ecosystems demonstrate that BlackBerry is no longer a major player.

This really just sounds like a speech a doctor will deliver to has cancer dying patient.

Posted via CB10

To me it sounds like developing new partnerships, making new ventures, trimming the fat, and turning things around.

BlackBerry stopped being a major player years ago. If people have it in their minds that the turnaround of a company that used to be a behemoth should happen immediately, just look how long it took for Jobs to turn Apple into the behemoth it is today (when it was on the verge of becoming extinct) .

"The final phase is where everybody can start reaping the rewards, and shouldn’t be arriving for the next three or four quarters at least. At this point, the goal is to see new services in new industries (such as cars and machine-to-machine)..."

I hope BlackBerry's master plan isn't along the lines of Cisco's or we'll be behind in a big way fast!

And what I find the most meaningful idea of complete integration.. the video here...

Posted via CB10

Phase 1 - release bb10 late - accomplished

Phase 2 - make more os7 devices since our new os isn't accepted

Phase 3 - Die

Posted via CB10

Another OS7 device couldn't have been dependent on the success of BB10. The late release wasn't due to Thorsten. He made the right call, just like he did with the PlayBook. It might seem unpopular, but they're the right call.

I'm not sure about ya'll, but wow, the Q10 and Z10 that I have are amazing, they're both running great with BlackBerry 10.

I heard they're making a cool phone with a larger screen too, also running BlackBerry 10. That's all great news.

Nothing screens "DOUCHE BAG" louder than the voice in my head when I witness a guy driving around the city in a Hummer with massive rims that spin and a full chrome kit. These are the same people who feel the need to have useless specs on their smartphone, for whatever reason. These are the same people who feel inadequate without the Hummer and the spec'd out phone, but why?

Can't wait for the A10. Octo-Core.


Posted via CB10

I dunno.

Ya lost me when you used the douche analogy re: specs queen and then immediately launched into a similar fetish for a BBRY device in development. And dude... that means like... launch in March? Maybe?

I get it. Monday. Just sayin...

Posted via CB10

If part of Phase 1 was to "enhancing product relevance, and improving public sentiment about the company."

And Phase 2 & 3 depend upon this being accomplished.... they are so screwed.

In my opinion advertising is by far the most important thing now.
Whether the Z10, the Q10 or the A10 (with an quad- or a dual core) they are very good phones.
BlackBerry simply has to show what they have and what these phones are able to!

So just invest heavily in advertising!

Posted via CB10

"product revelence" = they got a looong way to go to make that happen,,, if they continue on their current path, it will be to IRrelevence...

So what was the point of the post? I feel like I am dealing with Verizon and BlackBerry on an update - give me some information already.

Posted via CB10

If Thor and the rest of BlackBerry keeps their drive, this plan could work! Keep your head up guys, if this company was meant to die it would've already!

Posted via CB10

Here's my 3-phase plan for Blackberry:

Step one: cut a hole in the box
Step two: put your junk in that box!
Step three: put a lid on the box

As I read all the comments I noticed a lot of disappointment with BlackBerry not only in this article but in many recent articles. I do not blame anyone that's starting to give up on BlackBerry, we are in the loyal fans and T.H. needs to SERIOUSLY get this phase B.S. out of the way, get s*#t done.

You know there is nothing wrong with having a plan and BB outlined a very good one, I was quite impressed. The kicker is that a plan is only good if there is a team in place that can fire on all other words that can execute. This is where BB has been failing, continues to fail and will fail in the future until their leader gets some balls and puts in place people who have passion, vision and are able to walk the talk by delivering, big time.
That also means an uncompromised product portfolio and a detailed well laid out roadmap with deliverable dates.

1. Lie and screw the customers
2. Abandon support to our favourite device
3. Turn company to dust

So far you managed to do 2 out of 3... Way to go Thor...!

BlackBerry needs to figure out a way to get updates to their devices faster. The current model of waiting for the wireless carriers (like Verizon) to roll them out isn't working. I finally gave up on Verizon and loaded leaked OS and radio updates last night. So far I haven't seen a crash, my battery is lasting much longer, and I can run apps that wouldn't run with the current Verizon release (like Waze and Endomondo). I am MUCH happier with my Z10 now. Most users are just going to say the phone stinks and give up on it and the company.

Posted via CB10

Heins is BSing, just lile Lazaridis and Balsillie did. Knockout punch in January 2013 eh? These guys are all snakeoil salesmen... and bad one at that.

Oh I don't know.

Didn't Laz state that no one wants a computer in their phone or a camera with their phone? He may just have been ahead of his time.

Like Heins and that whole tablet computing dying in 5 years. He may be right.

Fuck, these two CEOs sorta have the pulse of the marketplace.... don't they?

Anyone? Anyone?

Posted via CB10

I think BlackBerry is taking the steps they need to build the company back up. As we all know times are tough so you have to at times make difficult decisions. I look forward to watching blackberry go through this process.

Posted via CB10

I'm just tired of waiting. This Z10 is a great phone but the overall experience is still behind IOS and Android

Ironically I didn't know what I was missing untill I tried the big glass slab of the Z10. And the android app player giving me a glimpse into the world of android. That with mobile nations blurring the lines between platforms and It's safe to say my next (yearly upgradable) phone will be android. Some times I upgrade twice a year, like this year when the next nexus phone comes out.

Posted via CB10

This 3 phase plan was made up after the q1 report. if not, why didn't they disclose this plan prior to bb10 being launched back in 2012?

BlackBerry needs more devices right now, not tomorrow, but right now in order to further push its devices out. People want choice. You will run into many people that are not looking for a Z10 or Q10/5, but would love to have a A10 or a Z5 for instance. Will they wait? Well if they want the best, and they've done there research in the matter, then YES they will. But most may not wait and fall victim to advanced marketing by Android devices such as the Sammy GN3 coming soon.

BlackBerry needs to give people more choice ASAP, this should almost guarantee success for all devices available.

Yes! Let's release more devices with poor execution and abysmal marketing. That'll right the ship for sure...

Go back to 10 devices with 10 different names. Because that worked so well before.

It's Genius! I wonder why they haven't thought of this already?

Maybe they'll fit that into their current strategy of OS7 and BB10 developer engagement and...

... oh never mind.

Posted via CB10

I personally think that the phones were required as part of a bigger plan, but was not the focus of where they believe themselves to be in the future. The next hundred days needs to bring a crucial step forward for BB.

Posted via CB10

I agree, but I do think we need to see something soon to differentiate bb10 from the competitors.
Even something gimmicky would be fine.
A dumb tablet, a media box, hot-swappable battery, smart cover, just something a bit different.
And it doesn't have to be perfect.
Just cool.

Posted via CB10

Wow! There sure are a lot of new names in here bashing BlackBerry...

I was just thinking of how silly it would be to hang out on iOS or Android sites, and make uneducated comments, just to attempt to stir-the-pot...

Oh well, back to my dust collecting hobby....

Posted via CB10

I am devote, and will go down with the ship if they do so. Me personally have no use for toys like droid or fake woman like siri. She may have got Steve Jobs off but I'm good I have my own wife and kids. Besides I live in the US and att has two number one spots sales and cost of service both of which they can have because greed will consume you too, and I haven't created my infinite budget yet did I mention they love to collect information

Sincerely S.key
BBFL To hell what they think

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That enhancing product relevance part which is so crucial to them, isn't working just yet, and they don't have too much time on that front. An substantial investment HAS to be made in that area!

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, no matter how good your products are, both software and hardware, if consumers are not aware of your brand and the products of your company, then they will gravitate towards other options and vote on your lack of presence and low profile with their wallets. The problem for BlackBerry seems to be that a lot of consumers out there still think first of Blackberry's tarnished reputation and then automatically look at the company at best, past its prime,and at worst, in the final throes of existence!

It is up to BlackBerry to convince consumers otherwise and show them all the exciting new things the company has in store and all the new possibilities. Both devices and OS. They will have to pull the proverbial rabbit out of the hat in that regard, and they better find and hire one or more individuals that can pull that off. It will have to be something on the scale of what Apple did in the late 90's and early 2000's. Anything less than that, and things will deteriorate rather quickly.

I'm amazed not to see any more advertising for the Z10, which I own and is a great device. Three months on now of using it and I am more than pleased with it. I tried and tested both the IPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S3 and now recently the S4 (though in the interest of full disclosure, being a PlayBook owner I was already certain that my next phone upgrade wad going to be one of the new BB10 devices...and the Z10 was it! ). There is no way in hell I would spend my money on either of those devices! Liked the Windows 8 phones, specifically Nokia, but not nearly enough to give up on BlackBerry.

Another thing...that whole lack of details on how the plan will unfold is I must say not good. After all as they say the devil lies in the details.

PS Is it just me...but I'm getting that sinking feeling that the Z10 is slowly going the way of the PlayBook? I hardly ever hear the device mentioned anymore and I don't understand why?

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Blackberry has bet the company on OS10 so the outcome will be binary-succeed or fail. So far, the market response, especially from enterprise, to the Q10 and Z10 appears luke warm at best as many business adopters of the Q10 hate it. According to Thorsten, enterprise customers see the handsets as integral to BES10 so I wonder if the negative response to the Q10 will impact uptake of BES10? There are lots of BES10 trials, but when will any MDM revenues (supposedly $99/device/year) start hitting the balance sheet? BBM cross platform is interesting, but to satisfy enterpise, and to compete with Skype, Instagram and Whatsapp, it must also work on laptops, desktops and offer video conferencing cross platform. How will Blackberry monetize BBM cross platform? If successful, more consumers may begin to consider a Blackberry OS10 phone for their next purchase. I can understand coming out with another OS7 phone, as OS10 uptake is slowing, and BIS revenues need to be maintained. From a personal perspective, with no BIS offered for OS10 phones, I am seriously considering getting another OS7 phone like the Bold 9900 instead of an OS10 phone to keep BIS service for compression, speed of message delivery and security. Where is BBM money for North America as an alternative to PayPal and other mobile payment apps and how will it generate revenue for Blackberry? Enterprise users are also consumers. If they don't like the Q10, it is likely that consumers won't like it either. The annual meeting
and the 3 phase plan succinctly pointed out how far Blackberry still has to go. In some ways, I am beginning to think Blackberry's future is more uncertain than ever. I do hope the company finds a way to succeed and become relevant again.

Bankers live by 3 words....... Cash. Is. King. in this case they have done that and are well prepared to withstand 3 or 4 quarters. This boils down to the carriers and if they are really sincere about pushing this product. In my experience they have no incentive to sell BlackBerry Phones anymore. I could almost push a case to set up shop like Apple does and exclusively sell their phones. I am hoping they succeed.

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Seeing you guys get way off topic is depressing... and it's a sign of immaturity... boom, there I said it. What are you gonna do now? Continue with my tangent, or get back on topic? #trap

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Our expectations for BlackBerry are great, that's good. It takes time, money and lots of effort by all involved to make it happen.
And trust in TH and the road map.
We're like kids on a trip
"Are we there yet"? Keep asking questions...but be Patience.

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Can we stop with the inclusion in each comment of "Sent from my Blackberry 10...."? I get it, you're posting with a phone, just sayin'.