Brainstorming BB10: Please fix Speed Dialing on the BlackBerry Q10!



In response to this article, we just received a nice tweet from one of the fine folks on #TEAMBLACKBERRY:

"@CrackBerry Hey guys, we've heard you and we are listening.  A few already fixed in dev builds and will work its way into future updates"

A great tweet to read! Props to the responsiveness from the team. Big thanks to all the hardworking folks on the software team that I know are hustling and giving in their best to keep pushing BB10 forward, fast. 

By Kevin Michaluk on 8 May 2013 03:50 pm EDT

OK, time for a friendly rant in the spirit of Brainstorming BlackBerry 10. This one is about speed dialing on the BlackBerry Q10. It's driving me nuts. Compared to speed dialing on an older BlackBerry like the Bold 9900, speed dialing on the Q10 has taken a step backwards that I *hope* can be fixed up soon. Be sure to watch the video above for the walk through from A to Z, or you can keep reading for a quick overview.

My Q10 Speed Dial problems...

Problem #1 - You can't actually speed dial contacts from the homescreen. Pressing and holding on buttons on the homescreen doesn't do anything other than enter that letter into the Universal Search. There's no differentiation from a short key press to a long key press on the homescreen. Normally, a long key press (press and hold a button) should call a saved number, or prompt you to enter a new speed dial number. In other words, currently you cannot speed dial a contact from the homescreen. This is unfortunate as it's one of things I love most about having a physical keyboard on a phone. It saves a lot of time and makes using your phone safer to use in a lot of situations where you're on the go and need to quickly call someone.

Problem #2 - It takes too long to get to speed dialing.  While speed dialing isn't available on the homescreen, it is still built into the phone. You just have to find it first. First you have to open the phone app. Then you have to tap over to the dial pad. Then you can long press on the keyboard and speed dial a contact. The process of having to open an app and navigate within the app to the screen where you can use speed dialing completely defeats the purpose of speed dialing. Honestly, I would have left the feature out altogether if it can't be used from the homescreen.

Problem #3 - Adding contacts to the speed dial list isn't intuitive for new users, and it's glitchy. The Keypress Speed Dial menu is accessible within the Settings section of the phone app. Once you're on that menu, it looks as it does on BlackBerry 7, minus the fact it only lists saved numbers and not contact names on the list. The problem here is that if you tap on an empty entry, it doesn't take you to the contacts app to allow you to pick which contact you want to save in a speed dial position. Tapping and holding will allow you to delete entries (even ones that haven't been saved - glitch!), but you have no way to add them.

So how do you add a speed dial contact then? You have to go back to dial pad within the phone app, and from there you can press and hold on a key and you will be prompted to add a contact. The only problem is, once you select a contact, you get no visual confirmation that it has been added - you're sort of stuck on the same screen where you can cancel out of the process. I found sometimes contacts would save as I tapped them from the address books, and other times it took a couple of tries. 

Problem #4 - If you save a contacts on the numeric keys (1 through 9), using speed dial is glitchy. You can see what I'm talking about in the video above. I programmed the letter E / number 2 on the keyboard to speed dial my fiancée, Erika. But because her name that starts with a letter E is on the #2 key, when I press and hold on the E out on the phone dialer page, it dials three 2's (2-2-2) before it goes and speed dials her. If I program a contact to another key -- M for Marcus as in the video above -- then it's a *little* smoother to use, though I still wouldn't call it speedy.

Conclusion - Add it all up and as of right now I'm pretty sure 100% of people who took advantage of speed dialing from the homescreen on older BlackBerry phones will not be happy with the current speed dialing experience on BlackBerry 10. And I'm also pretty sure that new first time BlackBerry owners won't ever figure out how to use it in its current implementation. 

Why I'm ranty on this...

Happy Rant

I totally understand that BlackBerry 10 is a new mobile computing platform and a fresh start for BlackBerry. And I have a lot of patience for that, for the most part.

I get that some things simply take a TON of work to get done. For example, getting BlackBerry 10 up to 10.1 so it's enterprise ready took time. That wasn't an oversight - that's just a lot of coding and work BlackBerry had to get through. Even the no email syncing after 30 days issue, which is now fixed for Active Sync in 10.1 (coming for IMAP sooner than later). I have patience for these things as I get they are features that can take time for BlackBerry to build out as they build this new platform.

I also have patience for bugs. Bugs happen. It doesn't matter how much beta testing takes place, you can't catch everything. So when a couple bugs pop up here and there, I'm ok with it.

I also understand that BlackBerry 10 is a fresh start, and it's going to take some time for BlackBerry to build in some of the advanced features that may currently be missing. In some cases (like notifications), I think BlackBerry intentionally wanted to start with a more simple experience, and will add back in more features over time as people demand it (or leave out the complexity if people don't mind that it's gone). I also get that there's no law that says BlackBerry 10 has to be like BlackBerry 7. BlackBerry 10 is a NEW OS. I'm ok with change. Change is good. So I don't view harshly things that are altogether different from BB7 to BB10.

So where do I lose my patience? On the execution of a feature like this. Speed dialing on the Q10 is clearly a feature BlackBerry chose to carry through onto BlackBerry 10. The menu option for it is in the same place. It has the same sort of look and basic usage. And then it's like it was just forgotten about and left hanging. It never made its way out of the phone app and onto the homescreen. And if the decision is to never bring speed dialing back to the homescreen (I'm assuming they want it there but just didn't get there yet), then it doesn't even make sense to put speed dialing onto the phone at all. And the way the app isn't really finished... it just reminds me of how the most important part of Bedside mode was omitted in the first release of BB10.

I'm not sure where this one sits on the list of priorities, but for the sanity of new and soon to be Q10 users who love speed dialing contacts, I hope it moves up the list.

/ rant

PS. I rant because I love you BlackBerry.

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Brainstorming BB10: Please fix Speed Dialing on the BlackBerry Q10!


Agreed. Pressing a button wakes the screen. Long press to unlock and speed dial would be great (assuming no password is set).

Also, for the Z10 owners... since they can swipe up theyboard, would be great to push the speed dial shortcuts there too maybe. Especially since you can pull up the keyboard anywhere from within any app. It's still a *smartphone* right? Don't forget about the phone!

Is that image real? It's exactly what I thought should happen when I read Kevin's article. That, or a list/grid of contacts' names/images... or combination of both images and dial-pad.

I would love to long-press the phone button and have a speed-dial list with images.

Oh how I hated the old pocket dial keyboard. In of the reasons I went Z10. Might reconsider the Q10 again if that horrid feature is gone. Not only would it pocket dial. It would pocket add contacts, my poor client whose last name starts with pa. Got more pocket dials than actual phone calls from people when BlackBerry's were dominant. Apparently p's position made it pocket dial heaven.

Posted via CB10

Any chance there is some correlation between missing home screen speed dial and lack of headless apps? Just a thought

I waited many months till I got the Q10 but it seams its a phone that was intended for graduates of MIT.its not a phone for idiots like me who loved the older versions. In their attempt to catch up they left us simple folk behind.
Welcome the S4

Can they also fix the phone book setting. Every time I set it up to only show contacts from sim and email the settings change either on its own. Or if the phone does a restart. It also complicates car bluetooth syncing

Posted via CB10

In the same spirit of speed dial, the pin lock is too small... especially on a z10. that is one area that the iphone and Windows Phone got right. One big 10 digit keypad.

Posted via CB10

Thanks for voicing this Kevin. I know you have the ear of people at BlackBerry who will listen.
Keep us posted on any developments.

Another annoying thing I found today is that if you hit the top button to unlock the screen, you cannot quickly type your password as you could on the 9900. You actually have to swipe up the screen before you are given the password prompt. A bit annoying but nothing major.
I also found the phone app to be a bit glitchy... sometimes you would tap the contact over and over and nothing would happen and other times it will work fine.
I expect all of these issues to be wiped out in the coming weeks and months though so I am not that bothered.

Yes, speed dial is important to go have fixed. I understand that competitors don't have anything to compete with speed dialing on the same level the QWERTY phones from BlackBerry, but it is important if we want as much functionality with our QWERTY BB10 phones as possible.

Even though I knew this was missing from the beginning, I always thought that BlackBerry would quickly remedy this in an update, which I am sure they will. Hopefully it will be a small update in the not so distant future.

Blackberry Faithful - #TeamBlackBerry

Posts like these make me love coming to this site. Thanks Kevin.

Since I have a Z10, I really don't have an issue with speed dial because of the customization favorites at the top of the phone app.

Nat, on Z10 you can long press a number from call log and add to speed dial. Up to 9 number will appear at the top of your phone app screen

Posted from my lovely Z10

Wowzerz, did not know that, thank you!

One feature I have in mind: from the home screen (or any grid of icons page), if you two finger swipe from the bottom up, the keyboard appears. I see no reason why speed dial and universal search can't be implemented there. Then again I am not a BB10 coding expert.

Ranting is good. I hope BlackBerry listens since I think the CB community has some influence.

Posted via CB10

We also need the ability to forward a text message conversation to a third party by email etc. Currently can only forward one message at a time...need to be able to do the whole conversation.

Posted via CB10

+1. We all love BlackBerry so we want BB10 to be the best OS, even if it takes a little ranting to get there.

Posted via CB10

Nope. My surprise is different... will take a bit to put together on the backend. Oh wait. Have a couple surprises up our sleeves right now. Lol. Stay tuned. This wasn't a surprise though. :)

I don't have a Q10 but I am wondering if there is a dial from home option in the phone app or just in settings. The older BlackBerry devices you had to turn that feature on before being able to do so. Just a thought

Posted via CB10 on my Z10

I don't mind for the lack of apps, but this !?!?!?!? Come on blackberry! Not buying the Q10 untill this feature is brought back. Hopefully an other company will make a complete qwerty device. This is just ridiculous.

It will be a 'new feature' I am sure. It is not possible to match the feature set on BB7 that was built up over 10 years.

I am happy they hit the reset button and started from scratch.

Posted via CB10

The BlackBerry Z10 would kick the Q10's butt so bad anytime and any day. I used to be a devout physical keyboard user until I bought the Z10 Wow is all I gotta say they keyboard is darn good that after just a week I thought it devoured that of the bold 9900, despite its virtual/touch nature.

Posted via CB10

I have not read this thread to the end, but I already ranted on the lack of speed dial elsewhere. In fact the total lack of "home screen shortcuts" in Q10. That alone was enough for me to return the Q10 in 2 days. I will hang onto my 9900 until Q10 becomes more usable.
BTW, I wanted a Q10 not so much because of typing but because of shortcuts, which are handy in "on the go" situation, particularly in a car (safer).
I never researched or handled Z10 (if touch screen, why do I have to leave my iPhone, was the reason), but the keyboard sounds very nice. If the Z10 keyboard can do shortcuts (including the home screen ones), I will buy a Z10 in a heartbeat. It solves a lot of inconvenience I have (having to carry both 9900 and an iPhone).

"The only problem is, once you select a contact, you get no visual confirmation that it has been added - you're sort of stuck on the same screen where you can cancel out of the process. I found sometimes contacts would save as I tapped them from the address books, and other times it took a couple of tries. "

Works for me. It switches to the speed dial menu after adding a contact.

Sometimes yes, sometimes no for me. Tried on multiple contacts. I think it acts up more when you are adding a contact that has multiple phone numbers, and you're adding the last phone number on the list. 

I just aded a contact to speed dial and while there is no conformation, the pic for the speed dial at the top got bigger. I had two others up there and their respective pics were small at first, now all three are double their size. Im going to add more and see just how many I can put up there. Loving this feature. It wasn't that hard to do either, just long press and then selected a contact. Im on a 10, just to let everyone know and be clear.

Surely this issue will be fixed. I mean, come on, no direct speed dialling on a QWERTY 'smartphone'? I could do this on my old Curve 9360. I was astonished to discover this week - upon picking up a new Q10 in the UK - that this most basic and obvious functionality was missing!

Posted via BlackBerry Q10 on CB10

We also need more speed dial spots on the Z10. Limiting it to two contacts really frustrates me.

Posted via CB10

You should be able to add more. Press and hold on a call log or contact until the menu comes up, then hit "Add to Speed Dial".

1. There is a memory leak as well in the dialing APP. Or, it appears there is. I used more than 6,500 minutes last month on my Z10. After multiple phone calls, the dialing app becomes unresponsive and often just hangs.
2. The phone book sucks when sorting by last names.
3. And, honestly make it more visible that the call is muted when the keypad is displayed.

What about voicedialing? Is that smooth using the voice detection (app? Function? Whateveritscalled?). I understand for speed, the keypad is quickest, I'm just wondering if the voice feature works well and is quick.

Wow - one of what I considered the most basic of uses on my previous BlackBerrys. Speed dial. One of the things I have missed most on my Z, along with general KB shortcuts. I want want want speed dial on my Z via swiping up the KB and also EXPECT it on my soon to be acquired Q via longpress on the home screen.

I use speed dialing a lot. I hope this issue will be resolved before the US release. #iamstillholdingonforbbQ10. By the way long will it take for the speed dialing issue to be resolved?

Posted via CB10

Wow I'm very surprised to hear that. If I didn't love my Z10 so much, that would be on of the top-priority functions I would want in the Q10. I do miss it.
Too bad no one will be able to pry my Z10 out of my hands. : -)

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And bring back one-key application shortcuts, too!

Actually, I think these features should be merged and configurable. I.e. when in the homescreen, a short or long press on a key can either dial a contact or open an app, and this is configurable.

You are absolutely correct! There has to be a way to disable "Universal Search / Instant Actions" so that the Q10 keyboard works like the 9930. The one-key app shortcuts rocked! My friend disagreed, but when I need "Universal Search" on 9930, simply press "U". It was simple-tastic!

If you have a password set up, you need to swipe up to bring up the password entry screen.

I agree, we should be able to enter the password directly from the locked screen.

Posted via CB10

No it is not too much to ask. We have been spoiled and want to continue to be with the simple things to get things done. I have that option with my 9650 and previous BB's. I use the speed dial a lot and hope when Sprint releases the "Q" it will be fixed; thanks for letting us know about the glitch.

And give us Skype and Shazam. We are all getting impatient. And we've waited long enough.

Posted via CB10

I see the 'Keypress speed dial' in the phone settings. So the functionality is there.

Posted via CB10

I'm holding out even looking at a Q10 (once it arrives) until this and all the other homescreen shortcuts are added. I don't like searching for icons and I'd rather press N for Messenger than BMM and so on. I also want fast easy editing for cut/copy/paste! I do a ton of that on my 9900!

These types of issues were what made me return my Z10 after 2 weeks. Loved the phone but some features were very counter intuitive. I wanna get a another BB10 phone so hopefully these things will be ironed out.

This will be fixed for sure. These threads are great for the BlackBerry crew. So glad they came out with the z10 first though. Would never go back to a physical keyboard after using the z10.

Posted via CB10

I despise the phone application on my Z10. It seems very messy and slow. The phone app is probably my main reason that I miss my 9900. There was no initializing, no having to press on the screen ten times to get the speaker phone to turn on, and it just worked. I rarely ever had problems making phone calls when I had my Bold. On my Z10 I'm frustrated when having to call or receive calls. A phone call should be the absolute easiest thing to do on a phone and in my eyes BlackBerry failed to provide a good way to do that. I mean come on, phone calling isn't new and I shouldn't have to find the process to be a pain in the ass.

Other than that however I do absolutely love my Z10. BlackBerry 10 is superb in lots of areas but it still needs some refining.
Also don't let my rant sway you from purchasing a BlackBerry device, I am just overly picky when it comes to the process of making a phone call.

Posted via CB10

Nope, no problems here.

You must be making this stuff up.

Are you paid by Apple to post negative comments about BlackBerry?

You probably don't even have a BlackBerry.

Go Troll somewhere else.


Sorry Kevin; good article

Posted via CB10

Thanks for ranting, Kevin. This is actually the number 1 feature I miss from my 9900, now that I'm on my Z10.That, and the hotkeys in message lists. So, if speed dialling is not even working on the Q10, then I don't have to break the bank to get one to replace my Z!

+1. This is one of many little features of the very robust BBOS that we all are missing with the new BB10. One of my biggest pet peeves is not being able to have the phone automatically go into Bedside Mode once I plut it into the charging cradle. Again, I am sure that this will eventually be in a future release, but it's as if the developers of BB10 never really used BBOS on a regular basis. Those little shortcuts made the Blackberry product so efficient and easy to use. I am positive that BB10 will evolve to become more robust in the future, but that still doesn't stop my yearning for those features of old.

Speed dial is a requirement,it's part of the reason we like the keyboard. No speed dial,no q10 for me.
9900 looking better and better

THANK YOU KEVIN!!! Next time you have a chat with TH or anyone else in BB, make sure to bring this up as well. This is THE MOST important thing they need to fix in my opinion...

My goodness! Let's all be realistic here, "Rome wasn't built in a Day". Kelvin do you honestly think that the new BlackBerry 10 platform would be bug free at launch?
I'm sure that BlackBerry has several "formal" avenues of getting constructive suggestions from BB users, so maybe you should explore those options.
The BlackBerry 10 isn't perfect but I certainly would give them an "A" grade. In due time things can only get better on this new platform. Patience is virtue!!

Posted via CB10

Um, I'm not sure where it's implied that Kevin thinks that it should be perfect at launch. This is merely making the issue known and hopefully noticed... Do you get defensive every time someone points out a flaw in the new BB phones? I'm loyal to BB, still using my 9900 until the Q10 is released here, but seriously, there's absolutely nothing wrong with voicing your concerns about something that you think needs to be fixed.

What is odd is that on BB7.1/7/6, universal search could be disabled from home screen, this will be a major resolution in solving y half these issues in this post.

Posted via CB10

Can anyone care to comment. Why does the phone needs to be an app?why can't it just be integrated to the Hub? Along with contacts and recent dials. And yes, fix the speed dial.

Heh, I was going to post something along these lines... here's a few BB10 Q10 Quirks I've cursed at moving from a 9900
- Map app +/- or I/O keys don't zoom in and out
- Facebook app, can't tag people by holding on picture, works in OS7
- W key should open the browser tabs like OS7...
- I want shortcut keys from home screen! For browser I must type "BRO" then enter is the fastest way I can come up with
- Cant go to a web page from home screen by typing the URL ie 'browser www crackberry com'
- If you have a BES / Work space on your phone, screenshots ALWAYS go to the workspace side regardless if you were in personal space when it was grabbed, making them very difficult to get at the files.
- No single key speed dial... must select phone app, then press one of 4 icons at the top??

Reason for q10 users is not only the keyboard but the shortcuts it can provide. We need OS 7 shortcuts ASAP. End of story

Posted via CB10

I feel like it wasn't on the priority list because most touchscreen phones do not have speed dialing in the first place.

However, it should have been on the priority list. As they said, this phone is for diehard BlackBerry keyboard users... Not a phone that is supposed to win over those on iPhones and Androids. That is what the Z10 is for.

Agreed. This is important as well!

I spent ages trying to work out trying to get a number into speed dial - managed it but wasn't sure how I did it. You just assume that you're doing somthing wrong and not that somthing so basic was left out of the OS :)

First and foremost, THIS IS A PHONE, and that should be the easiest, most Basic and intuitive functionality. Even with my 9900 I had to download a dialpad app, since many numbers have text in them. Aaargh! Yet one more reason I balk @ BB10 not being there for me.

"First and foremost, THIS IS A PHONE,"
Exactly. This is why 9900 and other BBs has dedicated phone buttons. It's a phone with other useful functions. BBRY got too obsessed with catching up on "touch screen" craze and lost the sight. Oh well....

Just bring all the shortcuts back PERIOD.
Let us define which key does what, from dialing to launching apps. That's what having a qwerty is all about. The tiny, average oled screen sacrifice has to be compensated with something awesome.

And while they're at it, they need to fix the hub. Gestures are nice when you don't have a keyboard, but when it's there we want to be able to use it. Unread, flag, next, previous should be available. We want to get things done. The Q10 is a step back in productivity so far, despite the awesomeness of BlackBerry 10.

Posted via CB10

Yikes I'm gonna need this fixed before I purchase two Q10's. I'm also gonna need BLACKBERRY10 on PLAYBOOK before I purchase another  product period. Just saying.

Now people are complaining about speed dialing. You can't spend an extra three seconds to type the #? No wonder north America (especially usa) are overweight. You fatties know who u r.

Posted via CB10

I'm not going to go through the whole thread but check out "At Home" from the app world. Contact direct dial shortcuts on the home screen. Worth the price

Posted via CB10

I can live without a lot of the stuff, but I can't live with out two-way sync with Outlook! Hopefully that will happen before the US launch, or I'll have to wait to pick up my Q10 until it does, and I will be really bummed!

Good article, Kevin. The phone is an afterthought on other mobile platforms, but It seems central to BlackBerry's distinguishing value as a superior communications device for people on the move. I mean if you are going to define a target market of hyper-connected people, you might want to prioritize bug fixes and features to maximize value for that core groom people.

Still, love BB10, though!

Posted via CB10

In response to this article, we just received a nice tweet from one of the fine folks on #TEAMBLACKBERRY:

"@CrackBerry Hey guys, we've heard you and we are listening.  A few already fixed in dev builds and will work its way into future updates"

A great tweet to read! Props to the responsiveness from the team. Big thanks to all the hardworking folks on the software team that I know are hustling and giving in their best to keep pushing BB10 forward, fast. 

YES!!! Thank you so much Kevin! I knew if you would write about it they will get their ass in gear to fix that. I know they are busy and wouldn't bash them if they took a little longer, but this is such an important feature for me that the quicker it is resolved the better in my opinion. So it's no holds barred!!! lol :-D

The "At Home" app puts your speed dial contacts right to your home screen so you don't have to go to the extra step of opening up the phone first. It's a bit more convenient.

I know this is about the Q, but I think something similar can be said about the Z. What's the point of being able to access the keyboard on the home screen if you can't programme it for speed dial?

Posted via CB10

So next, we need them to fix the individual volume settings for notification sounds and holster profiles. :-P

Ultimatelty, dialing on a smartphone should be as efficient and direct- if not more, considering the price- as a feature phone. Period.

Noooooo! A keyboard is nothing without my favorite speed dial. Maybe the BB10 programmers should be issued BB7 devices for a few months. Learn what the BB faithful have come to love and please reintegrate it back to BB10.

Posted via CB10

ABOUT TIME!!!! Stand up bro. You know RIM reads this site and forums. Yeah a lot of posters myself included complain about the smallest things but COME ON a simple thing like speed dial and the option of holding our e-mails as long as we want them. Wake up RIM software development shouldn't stop when the products released. A lot of people are sticking with and going back to the 9900. If Blackberry made a 7.1 z-10 I would switch in a heart beat. Yeah 10 has amazing features but it still is playing catch up. As a matter of fact I bet a LTE 9900 would make more people happy then whats going on... P.s. I love my Q-10

Posted via CB10

Hmmm know it's not as fast, but how about a chill pill and using universal search for now? Wow you must LOVE speed dialing.

Posted via CB10

Totally Agree. It is not intuitive to add speed dials.

Also You should be able to press and hold a key from the home screen and it should work!!!

Posted via CB10

oh man I got a Q10 just for this reason. Its big for me. But was so sad to find out it didn't have it. Still love my new phone but really hope bb fixes this.

Currently using a BB 9360, my wifes old BB. Mine was a Bold 9780 but that got damaged by an Elephant two months ago (long story; don't ask). Was going to buy the Q10 this weekend as I just returned back home. Anyhow I use SPEED-DIAL a lot, I currenty have the letter P programed for a certain on-call work number that I call at least 100 times a week. All I can say if there is no speed dial I will wait for this feature to be fixed/added to the Q10, it is a must have for me. I will always use a Qwerty phone and it will always be BB as I email, text, and BBM frequently. The only major App that was important to me was Skype, as I video chat for work at times. Apps such as Netflix, Facebook, and such are the reason I have a tablet. I need a phone that works with me and does work for me and a Qwerty BB does it for me. But without Speed dial can anyone tell me my I should switch to the Q10... I need Speed dial Blackberry!!!!!!

How responsive is the touch screen? Do you have to tap the "end call" 'button' on the screen at least 3x just to end the call?

No tapping on it once is good enough unless you're impatient like me you can probably get a good 3 to 4 screen taps in there if you want to lol

Posted via CB10 on my Z10

Absolutely MUST have traditional BB speed dial!
I'm glad this is being addressed now because I really think that is one, everyday feature that a physical keyboard simply dominates over a virtual one. I hope this feature is available upon launch in the U.S. I already have the Z10 on one line and I may wait until it is available for the Q10. I love BB and the new 10 devices, camera and all but I REALLY WANT SPEED DIAL. It is not a gimmick but a real world time saver and convenience that no one can match.

The icons look too large on the screen of the Q10. Not a huge deal, but they look like they could have been scaled down a little for the smaller screen.

In my opinion I would just use the universal search so if you press "S" or "St" it would bring up Steven and you can access the contact and call them from there that's fast enough for me but I have a Z10 so I don't have the speed dialing issue plus I have an app that let's me call contacts from using a swipe up or down or up , up , down , left if I want to but I don't really use it

Posted via CB10 on my Z10

A tell me why would we buy an upgraded phone which has less convenient features..basically all that is new is the two way camera and Skype.and slightly larger screen,things I have lived without. We Lost convenience keys,bottom charge contacts,speed dial,short cuts. And who knows what else till we have one in hand.


In my mind, the Bold 9900 is actually better deal than the Q10.
~Bold 9900 has all the convenience keys & trackpad (dedicated phone & menu buttons), full set of keyboard shortcuts including phone quickdial.
~All Q10 has to show for it is slightly better App support, slightly better battery, slightly bigger screen, while losing all above advantages.
~Bold 9900 is clearly better in my mind as a hardcore BlackBerry user :(
(Bold 9900 even has that steel band at side which makes it look more elegant and upscale).

How about the fix the speed dial on the Z10 first. I've added several people to my speed dial list but it only shows the same three on the screen. SMH

I do not have a Z10 but understand that it has a superb virtual keyboard. if it could be brought up on demand to be able to use it for "home screen shortcuts" by long pressing etc, I would seriously consider Z10. I figured that I had to wait a little bit more before Q10 could be made as convenient as legacy Bolds. I had a Q10 for a short period but felt its keyboard was mostly as a typing device. I am an iPhone user but used a 9900 as my daily driver for its keyboard, not so much for typing but for shortcuts, which are almost requirement in certain situation, such as driving. Fiddling with touch screen phone to bring up applications while driving is indeed dangerous. With my 9900, I can simply press M to see what's going on in my mailbox, for example. Can you imagine fiddling with swiping and all that while driving or in any busy situation? Speed dialing is a very good example.

I'm less concerned with speed dial (current shortcut in the phone menu works for me). What I really want is a gesture to LOCK the screen. I can do almost everything comfortably with one hand, but then when I want to lock the screen, I have to adjust and push the top button. Extra challenge if I'm using the gel case. Just a simple corner-to-corner swipe, or a loop, or something, would be the perfect action!

Posted via CB10

In OS10, phone function was downgraded to just another "application", losing dedicated phone buttons that can be activated from any screen.
This, combined with the loss of "home screen" resulted in the loss of key functionalities that were making a BB a BB.

I'm kind of stunned that on the Z10 (not sure about the Q), hitting the call button doesn't bring up the last number called so it can quickly be redialed. This feature has been on every phone I've had since my trusty 650e.
Likewise why not make the contact list in the phone app only bring up contacts with phone numbers associated with them, or at least bring up just your favorites? What's the point of having a favorites selection when you have to go into the contact application, switch to favorites, then find them? Its just as slow as opening the phone, and scrolling through all contacts.

Brainstorming BB10 would make a great separate header rather than a post. There are many changes I hope to see corrected and to have all the thoughts collectively would be easier to follow. I know there are kinks and inconsistent designs throughout that need to be acknowledged as well as many functionalities from Legacy that surely need to be brought over as indicated in your post title. Hit me up if the consideration reaches agreement. I have some UI changes I'm working on that meets the consistent nature in design that looks to have been overlooked @digitalhomeboy. Would love to share with the community.

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Kevin, can you please rant at the z10 as well? It seems that we -as regular users- are not allowed to rant at the z10. Instead we are recommended to leave blackberry. The z10 is already perfect so it is not the right device for us....

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Your post really comes from the buttom of my heart too! Great to see that BlackBerry is listening and lets hope it will be rather days than weeks for BlackBerry to fix this. These speed dials/shortcuts are part of the unique BlackBerry experience and it's a must to be part of any BlackBerry Querty/Qwertz phone. In fact it would be great to find a solution for the touch devices too!

I don't know maybe I'm the odd one out but I've become rather fond of the voice command features as I routinely use it to call and text friends and family. I'm talking about well over two hundred people and some of the names are Spanish and the Z hasn't let me down yet.

I get the importance of speed dial my old 9780 was a champ at it but I love being able to press one button the same button and call or text whoever I want.
Hopefully they bring this functionality over to the Q and improve it on future devices.

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Very disappointed that I am not able to use buttons on my new Q10 for speed dialing. I purchased a Z10 a few months ago and returned the phone because it was just too cumbersome to speed dial. I waited for this new phone and assumed that the buttons would function the same as my 9900, but no. Blackberry - please make this fix or I will just go back to my 9900 until I simply leave BB forever!

Wauw, i fully agree... just bought the Q10 in Belgium, extremely disappointed about the lack of attention to what is blackberry's strong point with the keyboard, yes the speed dialling by pressing a button long enough. un-be-lie-va-ble they forgot this one. Makes me wanna sell my Q10 on the second hand market and go to my good old bold. I see posts here date from early May, hope is sinking in my shoes. I think on advising ervyone to NOT buy the Q10 if this doesn't get fixed asap...

Another day without speed dialling from the home screen... aaarghhh... Mr Cook please make a phone with real buttons on your next release, it might give some upwards swing to your share price.... or BlackBerry guys do sth about it before i throw my Q10 in the river...

OK Kevin's comments go back to May 8th and he said he got a tweet from TeamBlackberry that they were working on adding the function. I have installed the latest 10.2 leak on my Q10 and still no speed dialing. When are they going to get this working? Does it really take 3+ months?

Just upgraded my Curve to a Q10 on Thursday from Verizon. It's now Saturday and I'm planning on returning it for a Bold. The speed dial key feature of the Blackberry is THE most convenience feature for me, although this by far isn't the only reason. I might have overlooked this short coming since the Speed Dial supposedly allows up to 12 to be added to the Phone page at the top of screen. Not happening. Really, really aggravating that they've misrepresented these features.

Wish I would have researched this site better before I purchased the phone and not just read the rah-rah reviews.

Well it has been another month and still no speed dial from the home screen and I have installed every 10.2 leak. Maybe Kevin can contact TEAMBLACKBERRY and see if they are still working on making the speed dial work.

Thanks for following up on this RadioTech! Is it idle hope to ask whether by now the home screen speed dial works?

How frustrating.. Is there any word yet on if this will be fixed? I bought the phone back in May or June with the hope it would be done in a reasonable amount of time...